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Harry Potter is not mine, this is a story from a fan.

(BSC4 C22) C109 Family is all you need or is it. Harry Potter is not mine This is a story from a fan.

While the others were still saying goodbye to Remus, Harry was making his way, away from that place while Bella and Daphne were following him down the path of the Peverell grounds and back to Hogwarts. When they got to the gate Harry asked Maxi to take them to the chamber of the founders.

Before Daphne and Bella could respond they were taken away to the one chamber no one could enter without the help of Harry or Lady Hogwarts. It was in that room that Daphne and Bella saw that the painting of the founders was empty. Just like every other day they were spending their time in the castle visiting the other paintings. they had recently found out that they could talk in the other paintings but not in the one to enter the house of Hogwarts. it had made their lives so much more enjoyable and even fun for the students with all the knowledge they had.

After a moment of looking at an empty painting, Daphne turned to Harry. "Why did you bring us here of all places Harry," She asked him softly as she took him and Bella into her arms.

Harry didn't look at her and was only looking at the floor.

Bella realized that this was something Harry couldn't talk about because it was bringing back memories that were just too painful for him. So she took it upon herself to help Harry and to stop Daphne from asking anything else. "Sorry, Daphne but you know we love you right".

Daphne nodded but was still frowning because she just didn't really understand what Bella meant or why she said it.

Bella wasn't really expecting an answer but was happy that Daphne just nodded. "Now the reason why Harry has walked away is something the others said about Remus. Now don't get us wrong we are clad about what he has done for all the abused kids he found on his way but is also the one thing that is hurting us so much. It was those stories that cost us pain but when Sirius told about how much Remus loved Harry and how he would have been his godfather if he wasn't a werewolf. Now that was just the thing that was just too much for the both of us.

Now for you to really understand us, I have to take you back to the time we were still nine years old" Bella started. "The weekends he was with us he was helping me more than I can tell you. after my dreams he would be lying next to me just looking up at the ceiling. It was during those times we were talking about ourselves. Mostly it was why. why did we come together? Why didn't I know where I came from. Why did I have those dreams? Those had been the why questions I had, the why questions of Harry were something else. His were more like why was he left with the Dursleys, Why was there no one else that could take care of him. Didn't his parents have friends that could do it? Where were they and why didn't they ever come and look for him or just looked him up for a day".

Daphne nodded and looked at Harry.

"Now as we were standing with the others at the grave of Remus, we heard that Remus loved Harry as his own. but also that Remus was meant to be his godfather because he was the best for Harry, He didn't become his godfather because he was a werewolf. It was a while back when we found out what a werewolf really was and we all know that being a werewolf means you will be out of action for four or five days. So tell me, Daphne. if Remus loved Harry so much, then where was he the other twenty-five days of the month".

Daphne shook her had but didn't say a thing, Bella was mad and she understood why. it was a shame they had to find it out this way but again it was something that hurt their Harry. every time that something happened he would be the one who got the punishment.

"So Daphne that is why we went away. In the ten years Harry had been with those people, Harry hasn't seen a friend. We know that Grandmother was kept away by Albus. But why didn't Remus come for him? The day Harry heard that Remus was a friend of his father and mother he took him in and helped him with a job. yet in the time, Remus had been with us he only helped my mother in her store. not once has he come to Harry to tell him why he never looked for him. not once has he said he was sorry". It was at that point that Bella stopped talking. From the time she began, she had seen the tears coming to the eyes of Daphne. at first, it was slow and then the tears started to run down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know" she stammered.

Harry snapped his head up and rushed to the side of Daphne. he took her in his arms and Bella did the same from the other side. they pulled her close and were even crying with her as they comforted her softly. "We know you didn't know and we are not blaming you, but it was just hard for us to find out and to find it out in this way. That was why we had to leave and it was nothing you did because you never knew".

Daphne nodded in their shoulders and pulled them closer as she placed her arms around their waists. slowly they let them self-go and cried for the time that had been the life of Harry and the time after. It was only when they felt three pairs of arms coming around them. everything that happened after that was kept between the six of them but it even made them closer then they were.


It was at breakfast the next day that they all sat at the Hogwarts table. Harry was sitting between Daphne and Bella. the day he had the day before had been a hard one and everyone could see it. The moment the doors to the great hall opened they could feel Harry stiffen up as his eyes were looking to the other end of the great hall.

Both Bella and Daphne looked at the door and grabbed the arms of Harry. there in the doorway stood nonother than Sirius and he was looking at Harry.

"Lord Black" sounded the voice of Albus. "Why is it, that you are honoring us with your presence today," Albus said in his grandfatherly way that was starting to irritate the members of house Hogwarts.

Sirius only glanced at the head table but his eyes weren't looking at Albus. no, they were looking at Minerva as he mouth sorry.

"Lord Black" sounded the voice of Albus again. only this time it wasn't in his grandfatherly way. No, this time it was more in the way house Hogwarts was used to get from him, demanding and with a lot of hot air. "Could you please tell me why you are here".

It was for the second time that Sirius didn't listen to Albus. he just started to walk down the row between the tables to the one person he wanted to see. the one person he wanted to talk to. at the side of Harry, he stopped and dropped to his knees. "Harry, I'm o so sorry. sorry for yesterday and the day before it. sorry for calling you James and sorry for not knowing the hurt my words would give you. I'm here to ask you if you would join me so we could talk". Sirius stood and let his head hang down waiting for the thing Harry would do.

If you would ask Sirius about it later he would deny every word, you would tell him. he was the man and he stood there like the big man he was. in truth he was shaking in his boots hoping that Harry would listen to him. To give him a talk he didn't deserve, or forgive him, even if it was just a little so he could still look him in the eyes.

The moment Harry stood and nodded, Sirius gave a weak smile. that smile, however, disappeared the moment Daphne and Bella also stood while they were giving him a dirty look.

The moment Bella stepped around Sirius she looked him in the eye and said. "We are going with him because you have done enough. you can either like it or not. but if you do not then this talk will be over right now".

Sirius just looked at her and the only thing he could do was nod and nodding he did.

"Lord Black" sounded the voice of Albus for the third time, only this time it wasn't demanding, it wasn't in his grandfatherly way. No this time it was more in an angry way. "It is not, a normal way for a person to walk into this hall and demand a student to go with him. even if he or she is a godparent for that person. Every talk the godparent needs to have has to go through the headmaster and has to be approved by the headmaster". Albus almost screamed as he walked around the head table.

"I would not take another step old man" Sirius snapped. "First" and Sirius held up a finger. "I'm his godfather but not his guardian. Secondly" and Sirius held up another finger. "I'm not here to take Harry away, but only to have a talk with him. And thirdly" as Sirius held up a third finger. "I do not believe the balls you have interrupting a talk between me and Lord Hogwarts".

"Lord Black, A student is still a student, when a student is not of an adult age he has to have the approval of the headmaster or a professor, even if said student is Lord Hogwarts" Albus snapped as he stepped off the stage that housed the head table.

Sirius gazed back with murder in his eyes. "So you want to tell me that my Godson can only come with me when you or a Professor says so".

"That is exactly what I mean Lord Black" Albus snapped again as he kept on walking towards Sirius.

Everyone in the great hall was listening to it all while they were all holding their breath. The battle that was going on between Sirius and Albus was something that made them all guessing for who would be the one to draw first.

As the battle went on they were all looking at what would be happening next. neither Sirius or Albus wanted to give in. but after ten minutes there was a sudden change. Sirius had A little smile that wasn't saying anything good. "Headmaster, you are right".

Albus smiled an knew he had won as he just turned back to his spot at the head table.

Sirius watched him go and gave a little wink at Harry. "Lady Hogwarts" he started.

Albus came to a sudden stop as he stumbled on the three steps that went up to the podium. He fell flat on his chest and turned around to look at Sirius while he tried to get back to his feet.

"Lady Hogwarts, Is it all right with you if I take my godson, your husband, and your sister wives for a talk outside the castle. maybe we could take a walk around the lake".

Albus was now sitting up on the floor and wanted to interrupt but before he could utter a word his lips were spelled closed like a zipper. so he took his right hand and opened up the zipper. Before he could talk the zipper changed into a couple of buttons. again he opened them and was about to open his mouth. when the first sound left his lips his mouth disappeared and he was looking straight into the killing curse green eyes of Zanita. "I do believe Lord Black was asking me a question, and not you. If there ever will be a time that I want you to speak for me I will ask you. until that time you shut the hell up".

The Hogwarts table erupted in a cannon blast of sound.

Albus grumbled and looked over at the spot Sirius was standing but he wasn't there. as his gaze went to the door he could just see them leave the great hall.


It was not long after the four had left the great hall they found them selfs by the big boulder that was lying on the other side of the lake. With a wave of his hand, Sirius indicated them to take a seat on the ground while he started to walk around in circles.

Before the three of you are going to curse me to next week, to then sick Amelia at me, followed by the rest of the family. I would like you to hear everything I have to say. If you do not like it after I'm done I will let you do to me whatever you want to me.

The three of them nodded, well not right away. At first, they talked to each other while they were pointing there wands at him as if they were about to curse him right there.

Sirius gave another deep sigh after he saw that they had played a prank on him. His marauder side told him he had to prank them back but the voice of Amelia that sounded in his mind told him that if he would he would be sleeping on the floor for a very, very long time. So he sighed again and nodded to himself as he started to talk. "Firstly I wanted to thank you, Bella and You Daphne. with all the hardship my godson had to endure in his life, he couldn't have found two better witches then you two. For you Harry I want to tell you to keep them close and Happy because you three are the best when you three are together. Secondly, I want to tell you how sorry I'm for calling you, James. It is something Amelia has told me in some colorful words, some of which I didn't even know. Not only that, I'm still not able to sit right from the stinging hex she gave me. The one Poppy doesn't want to help me with".

This was something that produced a little smile on all three of them, but the moment Sirius smiled back the three smiles turned into three angry looks.

Sirius knew that saying sorry was not enough so he had to explain why he said what he said. "When you asked us to come, we didn't know what for. The moment I heard that Remus had died I lost it. The only thing I could think of was our time at Hogwarts. It was the happiest time of my life and it all came back. When I looked at you through my tears I really thought I saw Jami. So before I knew it a called you James. Now If Amelia didn't tell me I would have never known that I had done it". While Sirius was talking he started to walk around in circles. Suddenly he pulled out his wand and said "I Sirius Orion Black, swear on my life that everything I say in the next half hour will be the truth and nothing but the truth. So mote it be". It was after the flash of light that Sirius sat down in front of them and took the hands from Harry in his.

Bella who sat on the left side from Harry took her wand and displayed a tempus spell so they could see the time go by.

"Harry" Sirius started. "What I'm about to tell you is hard not only for me but also because it is about Remus. The things I said about Remus were all true. He did everything he could for any child that had been abused. He did all this because he himself was abused because he was a werewolf. In all this time there was one kid he kept searching for but could not find. It wasn't because he didn't try, NO. He did everything he could to find him, he just never did".

"You are talking about me, aren't you," Harry asked still a little angry.

Sirius nodded but went on. "He did everything he could think of but was blocked in every way. You were the one kid he wanted to help the most, but also the one kid he never found. So Before I go on I will tell you the one thing Remus told Amelia and me a couple of months ago. but also what we found out after that day".

The angry looks of the three had disappeared and turned into one of interest.

Sirius saw it but didn't say anything about it. He just gazed at them for a second and went on. "Now this is what Remus told us. He was sitting around in an old barn when he got the letter from the Goblins. It was the letter that informed him of the reading of the testament of your parents. it was on that day his whole world came crashing down. He never knew that Minerva was your grandmother, and I forgot all about it in the years I was in Prison. Just like me he never knew anything about the things that had happened to you in the years. But the moment he looked at you all his alarm bells started ringing and they were screaming abuse and neglect. He knew that he had let you down and everything after it became just twice as hard. He told us that he always looked for you when he was in the country. It was at least six or eight times a year that he tried. Most of the times he came to the house of Petunia but always when he got there he remembered that he had to do something else and he did that. He talked to Albus but he always told him you were fine, and he had no grounds to think he would lie to him. This because Albus had done so much for him. It was his time in the store of Arabella that it became even worse for him. Every time he saw you he wanted to tell you how much he loved you. And every time he wanted to do it, it became so much harder because he knew he let you down so many times".

The looks of the three friends became very intense at that moment. Bella and Daphne were looking at him in wonder. but Harry had a look of pain. the wonder was something Sirius understood but the pain look he didn't.

"Now I the smart one just told him it would be okay, but Amelia heard something I didn't and went into her thinking mode. meaning I got snapped at, every time I asked what she was doing" Sirius told them with a pouted look that made the two girls giggle. "Amelia went back to the house you lived and looked at the blood wards. She didn't find a lot so she asked Bogrod to help her. They found out together that there were more wards then the blood wards. There even was a werewolf ward that was tangled in a compulsion ward. So whenever he tried to find you, he was pushed away by the wards. So he never came for you because he didn't want to but he just couldn't".

Before Sirius could look up he felt Harry slamming into him crying his eyes out. "I'm Sorry Sirius. I hated him for never coming for me. I wanted his death because he never talked to me and then I hear you telling he did all that for other kids but he just left me. I didn't know. I'm so sorry so sorry".

Sirius brought his hands around Harry and was in wonder because it was the first time Harry let him do something he wanted to do from the moment he escaped out of Azkaban. "Harry" he whispered, Remus is with Lily and James. If I know the three of them they are laughing while they are looking down at us and are telling each other how much they love you. me not so much but you they really love and I know it".

Harry nodded and saw that the tempus charm had reached zero. Sirius was still alive and it meant that everything Sirius had told them was the truth. It was now that Bella and Daphne came by them and took Harry from the arms of Sirius. slowly they included him in a hug of there own as they started to walk back to the castle.


While they had made peace Harry still kept some distance from Sirius. He had forgiven him but it was something that took time. Something Sirius didn't understand but Amelia told him to back off and to give Harry time because that was all he really needed.

While Sirius and Harry were repairing the fences the Tournament committee started to once again speak out, something that wasn't really appreciated by the friends of the family. So it didn't surprise them when Albus stood at the start of dinner and said what he wanted to say to the students. "Dear Students of Hogwarts, but also Beauxbatons and Drumstrang".

The next sound that was heard was a soft thump from the head Minerva placed on the table. ^Every one knows that if you make an announcement you first address the visiting schools before you address ours. you selfish bastered^.

The giggles that arose from the Hogwarts table Told Minerva that Harry had heard her thoughts. she was also sure that Harry had told Bella and Daphne because they were giggling. so she could only blush and that she did.

Albus had been as always oblivious about the things that were happening between Minerva and her grandson went on. "During the tournament, there has always been a tradition. This tradition had the point of bringing the schools together and to make an opportunity to have and create friendships from other countries. This all was done in the form of a ball. So to keep up with tradition we have decided that this ball will be held on December the twenty-third".

The announcement was received with a lot of joy from the female students. the male students were not as happy but some were looking forward to attending like Harry and Neville. they had one at Potter castle and had fun when they were there.

Albus smiled and held up his hand so he could go on. "Now I do believe that not all of you have been to things like this but it is mostly dancing. First, there will be a big dinner and after there will be the ball. This ball will require a date and each person can attend with one date and one date only".

The first thing Harry did was to look between Bella and Daphne. The one thing he knew was that he wanted to go with both of them to the ball. So it was sure that the rule of one date was only made with this in mind. So his problem was just like every other boy who did he pick to be his date for the ball and who would be let down. It had to be one of them someone else would be his death. and that would be done by one of them.

Both Bella and Daphne knew what Albus had done and he deliberately placed Harry into a corner with no way out of it. As the gazed at each other they knew that they too didn't have a solution for the problem. It was on that moment that they looked over at Hermione and knew that she didn't have the problem with Neville.

Albus who was still in the middle of the podium in front of the head table was looking closely to the looks Harry was given to the people around him. He knew that his plan had worked and that he now had to choose. If he was right he would choose Bella so that Daphne was an easy target for Draco who was much better for her. So after a smile of his own to Severus, he went on. "There is one more thing. Now you all know that you can only bring one date but the ball is also for the fourth years and above. the third years can only come if one of the older students will take them as their date. If not they are not allowed". It was now that Albus gave a small smile to Molly. he had singlehandedly helped her to get closer to Ginny while Harry was at the ball. Albus let his gaze go through the great hall but didn't see the smile Bella gave Daphne and Daphne gave Bella. "Now for everyone who has a date we have done something special. For all of you who do not know how to dance, Professor Weasley has opened up time in her busy schedule to teach anyone from Hogwarts how to dance".

Again there was another thump as Minerva hit her head on the table for a second time. ^the arrogant bastard. I can still hear him say, this tournament is made to bring all of us closer. And what is the first thing he does to make it all go down the drain? that old fossil is giving free dance lessons and then has the nerf to exclude the other schools. So is it me or is he going senile right in front of our eyes^?

It was now again the Minerva saw Bella, Daphne and Harry sniggering, but there was no way he could have told them everything she had thought. It made her think but it didn't help her to keep the smile from her own face.

Now Albus didn't know If Harry would be joining the dance lessons. but he did know that if he did then Molly would be able to handle it. Then again if she couldn't he would be there to help her along. So he smiled a big smile towards her before he went on again. "This said, you all have a nice meal and see you all at the Ball".

Minerva let out a big huff and stood from her chair. she walked to the middle of the stage as Albus was making his way back. She gave him a dirty look and while she turned around to address all the other students. "Now we all know that Professor Weasley isn't able to give you all dance lessons. Something that is understandable whit so many of you. so for every other student and the ones who do not want to be having lessons with Professor Weasley. Lady Hogwarts and I will be giving them to you all".

Harry looked on as his grandmother was speaking to all the other students and could clearly see that Albus wanted to do something about it. but it was clear that Zanita was keeping him from doing it just like she was holding Molly and Severus back. The one thing he couldn't hear was what she was saying but it was clear that with every word she was saying he became whiter and whiter.

It was something that made him smile, It, however, didn't help him to make the decision of who to take to the ball without hurting the one he didn't take. He gazed up at Neville and wanted to see if he could help him out, but the look he gave him told him something was wrong. As he gazed at his friend he could see that he wasn't really looking at him. his eyes were looking past him and were glazed over. His gaze went over to Susan and her eyes were the same. Slowly he wondered why but shrugged his shoulders as he gazed back to Bella, only to find her in a discussion with Daphne and Hermione. It was then that he almost jumped a foot in the air as someone placed a hand on his shoulder.


Fleur had walked up to him and let some of her allure slip out of her body. it was nice for her that Harry wasn't affected but it also frustrated her a little. because she still wanted that little dominance over a man. but that was the beast in her so it made it clear for her that Harry would never be her mate. and also because Bella and Daphne scared the shit out of her when they got mad. As she placed her hand on the shoulder of Herry he almost jumped a foot in the air. She was startled by his reaction that she let out a little yelp of fear and pulled her hand away as if it was burned. still making a mental note to never do that again by Harry when she saw the looks of Bella and Daphne. It was also those looked that gave her a feeling of relief that her magic didn't see Harry as her mate.

When she saw Harry smile at her she slowly placed her hand on his shoulder for the second time. This time she made sure he saw it and knew that from now on she always prepared him before she would do something. "Hi, there" she started while she turned her gaze over to Susan. "Miss Bones 'would you 'oner me to be my date to E ball, I do not 'Hink I could Go To E Ball It some drooling pig next to me. I know I could ask 'Arry 'Ere but I do not think Bella and Daphne would let me".

The little predatory smile Bella and Daphne gave her told her she was right that they wouldn't.

Susan who was still a little dazed snapped out of it and rubbed a little bit of drool from the corner of her mouth in a very un-ladylike way. she just did it with the sleeve of her robe and she started to stammer. "What me" and her head became as red as her hair. "Sure, but you could go with every boy you want" Susan almost screamed as she looked at the tabletop.

The moment Susan said yes, none of the friends saw the look Astoria gave Fleur.

Slowly the excitement saddled down as Fleur took a seat next to Susan. She was still forbidden to talk to Harry by her headmistress Maxim and to keep her distance by her parents. but when she asked Susan to the ball it gave her a little wiggling room to be with the people she considered her first real friends.

While Fleur started to know her friends Draco made his presence known. he took a step behind Daphne and coughed a little. Daphne turned around and the moment she saw him she grabbed the arm of Harry. "Daphne," He said while he gave a death stare at Harry. "You as my intended may accompany me to the ball. You can graze my arm with all your loveliness".

Harry heard the words and wanted to say something but the voice of Bella was faster.

"Draco" she snapped. "I do not hate to disappoint you because I really like to do it. But Daphne will never graze your arm. She will be dazzling beautifully when she is my date to the ball. Now before you scream that she is your intended let me refresh your memory. She is not yours, she is Harry's and mine just like Harry and I are hers. No matter what the contract says. I furthermore inform you that if you do not find a solution I will make it my own mission to kill you before that slave contract you have is up".

So it wasn't only Harry who looked at Bella with a questioning look. just because she just took away the two choices he had for the ball.

No the other one that was looking at Bella was Draco and he was slowly turning red from anger.

Harry gazed at Draco and again opened his mouth to say something.

"Harry, I'm doing this so you do not have to choose but also to keep Daphne out of those grabby paws Draco calls hands. But I also know that you will have a date because Daphne and I will find one for you".

Harry closed his mouth with an audible snap as he looked from one to the other. He opened his mouth.

"Sorry Neville" sounded the voice of Hermione from next to him. "But I'm also going to the ball with someone else. But just like Harry, I will find you a date and I think I already know who Just like I think I know with whom Harry can go". She said just before she leaned over and kissed Neville full on the lips.

Neville gazed at Hermione who gazed at Fleur with a smirk while Harry who was still shifting between Bella and Daphne. Astoria gazed at Susan who only had a dreamy look in her eyes looking at nothing at all.

It was on the Moment that Harry said "What just happened" when an owl dropped in front of Bella.

Bella took the letter and read

To Bellatrix Black
From Aberforth Dumbledore.

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