Desperate Measures Chapter 1: Frozen

By: KaZe

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"Quit that, Maxwell!" Wufei growled with a thoroughly annoyed tone in his voice. The past quarter of an hour Duo had spent his time swinging around his 3- foot braid. It never ceased to thump on the wall with every swing. Duo sighed. So bored, he thought to himself. They, Wufei and himself, had been waiting for Heero to complete his mission and arrive at the safe house. From there on the three of them were to take their gundams and meet Quatre and Trowa at their rendezvous point. From the rendezvous point they would secure a hiding place for their gundams and a new safe house. The problem was, Heero didn't seem to be showing up anytime soon...


Heero clenched his fist and pulled at his restraints. His attempt was in vain. Gundanium Alloy, he observed. His thought process was going at maximum speed, trying to configure an escape route. Useless. His status: Concussion. Fractured ankle. Bruised ribs. Shattered kneecap. Capability Level: 99.5% due to injuries. He was tied down X style. Arms and legs spread and bounded with durable metal cuffs. A small high-powered laser was located inside the sole of his steel-toed boots. Problem was, he couldn't get to it. He awkwardly tried to bring his leg up, but stopped suddenly when the door to his cell opened. A small petite girl was shoved into the room, a dense soldier accompanied her, and he ran his large hands up and down her body as he handled her roughly. She elbowed him and repeatedly kneed him in the groin. Must be painful, Heero thought to himself. Another solider followed them into the room. He punched her in the stomach and she collapsed onto the cold floor.

"You don't have time to do anything to her. Just chain her to the wall." The second solider grunted.

The soldier who was harassing her cruelly pushed her against the wall as the other one secured her restraints.

"I'll be back for you, bitch." He said grabbing her breast, a sneer in his voice

She spit in his face, "Go to hell."

He slapped her repeatedly before leaving.

The door of the cell slammed closed. Heero turned to look at the girl. "Assholes." She muttered under her breath. She had dark ebony hair that was just above her shoulders. Her figure was that of an hourglass, her skin was pale and her bottom lip was bleeding. She looked only 15, a year younger than himself. She must have felt his eyes because she looked up at him, violet eyes framed with thick dark lashes that blinked unconsciously. She licked her pink lips.

"What are you staring at?" She said, her voice drifting to him.

Heero tensed.

"Who are you?" He said with his brows furrowed.


Heero glared at her but she ignored him. She closed her eyes and her breathing became steady. He resumed trying to figure a way of escape. This was going to take awhile.


Quatre paced restlessly on the dirt packed ground, as Trowa sat by the fire taking inventory of their supplies. Trowa watched Quatre out of the corner of his eye.

"You're going to wear down the dirt, Quatre." Trowa commented quietly.

Quatre stopped his pacing momentarily to take in what Trowa had said.

"They should have been here over 17 hours ago." Quatre responded and continued to pace back and forth.

Trowa shook his head disapprovingly and persisted with his inventory.


Pop. Chew. Chew. Pop. Chew. Chew. Pop. Chew. Chew. Pop.

Wufei rubbed his head irritably. He was standing by the fire brandishing his sword, as Duo sat on a shabby couch chewing gum.

"Can't you find anything better to do?" Wufei inquired with an air of annoyance as he squeezed Duo's cheeks forcing him to spit out his gum.

Duo frowned and shrugged. He pulled another piece of gum seemingly out of nowhere and began chew noisily again.

Wufei sighed and turned away, trying with all his might to ignore the braided pilot. Unfortunately nothing was going to help.


About an hour had passed and Heero still hadn't attained the laser that could help him accomplish escape. He was beginning to get aggravated. He sensed movement across the room and look up at the dark-haired girl. She was awake and talking to herself.

"5..4..3...2..1..." she counted down, as she reached the last number the ground and walls shook. Alarms were set off and chaos was taking its toll outside of their cell. "Good girl." She seemed to be saying to herself, obviously satisfied.

Heero could hear running footsteps outside the cell. Soldiers running down the hall no doubt.

"Secure the Gundam pilot!" a voice yelled.

A pack of graceless soldiers rushed into their cell, armed from head to toe.

"Cuff them together," commanded the seemingly leader.

Heero watched as they took the girl off the wall and bonded her to him. The cuff had no chain and was put on firmly; they were forced to stand closely. The soldiers pushed them out of the room and ushered them through the hallway. People were running every which direction and the loud alarm blared through out the base. As the got out side they saw that numerous sections of the building was blown to bits and set a blaze. They were lead across a cement lot, surrounding them a thick forest. His only chance of escape was now but he would have to take the girl with him. "I'll have to kill you later." Heero whispered in her ear. He stopped abruptly and picked up the girl going at a full run into the forest, the soldiers behind him cursed and let out fire. A rain of bullets showered around them as he rushed through the dense trees. He kept running for at least half an hour.

"Geez, aren't you getting tired?" The girl remarked.

Heero merely grunted in reply.

He slowed down eventually as he found Wing. He opened the hatch and got in placing the girl in his lap having nowhere else to put her. His fingers danced across the pad activating his gundam. His communicator screen blinked to life with and Wufei's face appeared in it.

"Hurry here. I don't have time to go to the safe house." Heero said in a monotonous voice.

Wufei quirked a brow, "Who's the girl?"

"Explanations later, just come."

Wufei nodded and the screen blanked out again.

The girl finally spoke again.

"Pilot 01.who would've known." She stated.

Heero didn't speak. She turned her head to look at him.

"Aren't you going to kill me?" she questioned.


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