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Chapter 6 - Deal

Once they were redressed, Edward pulled Bella into his arms again. "I have finals coming up," he said against her hair, "and then I'm flying home to Chicago for Christmas."

She nodded against his chest, blinking back the tears gathering in her eyes. She would miss him like crazy, but it was only a couple of weeks. "I'll miss you."

His strong arms squeezed her tighter. "I'll miss you too, Bella. I still can't even believe all of this happened."

"Yeah. Thank God for Rose and her scheming."

"Really? She planned all of this?"

Bella pulled back and played with a button on Edward's shirt. "She never came out and said it, but yeah. She was the one who unbuttoned my shirt the other day so you'd get an eyeful." They both chuckled.

"And you didn't button back up," he pointed out.

Bella's cheeks heated. "No. I didn't." She shrugged. "I guess I wanted to see if you'd even care to look. I don't know," she finished uncertainly, lowering her gaze.

"Not care to look…" Edward tipped her chin back up toward him with his finger. "Truthfully? It took everything in me to not stare like a pervert and drool on them the entire time, okay?"

Bella laughed. "Got it."

She kept her face tilted up toward him, hoping he would take the invitation to kiss her again. She got her wish, and his soft lips pressed against hers, pulling and sucking at them. She sighed into his mouth as they opened to each other and slid her tongue against his.

After their heated kiss came to a soft, sweet end, Edward's head cocked to the side slightly. "Oh, what was that number thirteen thing you said earlier, when we first…" One of his eyebrows lifted and came back down as he trailed off.

Bella's eyes widened, and her cheeks went nuclear. "Oh, uh… Well…" She scratched at the back of her neck where it suddenly felt hot and prickly.

"You can tell me anything, Bella. I won't judge you. It's just a little weird that you'd call out which number I am on your sexual partner list while we were actually..."

Bella guffawed. "What? No. That's not it. Trust me. I'm nowhere near thirteen."

Edward couldn't quite hide the relief on his face from her. And as liberal as she considered herself to be, she understood. She couldn't bear to think of him being intimate with twelve other people before her.

"It was… um… God, this is embarrassing," she said. "After you guys were molded, obviously dildos were made from the molds, and then they were numbered. As part of the R & D team, I was assigned to take three of them home, supposedly at random, and test them out. And well…"

"No shit? You had mine? And you recognized me when I slid inside?"

Bella flushed at the mention of him pushing into her. It had been surreal and the best thing she'd ever felt.

"Yeah. I came so hard on that sparkly purple dildo, you have no idea."

"Fuck," he breathed across her lips, his dick hardening against her stomach again. "Wait." His eyes narrowed slightly. "Sparkly purple? Seriously?"

Bella shrugged. "It's beautiful. I'm keeping it."

"Not if I have anything to say about it." He pushed his cock against her, and she let out a soft whimper. "You have the real thing now. That thing is going in the trash."

"Mmm." She slid her hands down to his ass and squeezed, pushing his hips into her. "We'll see."

Edward gathered her hair in one hand and sucked at her neck. "Mhm. Did they lock us in the building?"

Bella huffed out a breath as his teeth skimmed her earlobe. "Yes."

"And do you need to be home anytime soon?"

"Unh-uh," she said dumbly, the feel of his warm hands roaming over her curves again rendering her thoughts an incoherent mess inside her head.

"Good," he murmured. "I think it's time to live out some more fantasies in here before I have to go back to studying and taking exams and flying across the damn country and being away from you."

Bella nodded and then tipped her head back as Edward's lips blazed a fiery trail down her neck and over her shoulder where he'd pushed the fabric of her dress aside. She swallowed and licked her dry lips. The only word she could get out as Edward began to untie her dress again was… "Deal."

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