Bellamy felt someone warm cuddled in his arms when he finally woke. Hair tickled his chin and neck, and the pirate spent a few moments to enjoy the feeling of Clarke in his arms before opening his eyes. His lips parted in a gentle smile when he glanced down and saw the princess still dozing peacefully. They were still mostly in the same position as when they slipped into sleep the night before: Clarke resting against his chest with her arms encircling his waist. One of his arms was slung over her shoulders, firmly holding her in place, and the other was resting on one of her arms and their legs were an intertwined mess. Even though there was bark jabbing painfully into his back, Bellamy did his best to remain still as to not wake Clarke. He absentmindedly stroked the soft skin on her arm as his thoughts wandered. The sun was barely peeking up above the fence, scattering rays of golden light across the camp in sparse patches.

Clarke's words from the day before resurfaced as dawn slowly spread through the campsite. Part of him felt like their relationship changed after the night before, evolving into something more profound and personal. His masculine ego hummed in satisfaction, but his mind helped keep his hopes from rising too high. They were more than partners now, friends even. That was all. It was in that moment that the pirate captain realized that ever since he shared a bed with the blonde princess, his unconscious mind was no longer plagued by his usual cocktail of nightmares. He hadn't noticed before because of how hectic his days had been since the shipwreck. He shrugged the thought off, telling himself that it was just because he had human companionship to soothe his subconscious.

Before his thoughts spiraled any further down that dangerous rabbit hole, he felt the woman in his arms stir. Bellamy kept still, but looked down at the princess, umber eyes meeting blue. He smirked when Clarke remained propped up against his chest, moving only to unwrap her arms from his waist. The healer turned her nose into his chest and heaved a deep sigh.

"For a second I dreamed we were back on the ship," She whispered. Bellamy grunted and said, "Wouldn't that be nice."

The two leaders stared out at their camp, watching as the few early risers stumbled around. Clarke's heart ached as she saw someone walk over to their graveyard and touch the stones marking one of the graves. She sat up and placed a hand on Bellamy's shoulder and declared, "I think it's time we finally started to fight back against the natives."

The captain's eyes lit up, and he leaned forwards with the corner of his mouth turning up. Her words stirred his violent nature that had been slumbering for too long.

"I agree," He replied.

"We can't just wait around in here. We're sitting ducks," She spat out. Bellamy nodded in agreement, his gaze turning to the tent where his younger sister was still sleeping.

"How much longer until that Navy ship gets close enough for us to signal for help?" He asked. Clarke's lips pursed and counted on her fingers the days they had been stranded so far. She'd have to consult the stars later that night to be sure, but her memory from when they were still sailing gave her a good estimate.

"About three? If my math is right," She said. Bellamy nodded solemnly. He had been hoping for a smaller number, but he was sure they could survive three more days on the island. The natives had become increasingly aggressive as the days went on, and he hoped the savages didn't have anything planned for their shipwrecked neighbors anytime soon.

"I'm sure we'll survive, Bell," Clarke said reassuringly. She started to stand when Bellamy grabbed her hand to stop her. He had giddy smile on his face, and Clarke froze when she realized her mistake. Heat flushed her face when she finally realized what the captain was so damn happy about. She'd called him Bell, the endearing nickname Octavia had for her older brother.

"Bellamy, I meant Bellamy," She sputtered, wrenching her hand from his. The captain rose slowly, a carnivorous look shining in his eyes. She felt a pleasurable yearning coil in her core from the look he gave her, but she tried to force down her desires.

"Don't look so damn pleased with yourself. It was just a slip of the tongue," She said, willing her feet to walk away from the man in front of her. The captain, a ravenous desire in his gaze, leaned into Clarke's personal space. His freckled nose was practically touching hers, and Clarke couldn't turn away from his eyes. She felt like a rabbit trapped by the gaze of a hungry wolf. Bellamy's dark eyes darted down to the lip Clarke had trapped between her teeth.

"I don't mind if you call me Bell, Princess," He murmured, his hot breath fanning against her skin. His nickname for her changed from teasing to flirty in an instant. The tingling she felt dancing across her skin roused Clarke from her enamored stupor, and she tilted her head ever so slightly. A competitive light shone in her blue eyes, and she closed the gap between them so that their foreheads touched. A carnal piece of her relished in the way Bellamy's breath hitched when their skin touched.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me Princess?" She whispered. Their eyes locked as thick sexual tension filled the air between them. Before she did anything she would regret, Clarke took a step away from the alluring man and his seductive smirk. She cleared her throat and said, "We should, um, get to work."

The captain only nodded, his eyes still locked with hers. Clarke coughed and left the pirate standing below the branches of the tree. She turned back when she was halfway to the rations supply, to see that he was still staring after her.

When Clarke started chatting with those who were already awake, Bellamy finally turned away. He ran a hand through his unruly curls and let out a shaky breath. That had been too close. Way too close. He tried to push down his lustful hunger and thoughts of Clarke's soft pink lips. He had minimal success.

After snacking on a pouch of berries, Clarke made her way to the hut she had been using as an infirmary. She lifted the flap and ducked into the small hut. She smiled when she saw Monty sleeping slumped up against the wall of the hut with his hand outstretched towards Jasper. Since Jasper was still sleeping, the healer tried to be as gentle as possible as she checked his bandages, which had been freshly changed sometime in the past hour. She let out a content sigh when she saw no signs of infection, and instead the beginning stages of healing in the wound. Clarke reached up to touch Jasper's forehead to check his temperature, and smiled down at her patient as his eyes fluttered open.

"How're you doing?" She asked softly. She didn't want to wake Monty just yet. He'd been sacrificing his sleep so that he could care for his injured friend. Jasper gave the princess a weak smile and tried to form a thumbs-up with his hand.

"-'mm great," He mumbled weakly. Clarke chuckled and whispered, "You just need to rest as much as you can until you're healed. You're still on bedrest, you hear me?"

Jasper nodded, then slipped back into his restful slumber. She glanced over at Monty, and frowned when she saw how dark the bags under his eyes had become. She should have been helping with Jasper more, since she was the ship's healer. As she left to leave both boys to get some much-needed rest, Clarke made a vow to focus on her duties before anything personal. Bellamy's dark molten chocolate eyes appeared in her mind's eye. With a shake of her head, the princess decided that she could not let her feelings get in the way of her responsibilities. So, she made a mental list of what she had to get done before she could give in to her desires: survive the next few days on this island; successfully signal Wells' ship and keep the pirates from getting arrested; get to Port Lauderon and commission a new ship, or commandeer one, they were pirate's after all; return to her kingdom and restore the social order; take control of her kingdom and find out who killed her father; and learn how to be a just queen. Then, she could be with someone.

Yea, Clarke was almost positive Bellamy would not wait that long, or help her with each item on that list. Her heart, although conflicted from these new emotions, longed to be able to run across the camp and grab Bellamy by his broad shoulders and pull him down for a passionate kiss.

Not that she would ever do that. Ever. Before she could fantasize about the handsome captain, his younger sister bounded over and pulled the princess into a warm embrace.

"Hey Clarke!" The girl exclaimed. Clarke giggled at Octavia's enthusiasm. She always seemed to be so happy all the time. She knew it had to be exhausting to be so upbeat twenty-four-seven. The princess mumbled a greeting, a part of her felt awkward around Octavia after her romantic morning with her older brother. While they stood snacking on their morning rations, Clarke noticed Octavia gazing longingly out at a break in between the fenceposts of the perimeter wall. Looking back, the healer hadn't seen as much of the younger Blake sibling the past few days. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion, but she did not want to confront Octavia without proof.

"The island is beautiful, isn't it?" Octavia sighed, a dreamy look in her eyes. Clarke raised a brow at her sudden declaration, but agreed. "Yea, too bad there's violent natives."

"Maybe they are just defending their territory," Octavia exclaimed. She avoided Clarke's gaze, and that's when the princess knew there was something more to her gut suspicions.

"That may be true, but they should at least try to communicate with us. They most likely witnessed our shipwreck, and yet they still attacked without cause," Clarke said firmly. She hoped Octavia was not getting any romantic notions about the grounders in her head. Adding having to deal with an emotional teenage girl to her list of troubles was the last thing Clarke wanted.

"Be careful, Octavia. They're killers," Clarke warned. Octavia turned and gave the princess an angered look, then spat, "So are you."

Octavia stalked off, leaving Clarke standing alone with a shocked and hurt expression on her face. She dropped her remaining rations and felt the familiar signs of a panic attack. Her heart started to pound erratically in her chest, and her breaths were short and uneven. She gripped her shaking hands together and tried to get a hold of herself. More and more people were waking and walking around the camp, and Clarke was struck by a sudden need to get out. She had to be alone. She hurried over to the farthest corner of the meadow, where small grove of trees grew, and curled up in the shadows of the canopies and tried to regain control.

After her little spat with Clarke, Octavia stormed off to her usual spot by the fence, where there was a crack between the fenceposts large enough to see through. She peered out of the opening and scanned the tree-line for a familiar speck of white. Her breath hitched when her gaze caught on the delicate white flowers peeking out from the bark of one of the trees. With a sparkle dancing in her eyes, Octavia slowly walked over to her tent, then crept behind it after making sure nobody was looking her way. She pried a loose section of the fence off to the side, and then wriggled her way through the small opening and out into open air.

Octavia had stumbled upon the loose panel in the fence by accident, but once she realized what she literally stumbled into, her spirit felt renewed by her newfound freedom. In the camp, she was the captain's little baby sister, but when she was out exploring the island, she was Octavia. Pirate. Young woman. She was free.

Octavia dashed over to the tree-line and waited with baited breath for any sign of her new friend. A smile crept across her lips when she felt a familiar pair of arms wrap around her waist from behind. The teenager giggled and looked over her shoulder at the man holding her, a similar gleeful expression mirrored on his face.

"Let's go," He stated, leading Octavia deeper into the jungle.

Murphy ran. It was all he'd done since he landed on this scrap of sand Bellamy called an island. He was sure that he was the only one left of his fellow mutineers. At first the pirates were just angry about being abandoned, and sat for the first night on the coast waiting for the familiar silhouette of their ship to reappear on the horizon. They were sadly, disappointed come sunrise. After that, everything went to shit.

Now, all he knew was running. He hadn't slept nor eaten in days, but there was no time to stop. He could be caught any second now. Murphy heard them behind him. He willed his legs to move faster, to jump over the tangling roots and vines with more ease and speed, but sadly he had no such luck. The frightened pirate lost his footing, and crashed onto the jungle floor, leaves and sticks sticking to his hair and clothes. Cursing, he tried to push himself up to his feet, but his arms gave out halfway and he fell once again. The string of curses falling from his mouth stopped when a pair of feet stepped into his field of view.

"Please, please don't kill me-" Murphy begged, ashamed of the crack in his voice and the tears falling down his cheeks. The booted foot reeled back, then there was only pain. Murphy screamed as his vision slowly turned to black, and the man dragged the pirate through the muddy jungle.

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