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Inheritance Arc

Daemon surveyed Tsuna's chosen guardians. Gokudera glared back defiantly, Yamamoto appeared distracted with something, Ryohei didn't seem to know what was going on, Haru was playing with Lambo, Hibari was no where to be found, and Mukuro was smirking. Just smirking. It made Tsuna want to run out of the room and for cover. However, he refrained from doing so as he could feel Reborn staring at him. From where? He didn't know.

"These are your… guardians," Daemon said. Tsuna gave him a strained smile.

"Yeah. They are." He waited. One second, two seconds, three…

"I am aware that I said I wouldn't comment on your chosen guardians but–!" Daemon pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. "There were others with the same flames, were there not? Others whom I have approved of."

Tsuna shrugged, careful to keep a neutral face. "I like them. And besides." Tsuna started listing off Daemon's and his first choices. "Hana wants to be a lawyer. Also, she said she'd rather go to jail than have to be responsible for a whole group of monkeys. Kyoko wants to focus on being a private investigator, so she won't have time to be a guardian. Haru still wants to be a fashion designer, but at least she agreed to help out until Lambo can take care of himself. Irie doesn't feel too comfortable being a guardian. Hey, at least Chrome's a part-time guardian! She's still going into showbiz, though. I think Mukuro talked her into showing up her mother." The two of them turned to look at Mukuro but he was pretending that he couldn't hear them.

"Alright, I accept your explanation." Daemon looked like he swallowed something sour. "But why… that pineapple of all people? Surely you could talk Dokuro Chrome into becoming a full time guardian for you!"

"Yeah, sure I can. But-" Whatever Tsuna was going to say had been interrupted by Mukuro suddenly stabbing Daemon with a trident. Or at least, attempting to stab him.

"Kufufu, what did you call me, old man?" There was a dangerous glint in Mukuro's eye. Daemon's own eyes narrowed, and a mocking smirk spread across his face.

"A pineapple. I wasn't aware that you had horrible hearing on top of that horrible hairstyle. See, Tsunayoshi? You really should consider just having Dokuro Chrome to be your mist guardian."

Tsuna was already calculating the best way to leave the room.

Mukuro tried to hit Daemon again and was intercepted by Daemon's own scythe. The clash of metal against metal seemed to attract Yamamoto's attention.

"Oh, are we sparring?" he asked excitedly.

"Sparring?!" Ryohei roared with enthusiasm. "Count me in!"

"Hey, don't cause Jyuudaime extra work!" Gokudera, bless his soul, tried to stop them but he unceremoniously joined the fight when Yamamoto accidentally (? Tsuna hoped it was an accident) hit him on the head.

"Lambo wants to join in!"

"Hahi? Alright, then we won't lose!"

Tsuna edged towards the door and grasped the door. Why wouldn't it open?

"Crowding? Hmph, you will all be bitten to death."

Tsuna gave up any pretense of being courageous and started to claw at the mysteriously locked door. Reborn was a horrible demon and Tsuna would never cook for him ever again.

The door suddenly swung open and Tsuna fell out of the room. Immediately, the door was shut again and Tsuna was pulled to his feet.

"Do you see now why I refuse to be your guardian and right-hand?" Hana was smiling wryly. "I may be your friend, and yeah I'll die for you, but face that? No way."

Tsuna laughed hysterically until he cried. Hana bought him ice cream.

KHRGamer Outtake V

There was something wrong. There was something really, really wrong.

"Dame-Tsuna," an unfamiliar voice said in a familiar way. "Stop spacing out."

He had awoken in a weird place, with the large words "Fantasy RPG DLC" hovering in front of his face. There was also an adult Reborn sitting at the side of his bed. On the other side was Kawahira and the [Level 9000+] words hovering above his head, standing and smiling down at Tsuna without a hint of hostility. In fact, there seemed to be fondness of all things in his gaze.

Tsuna wanted to cry.

The door opened and his mother walked in. He gaped at the [Level MAX] floating above her head.

"Tsu-kun, it's time to go! We need to stop the Dark Lord Byakuran before he completely destroys Vongola Kingdom," she said seriously. A soup ladle was in her hand.

"Uh. Okay," Tsuna replied because he didn't know what else to say. Satisfied, Nana left the room. Tsuna numbly slid out of bed and discovered that he was wearing a maid outfit.

Seriously. What?

He touched the fluffy apron around his waist and a window popped in front of his face.

[DEF+7227, MDEF+7200]

His eyes narrowed. It seemed that he had literally been transported into an actual video game, tacky plot and all. The question was…

Why was Byakuran the Dark Lord?

As he walked out of the room, Kawahira silently trailing behind him like a shadow, he observed his surroundings. It appeared that he was in an inn of some sort. He slowly, reluctantly, went down the stairs to see the entirety of Hamagure downstairs eating. Hamagure, the Varia, his mother, and a hooded figure were eating together and mingling around. They seemed to ignore Tsuna until he decided to interact with them, much to his relief. He still needed to get his thoughts together.

Kawahira followed him.

He took the time to further observe everyone around him. The clock on the wall was ticking, but its hands didn't seem to be moving. Some of his friends seemed to be wearing incredibly impractical clothes. Haru was wearing a kindergarten teacher outfit, Kyoko was wearing a kimono, Chrome was wearing a strange leather outfit, and Hana was wearing a business suit. Unlike the diversity of his female friends, most of his male friends were wearing butler outfits with the exception of Hibari wearing a vampire costume and Mukuro wearing a tacky magician outfit.

Thank god everyone else was wearing what they usually wore.

After some conversation with the people around him, he came to the disturbing realization that everyone still referred to Reborn as a baby even though he was clearly an adult man over here. Also, no one seemed to notice Kawahira.

Tsuna poked Kawahira to find out that he was very much solid. When Kawahira smiled and hugged him without saying anything, Tsuna came to realize that Kawahira was real, but just to him.

This sucked.

Tsuna was ready to leave. As he reached the door, an orange window popped up in front of him.

[Assemble your party!] it said. Tsuna slowly scrolled through the names and levels presented to him and stopped on one.

[Byakuran Gesso, Level 100]

Tsuna narrowed his eyes. Wasn't Byakuran supposed to be the Dark Lord? Why was he a choice for Tsuna's party? And Tsuna hadn't seen him around in the inn…

Slowly, he turned to look at the hooded figure in the corner. A flash of white and purple could be seen under the hood as the person turned to look at Tsuna. The [?, Level ?] above the person's head slowly turned into [Byakuran Gesso, Level 100]. Tsuna quickly turned back to the menu and immediately selected Hana and his mother to be part of his party.

The sooner he put together a party, the sooner he'd be out of the inn.

His party consisted of Hana, his mother, and him. And Kawahira too, he guessed, but the man didn't really do anything but follow him around. They hadn't run into any sort of monsters yet, thank god, but Tsuna was still alert.

"Hey Tsuna…" Hana began. Tsuna turned to look at her quizzically and saw that she was staring at Kawahira with a strange, conflicted look on her face. "That… there's a person behind you I think? I…" She scowled violently. "There's something wrong, but I don't know what. I may sound crazy but please believe me, there's something going on."

Tsuna looked at her with gratitude in his eyes. Even in another world, Hana was still his ally in sanity! He could have hugged her, but the world suddenly dissolved.

They had engaged in a fight with a mob. It was probably a slime, judging from the gooey black thing oozing in front of him. The world dissolving was just the gaming mechanic's way of transporting them into a battle screen.

Nana was the first one to move.

With a giggle, she smashed the slime into oblivion with the soup ladle she had been equipped with. Tsuna wondered what her level was.

The world dissolved back into world overview and the party trudged on.

"Your mother…" Hana whispered to Tsuna unsurely. "Wasn't she supposed to have stayed in Namimori Village?"

"Yeah, I guess so," Tsuna replied. Both of them shared a look of helpless confusion and dropped the topic to preserve their sanity.

After a while of killing things – watching his mother kill things, he meant – Tsuna was ready to call it a day and go back to the inn to rest. One step into the inn and he was tackled to the ground by Byakuran. Byakuran the Party Member and not Byakuran the Dark Lord. The latter was standing in the inn, cackling madly.

"Tsuna, you have to hide!" Byakuran the Party Member said at the same time Byakuran the Dark Lord caught sight of him.

"Ah, Tsunayoshi-kun," Byakuran the Dark Lord purred. "So kind of you to join us."

Hana was looking between the two Byakurans, frustrated confusion plain on her face. "There's something wrong, but I don't know what," she muttered to herself. Nana was frowning at Dark Lord Byakuran while Kawahira was still smiling serenely behind him.

Byakuran the Dark Lord looked disdainfully at Byakuran the Party Member. "Hand over Tsunayoshi," he said. Byakuran the Party Member scowled and pulled Tsuna closer to him, hugging him to his chest.

"Never, he is ours!" Byakuran the Party Member hissed. Byakuran the Dark Lord said something in return which made Byakuran the Party Member retort. Tsuna's head spun as he tried to keep up. And he finally broke, curling into a ball and sobbing uncontrollably. No one could console him.

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The Dating Sim I

When Sawada Tsunayoshi had woken up to no longer see the names and levels floating above the heads of other people, he rejoiced. Surely that meant that he had beaten the game that had taken over his life, right?

He could live his normal life now, the life he had before the irritating game mechanics had taken over.

He reveled in the normalcy of his morning routine. He could put on his clothes and look in the mirror without seeing the orange words above his head! He could read through a book without receiving any pop-ups of any kind! He could do things for his mother without any quest notifications ruining his concentration!

"Ah, it's such a beautiful day today!" Tsuna exclaimed as he stepped out of the door. "I'm going off, mother!"

"Have a safe trip!" Nana replied from inside the house.

Tsuna took one step off the front porch.

A guitar started to play. Tsuna almost dropped his bag in shock. In fact, he would've dropped his bag in shock but he found himself unable to move as the world around him faded to white. Familiar scenes of places in Namimori faded in and out of view almost in time with the music.

[An angel without wings said…]

A voice started to sing and Tsuna stared at the two-dimensional person in front of him.

Is… is that me?!

[Sawada Tsunayoshi, CV…] was written over his picture. Tsuna narrowed his eyes, trying to read the words after 'CV' but he couldn't. The scene soon changed to Namimori Junior High, and two familiar faces showed up.

[Yamamoto Takeshi, CV…]

[Gokudera Hayato, CV…]

This… was going to take a while.

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