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I woke the next morning to shouting and running from the other side of the door, the noise constantly fading and then getting louder. Even with how much softer and more comfortable my bed was than the one I had on the Luftdrake, I couldn't fall back asleep. Why….? I got up and opened the door, watching Tori chase Rai past me.

"Give me back my glasses!"

Rai laughed and put them on.

"Rai, give them back!" Tori started to sound really desperate.

I stuck out my arm. Rai ran into it, his feet flew out in front of him and he fell onto his back. He groaned. I took the glasses and gave them to Tori. "I always wanted to do that." It wasn't as good as when Luka did it to …that one really annoying warrior.

Rai glared up at me, "What did you do that for?!"

"It looked fun."

Rai narrowed his eyes at me. I gave him The Glare.

"I… I'm going to go now…" Tori said, sounding quiet, even scared. He ran off.

Rai frowned, slowly standing up, never breaking eye contact, "Wait…" He said a few strange words.

'Sora, agree with him,' Luka's voice sounded tense, as if this were life or death, 'Tell him "ne".'

"Ne," I said, hoping it sounded convincing. What language was that?

'Hangugeo,' Luka said, 'One of Earth's languages. He asked if you've lived here for at least most of your life.'

Rai looked away, "You can't know him…" Something in his voice sounded like I shouldn't ask about it, although it felt like he was talking about Luka.

'How did you know what he was saying?'

'The warriors that were sent to Earth were taught the basics in several languages.'

Now that I was awake…. I went back in my room to get my Activator and Cardholder. Rai was still standing there when I came back out.

"Which Dragonoids have you fought?" Unlike how upset he was yesterday and with how the others told me that he was normally very eager to fight them, he looked and sounded serious. The only other person I knew that made that expression was Luka.

"Jahara and Garnia. Just yesterday I fought Ave." Luka didn't count if I always lost to him.

"Did you ever see anyone else?"

"Not really." There were other Dragonoids here, but they were having really bad luck finding Tigeroid Tai Chi characters. There were several rumors about a few Dragonoids that sided with the Tigeroids, but those were usually confused with either Tigeroids that sided with the Dragonoids or the Dragonoids that got captured.

Rai was about to say something else when the door slammed open behind me.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to take Tori's glasses?!" Sena glared at Rai as she walked up to him.

"He started it," Rai didn't look at her directly.

I slowly inched away. Sena started to fit the description Jahara gave her…. I closed the door behind me, that not being nearly enough to keep out Sena's voice as she scolded Rai.

I walked around, looking at where all of the rooms were this time. At the bottom of one of the staircases there was a room Sena didn't say that much about. I stared at the door. It looked like an important door, like something important was behind it.

'That's where they keep the Tai Chi they've found,' Luka said, 'There are similar rooms on the other Tigeroid airships we've attacked, but they never had more than one or two characters, if any at all.'

'It's not that good of a hiding spot.' I stumbled back as the door opened from the inside.

'Tigeroid Elder," Luka said, 'Be careful around her.' He sounded worried.

Careful? Why? Her presence is so calming….

"You must be Sora," she said. I nodded. "Sena told me you fought a Tigeroid on your own. I'm assuming without your Activator?"

How did she know that? "I didn't have it with me at the time because I hid it so they wouldn't find it…."

"Your mother was like that. She activated cards on her own and would often purposely leave it behind."

"You knew her?"

She nodded, "She was a strong, brave warrior."

'Luka, you lied. You said she wasn't like me.'

"You have her cards and Activator, don't you?"

I nodded. "She left them for me."

"She knew your brother well, and helped train him while she could. She taught only him how to fight in both Tigeroid and Dragonoid styles."

He can what?

That must have been in my expression because Tori ran up to me, mid-sentence about something, and then asked what was wrong.

"Something about my brother," I turned back to the Tigeroid Elder, not sure what to say.

She smiled. "We can talk about this later."

I nodded stiffly and followed Tori down the hall.

"Do you like pancakes?" he asked. "Donha made a lot of them again and…" After that I couldn't keep up. He talks more than Ave does….

'Don't reveal anything about who you are,' Luka said, 'The boy you met yesterday knows a lot more than he's showing.'

Finn? No, Finn wouldn't tell anyone.

Tori led me to the kitchen where the other Tigeroids were sitting around the table, each with a plate of round flat things in front of them. Rai sat as far away from Sena as he possibly could, a red imprint of a hand on his cheek. A plate of the round flat things was at my spot, which was next to Sena.

"Did you sleep well?" Sena asked.

"Until Rai woke me up."

Sena gave him an annoyed look.

I cut off a piece of the round flat thing with my fork and bit into it. No words could describe how amazing it tasted.


'What?' He sounded annoyed.

'Can you make these things for me every day for the rest of my life?'

'I don't know what those are.'

'You're lying.'

Rai stared at me, "You look like you never had pancakes before."

"My brother doesn't make stuff like this and my twin sister can't cook."

Sena turned to me. "Are your brother and sister near here?"

"Well… no…. I know where they are, though."

"We should bring them with us. If the Dragonoids find them they could be captured, or even killed."

… About that… "My brother had defeated a lot of opponents at once." There were only fifteen….

Tori looked up from his plate, smiling and sounded very enthusiastic, "He can help us, then!"

"He doesn't work well with others and likes working alone."

Sena narrowed her eyes at Rai, "He sounds like someone we know."

"My sister is safe. She still lives on Suhn where she'll never be found." It became very silent.

'Sora…' Luka said my name slowly, warningly.

"She's in Dragonoid territory?"

"Well…" A lot of Dragonoids were there… "Yeah."

"But if multiple Dragonoids attack…."

"I'd feel sorry for them. You don't mess with Grandpa unless you want to get hurt." The last time Luka got him annoyed….

"You live with your grandfather?"

"We just call him that. We've lived with him since we were little." Well, since Luka's mother died.

"Are you sure they're safe?" Sena asked.

I nodded. "Very."

Luka had "left" at some point while I had been talking.

Tori looked up, "Can you show us how you use Tai Chi cards without an Activator later?" His glasses magnifying his eyes didn't help with how hopeful he looked. "Please?"

I didn't even look through the cards Luka gave to me. "Maybe a little later."

It was so weird that no one was arguing. It was never this peaceful on the Luftdrake. Every morning Ave did or said something to annoy Jahara or Garnia and they would fight over it. And that was before they got upset over failing to get a Tai Chi card or stuff that irritated them or a while.

It was disturbingly peaceful.

After we finished eating I got up, planning on going back to my room so I could look through my cards in private. The airship jerked and I clung to my chair to regain my balance.

Rai stared at me, "It's just the airship taking off."

The air pressure gradually changed, but it wasn't like the Luftdrake's.

"Is the air pressure bothering you?" Sena asked.

"You'll get used to it," Rai said, looking and sounding very proud of himself, "It didn't take me very long to. Not even a day."

"That's because you slept through it," Sena said.

"I'm fine," I said before they would start arguing again. I jumped when Hak's voice came from an unknown source, announcing he had found a Tai Chi signal. So that's how they found Tai Chi characters, just like Duran.

Duran probably sensed the Tai Chi by now. General Vicious wouldn't risk having Luka or Jahara or even Ave seen two days in a row, unless he was desperate. Or forced to. So Garnia would be sent to get the card. I followed the others to a wide room. Three walls had floor-to-ceiling windows, a chair sat in the middle of the room and in front of it was a table with a screen for the top. Kamorka sat in the chair and greeted us. Hak stood on the table, staring at the screen that looked like a map. He looked up, "It's in a nearby town."

I walked over to a window and looked how far away it was.

It's raining. Why, why? Why does it have to be raining? My hair dye washes out so easily…. Once that happens everyone would find out and then I'll die. They'll know I'm-

"Sora?" Sena walked up to me. "We're all going to look for the card. Just in case the Dragonoids are looking for it we're splitting into two groups. I'll go with Finn and Rai and you'll go with Donha and Tori, okay?"

Why can't I go with Finn? I nodded, "Sure."

The airship landed in a clearing a walkable distance away from the town. I followed the Tigeroids, quickly looking over my cards. Hail, an Attack card, Fog, a Defense card, and Sun, a Technique-type card.

We stopped just before the door where a closet was. Donha handed out really weird cloaks that were smooth and rubbery and kind of stiff. Mine was too big and I kept tripping from the excess length, but at least it was better than getting wet. I looked around at the Tigeroids. Theirs were too big for them, too. Especially Tori's.

When we walked into the town we split into our groups.

Tori looked up at Donha, "Can we get ice cream?"

Donha turned to me, "We can eat while we wait for the rain to stop." That sounded like an excuse to get ice cream. Whatever that was. Donha led us into a small shop. On one side were clear freezing units with barrels of colored solid stuff inside. Behind them was enough room to walk around and open the units. One the other side of the shop were a few tables with chairs. There were a few humans already around, eating solid stuff in small white bowls or upside down cones.

"Which flavor do you want?" Donha asked.

There were flavors? "Surprise me."

Donha nodded and turned to someone that worked there, speaking in the same language Rai spoke earlier. Now that I heard it again, it sounded similar to our native language. And the signs that were around that writing that was similar, too.

Donha handed me an upside down crusty cone filled with white solid stuff. It was cold… Donha got stuff that was brown and Tori got stuff that was pink. I licked mine, copying what they were doing. Cold! Cold! Cold! But worth it. It didn't seem to bother them too much, and strangely it wasn't that bad. Maybe because Tigeroids are a lot less sensitive to the cold than Dragonoids and I'm a hybrid? Garnia and Jahara were the only Dragonoids I knew that would probably like it, especially Garnia. Luka didn't like sweets that much, and Ave had some weird obsession with muffins.

"Sora, don't eat that fast or-" Tori's warning came too late. My head suddenly hurt.

"Press your thumb to the roof of your mouth," Donha said, "It helps with ice cream headaches."

I did what he said and the pain went away.

It was raining even harder. Big, fat raindrops drummed against the window. Tori sat next to me, leaning forward with his arms folded on the table. Whatever had been in the ice cream had made him extremely talkative for the last fifteen minutes and now he was really quiet and looked tired. He jumped when thunder rumbled. "…I'm awake…" He dozed off again.

Donha watched the rain.

"Do you think they found the card yet?" I asked.

"They would have told us if they did," he said, "They're probably taking shelter until the rain stops, too."

"You don't think…." Saying "the Dragonoids" instead of "the Tigeroids" would be weird….

Donha shook his head, "I doubt it. Dragonoids may be stronger in the water, but I don't think even they would be out in this weather."

Luka was probably training in it.

A bolt of lightning flashed and the lights went out. If it was close enough to do that, then the thunder should be… now. Okay, now. ….Now. Why wasn't there thunder?

Donha narrowed his eyes.

I nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I know. Lightning with no thunder is weird." A loud explosion shook the building, making me scream. Why, thunder, why? Why did you have delayed, unexpected timing?

Donha got up. "That was an Explosion card. The lightning from before was from a Tai Chi. There's a fight right now."

We ran down the street following the sounds of a battle. I half-slipped at the next sharp turn into a wide alley that led to an open space with cement ground and metal framework sticking out of it. It looked as if it had been abandoned a while ago. The Tigeroids were near the base, watching the sky and occasionally activating their cards when they could get a clear shot. Garnia was on a floating platform, doing basically the same thing. The Tigeroids were going to lose. Garnia was difficult to defeat in open areas.

Donha turned to me. "Go with Tori to find the Tai Chi card," he ran ahead.

Tori gave me a tired look and followed me back down the alley. "They need help," he said, "if it keeps raining like this-" After that I don't know where he got the energy to talk that fast.

I got my Activator out and turned it on its side so it could be used like a regular one, even though it felt a lot more awkward to hold. I slashed my Sun card through it.

Nothing happened. I repeated the process multiple times, glaring at the device. Work you stupid thing! Work! I slashed the card upwards slowly.

Yes! It's- Work!

The exhaustion from card use began creeping up on me. Even if the Activator fails it still counts as activating the card. Wonderful. I gave the Activator The Glare. Activating Sun without it would be a bad idea right now.

Tori walked ahead of me, staring at the screen of his Communicator. "Hak says the card is this way."

Where did he get that energy from? I turned my Activator back, which felt a bit less awkward. Maybe if I slashed the card through the top…. Tori led me to another alley, one with a dead end. "It should be somewhere around here…." He frowned. "The rain is making it hard to tell."

So rain made Tigeroid cards weaker? Like when they were in water? That's why Sun didn't work. …Than why are the Tigeroids's cards working? Why won't my card work?

Tori ran ahead. "It's the next left!"

That's what he just said…. I ran past him, and slipped as I turned. Another dead end. How did Tori know for sure- the card lied on the ground a few meters ahead of me. That's… convenient. Tori screamed, startled. He must have slipped or something. I picked the card up.

Do I give it to the Tigeroids because they want it, or give it to the others because they need it? The general always rewards the others when they bring a card back, and Luka would finally start to respect me….

It started to rain even harder. I got my Sun card out and slashed it through the top of my Activator, right to left like if I'd turn it on a normal Activator on its side. Nothing. Why won't the stupid thing work?!

The card flashed, activating. I didn't want to do that! Sunlight filtered through the clouds and a shadow crept up the back wall. Oh great. I turned, glaring at Ave. What is he doing here, looking all proud on his floating platform?

"I see they didn't kill you yet," he said.

Why would you care? "I'm not giving you the card. I'm going to defeat you with it." I activated it. Seven bands of color spread out into a tall, wide arch.

A rainbow?! I glared at Ave as he laughed. Don't sound all happy about it! I activated Water, having it twist and hit him from behind hard enough to almost knock him down. He's lucky that thing has a railing. I pointed the card at him. "Never come near me again."

He gave a small nod and retreated.

I leaned against the wall. So tired…. I smiled as Finn ran up to me. Hi.

"Did you get the card?"

I showed it to him. He could know; he wouldn't tell anyone. He looked over as the Tigeroids ran past, shouting Tori's name. They sounded really worried about Tori just slipping. I put the card away and went to see why they were still shouting.

Tori was tied upside down with glowing green whips high up on a pole. Amazingly his glasses didn't fall off yet.

"I could use Sword to cut him down," Rai said.

"No," Sena said, "He could fall and get hurt."

Donha didn't look that worried. Instead he just stood near the base of the pole, like he was waiting for something. He talked to Tori, but the conversation was drowned out by Sena and Rai arguing. Whip lost its affect and Donha caught Tori.

Tori ran up to me, looking relieved. "When Ave saw you he left me here. I thought-" Once again he spoke too fast to understand him, although the other Tigeroids seemed to.

I leaned against a nearby wall, slowly sliding down, too tired to care if they wanted to see the card.

When I woke up I was back in my room. It was still light out, but later in the day. I looked around. It was so quiet, so lonely…. Rai's voice came from somewhere, strangely comforting. I got up and followed his obnoxious voice.

Rai stood on a chair as he spoke, once again and not surprisingly looking very proud of himself. The other Tigeroids sat around the table, looking very bored. Donha wasn't with them.

Sena looked up and smiled, "We let you sleep in."

I sat next to her, "How long have I been out?"

"Since yesterday."


Rai cleared his throat, "As I was saying…."

At that moment Donha came in, with a huge plate of pancakes. He set it on the table. "I noticed how much you like them." He put a stack on a plate and gave it to me.

Rai pouted, sinking into his chair, "But what about my story?"

"We heard you beat Garnia about a hundred times now," Sena gave him and irritated look, "Yes, you fought him alone. It happened three days ago."

Only three days? Whenever Ave got a victory he wouldn't stop talking about it for a week.

Rai stared as I ate. "You know, if you keep eating like that- ow!" He glared at Sena.

"After you defeated Garnia you ate more than all of us did. Tai Chi cards take a lot of energy to use."

After we finished eating they led me to another room where a big glowing blue stone inscribed with around twenty Tai Chi characters was. I recognized a few of them.

Kamorka turned to us, "You did well, Sora. Rainbow will be a very useful card in the future."

Sena turned to me, "You can give the card to her now so she can add it to the others we already have."

I gave the card to Kamorka. I'd always be able to take it back to the others, and maybe General Vicious would finally notice I was alive if I did. The card glowed and the character for Rainbow appeared with the others. None of the Tigeroids looked nervous, or even jealous, except maybe Rai. So they weren't going to get punished for failing? The general did, but the punishments were never very harsh, like an hour more or less training, depending on who it was.

The character looked like it fit with the others, like it belonged there…. Kamorka gave the card back to me. "It's power will increase after it rains or if it's combined with a water attack." Her smile was knowing. She didn't know, did she?

The Tigeroids looked really happy, like they all shared the victory. It was so weird….

The rest of the evening was uneventful, aside from Rai losing three card games in a row to Finn.

Sena walked with me back to my room.

"Sena…." I turned to her. "I don't like being alone. I thought it would be fun to have my own room, but it's not…." Jahara probably didn't miss me that much. She's tough. My twin probably redid our room by now… She had always wanted to and kept trying to steal space on my side…. But maybe she didn't like being alone, either. "Rai's voice was comforting."

Sena took my wrist and led me down the hall, briefly stopping back at the main room just as Rai lost a board game to Finn, "Finn, Donha, can you move Sora's bed into my room?" She led me down the hall.

"You're not asking Rai?"

"He would just sit your bed the whole time claiming he's giving directions."

Sena's room was down a hall with five other doors, two on each side, one at the very end, each with a different color painted on it. Sena's room had the pink door. Her room didn't have much other than a bed and a desk. On the desk was a picture frame.

Photography wasn't all that common on Suhn and could cost a lot. Maybe her family had someone here from Earth take it, which, judging by her age in the picture, was likely.

In the picture her parents, three older girls and a younger girl, probably her sisters, stood in a group to the left. Sena stood off to the right, next to a girl that didn't look related to her. The other girl was wearing a fluffy hat that flopped enough to cover her hair. She looked about a year or two younger than Sena.

"That's my family," Sena said, and pointed out her sisters, "That's Asti, Cloda, Straw, and Hannah, and that's Miya." She finished by pointing to the girl that stood next to her, "She's a year younger than me. We adopted her after the war started ten years ago."

"She's not travelling with you?"

"She's at the Tigeroid base. She's a healer."

"She has healing cards? Those are rare."

Sena shook her head. "She's a human."

That's strange to adopt someone that can't use cards. But the Tigeroids did seem to be more accepting than the others….

Finn and Donha carried my bed in and set it across from Sena's. Donha gave me my backpack. "Do you need anything else?"

"Not right now."

He nodded and followed Finn out. "Good night." He closed the door behind him.

Sena sat on her bed, "We're going to train tomorrow. You can watch for a while if you want to."

I nodded, sitting on my bed. "Okay."

"If you need to study Tai Chi cards Donha can help you. He's very enthusiastic about it."

As long as he wasn't like Garnia when it came to studying that would be fine.

"I would offer to stay up longer, but," Sena looked at the door, "Rai's snoring will keep you up all night."

"That's not fun."

"No, it's not."

Sena went to turn off the light. "Good night."

"Good night."

A little while later, just as I started to fall asleep, I was reminded that I still wore the Link Tai Chi.

'Study their training.'

'Let me sleep.'

'You need to know what cards they have. Someday they may fight you.'

Oh, good plan. 'Are you going to get me soon?'

'In a few days Garnia will bring you back for a few hours.'

'Never send Ave.'

'He isn't even interested. Why did he come back soaked?'

'I hit him with my Water Tai Chi.'

'Now you finally used it in a hook shot?' He didn't sound impressed, 'Did you pass out from lack of control again?' He sounded annoyed.

I didn't respond for a few seconds. ''Night!' I took off my Link Tai Chi and hit it under my pillow. Ha!

And that's when Rai started to snore.

Note: Hangugeo is the Korean word for the Korean language and ne is yes. I'm not completely sure how to pronounce Hangugeo. And when I was looking up what yes was, I noticed that ne can also mean four.

Rai most likely grew up learning Korean, so….