Luckier Man-Domon

Luckier Man-Domon

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Some people call me stupid,

Some people call me weak.

Some people call me useless,

Some people call me a loser.

Some people look down on me,

Some people call me coward.

But it doesn't matter,

Because I'm the luckier man.

I'm not as strong as you Recca,

I don't have the power of the eight dragons.

I'm don't have a hime like you Recca,

I can't seem to find one.

But I'm a happier man because I'm not like you.

I'm not strong,

So I work hard to be strong.

I don't have a hime,

So I'm not tied down with responsibilities.

I don't have to worry,

That my heart might break one day.

I don't have a mother that lives forever,

So I don't have to search for a way to break the curse.

All I have to do,

Is to help around the house.

I'm not the leader,

I don't have to worry about how to lead.

Because of all the things that I am not,

I am a luckier man.

I'm not as smart as you Mikagami,

I don't think very much.

I'm not as good looking as you,

Girls don't seem to find me very attractive.

I'm not popular like you,

People are afraid of me.

I'm not as calm as you,

I lose my temper over little things.

But I'm a happier man.

I don't live my life for revenge,

I just take whatever life throws at me.

I've never felt the lost you felt,

My lost ain't that great compared to yours.

I have a family who loves me,

Though it'd hard to tell sometimes.

My eyes are not icy blue,

But a warm shade of brown.

I am the luckier man.

I'm not brave like you Fuuko,

I'm a coward indeed.

I don't have a string of admirers,

I have a string of attackers.

But I'm not upset,

Because I have you as a friend.

I have always admire you from the start,

And ever since that day,

The world became a better place.

Though you never returned those feelings,

You treat me as your friend.

It is better to love then to never love at all,

I'm glad I loved before.

I am the luckier man.

I'm not as kind as you Yanagi,

I have a nasty temper.

I'm not as understanding too,

Cause my brain is a block of wood.

But I'm a luckier man,

Because I don't have to worry about my life.

Because I'm stupid and because I'm dumb,

No villain would ever want me.

I don't have a ninja to protect me,

My friends are my strength.

They are my will to live, my will to win,

Therefore I'm the luckier man.

I'm not charming as you Koganei,

People ignore me.

I'm not smart like you,

I can't solve a puzzle that fast.

I'm don't have your talents,

I was pretty stupid when I was a kid.

But I'm a luckier man.

I'm not an orphan,

I have my family.

I'm not so young,

Age does matter sometimes.

But you have been through much hardships,

More than what I had gone through.

Because of this I'm a luckier man.

I'm not as wise as you Kagerou,

You've seen much more than me.

You'll be alive forever,

But I'll be gone when the time is right.

Because of all these,

I'm a luckier man.

You are wise because you see much more then me,

But what you see might not be nice.

You can't die,

So you'll be all alone in this world.

But you have us,

To break your curse.

So that you,

Will be a luckier man like me.

I don't have the brains,

I don't have the looks,

I don't have the charm,

I don't have the guts,

I don't have the wisdom,

I don't have the power,

But I'm a luckier man,

Because I have my friends and my family.

I am Domon

The luckier man



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