Desperate Measures

Chapter 3

By: KaZe

Disclaimer: u.u; You know.

Author's Note:

:] I'm back from Cali! I went to China town and got me some cheap anime stuff, FuN! But yeah..anyways..Here's my update..

Quatre looked at the girl sitting before him wearily. She held her head high and looked straight into the corner, at what, he had no clue. Her face was set rigidly and her eyes cold as ice. He had led her into the back portico of the safe house, more so Quatre's beach house. The animated cerulean waves that crashed on the shore could be heard and the salty breeze drifted through the windows tickled their senses.

Quatre cleared his throat.

"Ok..I'm not one to be impatient, but we've been sitting hear for two hours and the only thing I've learned about you is that you're name is Tomoe Hotaru and you hate milk."

Hotaru's eyes focused on the blonde boy. He was insightful. His aura was a vibrant blue. His personality like the ocean, cool and calm, fierce and overwhelming if need be.

"Why should I tell you anything?" she retorted.

Quatre sighed heavily.

"I'm pretty sure Heero either wants to either kill you or kill you. Unless we can find a reason for him not to."

"You mean find a reason for him to use me, before he figures he wants to kill me anyways. Nice." Hotaru said dryly.

"It's not like that." Quatre said exasperated.

"Then what's it like?" Hotaru shot back.

"I'm not looking for a fight Hotaru, I just want to help you." Quatre said sincerely.

"And what reason do you have for wanting to help me?"

"Because Heero needs a girlfriend," piped a voice from the corner.

Quatre's eyes shot to the shrubbery in the corner of the deck. Rustling came from behind and Chinese curses could be heard.

"You gave away our position fool!" Wufei hissed as he whacked Duo on the head. "What if we were on a mission?"

Quatre couldn't help but laugh. So that's what she was staring at. He couldn't exactly deny what Duo said, but he wasn't so sure about it either. Wufei and Duo's head popped out from behind the greenery their faces flushed with embarrassment. As if they were children getting caught doing something mischievous.

The flaxen haired boy turned to Hotaru and sighed.

"Just stay with us for awhile.come inside and eat. I can smell Trowa's cooking." Quatre gestured to the doorway.

Hotaru started hesitantly. She still wasn't sure about anything, but the aroma of good cooking devoured her senses. She hadn't had a full meal in a long time.

Before Hotaru even finished her meal she blacked out.

"What happened?" Duo said with wide eyes.

"No need to worry. I put sedatives in her drink." Trowa said calmly as he picked her up.

Wufei quirked a brow, "Why?"

"Heero thinks some of her ribs are bruised, maybe broken. I doubt she would have even let me shake her hand," Trowa stated in a matter of fact.

Trowa carried her up the stairs and into the room in which he and Heero shared. He laid her down beside Heero, who was typing on his laptop, and rummaged through drawers for medical equipment.

Heero glared at Trowa, "Why didn't you lay her on your bed?"

"I thought she might look better in yours," Trowa said in a flat voice but his eyes showed differently.

Duo, Quatre and Wufei filed into the room and settled them selves around the bed to watch Trowa put his skills to work. Silence filled the room until Hotaru's fist connected with the headboard next to Heero. Heero didn't flinch. The headboard now had a hole.

"Oi Heero, I don't think her sub-conscious likes you much." Duo stated.

Wufei laughed, " I don't think she likes Heero much when she's conscious either."

Everyone left the room.

Heero frowned, his brows furrowing together.

They left her in his bed.