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Warning: Blood and gore.

"If you are on our side then how about this - you take a job from me. If you do it, I'll consider you a loyal friend." Cinder said simply.

"What kind of job?" Ruby asked.

"I need you to kill someone." Cinder said with a wicked smile.

Ruby shifted her weight and glanced at her hands, knowing they had already taken one life. What difference did it make now?

"Alright. I'll do it." Ruby agreed.

Roman cast her a worried glance but did not stop her.

"Good." Cinder snapped her fingers and Emerald brought over a folder with all the information on the hit.

"I expect the job done by midnight. We will be waiting. Kill him however you see fit." Cinder purred.

Ruby took the folder, looked at the photo of the target and read his possible locations.

That done, she handed it back and left without a word. Roman stayed behind, afraid of what this might mean and decided to wait with the others.

Ruby walked down the quiet streets, turning down one and changing direction now and then. Finally she came to the location the file had mentioned and she walked in.

It was a simple little place, a single bedroom house. She had entered without knocking and looked around. Her target stepped in from one of the other rooms. "Can I help you?"

She smiled. "Yes... I'm lost and looking for someone."

She approached and acted like she was digging through her pockets. In reality she was readying Crescent Rose behind her back.

"Oh? Who?" He asked, warily. "Most people knock."

"Well the house looks just like this one so I thought I was in the right place." Ruby said, giving him a puppy look.

"Oh, I see, well who is your friend?" He asked, dropping his guard.

"Cinder." Ruby smiled darkly.

The man nearly fell over himself in panic as he backpedaled, Ruby stayed on his heels and then sliced through him.

She had a hard time believing people were so easy to kill... Grimm were far more challenging but, perhaps stronger people like the students at Beacon would be better.

She returned to the others with a couple hours to spare. She was covered in a spray of blood which Roman found more than unsettling.

"It's done." Ruby said tonelessly.

Cinder smiled. "Good... For once Roman didn't fail me."

"Welcome aboard." Mercury said, patting her back.

Ruby spent the next hour getting to know Emerald and Mercury better, Roman stayed off to the side, pretending to plot things out on a map.

Then suddenly the doors to the warehouse opened and two police officers stepped in.

Everyone froze, villain and cop alike.

Ruby was the first to move, looking over at the others and grinning.

Cinder nodded and Ruby seemed to vanish in a cloud of rose petals.

The cops advanced and spotted the group of wanted criminals.

"Freeze, you are all under arrest!" One said, both aiming their guns on the group, who, following Cinder's lead, raised their hands.

"Hyyyaaayh!" Ruby cried charging in from behind.

Both cops looked behind them.

"It's a huntress!" one said.

"It's the dead Beacon girl!" The other realized.

Ruby seemed about to charge between them but she stopped short, laughing wickedly as she swung her scythe, from her right angled down she slashed the first cop in half, shoulder to hip. As her blade neared the floor and was now in her center she angled it up, continuing its momentum to slice through the second cop, hip to shoulder.

Both cops fell almost as one, in two pieces and Ruby laughed madly.

"Fear me, the Reaper of Veil!" Ruby laughed, holding Crescent Rose high.

"What have I done..." Roman said under his breath.

The power high from killing had allowed Ruby to embrace her darker side. Now, there was no going back for her.

Ruby started giggling and ran outside, as she had suspected there was a cop car, parked right next to Roman's, Ruby figured that is why they had stopped.

She went over to the driver door and pulled it open, finding the radio inside she picked up the receiver and turned it on.

"Can anyone hear me?" She pleaded in a distressed voice though she was grinning.

Roman, Cinder and the others had followed her and watched in curiosity.

"We can, who is this?" The dispatcher asked.

"OH! It's horrible! There is a killer on the loose, she murdered these cops and is threatening to hurt others! She's got a scythe!" Ruby said, acting the part of a frightened civilian. She was also altering the pitch of her voice a lot to make it sound like she was someone else.

"We will send a detachment right away!" The dispatcher promised.

"She cut those first two down like nothing! Send everyone you have!" Ruby said in the panicked voice. She then screamed and dropped the receiver, leaving the Dispatcher asking if she was okay.

Ruby stepped back from the car grinning.

"What are you thinking?" Mercury demanded.

"You are going to get us caught, or killed!" Emerald said.

Ruby only grinned. "Go find a place to watch... Roman, move your car."

They did as she asked, Cinder locking the warehouse up after the bodies of the police had been removed.

Ruby was alone when at least twelve cop cars rolled up.

Ruby was standing on the point of the roof of the warehouse.

They looked around, seeing the bodies and beginning to think she had fled when suddenly a mad laughter cut through the air. All eyes turned to the roof and guns where aimed.

Not a shot was fired before she had already moved, seeming to have vanished in a cloud of rose petals.

Then she was on the ground, slicing and shooting, devastating the force in under ten minutes. There was blood everywhere, splattered on the ground, cars and buildings. Not a single body had been left in one piece. She had started dismembering before it was over, scattering limbs over the pavement.

Ruby stood in the middle, coated in blood and laughing wildly.

"She's insane..." Cinder said, watching quietly.

"That she is..." Roman agreed.

Ruby stopped laughing and walked away from the carnage.

They all cleared out before more police could arrive, though Roman was pretty sure Ruby had just wiped out their entire immediate response team.

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