I got the idea for this from chapter three of Meeting Hyun by SW11615.

Kimiko Heroux also gets some credit for what she said about a character's reaction.

This takes place over nine years after the anime ends (over four years after the Jakata x Phoebe oneshot I posted earlier this year.)

Jahara looked through a cookbook. Phoebe had given her a list of what she was craving, so she was looking for a recipe with the ingredients until Phoebe got back from the healer's. Recently she'd been having a lot of food cravings and mood swings, which was why Luka and Jakata went on very frequent, day-long training trips to get some peace and because, honestly, what Phoebe had been cooking was getting scary.

Phoebe came in, her face pale.

Jahara looked up. "What did the healer say?"

"I… I'm pregnant," she sat down, "You were right."

"You're not excited?"

"I am, but…."

"I was scared at first, too."

Phoebe looked up at her. "What am I going to tell Jakata? He isn't ready for this yet. We've only been married for a year."

"You know Jakata. He will never be ready," she smiled, "He'll be very happy. It might take him a while to recover, but he'll be very happy."

Phoebe nodded weakly. Jakata was surprisingly patient with children and enjoyed playing any game they came up with, even if it was continuously knocking a wooden brick over and over for hours. When it came to small children he and Luka had something in common: It was hard to say "no", especially to Luka and Jahara's daughter, Yuna. Yuna was the only reason why Jakata and Phoebe lived with Luka and Jahara….

"I'm not as worried about Jakata as I am about Luka… you know how he reacts to the words 'I'm pregnant'," Jahara said, having difficulty not smiling.

Phoebe laughed lightly. "True…. How should I tell Jakata?"

Jahara looked down at the cookbook, deep in thought. She looked up. "Did I ever tell you how my mother told my father she was pregnant with me?"

Jakata groggily woke the next morning, feeling as if he were cramped in a small space. He rolled over and hit his face against wooden bars. What? Why was he in a crib? He stared at the pajamas he was wearing that were pale blue and decorated with small, yellow ducks. And he was wearing a matching bib. He sat up and looked around. This was the spar room…. "Phoebe…" his voice came out in a long whine, "Help." He made a face when Phoebe appeared in the doorway. "Is this why I can't eat cookies before bed?"

"Well…. No…" she turned as Jahara approached.

Jahara held back a laugh and looked worried as Luka walked over.

He stared, as if unsure what to think. His expression deadpanned. "Wait…" He turned to Phoebe, "You're…?"

Phoebe looked at Jahara, who nodded. Phoebe didn't get a chance to confirm Luka's question, as he had already fainted.

Jakata laughed. "Wait," he stared wide-eyed at her, "What?"

Phoebe nodded. "Twins."

Jakata stared for a few seconds before flopping over in a faint.