Kimi o Kanjiru Suru (To Feel You)

Tohru is working as a personal attendant of the enigmatic Yuki Sohma. What makes her job complicated is that when she discovered about the Sohma Clan secret, her own secret was revealed too: she was deathly musophobic - very afraid of mice.

Chapter 1: A New Home

Honda Tohru sat down her seat nervously as Kagura Sohma, the woman responsible for accepting new helpers into the Sohma household, examined her.

"How old are you?" Kagura asked in surprising gentleness. Her voice soothed Tohru a little and made her feel less uneasy.

"Sixteen," she replied.

"Where is your family?"

"I have none."

"Who sent you here then?"

She looked down at her lap. Would she dare tell her employer that a complete stranger told her to apply for this job?

"Honda Tohru?" prompted Kagura.

She decided to tell her the truth. "A-Actually, a young man told me to apply here…"

Tohru slipped into her tent, relieved to finally be able to rest after an exhausting day in school.

"Tadaima!" she said, smiling at the picture of her mother. "I survived my first day at school as a transferee. Algebra is as tough as making new friends here though. But I'll make it up tomorrow." She sat on her makeshift bed, looking around her cozy little house with delight. After the orphanage released her, she decided to live on her own, using the money she had scrape from doing odd jobs. But she still chose to live in a tent rather than rent a room. It was less expensive, plus she needs money for her food and schooling.

She was just about to change into her pajamas when she heard footsteps drawing near. She peeked outside and saw a young man with dark hair and lily-white mandarin outfit standing before her. His deep purple eyes looked at her in surprise.

For a few moments, they were just gazing at each other. He then squatted before her, still eyeing her. "Are you a Girl Scout?" he asked.

"N-No." Strangely, she felt no danger at his sudden friendliness. She felt like she was at ease at him. This wasn't how she usually feels when a boy tries to be friendly with her. "This is where I live."

He looked at her house then back at her. "Did you run away?"

"I told you, this is where I live."

He shook his head. "I don't believe you. There is no tent erected here until today."

She sighed. "I just moved in here. This place does not have barbed wires around it so I assumed that it's ok to live her. Besides, it's close to my school."

"Won't your parents get worried?"

"I am an orphan."

"I'm sorry," he said sincerely. "Well, why don't you find someplace else to live in? Like an apartment?"

"I'm a little tight on money," she admitted grudgingly.

"Do you know how to cook and clean?"


He pointed at the grand mansion at the top of the hill. "Then maybe you can apply there as a helper. If you're good enough, then they'll hire you. You will be a stay-in helper, so you won't have to worry about the shelter and the food. They'll even pay you, so you can finance your studies. And you'll be safer there."

She nodded. "You have a point. I'll give it a try."

He stood up. "Well, I better get going." He bowed and walked away.

"W-Wait! What's your name?" she yelled.

He turned around, and gave her a smile that nearly took her breath away. "Yuki," he said.

" that's how I got here," finished Tohru. She then noticed the funny look on Kagura's face but made no comment about it.

Her employer nodded. "You sound like you're saying the truth..I happen to like honest people. You're hired."

Her eyes widened in delight. "A-Arigatou!"

"Your job is to look after the future head of the Sohma clan, the family owning this house. You shall be his personal attendant, and you shall see to it that you shall give his every need. Do you understand?" said Kagura.

"Yes Ma'am."
Her employer stood up. "Now come on. You shall meet your young master. He is now in his cousin Shigure's house. He hangs out there more often than here."

Shigure Sohma smiled warmly at her. "Welcome to the family, Honda Tohru!"

She bowed again. "Thank you, Sir."

"Well at least I can see something else other than those nasty, bloody cat-mouse fights," he kidded.

"M-Mouse?" echoed Tohru. Don't tell me they keep mice here as pets.

"Where is Kyo?" asked Kagura softly.

"Drinking his milk," answered the man.

"Oh, how cute!" gushed Tohru. "You named your cat Kyo!"

Kagura and Shigure choked. "Sort of," he said. The woman looked at her threateningly.

"But Yuki's home," said Shigure.


"Good. I'll introduce this girl to him already." Kagura then ushered her to follow her.

"I should warn you, Honda Tohru," said Shigure. "He's not very friendly, but he won't bite, I think."


"Sorry!" The man went back to his newspaper.

On the hallway, they could hear faint flute music playing coming from a certain room.

"He's home, alright," said Kagura. She knocked on the door. "We're coming in, Yuki. Me and your new attendant."

Upon hearing the name again, Tohru felt her heartbeat quicken. It couldn't be…

The door opened, and Tohru's eyes widened.

The guy she met in the woods was looking back at her!


notes: First off, I'm not sure with the title of the fic…if it's right or not technically. ^^;; This is a sort-of remake of Fruits Basket. Expect the characters not to be their usual personas, but they're recognizable.