Mark of NOL

Chapter 3: Meaning of names

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Replica Terra looks to see his friend, Axel running towards him after bargaining into his room. From the look of Axel way was dress seem he was in rush, due to having half of his costume he was starting to wear for the Halloween being completely mixed with his school uniform. The costume which Axel worn for the day was an old classic that many of the guys he saw during getting his costume, a vampire costume.

Axel still wore his left shoe while he was missing the other, including the sock. His upper body was only wearing a white shirt with a black cloak with being a red inside was halfway done, but what really caught Replica Terra interest was what he was holding a certain plastic bag.

"Axel, isn't that-"

"QUICK!" Axel then through the plastic bag towards R.T towards him as his mange to grab it before falling towards the ground. "HIDE IT QUICK!"

"But this is-"


R.T decided to ask later about what Axel was planning with the object he gave him. After putting the plastic bag under his cover of his bed cover and before doing anything else, Axel they grab part of his costume he brought from the school store, which was a medieval bronze knight costume that was painted bronze and beside it was a plastic bronze war hammer.

After the fire incident of the first day of school, weeks had past and it before Halloween came, R.T new friend, Jin and Xaragn, mange to won some pass to an amusement park called Septe Somni. Three days before their big trip, two of is new friends, Makoto and Peko, two Beastkin, which the replica had later found out what they were, people who had animal parts, like extra ear and tail, had better physical and awareness ability than regular person had, but treated more poorly and more treat as a animal in a zoo than a person. They decide to live the spirit of Halloween and ask them to dress up for Halloween...and not for the threat they said if they didn't.

This however didn't get in the way to at least have sort of fun since he been in the world, but also a great way to gather more information on what the people were like in the world. Like what happen with Axel past. He never really gets that information on what his connect to Ven or even why Xaragn know Jin. And more importantly on why he has a shaking feel something had badly to Ragna.

Even though the replica know that his a copy of the original self, it still felt it was his job to figure out what happen while his real self being busy doing who know what, it was best to at least meet a friend of his real self... even if the real him barely know him for at a short period of time after saving him.

"Wait... I shouldn't be worried. The real I had left Ragna an Unversed that was came from within him. I might have not known the different type their are, but I do know enough that it wasn't a regular one and was strong enough to protect him" R.T though as he then remember something "But not enough to make me worried about the fire. And with the comment of Jin have a sword...which is bloody and being at young age... that doesn't seem to add up to where everything alright in any way he know. Even if this was different from his original him world, he know well enough that can not be one of the rule that follow."

Before the replica of the appearance Keyblade wielder could think of anymore of reason what he still trying to think of anything else he need to figure out, he felt something that been warp around his neck. After quickly truing his head, he then notice to Axel, who seem to had full dress his costume putting that had a seem more complete than he had enter, putting a bronze cape that was included with his costume. Before he can question Axel sudden strange actions, the door was then open to reveal Xaragn that seem to be still be in his uniform, despise how late that day is, which was almost a hour before heading towards the amusement park. "Hey, sorry to barge in will you were busy, but I seem to misplace something of mine." Xaragn said as he started to look around the room of the replica, but was cut off by Axel.

"The time you spend try to find it well not be enough time for you to put it on. I think it's best to find a new one or do you want end up like Demyx?"

"... Guess I have to get a new one then" Xaragn comment as R.T notice his skin turn pale for a moment. Before turn around walking straight towards the door.

"Hey!" Axel yells to Xaragn as he stops."I think I have a spare costume that you can wear instead. It in my room and I don't mind if you wear it."

"Really? Thanks, I guess I should trust you more often than I should." Xaragn said as he fails to see an evil smile at Axel face that cause Terra to worry a bit.


Stop playing BlazBlue OST - "Lakeside" and now play PERSONA Q SHADOW OF THE LABYRINTH - "07 Inaba Regional Exhibition" here

"Okay, I know we came here to have fun and all, but..." Xaragn common as he then asked as he pointed at his cloths. "WHY AM I WEARING THIS?" Instead of his usually uniform, he had a costume of a panda that had a color scheme of a bright blue instead of where the black parts were at and crimson red instead of white that had red and blue party hat on the costume head.

"So that why... to have him wear something that seem out of character, but why do it here. Their a bunch of other place Axel could have done this in a correct time and place, like doing it at school when he wake up and make it impossible to take it off"

Terra and half of his friend found himself near the change room ,waiting for the rest of the group come from the of the change room and step back into the amusement park, Septe Somni that fill with young and old people looking around at different stands and theme of the place, which were... quite good in a strange way. It was a theme park that seems to be a mixture of different theme park or festival mash together. The first area he and his friends enter in the front had a strange mixture of Japanese festival to a Hawaii festival, and many others that he never seen or heard off that was giving a headache.

Beside him was Jin, who worn a similar costume as his, but instead the color bronze, it was white and blue knight ad by both of his waist side were a fake long sword and a round shield that was half the size as he body. Gear, who worn a costume of a chef that had a chef's hat at his head with a white apron around his waist, who seem to saying something to Alex that R.T pay no attention too. Next to him was Carl who worn a traditional magician costume that had a red bow tie with a black cape that was red inside. He seems to be listening to what Gear said due to his head being shaken into acknowledgement of what Gear had said.

At the distance was Roxas, who worn a white samurai, which was white Kimono that hold a fake kantana at his side, who seem to come back from one of the food stand, due having a cotton candy that was being eaten. Roxas then seem to enter what Axel and Xaragn were argued about, which led to Gear remind why their were in costume.

(I not going to write this part, if you want to know more about what happen, go look at the chapter nine of Nobody's Blazblue)

"If you went on your regular cloths, you'll end up getting yourself a death wish from them."

Everyone look at each other and thought the same thing: their not risking it.

"But it impossible...right?" Jin said as he shrive from the though

"Ya" Terra said as he try to think more on if it was possible if that could happen. "It seem impossible for that to even hap-"

"I saw that happen, in front of me..."

Everyone turn to see Axel as he his whole body, including his clothes turn dead white and shivering none stop. "I even heard that... they having found all the part when he r-"

"STOP!" Xaragn then yell at Axel finishing what he was saying and leaving a permanent picture to everyone minds "Were here to enjoy our selves. That why were here in this amusement park to begin with. To relax and forget about everything."

"Ya, I second with that one too!" Gear said as he look around "The best way to forget about this is by eating some food. I'll bring some from the stand." Gear then walking toward the stand and leaving his fellow friends behind.

"So this the amusement park of Septe Somni, huh. I never though it is this big, it looks more like a mixture of..." Xaragn said as he mind seem to be lost.

"That everyone first though when they see this, but in the end of the day, everyone happy that they experience something new and old."
A familiar female voice came from behind the fellow guys, for them to turn around to see their fellow classmate Tsubaki and the rest of the girls behind them.

Tsubaki costume was a Japanese princess that was white with red flower pattern, with a golden tiara on her head. Behind her was Makoto who worn a costume of female boxer that was orange and black, with matching gloves. Next to her was Peko, who worn a costume of a green military soldier with a beret on the side of her head, causing one of here cat ear to be cover from it.

From behind them came Xion, who seem to worn a costume of a samurai like Roxas, but was black instead of white. "I think this place has a little bit... of... everything in it."

"I can agree with that." Wave responds as she and Noel appear from behind Xion.

Wave costume was of a red witch, holding a straw broom at one of her hand and adjusting the red witch hat she had, which keep tilting off. While Noel was-

"Oh... that right-"


Before Terra can finish his though, He then saw an image that seem to gone too fast for him make out that tackle Xaragn and hit the ground a few feet away from them, but was white instead of red.

"" Xaragn cry out in a small voice as Axel seem to enjoy himself too much that he brought out a camera.


"...I'll...goin-ng to k-ki-ill you..." Xaragn said as he tries to move and get the camera from Axel, but fail to get away from the panda lover grasp.

"Sorry can't here, too busy think on what to label this as. I think either 'Death by blonde hair girl death' or something like- GGGGAAAHHHH!" Axel found himself facing the ground as his body was somehow suflex by someone, only saw his friend Gear return with bags of popcorn, ice creams bars, cotton candy, meat buns, somehow carried by one of his hand, while the other was use to somehow suflex Axel.

"And their also the 'People who hate Memes and we freaking beat then to bloody death' meme" Gear said as he releasing his grip on Axe, causing him to fall towards the ground, while use his other hand to releasing Noel from Xaragn. "So you understand right? Right?" As he tone of the last two words had a different meaning that causing everyone to move slowly from their orange hair friend.

"O-kay... let all of calm down and pretends that didn't happen." Roxas said as he slow grab one of the ice cream bars and look at for a second and realize something. "HUH!? These are Sea-salt Ice cream!"

Before ant can proceed what Roxas said, Xaragn suddenly sprang and grab Roxas, with Xion and Axel with his left and ran off a distance away form everyone, leaving then quite stung and confuse.

"Um... that was strange... I wonder what got him so work up." Jin spoken as everyone tries to see where four of their friends were at.

"Maybe away from Noel?" Peko said.

"What! What did I do?" Noel ask her friend for that comment.

"Well... you did went and hug Xaragn to death." Carl said as he earns a strange look from Noel.

"But I only did it since his costume was cute!"

"I won't be amazed if you scared him to death." Peko joked. "And because of what you did the last time you say a panda... I'll never hold panda merchandise near you."

"Agreed" Tsubaki said as she then whisper something that the replica mange to hear. "Panda are the worst type of creature to exist."

"... I wonder how they mange to still be friend while having her to be her roommate..." Then the replica thought of something that he seems too realized."Hey, why is it named like this?"

"What do you men?" Jin asked.

"I mean why call it 'Septe Somni' and not something else? What does it mean?"

"Well, I heard it means 'Seven Dream'. The whole point of the park was to make people reach their dreams." Carl said as everyone seems to find that part quite interesting." but... I had heard dark rumors about the owner-"


R.T was surprise from who cut off Carl, which was every signal female in the area that were in ear shoot of Carl, who seem to turn paler by the seconds and shaking.

"I-I-IT just a rumor though! Just don't hurt me!" Carl then run behind Gear for a better protection, as all the female slowly look away from Carl, with guilty look on their face from their sudden out burst.

"... Maybe Axel is right and female are cable for doing 'that'... note to self: Never pull the professor's tails or face something worse than a cats scratches."

"Um... sorry for the sudden out burst, it was foolish for us to yell at you for saying some that that was just a rumor." Tsubaki said to Carl, who still hidden behind Gear.

"Um... can I ask you guys something?"

"Ya, what is it Terra?"

"Who Solo Crux?"


The replica felt his who body was being burn from someone starting at, which he turn to see every single female dropping everyone thing that had, which was the reason of the sound of that he heard after asking. Before he can even be staring to death, another noise cut everyone off from t


Everyone jump as they heard a high pitch girl scream, but it seems somehow familiar.

"Hey wait of minute! That where Xaragn and the other went" Peko stated. "Something must of happen!"

"Maybe someone got hurt or something!" Makoto said as she charges toward where the scream came from."Come on! Our friends might be in trouble!"

Everyone expect Carl, Jin, and R.T rush in where their other friend were at.

"… It nothing serious." Carl said as he watches his friend left them behind.

"True, if it was like that, shouldn't their be at least some sort of warning from the security here." Jin said as he shocks his head from the sudden conclusion his classmate made." It could have been from a girl that riding a roller coaster and have the same scream as Xaragn."

"But more importantly, we should at least check on our friend and make sure they don't do anything dumb." R.T said as he starts to walk up to catch up to his friend, with Carl and Jin following him as well.

After a few minutes of walking, they found their friend, including Axel, Xion, and Roxas humbling around someone.

"Hey! What going on?" Jin asked.

"Xaragn seem to be fainted due Xion scaring him." Axel said as Xion look at Axel with an annoyed look at her face.

"All I did was telling him a little lie!"

"And that was what exactly?" Makoto asked.

"That a ghost behind him." Xion answered back.

"Ya, which cause him to also most, break all the glass in the area." Gear said as everyone notice faint cracks on many of the building window having cracks. "Well best to see if he alright or not."

Gear then check on Xaragn, but stop and put his hand on his cheat for a few minutes and then let go. "Well Xion, it seems like you killed him, I can't feel his heart."


Everyone started to panic as they could not believe that one own their own friend, the same one they barley know little of his life, just died in front of-

"Wait of minute... my bad. I check the wrong place, hehe." Gear then found himself at the ground with his check bungled in size.

"NOT FUNNY!" Makoto said as her hand seem to be slightly red, along with Peko hand as well.

"But... that mean that he probably-" Before R.T can finish, he was then cut off by a sound.


"..." Everyone turn around to see their concession friend sleeping at the ground.

"Xaragn Wake up!" Axel screams at his sleeping friend.

Xaragn slow open his right eye to find his friend looking at him and surrounding him." What happen?'

"Oh thank god you alright! It seems like you somehow got knock out from Xion, when she mention the word 'G-" Before Makoto can finish her sentence, Gear shut her mouth by putting cotton candy in her mouth.

"You seriously scare us though, when I went to check your pulse, I felt none at all." Gear said as R.T saw Xaragn shake a little, but calmed downed as Gear then continued. "But it turn out, I was checking the wrong place for a pulse, that when everyone freak out and also the reason why my face has a face print."

"So... why were you guys talking about?" Jin ask he soon regret it

"If the girls would really do the same thing Larxene did to Demyx."

"You mean pointing itching powder in your clothes, off course we would if you didn't where you costume when it Halloween."

Every guy stop moving and started to think a bit and slowly turn around to Peko and Makoto turn pale as they felt a mixture of regret and guilt.

"...So you mean that..." Xaragn said

Jin put his hand on his face. "... That you weren't..."

Axel whole body was surrounding in fire as his temper got in the best of him and let it all the angry out. "THAT YOU WEREN'T GOING TO CUT OFF OUR D***S TO BEGIN WITH!"


All the girls turn pale from the threat that somehow didn't match of what their threat said earlier. After a few minutes later when everyone went silent, everyone turn to Xion.

"Um... I think I might had forgot what else Larxene did... oops~." Those last words cause everyone to fall down to the ground with one of their leg at the air.

1 hour of apologizing and misunderstanding later

"Okay." Xaragn look at everyone who had calm down. "So... let just forget about this and try to enjoy our selves. I rather not remember any of any time sooner."

"I Agreed with that." Axel said as he was biting into his ice cream.

Xaragn decide to bring back the reason why were here."So now what? Do we all go together or do we split and meet back at the gate about half an hour before midnight?"

"I say we do both." Everyone look at Gear." We split in to small group of people, so that way if any thing goes wrong, we have someone watching our back."

"Oh. If you put it that way, it seems fair do something like that." Tsubaki said as everyone thought the same thing as well and agreed."So, I'm guessing I go wit-"

"The first group well is the Duodecim couple, Jin and Tsubaki."

"Whaaaaa?" Both Duodecim child blush from Gear response, but got was ignored as he then continued. "Next is Roxas group with Axel and Terra, since they say they somehow know each other or know someone how looks like them. Then their Carl group, that with Xion and Makoto, since they seem to look like or act like kids every time were with them."

"Hey!" All three of them complain, as Gear seems to go back on announcing who went with whom.

"Next up is my group, which is with Wave and Peko. Finally we have Xaragn group, which is only with Noel. Any question?"

"I have a just a few quick things about your way of arranging the group. Why can't I be with Roxas group, since I also in that category you put me in and put Noel with her friends instead?" The bandage Nobody ask his orange hair friend, to notice that he was dragging Peko and Wave in a different direction.

"Good, we all agreed then, see you guys later."

Decided to leave and not stay any longer, the replica decide to Signal Roxas and Axel to follow him before another hour go to waste from the talk. After leaving away from the group for a few blocks, all three of them were looking at the different stands of games that were retro and new.

"Hey Ve- Roxas, can I ask you something?" R.t asks as he almost said that name of friend that his real self knew.

"What is it?"Roxas ask as he pays no mind of the replica mess up, as he was play a game that involved hitting empty milk bottle with a baseball.

"Have you ever heard of someone with the name of Solo Crux" Then the replica quickly added."I don't pay attention to the media much since me more on studying."

"Hmm... I have actually; want me to tell you about him?"

'Yes please."

"Well, he a rock star for starters. He actually sort of the owner of the park itself actually."

"He is a rock star? That does explain all of that." R.T point at a bunch of girls holding sighs that said "SOLO'S LOVER" to one that can make the actually person himself not go near them.

"Creepy... but he seems to be the talk in the music media. Big shoot that everyone wants to be with." Axel pointed out as his paper net break, cause the fish to escape from the Kingyo Sukui stand (It a Japanese fishing game where you fish the fish a Poi, a round plastic frame with a hand grip and paper on the frame, so catch a fish with something made of paper is harder than it looks)." Crap! This look harder than it looks. Anyway, it just some rumor, so let just ignored it, It not really and rumor are pretty much a lie. Plus, if he did help make this place or something like that, then why would he is some sort of bad guy?"

"I guess you're true about that. So are you done with the Kingyo Sukui stand yet?"

"No. Give me a few minutes and I'll come in a second. I'll find you guy in as soon as I take care of things here.

"Okay, good luck with your fish." The replica called out as he and the Ventus look alike walk away from their red hair friend. "What should we check first?"

"I guess we can check ...that?" Roxas pointed out as his eye seem somehow surprise. At the corner of the place was a sigh that said the words 'STRUGGLE'." how can their a-"

"You know something about this game?" R.T asked.

"Ya... it from a place called Twilight Town that I go visited in my free time."

"Is it fun?"

"Ya, it mostly sword fighting and see who can keep the ball up the longest. The people at Twilight play it really seriously."

"Then let go check it out then, I can go with some sword fighting" Behind then was Axel, who seem to be empty handed.

"Axel... you can't even sword fight at all. You mean fight with your disk." Roxas said as Axel stop.

"Their not disk, their Chakrams!" Axel blurt out.

"Hey Axel."

"What Roxas?"

"Why do smell cooked fish from you."

"... I ate some musubi that was a little too cooked. Now let go."

"Hey wait up!" R.T shouted as his notice how far he was from the group.

Few minutes later

"Wow, I can't believe it..." Roxas look speechless at the inside of the build was painted having picture of building that were stuck at a twilight time setting."It just like the-"

"Like what?" R.T asked Roxas.

"Something that I saw from a dream, that all."

"Well, let forgot some dream and focus more on relaxing. Let see what they have here." Axel said as he notices a line of people going toward a table filled with toy baseball bat that had it upper part yellow gold color till it reach it handle, which color was blue." Guessing this is was we get our weapon."

"Wow, I only saw one type of those bats, but I never thought their be two others." Roxas said out loud as the replica notice one of the bats look similar to a sword that had it handle straight with a curves going 90° angle at the pommel. The "blade" part extending from the thin "guard" that barely extends past the diameter of the blade. The other bat also has a thick and slightly more ornate pommel. He notice was similar "blade" as the first one, but its handle is thinner, than the first one and had a wide, moon-shaped hand guard that wraps from the hilt around the hand, similar to a rapier. The last bat was quite different from the other two he saw. It was rather a staff then a bat that had a long handle that tipped had a blue star at the end of the bat.

"Which type should we get?" The replica asked as he tries to see which the differences between the three were.

"I don't see what the point of see on which to choice, they all look the same to me." Axel said as he grab that had the star tip.

"Why do I feel like he going to regret this."

"Maybe have something to do with what he ate?" Roxas joked as he went and look at the three weapons." I guess I better stick with the one I know the most." He then grabs the one that seem to be similar to the sword."

"Hmm... excuse me?" R.T asked one of the male workers of the place.

"What is it sir?"

"Can you tell me the difference between this three. This is my first time being here."

"Ah, well the one right over here." Points at the bat that Axel took." Are called the Struggle wands that are good for balance fighter. It still good for doing powerful blows. Now the good old Struggle Sword." The worker then pointed the same bat that Roxas took from the table. "Their most easy to use since their extremely light and make it easier to get some got strikes. It best for any newbie to use that type of battle till their more experience enough with the other two. Then we have the Struggle Hammer." The worker then took from the table the bat that had the crescent shape guard."It harder to use due to mainly use for defense then attack and more fitness in them the other two. Not a lot of people use this type unless they were skilled enough to use it."

"Thanks for the explanation; I'll keep it in mind."


Everyone including the worker turn to see a man with his cloths burn and seem somewhat familiar.

"Hey... wasn't he the guy in charge of the-"


"I should have known." The replica slowly started to walk away from Axel, as he notice the Ven look alike doing the same and realize the same thing. Axel didn't go to get any musubi, the smell he smell earlier was a smell of someone putting a fire at a stand that had fish in it."Just walk away slowly and try not get drag in Axel problem and hope thing don't -"


"How does that connect to what I 'might have done' to you?"

"I kind of have to agree with him their, though it does explain why his hair red."

"HEY! What does my hair have o do with this?"

"Well... if he may have dyed his hair red with people blood-"




The replica quickly turn around to see a person running around, while having his whole body is set on fire.



Everyone in the room then start to get drench with cold water from the sprinkler system be turn on due to a person be set on fire.

2 hours and 45 minutes

"So that how I got in here."
Everyone start at Axel, who was at behind a cop car and handcuff with an officer holding him down.

"You... set someone on fire just because they said if you dyed your hair red with blood? You freaking idiot." Xaragn said as he tries to keep himself from strangle his friend.

"Oh come on, I bet Tsubaki would do the same thing if she was called Baki- GGGGGAAAAHHHH!" Behind the fire wielder was Tsubaki, holding the officer's taser that was fully on and had a face that smile to creepy that cause the officer to back away form here.


"N-nothing madam! Please don't kill me... now I have a fear of long red hair female beside long blonde hair female..."

"Well, I better go to Saix and tell you you'll be late to go to the new castle." Xaragn said as before he left, Jin stop him.

"What you mean 'new castle'?"

"We mange to get a new castle that the same size as equal to our castle and city we own... what wrong?" Xaragn asked as he notice expect Roxas, Xion, and the officer, who was putting Axel inside the car eye widen on his comment.

"A bigger castle... I think I'll pretend I didn't hear that at all." Peko said as she looks at Xaragn."But what that has to do with Axel

"Axel was going their with some other people to explore the place, so he won't be at the school fro a while. So today was his last day being with us."

"Really! Why you didn't tell us about it! We could of all make it a big farewell for Axel!"Makoto blurt out.

"Hey, don't worry about." Axel yelled from the inside of the car."I'll live forever in your guy's memories; I'll be like I never left."

"Wow, never knew you said that Axel." Xaragn said as he was amazed to hear something from Axel, since he original though Axel to lazy."Well, if you said not to worry about, then see ya."

Xaragn and everyone start to leave from the officer car as they start to hear Axel yelling to come back.

"Oh I just remember." The replica then pulls out from his armor the bag that Axel gave earlier before coming here. "Axel told me hold onto this; I think it belongs to you."

"Huh? I wonder what it is.' Xaragn them grab the bag and look into it. "..." Xaragn then look at the police car that Axel was at, moving far away from them."He going to pay dearly, hope someone end his life for all the pranks he done."


"Come Xaragn, what every Axel did was a ... harmless prank." The replica said.

"Oh, all those panda dolls I 'happen' to find in my locker and the strange appearance of panda theme cupcakes seem to not be a joke? We all know how Noel is with panda and I'm starting to know why Tsubaki scared of them now!" Xaragn yelled. 'Take my costume and giving me this was the last straw and if god not going to doing, someone well."

"Let not jump to conclusion their." The replica said. "Is their any proof that Axel the one who put the panda dolls-"

"I saw him open his locker and put something in their" Gear told everyone as he was eating a corn dog, which he got with him for some reason.

"... Okay, so what if he done that, but the cupcakes could had been-"

"He did order the cupcake from the same place I order my desert." Makoto said.

"...Okay, he also the one who took your costume, but the point is that their just pranks, their not killing you or anything and beside, I think it a little too much of an overkill for that prank. I doubt you'll still remember this and welcome Axel with open arms. So let all forget about this and-"

Day before Thanksgiving

"Hold on a second... can you repeat that for a second, I think I didn't hear that right." Jin said as he starts to clean his ear a bit.

"Like I said, Axel got himself murder and he not here with us, which sort cause Roxas to fall into some sort of come, and Xion decided to stay their to look after him." Xaragn said as he was cleaning his shirt some sort of red sticky stuff."Just do me a favor Jin and don't tell the other about this, it hard for all of us, so I leave you to do what you're doing." Xaragn said as he made it to the door to only to reveal Terra who was shock from what he heard.

"Oh Terra... How it going." Xaragn said as he smile and stilling clean up the sticky red stuff from his shirt.

PersonaQeminoid1: That took way to long to due.

Xion: Ya, what happen?

PerosnaQeminod1: Got caught be Japan culture and Kamen Rider.

Terra: Kamen what?

Xaragn let not ask and just hope it doesn't happen again.

Axel: Yup and I hope you guys all-

Xaragn: MUTHER F**KER! GHOST! * Grabs a gun and shoot Axel with it*

Axel: GAHHH!

Jin: You idiot! He was still alive!

Xaragn: Really? Sorry their Axel. The story and here got me confuse on what real or fake.

Axel: ...

Xaragn: ... S**t... I'll get the shovel.

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