Chapter – 1 – This Was Not What I Expected

AN: Welcome to a re-write of my very old and previously terrible fic, Twilight Love. The story always had a decent plot, but the skill to carry it off wasn't there. And although this re-write will be effectively less explicit in certain genres', there will be plenty of warnings for gore, violence and language, the way it was meant to be. Skyland was never a gentle world and I plan to show some of the brutality and difficulty along with a few taboo subjects that I feel would run riot in this era. It's a post apocalyptic setting with a twist, which describes Skyland perfectly. So please, sit back and enjoy what a few years of plotting can produce.
Only my OC is © to me, and her name will be revealed when I am ready. I do not own any rights over Skyland but this literature belongs to me.


There wasn't much to remember, not for her anyway.
There was the stress, the pressure and the fear; her vison blurring and her instruments blurring, then the undeniable impact shock of her ships' wing hitting a block and spinning through the expanse out of control, instruments screaming and the disorientation was maddening. The malfunctions kept on coming and she wasn't able to even tend to any of them. Her head had been muzzy and fogged before but now, eyes rolling back, the sounds fading ,she was sure this was her end. The Sphere would get her, kill her, torture her, experiment…whatever they did with their prisoners or whatever might be left of them.
Her sign echoed over the scream of her navigation system and she remember a brief flash of panic as red-brown cut through the clouds in her darkening vision…then…nothing.

Body was pulled taut, then released, then again. Numb pressure on her back and she felt her arms above her head and the pressure was there again, pulling, but constant this time, then a suddenly release and eyes cracked open. The edges of her slitted vision were black and she could just make out bodies moving through the smoke, the gleam of fire and her hearing…it was all but gone, but muffled voices, urgent in tone and probably loud in volume. She blinked as her world shook and lifted and she most definitely felt the heat…something had exploded. The blackness came back and that feeling, that empty, tight pit in her chest, that she knew nothing, nothing of what was going on but she had…to stay…awake. No, not today then, as her brain moved no faster than the slowest of creatures, then slowed down more. Her eyes shut groggily and the sounds faded, the feeling of movement faded and there was nothingness once more.

Next time she woke, her vision had improved somewhat, but her hearing had seemed to sharpen a thousand times over and all there was a sharp static buzz and her head hurt. It burned in so many ways, all over, but her body was weak, unresponsive and she couldn't even muster the fear that she may never move again. Her head only rolled limply to the side and she saw the IV in her hand before the darkness claimed her again.

Once more she awoke from this nightmare, and this time, it felt more natural to her, like coming from a deep sleep, a dreamless one, and there was no pain, only the feeling of being in a cocoon. Her eyes opened slowly, blinking softly as her vision would return smoothly but again, like she had only been asleep. There was only a dull throb in her head which seemed to lessen over a short period as her body became more and more responsive to her waking state. It was slow, but she remained calm as vision fully returned to her and she was staring at a ceiling, with light coming in from a window, that wasn't too high, but from the pattern of the light, was barred. The light indicated early evening…was she in prison?
Swallowing thickly, she rolled her head to glance at her left hand…there was nothing there and she went to look at the other, this time raising it slowly to her face. Again, nothing and she heard and felt herself sigh. Spine shifting, all feeling in her body returned in a warm, gradual rush and she started to recognise the responsiveness of her limbs, her skin, her very organs as every part of her returned to life.
And bloody hell did she need to pee.

After staggering into what could only be described as a meager on-suite washroom, locating the sink and taps, she had near fallen into it face first and splashed cooling water on her face, drinking some of it in her now desperation to re-hydrate herself.
How long she had stayed bent over the sink, panting softly and just waiting for her body to steady out was not known to her, but when she looked up, her face was dripping with dirt and she glanced to the side, before turning.
A tub…with a shower head and taps…now it hit her; this was NOT the Sphere. It couldn't be, she must have escaped.
A scraping at what was her door got her attention and now making her way to the doorway of the on-suite with what she considered to be much stronger legs, she witnessed a small hatch in the door open and a tray was pushed through and balanced, waiting for her to take it.
She wandered over, slightly cautious, but once she saw the contents and smelt them, there was no hesitation and she took the tray from the slot and turned away, not speaking to the gap, not looking through it; not quite ready to know about her captors…or maybe they were her saviors? Either way, she wasn't ready to know about them and focused on the food and water; two large bottles of water and an already filled glass.
There was a meaty stew in a bowl, hot and steaming, on a plate was what looked to be mashed root vegetable and a few bundles of steamed leaf sheath like plants and a puddle of warm beans, probably tinned; but food was food and this smelt delicious. There was cutlery as well, thank goodness. Blunted as of no use as a weapon, but it was there.
Her dry lips curved into a soft smile as she placed the tray on a small rounded table and started to look around in earnest now, taking in her surroundings.

The cell, it could only be a cell, was large, but a single room aside from the on-suite and well lit. There was meager furniture, the table, the bed and the wardrobe, which she opened and found soft white towels, pairs of combat trousers and appropriate top attire for herself. They must have seen what she was wearing when her ship crashed and taken the clothing based on that. Everything was clean and smelt of stone and disinfectant but she didn't mind.
Black combats, black vest top and a black jacket were all taken out. She had other colours to choose from, but these just felt safe; and she brought the appropriate under garments out once she had located them.
Clothes were placed on the bed and towel was hung on the corner of the sink and she started to look around her on-suite bathroom of sorts and figure out the workings of the shower. When she was done, she's located soap, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, several toothbrushes, a flannel, another towel and the showers' water was at an acceptable temperature as she stepped into it, her old clothing in a pile.

The pressure was hard and relaxing and by the time she stepped out of the shower and back into the main room, she looked like a different person and felt like one.
Standing at no more than 5ft 9 inches, with dark brown hair pulled back into a loose braid and vibrant blue eyes that took in her surroundings with more awareness now, she was the picture of alertness. Her features were not out of the ordinary, neat more than anything, expressive eyes, but she was no child. No, she was in her late twenties and her body and features showed maturity without ageing but the life she'd lead before ending up in this location was clear to any observer. Her arms where of toned muscle, her curvature subtle, nothing like a males, but had obvious strength in them, as had the rest of her body. Her shoulders and back being broad but not too much so, her waist curving in and flowing out to slim hips and combats now hid athletically toned legs, and socks hid feet that were strong yet delicate to look at.
Faint scars lined her arms, wrists and shoulders; not many and you'd have to be close to look, but one, a scar that sliced through her right eyebrow, was obvious, but not garish or knotted. A slim line, like a knife cut, at the end, just broke the outline of her shaped eyebrows, giving her a meaner, more focused look than you should find on such a face. A strong but streamlined jaw with medium high but not prominent cheekbones, almond shaped eyes and small, neat ears and compact but not thin or plush lips and a tidy nose, not crooked, turning up or down but with a faint beauty mark on the left nostril were the features that adorned her, making her who she was, who she is.
This was also a topic she did not want to think of just yet. Purely existing was just becoming easier so she continued to do just that.

Sitting on the bed with a plop, she devoured the food easily and it was good to her taste. There was no spice but plenty of flavour within each mouthful and she was done within minutes, leaning back against the wall where her bed was resting, sipping water.
Having not turned on her light, which hung, also caged, in the center of her ceiling; she was content to go to sleep as the natural light faded, removing her combats and placing them under her pillow, her body rocked over, back facing the door; and with a soft sigh, she shut down to the fading light.

By the next morn, she was already awake and up, clean and feeling stronger, sitting cross legged on her bed, resting and again sipping water, surprised at the heat of the place. She'd been up for a good while, thinking, mulling over her situation and so far it was pretty clear. She had been running from the Sphere, she'd crashed and now, she had been taken apparent prisoner by people but she had no idea if they were possibly friend or would remain foe.
Her head was bowed but lifted slightly, strands of dark brown hair falling into her eyes as her door scraped and creaked open heavily, her eyes lifted to the widening gap and a deep breath was taken as she came to face her captors.