Damia and Wren walk in, confused looks on their faces.

Wren - "Why was this story gone?"

Damia - "I dunno, It just disappeared one day. Kinda weird,"

Wren - "Yeah, definitely strange,"

Damia - "Maybe it was because I forgot to put up the disclaimers?"

Wren - "You idiot, you forgot the disclaimers?"

Damia - "Oh, and you remembered?"

Wren - "Point taken,"

Damia - "In that case, I'll put the first five chapters together, and have someone do the disclaimer," Damia snaps her fingers and Goku appears.

Goku - "Hello Author Lady, Author Ladies Muse,"

Damia - "Hello Goku, I need you to say the disclaimer,"


Damia - "If you don't, will be limited to one meal a day,"

Goku - "That's so mean,"

Damia - "I know,"

Goku - " Damia does not own Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball Z, But she does own Mitch and Derek. If you steal those characters without asking, you will be buried alive in pixi stix,"

Damia - "Very good Goku," She snaps fingers and he disappears.

Wren - "On with the story,"

Chapter 1

A Noise In The Night

Hotaru awoke with a start, and looked around her. The Princess and the inners were still asleep, so what was it that had woken her up?

Hotaru was sleeping over at Rei's along with Usagi, Minako, Ami, and Makoto. Michi-mama and Ruka-papa wanted some 'Alone time', and Setsu-mama had to finish her Fall outfits for the show and was at the office, going over details. So why had she woken up? Rini had gone home 2 weeks ago, two days before Hotaru had turned 14. The others were 17, except, of course, for Michiru and Haruka, who were 20, and Setsuna, who was as old as time, but only looked to be in her early twenties.

Hotaru looked at the others, still asleep, and decided to go check it out. She got up and walked out to where she thought the noise had come from.

She heard a noise behind her and started to turn, but just as she moved, She felt a sharp pain on the back of her head, and fell into Oblivion.

Chapter 2

Unspeakable Evil

When Hotaru woke up next, what met her eyes scared her to the depths of her very being, and considering that she was the Messiah of Death, that was pretty bad.

Jadeite was back and Momaru was standing next to him. The 4 inners were gagged and tied spread eagle on the floor, there clothes half torn from there bodies, and they were bleeding badly. She was tied to a chair. She heard a quiet crying and saw Usagi tied up with a gag in her mouth, sitting on Rei's bed. Ami was the only one on the floor who hadn't been touched after she was gagged and tied. Hotaru noticed vaguely that they were Ami's favorites. Silky blue pants, covered in little white snow flakes, and a White tank top with a blue snowflake.

Jadeite walked over to the smallest senshi while Momaru put on a shirt. "What's the matter?" he asked mockingly, "Scared?" Ami started to tremble as he lay his hands on her hips. "I see that you are," he commented noticing the trembles. She forced herself to stop. He slid his hands underneath her shirt and slowly started moving them up. he covered her breasts with his hands, underneath the shirt.

Hotaru was in a state of shock, what was going on? Ruka-papa said that if anybody touched Hotaru in any of the 'special' places, then she was to ask him to stop, and if he wouldn't, then she was to hit him, and then call Michi-mama, Setsu-mama, or her, Ruka-papa. So what Jadeite was doing was bad.

Jadeite pulled his hands back out, and ripped it, from the collar down. Ami was wearing a sheer blue bra beneath it. "You really shouldn't hide such magnificent breasts," he told her, holding a hand up. Momaru put a knife in it. Jadeite sliced down the valley between her breasts and sliced open both bra and skin. "Much better,".

Hotaru looked at her princess again. Usa closed her eyes, and Momaru slapped her. Hotaru could already see multiple bruises forming on her face. "now be a good girl, we told you that you had to watch it all," Mamoru told her.

Meanwhile, Jadeite had stripped off his pants and started to rip Ami's, Every now and then, he would scratch her with the knife. He pinched and slapped, and punched. Hotaru squeezed her eyes shut, but she could still hear everything. The screams behind Ami's gag, The laughter of the two men, the groans coming from unconscious Senshi, and the tears of her princess. It seemed like an eternity before she heard them stop, but then she felt a hand touch her chin, and she whimpered reactively. She opened her eyes, Jadeite stood above her. She stared at him in terror. He traced the outline of her chin, and then knelt and gently untied her hands, then, he moved to her feet. She looked over at Ami while he did this. She looked horrible.

"Hotaru wasn't part of what we agreed upon," Mamoru said, coming forward.


"So I think that I should have her,"

"You have the moon brat, and you already had the Martian Bitch and The Jupitarian Slut."

"Yes, but the Princess of Saturn is so young, so supple,"

"She's mine,"

"I am your prince,"

"Not anymore, I now hail to higher powers and am above you,"

"Fine, but she is mine after you have finished,"

"Fine," Jadeite agreed. Hotaru scrunched herself into a ball. "now now, it was bound to happen someday," She looked at him with loathing. She felt his hands touch her waist. She was wearing a black, long sleeved cropped top with the symbol of saturn, and a pair of black drawstring yoga pants. He pinched her stomach, and she closed her eyes and bit her tongue, She refused to make a sound. He ripped the front of her shirt, 'now or never,' she thought to herself. She started kicking and punching. He dropped her in surprise, but she was expecting it. She rolled over as she hit the floor, and kicked up. her foot connected with his groin, where Haruka had showed her. He bent over in pain, and Momaru stood. She scrambled to her bag and pulled out her pen. "Saturn Cosmic Power make up," she shouted quickly. The transformation was done quickly, she twirled her glaive and stood in a fighting position. "Come and get me now," She said with a sneer.

Jadeite walked over to Minako and placed a foot on her neck, as Mamoru held a knife to Usagi's throat. "Detransform now, and we wont kill them," He told her. She held her glaive tightly. Usagi had been trying to work the gag out of her mouth, and she finally succeeded,

"Run, get out of here," she screamed to the younger girl. Momaru held the knife point closer to her throat and a single drop of blood started to slide down.

"Your princesses wish, or your princesses life?" Jadeite asked her in a bored sort of tone. She was torn, Her sworn duty was to protect her princess and follow her orders. Right now they were clashing.

Chapter Three

Her Choice

Hotaru Detransformed. She stood in front of them in her torn shirt and pants, back strait, head held proudly. Usagi screamed out a no, but Momaru slapped her and put the gag back on. Jadeite walked over to her, "Good choice," Jadeite told her,shoving her onto the ground, "Now you will scream in pain," he lowered his head to her chest and bit down as hard as he could on her nipple. he did the same to the other, then he slapped her. she swallowed her cries of pain. She felt him stand up.

He walked over to the phone and ripped it from the wall, the he pulled the chord out of the phone and walked back over. Hotaru heard a swish and felt a sting land across her stomach. It came again and again and again. As she continued to hold silent, he got angrier. after the first fifteen or so lashes, she had curled in and her back had been hit instead. Her shirt now hung in shreds. She heard the chord fall to the floor, and the she was forced onto her back. The pain was so great, the she couldn't have made a noise if she had tried. She felt something hard between her legs and then an even worse pain, and she blacked out.

Chapter 4

The New Chaos

"Well, now that we're done with these 6, can we put them in the City square?" Mamoru asked, licking his lips. He had never before realized what a charge it was to hurt an innocent, and that was what they had all been.

"No, Mamo-baka, if we did that, then the other three bitches would find them, and we don't want that," Jadeite told him with a Vegeta like sneer (only not as sexy,).

"Oh yeah, so where do we leave them?"

"How should I know? We'll ask Chaos," he pulled out a device that looked something like a watch. He pressed a button. "Master Chaos, we have dealt with the girls as you bid, Saturn was here as well, so we added her to the group,"

"Good," came a raspy voice from the other side of the communicator, "you did well, but I don't want them found just yet," a portal opened behind them, "Shove them through there."

Chapter 5

The Barbecue

"wow, those are some good smelling burgers, daddy," Bra told Vegeta with a kiss on the cheek.

"If you value that pretty hair of yours, I wouldn't suggest doing that again," He answered his fifteen year old daughter. Bulma had decided that she wanted to have a Barbecue and had invited Chichi and her family, 18 and her family, Piccallo, Oolong, Yamcha and Yamcha's American sons, Derek and Mitch.

Yamcha had just found out about his boys four years before. His ex girlfriend and he had been pretty dumb nineteen years ago. She had gotten pregnant, but didn't tell him about it. two years later, she had come back to Japan on a business trip and ran into Yamcha again. She conveniently forgot to mention the first to him, and then had had another. Four years ago, she died in a hover accident, and had died. Her Lawyer had contacted him and told him that he was there only living relative. He had taken the boys to Japan and had been raising them ever since. Thankfully, Derek, at 18, was the same age as Goten, and Chibi Trunks was only a year older. That left Mitch being about the same age as Bra and Marron.

Mirai Trunks had come back to live with them, when he found out that a new group of aliens had wiped out human kind while he was helping his father destroy Cell. He had gone back immediately, but had timed it differently so that He was a year younger than Gohan was. At 26 though, he was as good looking as everyone had known he would be. He had cut his pale lavender hair, so that it was only about a half inch on top, and shorter everywhere else. he tended to spike the top(*drool* ^_^). Gohan's hair was still the same as it had been in high school.

Goten had the same haircut as Mirai, but otherwise looked like his dad, Chibi Trunks had his hair cut to his chin. The other member of there Trio was as tall as his father, but looked like Yamcha had when he first met Goku. Derek's hair was black, cut shaggy, but only about two inches long. His younger brother though, looked completely different. Mitch's hair was a deep greenish black and cut like his brothers. his eyes were a dark green that looked black in the shadows. His face was angular (like Momaru's) and handsome, he was considered the best looking person in orange star. He was the same height as Goku, but extremely wiry. He had muscle, and lots of it at that, but he didn't look any stronger than his father, though he was a lot stronger. Goku had trained he and his brother and they were a part of the Z team.

"Lay off the appetizers Goku, unless you don't mind eating only once a day for the next three weeks." Chichi yelled to her husband. He put the bowl of chips back on the table and went over to where the group of boys were. "Wanna spar, kids?" He asked them all with a typical Goku grin on his head. Gohan looked at Mirai and shook his head.

"Twenty seven and he still calls me a kid,"

"He's your dad, mine still calls me boy," Mirai answered. They all agreed to Goku's suggestion for want of nothing better to do. They rose into the air, and started. Piccallo had been talking to Krillin, Yamcha and 18. 18 was only paying partial attention though. She was watching Oolong trying to talk to Marron and Bra. Bulma and Chichi were closer to the animal and the girls though. They reached over and hit him on the top of the head with a stick every time he said something they didn't like. Vegeta kept glancing up at the sparing and grumbling under his breath. two minutes later all of the Z fighters stopped what they were doing and look in the same direction.

"What is it?" Marron asked her mom.

"A large Ki, coming from somewhere near Chichi's place." She answered her daughter.

"There were a bunch of smaller Ki's with it," Piccallo added.

"I hope it's not another enemy," Chichi cried fearfully.

"If it is," started Vegeta, who had come over to stand protectively over his mate, "Then he had better be stronger than the last," Bulma smacked the back of his head.

"'he better be strong'," mimicked Bulma, "Would you shut up and go see what it is already?"

"Shut up woman, that is no way to talk to the prince of all saiyans,"

"Well I'm the mother of a prince AND a princess, so that gives me the right to talk to you any god damn well way that I want to, Now go out there and see what the hell it is," She yelled.

"Was, the strongest is now gone," He told her. She turned red.

"All right, fine then, I'll go." He took off, everyone except the two fifteen year olds, Yamcha, Oolong, Chichi, and Bulma.