Summary: Spike unknowingly interferes with a warlock's spell casting, which angers the sorcerer. He places a curse on Spike which causes the vampire to lose all memory of his life after being turned. Set somewhere in season 5 before Spike admits his feelings for Buffy. And we know what Buffy thinks of Spike.

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He drifted through the cemetery, his cemetery, feeling restless for some reason or the other. He wanted to see her tonight just to see her, but wasn't really in the mood for their usual banter to occur between them. Usually, he lived only to spur her on, to watch her erupt with fierce anger and become flustered when she couldn't think of a hurtful come-back or a witty remark to put him in his place. Yes, usually he lived to get her going but not tonight. He didn't seem to be in the mood for their normally playful fights. At times he resented poking fun at her and tonight was just one of those times. What a dolt he had become.

The feelings he had been having as of late were eating at him, from the inside out. He felt himself changing, and wasn't sure if he liked it or not. Honestly, he wanted to be good, to help others, especially for her.

'Eugh,' he shivered, 'did I just think that?' It made his demon cringe at even the slightest thought of helping humans, but it would get over it and deal.

Yes, he found himself wanting to help the Slayer fight evil. He knew though she would never take him seriously if he ever felt the need to mention this to her. Too much bad blood between them as of the present. Their past "rocky relationship" was always lurking around every corner and in every nook and cranny. She would think he was up to no good if he let it be known of his white hat intentions. Of course, anything he could possibly do to win her heart, now that was another matter altogether.

He stopped cold in his tracks. "Wait a tick, what's with that?"

A dark cloaked figure stood near a very large ornate headstone, looming over something lying on the ground and chanting heaven knew what. Spike stealthily inched closer to hear words that seemed oddly familiar. Where had he heard that particular language before?

It hit him suddenly when he recalled Red doing her magicks and knew the creature was casting a spell. For what or on whom, he had no idea. Was it a demon? Spike stopped instantly as the chanting ceased and the person or thing, as if sensing something, turned its head to the side. No, it was male, a human by the sound of his heartbeat.

Yes, most definitely a warlock or a wannabe warlock with the black cape and book of spells. He waited til the man turned back to his duties to continue his prowl towards him and the warlock picked up with the mumbo jumbo again.

Spike was close enough now to see more and noticed the warlock was standing over a human. A young human girl, to be precise. Without thinking, Spike shot out from behind a tombstone and lunged towards the sorcerer just as a white glow started to emit from his hands.

He hit him at full force, knocking the warlock to the ground, rolling with him a few times. Spike was in agony. The damn chip. Why couldn't the bloody stupid government give him the power to take out practicing witches and warlocks if the occasion ever arose? Of course that question would remain unanswered while Spike lay sprawled out on his back on the ground, moaning and cursing the bleeding chip in his head.

"How dare you interrupt imbecile," the warlock howled as he kicked Spike hard in the ribs.

Spike grunted, his game face appearing out of habit and caused the other man to jump back a bit. The magician found himself intrigued that the vampire actually had not harmed him.

"You're a demon. A creature of the night. You have no business butting into my business. Find your food source somewhere else. Now be gone." He waved his hand in the air, dismissing Spike with an arrogant flair.

Spike returned back to his human face, and chuckled at the man. He pushed himself up off the ground, dusting the grass and dirt off of his leather coat with one hand as the other lay across the ribcage.

"It is my business if you're doing something I believe is wrong. Or in your case, just plain out irritating. What's with the bird?"

The warlock whirled around, looking dumbfounded. He cocked his head to the side and stared at the vampire.

"What are you? Surely you're not a vampire if you are concerning yourself over a mere mortal. Unless of course you are trying to scare me off so that you can have a free meal. But I thought you types liked the hunt before the feast."

"I do not want to feast. I'm thinking you are the one who is in the wrong here."

"There's that word again. Wrong. Funny coming out of a vampire's mouth. What are you? Some noble knight of the night out to rescue damsels in distress? Intriguing scenario, I must say. Like I said, it is none of your business."

"I think the Slayer would beg to differ. She would take you out of this world piece by piece without breaking a sweat. She would do to you what I unfortunately can't do." Spike cringed inwardly, berating himself for letting his weakness slip out.

"Ahh, I see now." The warlock grinned menacingly.

"What!? Just exactly what do you see, oh wise one?"

"You're trying to get in good with the Slayer so she won't kill you. Either that or you're hopelessly in love with her, mooning over her, trying to put on a good show." He roared with loud laughter causing Spike to growl. "But that is completely absurd. And for your information, she may be quick and powerful, but she can't touch me."

"For your information, I am not mooning over the slayer. And I beg to differ. Buffy is...well, she's Buffy. She's the one and more than you'll ever want to know."

The warlock seemed to soften his tone a bit. "Terrible liar, quite terrible. So that's it then. A vampire in love with a slayer. Color me crazy, but isn't that a bit...eccentric? You know, in your vampire customs? Tell me something, does the slayer share these same feelings?"

Spike threw up his hands and snorted. "You got me, figured me out. The slayer doesn't even give me a second glance let alone share my feelings. I'm out of her league. Even if I was human again she wouldn't take notice of me. I was a weak, pitiful sap back then and I hated myself when I was human, such so she would just laugh in my face and why am I telling you this? Oh, Dr. Ruth, your 12 o'clock appointment has left the building."

Spike smirked, knowing the whole time the girl was regaining consciousness he tried his best to keep the conversation interesting with the warlock so he wouldn't notice. He watched out of the corner of his eye as she made her getaway.

The warlock spun quickly to find no trace of the young girl. He slowly turned back to the vampire, eyes glowing, fists clenching repeatedly. Spike glared at him. The warlock mumbled something unintelligible before returning to his normal self.

"What were all the lights and whistles for, mate? Throwing curses in my general direction? Your sad excuse for magic won't work on me."

"Hmmm, I don't know. Possibly, possibly not. Can never tell with us magic user types. I could have opened the hellmouth again for all you know. Or brought forth Armageddon. Why don't you run along and go tell your precious slayer. Let her do your battle for you."

A growl bubbled up from Spike's gut. "Oh you'll...I'll..."

"Look, you interfered. You meddled in my business, causing me a major setback in my plans. I wasn't bothering you now, was I, yet you seemed to have bothered me. We'll see just how far you will get with your slayer. We'll see who gets the last laugh. By the way, I'd watch what you say to warlocks and witches. You may find yourself in a compromising position." The warlock began to chuckle as he started to walk away from Spike. "And who knows, maybe I will go open the hellmouth just to spite you and your slayer."

Spike looked on at the retreating man, feeling very insignificant at the moment. Confused and bewildered, not really knowing if he had been cursed or just verbally shot down, he turned and made his way out of the cemetery, heading to Revello Drive to see a slayer about a warlock.


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