Chapter 18

Interesting discoveries

As everyone finished eating, Minako remembered what had happened in the Gravity Machine. "Hey Ami?"


"I walked in to the Gravity Machine to get the guys," Bulma and Chichi gasped, "and nothing happened, but they said it was at 300 times Earths Gravity,"

"hmm, nothing? let me check my . . . I don't have my computer anymore,"

"Transform then," Usagi said. Ami smiled and did so.

'Watch the wings, they're freezing," Derek cried backing up.

"Sorry," she folded them back against her back so they wouldn't touch him or Chibi. She folded her arms and put them on the table. "What is Venus' gravity?" She asked.

"I dunno?" Goten said.

"Not you dufus," Rei said, "the computer. It's Voice activated."


"It says that the Gravity of Venus is only 90 times that of Earth, so I don't, . . . I've got an Idea, I need a key board!" She yelled the last part in frustration. "oh," she said surprised. she reached up to the side with the mouth piece and pressed a button. A black box was strapped to her arm. She flicked a button on the front of it and it flipped open. It was a key board. She started to type on it. "I have your answer," Ami told Minako, "We have an enzyme designed by the first Queen of the Moon, It enables our bodies to become instantly used to any gravity." she frowned and typed on the screen, "wow, you guys!" she cried excitedly, "There is supposed to be two more Sailors," the girls al cried out in amazement, "It says that the only thing the enzyme doesn't fix, is the heat on our planets, which is why we rarely visited the Queen of the SUN, or her daughter, who was sent ahead in time to be with the Moon princess, even though she wasn't at the ball, the same with the princess of the EARTH."

"Is that all?" Usagi asked, disappointed.

"hold on," Ami said while she typed, "okay, here we go, wait, slow down, hold on, SLOW DOWN," Ami roared. "that's better ok, here, Sailor Earth lived in the center of the Earth, with Pegasus, Endymion's Family has a blood feud against hers for the ruling of the world. She was willing to give it up to save the Universe. She will only be found in a time of great threat, and if the prince becomes Evil," She snorted, "We should be seeing her soon," She started to type again.

"Sailor Sun, was fun, but she had to stay on the sun most of the time, She had Esp, she could Move things by thinking about it, she could make things she wanted appear, and she could talk in peoples minds," She skimmed some more, "It says that her Sailor powers were the weakest, but when you added them to her hereditary powers, she was as good as the inners,"

"I think I figured out what our transformations are also," She typed a few more words, "yup, this is it, it even shows our clothes. We are Eternal Cosmic Sailors, it is one below our planet status. According to this, when we reach those, we will embrace our true selves, and we will have the power of our planets behind us at all times." she typed again, "it also says if Mamoru becomes Evil, then we will be able to follow our hearts. It also says that . . . . . . . . . hmm,"she dropped her transformation and looked at them all. "If we don't beat him in the upcoming battle, he will kill us all, and take over the Universe." She looked at the speechless Z fighters, and then looked directly at Goku, "Teach me to fight,"


"Teach me to fight,"

"Are you serious?"

"As a heart attack,"


"and the others,"

"Okay, if they want it,"

"I don't care if they want it, they will get it," Ami told him with a glare.

"alright," Goku nodded.

"Bulma, can you get me those books?"

"Sure," Bulma answered, getting up.

"Thank you, . . . Boys," she said, "Clean up the lunch stuff," Vegeta stood up angrily, she looked at him with a raised eye brow, "I said boys, that meant Shingo, Goten, Gohan, Mirai, Chibi, Mitch and Derek," She smiled at him, "Unless you want to supervise," he grumbled, "Personally, I thought you Piccallo and Goku could start to train us physically,"

"right now?" He asked, thoughtfully.


"Fine, follow me, I want to see if it's true, what you said about that enzyme," He left and the girls followed after Ami.

"Can we change clothes first?" Minako asked Vegeta. He turned and looked at what the girls were wearing.

"You have ten minutes to get to the Gravity Machine," They looked at each other and ran up the stairs. They changed in about three minutes and then ran down stairs and up to the Gravity Machine.

They were dressed semi-appropriately for there work out. Hotaru was wearing black Yoga pants and a Purple long sleeved shirt. Usagi was wearing a pink pair of jogging shorts and a white tee shirt. Minako was wearing yellow sweat pants and a yellow and white striped tank top. Rei had on a pair of black yoga pants and a red short sleeved shirt. Makoto was dressed in a forest green fighting Gi, and a white tank top underneath the top.

"Good, I want to see if that thing really works," he walked over to the controls and turned to them, "it's at earths normal gravity right now. I'm going up by 50 times, starting at 300," he started and they stood there, he went up again, and again. Twenty minutes later, The boys (minus Shingo, who was with Yamcha and Oolong) came to see how it was going. They walked in and fell to the ground.

"What's it at?" Mitch asked, he was the only one not able to move at all.

"It's at 700 times Earths," Goku answered, picking him up and putting him in the doorway. He looked at the other guys, they were all fine now, a little slow, but otherwise normal. The girls looked perfectly all right. They were sparing together, and Piccallo, Goku, and Vegeta were each watching a pair.


"Now, Minako, Usagi, please have an actual spar," Piccallo said.

"What if I hurt her!?" Minako cried, horrified.

"It's okay, that's the whole point, trust me," Usagi told her friend.

"But if I hurt you than I'll be going against my duty to protect you," the girl wailed.

"Minako, shut up, you'll be helping more if you hurt me now, than you will if you don't hurt me now, and Momaru kills me," Usagi told her friend cruelly.

"Fine, but if you cry I'm just going to say I told you so," Minako got into a fighting stance. She started out with a simple knee kick, Usagi sidestepped it and punched Minako in the shoulder. Minako backed up a bit, and looked her friend in the face. She went forward and took the offensive. Usagi sat back and tried to get the offensive. Five minutes later, they were still doing the same thing.

"STOP," Piccallo thundered over them, "You have been doing the same thing for ten minutes, what have you learned?" the two girls looked at each other, "That's what I thought, absolutely nothing. It was a draw, but neither of you backed down, that was a good thing and a bad thing. You don't give up, that's good, but you don't try to figure out what is wrong with the big picture. When that happens, try to back off for a minute and figure out your opponents weak spots. Then attack at them, Start again." The two girls circled. Piccallo had already noted there weak spots. Usagi tended to leave right side unprotected, while Minako did the same to her face. Minako noticed Usagi's first, she bluffed a left hook, and kicked her right side, Usagi hopped back a step and then went in. She punched Minako in the face almost immediately. From there it was a close match


"You two are almost complete opposites," Goku said looking down at his pupils. He had just finished sparing with them both. The winded girls looked at each other, he wasn't even out of breath! "Ami," he started to tell the small girl, "You have a very good habit of Analyzing your opponent for any weakness they might have. More people should know to do that. However, You don't black well at all, and your punches leaving something to be desired." he smiled at her, "I'll work with you on it." He turned to Makoto, "you, are very good at defense, and offense, but not good enough," He frowned at her, "You also leave your left side open, I'll have Gohan come over and work on it with you," He turned away from them and called his son.

"Yeah dad?" he asked.

"Come here," Gohan came, "I need you to work with Makoto while I work with Ami. Makoto tends to leave her left side open for attacks, just spar a bit, and no energy,"

"Alright," he turned to Makoto, "wanna spar?"

"I have no choice I guess,"

"Nope, I'd be heartbroken if you didn't," he covered his heart in mock pain as Makoto snorted.

"you'll be broken if you do that again," She told him.

"Thank you for the warning,"

"It's the only one you'll get," she told him, and they started.


Vegeta was ready to burst. They had split into groups, so that everyone could teach to the best of there ability. He had gotten stuck with Loud Mouth and Smart Ass. "WILL YOU TWO BE SERIOUS?"
"how can we be serious if you want us to concentrate so that we don't think about anything else?" Hotaru asked with an innocent look. Vegeta growled in annoyance it had been like this for the last ten minutes, and that's how long they had been going.









"It's SMURF not SNURF," Rei corrected, which only made Hotaru giggle harder. He looked over and saw that Goku had given one of his charges over to his son. Vegeta decided to follow the same course of action. "TRUNKS," They both came over.

"Which one?" Chibi asked his father.

"Both," Hotaru was still giggling and Rei was glaring at him, "Mirai, Go and spar with the Fireball from Hell," Hotaru started giggling harder than ever, "Chibi,see if you can calm down that Smart Ass and Spar with her," The two boys went over and Vegeta rubbed his temples.

"So, I see you've managed to get on my fathers good side," Mirai said with a grin.

"Ha ha, very funny," Rei said, tying her long hair back.

"No, I'm serious, if he didn't like you, he'd attack you, or he'd ignore you. If he's yelling, that means he likes you, but he wont admit it."

"Hmm, I think his head was slammed into a brick wall when he was a baby," Rei growled.

"No, he just doesn't like to admit he's wrong. He wont even admit he loves my mother," he grinned at her.

"That's horrible. In our dimension, our true loves were brain washed and sent to kill us. Our original Loves, the happiness of our existence, and with that bitch, leading them, they didn't know any better. She permanently ruined them. We knew who they were, we fell into the deepest relationship I had ever found, and then the moon was attacked, and Matallia got to them before we could warn them of her, and they killed us. When we were all reborn, she made two of them gay, and they knew in the back of their heads that it wasn't supposed to be that way, They all knew. They tried to ignore it, but they couldn't cause us pain. Each of the men had one of us that they couldn't bear to see hurt. One of them was so confused that he tried to get away at all times. He left the negaverse went to earth and tried to find love. He couldn't, but he tried so hard, Poor Makoto, it nearly broke her heart. then of course, when it came down to it, they helped more than hurt us, they just couldn't hurt there loves. Now, there's only one left, and Momaru. Jadeite still can't hurt her. He had to leave the room, when . . . when, Momaru, . . . when,"

"Shh, it's okay,"

"No it's not, if two people are in love, then you should leave that alone." She said with a frown.

"Unless the love is gone,"

"It's always there," she said, pain in her tone.

"Are you sure that's not just a shadow of what used to be?"

"I don't know," she replied in a desperate whisper.

"Think on it,"

"well, if you two are done talking, you can start to SPAR," Vegeta called from where he was watching Chibi and Hotaru.

4 hours later, Shingo knocked and told them that it was time for dinner. Hotaru giggled as Goku raced away and looked at Mirai, "Do I get a Piggy back ride to?" she asked him with her serious eyes.

"Sure, hop on," She got onto his back and he ran down. They sat at there spots. Chichi came in, took one look at them and started yelling.

"YOU ARE ALL GOING UPSTAIRS, CHANGING YOUR CLOTHES AND WASHING YOUR HANDS AND FACES, OR YOU WONT EAT," Everyone got up, and ran upstairs. The girls all changed, and were down stairs in minutes. To there surprise, Vegeta was down there, but no one else was.

"Where is everyone?" they asked.


"But I thought that they would get done really fast,"

"you've never seen three saiyans fighting over one bathroom,"

"oh," that shut them up. about five minutes later, the rest of them came down stairs. Chichi, Bulma, Bra, Marron, and 18 carried the food out to the table and, once they were seated, they all started to cram there faces. Ami kept reaching for food, but Derek and Chibi kept getting it first. At first she was annoyed, but then she saw Usagi elbow Oolong and Gohan. Elbowing wasn't her style, so she waited until Chibi was about to put some peas on his plate, and she put hers over his so that he put it on hers instead of his (confusing you yet?). He looked at her and grinned.

"Are we forgetting to let you eat again?" He added a couple pieces of turkey to her plate and a roll.

"Thank you, and yes you were," she said with a smile. At Usagi's part of the table, Yamcha, Mitch and Shingo were laughing at Oolong and Gohan. Usagi, who ate as much as a saiyan, was beating them if they didn't leave any for her.

"I never knew anyone could eat more than Usagi," Shingo said in amazement.

"I never knew a human could eat as much as a saiyan," Yamcha said. As Oolong reached in and grabbed the last four rolls from the basket, Usagi bonked the top of his head.

"Take one at a time, Pig," She grabbed three from his plate and tossed one to her brother and one to Hotaru.

"You are a very mean person," Oolong told her.

"You are a very rude pig," Usagi answered. Mirai was telling those around him what Rei had told him. Bulma almost cried.

"That's horrible, those poor girls," Bulma cried.

"How could they go through that at so young an age? That woman was a monster." Hotaru looked at Chichi.

"She was a monster." Hotaru said with a frown. Marron thought for a moment.

"I thought you didn't fight her," She said.

"I didn't, but I remember when She attacked the moon and I was on Saturn, not able to help my princess, or my queen. She destroyed entire races for no reason except her own insatiable greed," Mirai looked at her.

"Who was Rei's boyfriend?"

"Why?" Hotaru asked guardedly.

"She seemed so upset. Like she would give anything to make him better. She curses him one second, and the next cries that it's not his fault. It's kind of sad," Hotaru looked at him with strangely old eyes that almost didn't fit her young face,

"Jadeite," She stood up and walked out of the dining room.

"Hotaru? why'd she leave?" Usagi asked Bulma. Bulma shrugged. Usagi followed her, and after that, so did the other senshi.


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