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(BSC 1) C2. Voldermort's assignment part 2.

It was exactly at eight o clock at night that Lord Voldemort walked into the sacrificial chamber. The air in the room immediately became a few degrees colder.

It was the one thing that always gave Narcissa a shiver. It was his presence that somehow dropped the temperature in every room with a couple of degrees. The shiver she got was from a lot of loathing but also from a little fear.

"Narcissa did you understand the two rune spells, that I pointed out to you from that book I ordered Wormtail to give you" he hissed.

Narcissa nodded slowly and kept her eyes away from her Lord. Her mental shield was up and holding but she knew that he could break them in a second if he wanted to.

"Good, then you can start with the first spell. it will take you about an hour. When you've finished with the runes I will give her a new memory. After that, we shall turn her into a little girl of seven years old". That was what Lord Voldemort told Narcissa, with a hint of sadistic pleasure in his voice?

"My lord, may I ask what you are planning to do with Bellatrix once we have turned her into a little girl," Narcissa asked hesitantly.

Lord Voldemort looked carefully at her with his red eyes and laughed his dirty laugh. "Sure there is no real harm in telling you, you see we will turn Bellatrix into a little girl. Then we will send her back in time to a place of my past self. There she has to find little Harry Potter and kill him" he said as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Narcissa was shocked when she heard what her Lord wanted to do. But she kept her face tight and nodded slowly.

Lord Voldemort suddenly collapsed and dropped to the floor. When he recovered he looked around himself in a hunted way. His face was one of pain and confusion.

Narcissa could see that something was wrong with her Lord, he had a frightened look in his eyes. Someone had done something and it affected him deeply. In her mind, she had the thought that she should know what it was, but she just couldn't figure it out what it was or what it could be.

"Narcissa I need to do some checking. The ritual has to wait until tomorrow morning, we will do the rituals at exactly eight o'clock. Make sure that Bellatrix is ready so I can give her the memory" Voldemort said in a firm voice, but Narcissa could clearly hear a little bit of fear slipping through it.

Narcissa nodded again and saw how her lord left the Manor in a hurry as if the hellhounds were hot on his tail. While Narcissa took in the silent's that was surrounding her, now that Lord Voldemort had left her alone. In the silent's she went into a deep in thought about what to do next. Suddenly she knew it, with her hand on the arm of Bellatrix she apparated out of the manor and into the secret bunker of their family.

It was a bunker that was specially made for the Black Family. Almost no one knew of its existence. The only ones who did know were Bellatrix, Sirius, and Narcissa. Andromeda did know but that information was taken from her on the day her grandfather cast her out of the family. The others who had known of it were all dead so this bunker was the safest place to be, and in this bunker was everything that you could need, in times of emergency or danger.

On a shelf was a jar full of Veritaserum that was under a stasis charm so it would never go bad. Veritaserum was a poison the black's often used. It was a truth serum that would make you tell the truth, you could even say it was a kind of an Imperius curse in a jar. It would immediately take the normal Imperius curse out of operation, when, or if someone was under the influence of one.

In one of the corners stood a very old and massive pensive. That was something that could be handy later on Narcissa thought as she looked around herself.

Narcissa took the lid from the jar and placed three drops of Veritaserum in the mouth of Bellatrix. The Imperius curse stopped working instantly when the drops of Veritaserum hit the tongue of Bellatrix. Now the only thing left for Narcissa to do was to ask the right questions to every answer she wanted to know.

"Bella how long have you been under the influence of the Imperius curse," was the first question Narcissa asked when she started.
"The whole time I have been married to my husband" Bellatrix answered.
"Did you take any part in the abuse of the Longbottom family?"
"No, I only tied them up in a room and placed them under a compulsion curse. But I did it under the influence of the Imperius curse. My husband, his brother, and Barty Jr. tortured them by taking turns using the Cruciatus curse" Bellatrix told her.
"Your job was to kill little Neville Longbottom. Why did you not kill the little Longbottom kid" This was a hard question for Narcissa to ask but she had to know. It was the one thing that could save Bellatrix later on if the answer was good enough.
"I began to resist the curse, and I put little Neville Longbottom in the closet under a pile of clothes".
"Who was the one who kept you under the Imperius curse?" Narcissa asked with a little hesitation in her voice.
"It was my husband Rodolphus Lestrange, I was resisting against his Imperius curse at that time".
"Are you still resisting your husband".
"No, I was placed under the curse by my husband for the first four years of the war. It was after that that I started to resist it. So I was placed under the curse by Lord Voldemort. I was starting to resist him to but I could not do it. After Harry Potter defeated him I was placed under the curse again by my husband but I resist him and placed little Neville Longbottom in the closet".
"Have you ever done something against the law when you were not under the influences of the Imperius curse" was the last question Narcissa asked of Bellatrix.
"No, everything I ever did, I did under the influences of that curse".

Narcissa could not believe the things she was hearing now. Her little sister had been in Azkaban while she had been innocent the whole time. She had been there for almost fifteen years without anybody finding out. That alone would be enough to make anyone crazy.

She placed her memories of what she just heard in an unbreakable tube and let it sit there. With her hands in her hair, she walked through the bunker from left to right. What should she do right now in Merlin's name what could she do?

Suddenly she knew it. It was like a cannon went off in her head. She picked up the book she had received from Lord Voldemort and started to flip through the pages. In that book, she had seen a rune spell about the use and miss use of Memories. She kept flipping through the pages until she found the right page.

HOW TO ERASE MEMORIES AND REPLACING THEM, Was the title of the rune spell?

Narcissa knew that while Bella was still under the influence of the Veritaserum, she would do whatever she said. "Bella, I want you to get all those old memories from before you were ten years old to the front of your mind".

While Bella was gathering her memories Narcissa was removing the Pensieve and placed it in the middle of the bunker. Her thoughts went all over the place but she knew that this might be the only chance she got to help in the things her Lord wanted to do to her little sister. She gazed over at Bella and saw her looking at her. "Now I want you to place those memories in a container so I can get them from your mind in one go. All the other memories I want you to put in a different container". Now she pulled all the memories from the head of Bella and put them in the pensive. She divided the memories into different categories of Magic and family.

When she was done she took another look at the book and saw that she had to draw four runes on the side of the head of Bellatrix.

With a small paintbrush, she did the runes and read the spell aloud. Bellatrix who was stretched out on the ground remained to lie there and let Narcissa do the work that had to be done.

Thanks to the spell Narcissa was able to remove everything out of her memory. She then put back all the memories of magic from before she was ten years old.

As she placed the memories back into her head she changed one little thing. Now she would no longer be known as Bellatrix Black. She would now be known as Bellatrix Smith. Someday she would find out her real name. But that was not now. The rest of the memories and those of her family from before she was ten and thereafter, she would place back in an encrypted shape, ones the first ritual had taken place. Then she would make it so that it would reveal itself when she was sixteen years old.

Slowly Bellatrix started to move around. With a well placed stupefy she hit Bellatrix so she would stay on the ground. The last thing she wanted to do was to freak her little sister out when she saw that she was in an adult body while she had the mind of a child.

A little tear slipped from her eye as she thought about the time when they were a happy family. Her sisters Andy and Bella, who were running around in the back garden of the home of her aunt Dorea Black Potter, with Sirius and Regulus Black. It was also there that they had all been friends with the Potters, this was before Voldemort took it upon himself to brainwash all the purebloods with his garbage about pureblood supremacy.

It was almost five o'clock in the morning when she brought Bella back to the sacrificial chamber at her own home. She read over the spell that she had to carry out in front of Voldemort. She studied it carefully, if she would forget a single rune, the spell would not work properly. But an outsider wouldn't notice it at all.

The one thing she knew for sure was that Lord Voldemort had never been that good in ancient runes. It was one of the things that had made her extremely valuable for him, this because she had passed her newt in ancient runes and even started part of her mastery on the subject but never finished it because Lucius didn't allow it, just like he didn't allow her to become a healer like she always wanted. Still, with this advantage, she hoped she could mislead him with this spell.

She brought Bella into a deep sleep by a potion she kept in a cupboard in the chamber. She didn't like to do it but she had a reason for it. She hoped that Bellatrix would think she had dreamed it all when she awoke. Of course, it would be a simple thing to say to Voldemort. She would tell him this so he would not know that she already had the memory of a ten-year-old girl.

Narcissa drew the runes on the undressed body of Bella and intentionally forgot the one on her back. In silence, she waited until her Lord Voldemort would make his appearance.

It would take almost half an hour before he finally arrived in the chamber.

Narcissa told him the lie of the dream thoughts and to her surprise, he believed her completely. Narcissa swallowed by her lie but kept her face tight and then started to read the spell out loud. Halfway through the spell, Bellatrix started to glow brightly and completely from head to toe. Now she told her Lord that Bellatrix was ready and it was time for him to give her the memory he wanted her to have.

Lord Voldemort bent down to the ear of Bellatrix and whispered in his demanding tone. "Find Harry Potter, kill Harry Potter".

Bellatrix repeated what Voldemort had told her. "Find Harry Potter, kill Harry Potter," she said in a monotone voice.

After that Voldemort asked Narcissa how long it was going to take before they could do the next spell.

Narcissa took a look at the page and told him that it would take her about four hours. But in all honesty, it would only take her about two, something her Lord didn't need to know.

Voldemort left the room so that Narcissa could place the next runes on the naked body of Bellatrix.

First, she placed the one rune on her body, the one she had not done the first time. She quickly told the spell as she stood by her ear. "Bellatrix please become happy. Become friends with Harry Potter, when you're in school. Love Harry Potter, he will be a mighty wizard and he'll be good for you, help him with everything you can".

Bellatrix repeated what Narcissa had told her in her ear and glowed brightly and completely from head to toe. "Bellatrix please become happy. Become friends with Harry Potter, when you're in school. Love Harry Potter, he will be a mighty wizard and he'll be good for you, help him with everything you can" in the same monotone voice she had done before.

Narcissa quickly placed the encrypted memory back into the head of Bellatrix and started to pray to Merlin himself that all would be okay.

If all went as she wanted it to go, then she would recall these memories when she was sixteen years old. Then she would remember that she was Bellatrix Black, that she had two sisters.

Perhaps then she could even help her to get rid of Malfoy. She would also recall the memory of Narcissa, the memory about how she had been used and abused over the years.

Narcissa removed the runes which Bellatrix had all over her body and quickly replaced them with the new ones that she needed for the next spell.

It had hurt her when she had found out that Bellatrix had always done everything under the influence of the Imperius curse. The woman that was on the table in front of her was not the monster that was described in the books, it was her little sister. She had always been used and abused by Lord Voldemort and her husband Rodolphus Lestrange.

Now she herself was going to help Lord Voldemort to rejuvenate her and send her back in time. All with the aim to kill Harry Potter, just the thought alone made her sick when she thought about what her sister had to do.

Bellatrix would be seven years old when she would wake up in a different time. She would have no family but she would have magic. For the first time in her life, she could be happy, really happy.

Narcissa could only hope her deception was successful, and that she was not going to kill Harry Potter. How Voldemort could let a thing like this happen she could not understand. How could someone shape someone into a child and then watch that child kill another child? It had been that sick thought that made Narcissa decide to fool her Lord.

She did think that it would be a good thing to send Bellatrix back to an earlier time. Maybe her sister could have some luck for once, and not end up in Azkaban, and have a chance at a better life.

The good thing was that nobody could see her as the older Bellatrix. When Bella would wake up at that point in time, her older self would be sitting in a cell in Azkaban, therefore, she could never be seen as Bellatrix Black.

These were one of the many thoughts went through her head, and that all happened while Bellatrix lay asleep on the table.

When Narcissa was finished with the second set of runes she asked Lord Voldemort to join her again while she would perform the spell.

When Voldemort left the chamber Narcissa ones again looked at her sister. On the face of Bellatrix, she could now see the pain that she was in. The whole process of the spell would last a whole day according to the book.

With every hour that went by, she saw pain and change on the face of her sister. The sunken eyes from years of captivity had disappeared before her own eyes. With every minute she became younger and younger. The bags under her eyes also disappeared and gave way to a beautiful and younger version of Bellatrix.

After a few hours, Narcissa recognized the sister that she had lost so long ago. Now that she was a girl of fifteen years old.

As she drifted off into her own thoughts, she thought of anything and everything at ones. Sirius came into the memory of Narcissa. She saw him running through the garden behind her and her sister. Both sent chuckling spells at each other. It was a wonderful reminder that she got. It had been one of the happiest moments of her life.

Bellatrix was on the table and was now about twelve years old. Narcissa looked at the clock and saw that she had been working for twenty hours already. And she had to go another four hours. Just another four hours and she would see the girl of seven that Narcissa would recognize ones again.

Voldemort walked into the room and looked approvingly at Narcissa. "You've done nicely Narcissa, you are your lord worthy" Voldemort hissed at her.

Narcissa was very disgusted by that thought alone. It was her husband that had become a death eater, not her. She never wanted anything to do with this. But she knew she had to do it. She had to follow her husband because that was what it said in their magical marriage contract. The worst thing was that Lucius was raising their son to be a death eater just like him. Her little Draco would be just like her husband and there was nothing she could do about it. Maybe little Bellatrix could do something for Draco if she was back at Hogwarts.

Lord Voldemort gave her another book that she had to look at. She saw it was a spell to send someone back in time. From the spell alone she could see that it was centuries old, it could even pinpoint the correct number of years, up to the precise month, where the person would come back into existents.

There was only one place left where they needed her to appear. Voldemort would do the spell together with Narcissa. This because two people were needed for that specific spell. Voldemort would be the one to figure out where they were going to do the spell.

That night Voldemort told his followers that he had released Bellatrix from her suffering. "Now as you all know my faithful followers" Voldemort started. "You have all disappointed me deeply by your failures. Now in the goodness of my heart, I granted you all a second chance but for Bellatrix, I took another decision. I first wanted to give her an assignment to prove her worth but last night I thought differently about it and killed her".

This message was received by a shocked gasp from everyone that was around the table and with a laugh from Voldemort when he saw the fear creeping into their eyes. If he could kill Bellatrix just like that who would say they wouldn't be the next to go.

"Dirty bastard" was the one thought that went through the head of Narcissa. But in her face, there was nothing to see, not even a muscle that twisted just that little bit. Narcissa looked at the table, in her mind she was with her sister, who was now asleep in the sacrificial chamber.

Bellatrix was again pure and innocent, and Narcissa only hoped that her new life would be full of love and happy memories. This was it and there was nothing more she could do. Any other thing she would have done would have resulted in her own death and maybe the real death of her little sister.

The next morning Voldemort and Narcissa with Bellatrix between them apparated in front of a building that lay in ruins.

"This has previously been an orphanage near the place where that Potter lived. A year ago I destroyed the building, it was in my way" Voldemort said like it was nothing at all.

Narcissa knew that Voldemort had once been in an orphanage. And that it probably was this orphanage where he had been.

Bellatrix, who was still held in her sleeping form, lay on the ground in front of their feet. Together with Voldemort, she began the ritual. Bellatrix was slowly fading into nothingness. The ritual would be successful if Bellatrix would completely disappear and would be done when they would hear a bang.

The next ten minutes that followed was nothing more than to say the spell over and over again. From out of nowhere, there was a bang and the spell was done.

Voldemort said nothing and Disapparated.

Narcissa was left behind just standing there. She stood there just watching with tears in her eyes. She was looking at the spot where her sister had just been lying on the ground, a spot that was now empty. So in her thoughts, she said goodbye to her sister.

If she was successful, then the encrypted memory that she had placed in her mind would unlock now. Now that Bellatrix would be sixteen again she would remember everything about who she was. That was where she was now hoping for.

"Goodbye, dear sister of mine. I hope I will see you soon and safely home again".

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