NOTE: I don't own these characters and I don't know much about Dinotopia. But it is a good show and I love the baby dinosaur, Twenty Six. Call me crazy but I'm a fan of cuteness. And I don't know whether Karl's name is spelled with a C or a K.

Summary: Karl bonds with his new baby dinosaur. If you're not a fan of mushy moments then don't go sending me a bunch of mean reviews. I have feelings you know. And this is pretty short.


It was a late night in Dinotopia. Karl was holding Twenty-Six in his arms. She was staring up at him. Twenty-Six was under the impression that Karl was her father. Karl had some trouble at first but now he really adored the little dinosaur.

Twenty-Six released some coos. "Shush. Go to sleep," Karl whispered.

He held her closer to him. The young dinosaur was really sweet and she practically worshiped Karl. Karl put her down in her little bed. He then walked out of the room. It wasn't even eight minutes later when Karl went to check on Twenty-Six. She had tumbled over a large tower of toy building blocks.

"Hey, you're suppose to be asleep, Twenty Six," Karl pretended to scold. She looked at him with the adorable eyes of hers. He lifted her up and placed her back into her crib. "Stay here." Twenty-Six closed her eyes quickly. "Goodnight," Karl said. "Love you."