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(BSC 6 C12) C203 To much for who.

Grindelwald was looking up at the Goblins who were just standing there. The next thing he wanted to do was something he had to do right or it could turn out bad. He didn't fear the Goblins. They were beasts and were clearly acting like it. So in their minds, they were better in every way, just like all the beasts thought they were all the time.

"What do you want Wizard," one of the war Goblins snarled as Grindelwald stepped a little closer.

The moment he said it Grindelwald stopped and stepped back. Most of the time Goblins snapped at them all, but never in this way. As he looked on he saw smaller Goblins stepping behind the big ones. So Grindelwald with Voldemort still standing next to him tried to look past the big ones just to see who had walked up behind them. None of the Goblins said anything but they all saw them trying to look at them. None of them were Goblins that were ranked high up, but all of them knew they were looking for their leader. The ones that were standing there, just took the place because Bogrod was held up.

Grindelwald straightened up and gazed around him. The inner circle of Death Eaters were standing back. None of them would be in front of them to take the shit that could happen. They were waiting on them and it was something his own people would not do. His man, his army would stand in front of him to protect him at all cost. With a final look, he straightened up even more and looked down passed his nose. "I want to talk to your leader," he said in a demanding tone.


The friends together with Fleur, stepped into the Floo after they had told the grandmas and their house members they would take care of themselves. When they stepped out they were face to face with another four Gobin guards, who were ready to kill anyone who came into the bank. It only took them a moment to see they were just being safe so when the guards saw who it was they dropped their weapons and welcomed them in. As the friend stepped around them they walked straight to Bogrod and Harriet. Griphook was at the side looking on, a little smile on his face.

"What is happening now," Bella asked as she looked out of the front doors. She could not really see anything but she knew who was on the outside.

"Grindelwald is demanding to see me and Voldemort is standing behind him. His death Eaters are behind them and they clearly don't want to be here. Now I was just about to go out when you stepped in. How did you all know that this is happening right now" Bogrod asked a little annoyed while he thought they were spying on him and on the bank.

"We have house elves spying on the two Dark once. If they do something like this they ask other house elves to come to them and tell us what is happening. That is how we know they are outside. It also means you will not be going out alone" Daphne told him as Harry was already standing by the door.

Bogrod looked from friend to friend and then over to his wife. She just shrugged her little shoulders. Clearly telling them she did not know what to do. Bogrod looked again and was thinking hard. He snarled a little as he said "No you won't". The moment he said it he knew it was the wrong thing to say. The friends all stopped everything they did and it wasn't much they were doing. They only looked at Bogrod clearly asking him why. "I don't want you to get hurt".

The moment he said it the friends smirked and the War Goblins laughed. One of them clearly whispered to the one next to him"He just wants to be in the fight this time". As the War goblins laughed Bogrod clearly mumbled something about no pay this month.

The friend still hadn't said a word but were just looking at Bogrod waiting for a clear answer. Bogrod was clearly struggling with what to say but the friends were not. They were making their way to the door. They stopped just before they could step out and waited for Bogrod to go on.

Bogrod let go of a deep sigh as he looked at his wife again. "Who do I get to keep them back for a while until I really need them". Harriet held up a finger and rushed away. A minute later she came back with the Grandmas who were followed by Ginny and Astoria. They too were in their Goblin armour and were clearly ready to fight.

As Astoria stepped up Susan stepped in front of her. " You are not as ready as we are. So you will only help if we call you two". Her eyes widened a little just to make her point more clearly. Both Ginny and Astoria nodded while they were holding their fingers crossed behind their backs.

Bogrod stepped between them and outside. The moment he did the Grandmas stepped behind him and held the friends inside. It was clear they still left enough room for them to get through but it also stopped the friends from going outside at that moment.

Grindelwald was looking on as the smaller Goblins made some room. Bogrod stepped between them and between the Wargoblins. He was a little back so they could protect him. But he was also very noticeable to be seen by both of the dark wannabes. "What do you want Wizard" he snarled.

Grindelwald pulled his wand but held it pointing down. The War Goblins covered Bogrod a little more. If Grindelwald would lift his wand they would act directly. While the eyes of Grindelwald grew bigger at the action of the war Goblins. An action he clearly hated. How dear these lesser beings treat him like this like he was lesser than they he thought. He was Grindelwald he was better than everyone. He alone had defeated death He had split his soul and created himself another body. His better half was Voldemort and together he would rule the world.

"Well, Wizard what is it you want" Bogrod snarled again.

Grindelwald bristled at it and lost his handle on himself. "I'm Grindelwald and you better show respect or I will kill you on the spot". Voldemort pulled his wand and the War Goblins raised their weapons. It was now at a standstill and it would only took one wrong move to let it all erupt. After a deep sigh, Grindelwald lowered his wand a little but the others did not. Before he could speak again the war Goblins were pushed aside.

"Potter what the hell are you doing here" Grindelwald screamed as he saw Potter and the others step next to Bogrod. "If you think you can stop me I will kill you first".

Harry just looked straight back. A little smirk twisted at the corner of his mouth. "What no Harry, No grandfatherly I'm so disappointed my boy or Lord Potter. No, I'm disappointed in you for standing with my family". The last words made the hate on the inside of Voldemort and his Death Eaters grow bigger. For the Goblins, it only made their loyalty, for the friends, grow even bigger than it already was. The friends saw the threat and slowly raised their weapons with their wands already tucked inside.

Minerva was still standing inside but had a clear view o what was happening. The Death Eaters were slowly coming closer to Bogrod and the others. They had their wands pulled and ready for a fight. She could not say a thing but hoped her cubs or all of her grandchildren had seen the same thing she had seen.

"I do not know why you are standing next to that beast but I will not hesitate to take you down with him," Grindelwald said as he pointed his wand at Harry. Harry just smirked as he stepped a little forward and in front of Bogrod.

"As he said before, he is standing with his family" Neville snapped as he did the same as Harry. "Now, I'm the blood brother of Harry and it means I'm family by blood. So as I'm of the same blood the Goblins are my family too. So if you have something to say to them, you might as well tell it to all of us". Neville just smirked as he said it. He had trained enough to know he could hold his own when it came to protecting himself. He might not be able to fight Grindelwald or Voldemort just yet. but he could keep them off, at least long enough for Harry and his two girls to take them down.

"Longbottom, never deal with your betters. Has your father never taught you that" Lucius sneered as he stepped next to his Lord. "You are pathetic and you know it. You are nothing more than a squib". Most of the Death eaters laughed but stopped laughing when Neville laughed along.

"If you told it before I went to Hogwarts I might have believed you. Now however I do not. Just ask Nott jr. he still has one leg to stand on" Neville told Lucius as his eyes went to Nott sr. His sneer was even better because he was baiting him in.

"You better put a leach on your Death Eater Voldemort or Nott sr will not be here for much longer," Bella said as she stepped a little bit around Harry.

"YOU, YOU BETRAYED ME" Voldemort screamed as he realized it was Bellatrix standing next to Harry.

Slowly Bella smiled as a crazy Cackle erupted from her throat. It was now that she stepped fully next to Harry and between him and Bogrod. Harry gave her a look and saw in her eyes it was the old Bellatrix coming out to play. He told it in his mind and Daphne told it to the others. "Is Wittle Voldy mad about Wittle Bella walking to the right side? Is Wittle Voldy mad Wittle Bella isn't playing his Wittle losing game? Or is Wittle Voldy mad that Wittle Bella has found love, Something Wittle Voldy cant have or give"?

Voldemort started to sniff loudly as the slits that were his nostrils vibrated. He pushed his wand up and levelled it with the head of Bella.

"Tut, tut, tut. Does Wittle Voldy want to play? Wittle Voldy has to know when Wittle Bella gets mad. Wittle Bella bites and scratches like a little pussy cat. Just ask Wittle Lucy" Bella gave a smirk as did the others when Lucius put a hand over his nose and the other between his legs.

As the eyes of Bella grew a little bigger Grindelwald knew he had to stop it or Voldemort would be starting this battle all over again. He knew he could take them but not all at once. "I'm not here to talk to little girls," he said.

"No, you are only here to read the mind of Wittle girls you pervert," Bella said as she gave him a sadistic smile. "Does Wittle Voldemort know you play with little boys like Snape and Minister bumble? Or is he also playing with Lucius and his other Death Eaters?" Being gay was no problem for the friends or family. For the blood purist that was mainly built up out of the inner circle, it was. Just like it was a problem for them when females loved other females. In secret they all did it but on the outside, they were like some muggles. They hated it with a passion.

"I never" Grindelwald screamed.

"No Albus told us differently. he taught us a lot you know, about the time you and he went at it. He also told us how you and he wanted to rule the world as a couple". Daphne said as she stepped to the other side of Harry. "Now I like standing here in the fresh air but how about you two put down your wands and let us arrest you because you make the place stink a little".

This time it was Grindelwald and Voldemort who started to laugh. As they did Harry Bella and Daphne looked at each other and linked their minds. It was a trick the friends had developed without the adults knowing about it. They raised their magic and let it be felt by the others. While they knew they weren't ready to take Grindelwald and Voldemort on in a duel to the dead. The inner circle would be no problem. "Stop it" Voldemort screamed as he felt the magic slamming into him. The three just smirked as the other friends placed a shield spell on the tips of their lips. If they needed it they would be ready.

Voldemort stepped back a little and just didn't know what to do. Grindlewald raised his wand and was ready to send a spell. Something shiny went passed his head and it nicked his cheek. As his hand grabbed the spot he could feel blood dripping down. He looked back at the three and saw Astoria standing between them with another throwing knife ready to throw. Before he raised his wand again he heard a hiss of pain. As he turned on the spot he saw Voldemort looking at him with a knife sticking out of his upper right shoulder. Blood was filling his robe. The horror in his eyes showed and Astoria just smirked as she said. "You still think you can take us? Your puppy can't use his wand arm. Do you think he can fight the Goblin way". She then held up her hand and the Knife came right back to her other hand like a Boomerang.

As she said it all the friends took a fighting stans just like the War Goblins did next to them. Grindelwald just snarled and lifted his hand. "Just wait until my man gets here then you will see". The next moment they were gone followed by all the Death Eaters that had been with them.

It was a second later when the wards in front of the bank dropped and Amelia followed by the others stumbled to the front of the bank. "Did we miss something?" Sirius asked.

Harry just turned on the spot and looked at Astoria. He wanted to yell, screen and all sorts of things. He was afraid for her when she did what she did. He was also very proud of her because she had taken them by surprise. Voldemort had a knife forced into his shoulder and it was something that really frightened the Death Eaters.

Now before Harry could really yell at Astoria, Daphne told him to stop. "We have to go back to Hogwarts Harry. Unspeakable's will be working on getting the wards back down while we have to understand what has happened. We know what the house elves told us. But we have to have the story out of the first hand.


Everyone appeared back in the great hall at the battle side of Hogwarts. While Amelia rushed to the Infirmary a couple of floors up. Harry and the others went to the infirmary of Poppy. She had been called over and for her to rush away meant a family member had been hurt. The only problem they had was that they didn't know who. As they rushed in they saw no Poppy. What they did see was Narcissa sitting at a bedside. "What happened," Bella asked as she was the first at her side.

Narcissa pinched the bridge of her nose as she shook it from left to right. She then pointed with her thumb next to her where Nolwen was lying in the bed. Nolwenn smiled as she blushed a little. "This idiot next to me" Narcissa started as Nolwen gave her a mock glare. "She had it in her mind to follow Amelia into the battlefield. Now I have learned I can't stop her so I went along to keep an eye on her".

"A hand would have been nicer" Nolwenn piped up getting a glare from Narcissa.

"I'm still not happy with you, so you better behave," Narcissa told her as Nolwenn pushed her lips against each other. she nodded as she was struggling to keep the smile inside. "So this fabulous reporter here thought it would be fun to be up on a roof to look down on the battle. So we went to the side of the building to get from the side building that was lower up to the roof".

"You fell from the roof," Hermione asked shocked as she looked at Nolwenn. Nolwenn shook her head and blushed even more.

"We never made it. This one that's next to me. stepped on the trashcan and fell from it knocking her head against the wall. A real Battle mage this one" Narcissa said as she started to laugh at the image that replayed in her mind. To their relief, there weren't any other family members that were brought to Poppy. So when they had seen Nolwenn would be okay after her first real battle with a trashcan. They made their way to the other infirmary to see who had been really hurt.


Amelia had seen the friends rush to Poppy. At first, she wanted to follow and desperately wanted to know who of the family had been hurt. But she had to do the same at the other side. She was, by all means, the minister and she had to do what Harry was doing on the Hogwarts side. As she walked into the first infirmary she saw that there were three beds covered with a sheet. As she looked at the healer he just shook his head. For her, it was clear they had lost three people. One was on another bed and there were five people around his bed. One of them was Poppy so it told her the family member that was hurt was not as bad as this one. While Poppy was working the healer told Amelia it was critical but the signs were good. If he gets through this treatment he would make it. So Amelia left them alone and made her way to the next Classroom/Infirmary. It was for the less wounded and she saw there were another twelve people there. They had been hit by cutting curses and falling debris.

She walked over to the first bed and smiled when she was joined by Harry. With a look around she saw the other friends walk to the beds. The family member was okay and now they were here to join her with the part she had to do. Taking care of the wounded and telling them how good they were. One was bandaged all the way and only had his thumb to say he was okay. The healer told he had a burning spell placed upon him. So his body was burned all over but the paste he had now would heel him over the knight. The bandage was to keep him from scratching himself.

Slowly they made their way to the next room where the real miner injuries would be handled. When Amelia saw Sirius sitting with a little cut on his thumb looking at a young nurse. She had to get him out of there by his ear. Harry doubled over from laughing. He had not yet heard about the three people who had not servived in the battle.

"Don't complain you, I know you just went there to look at the young nurses. Probably an idea from Potter because he was also sitting there while I knew the both of you had no injuries at all".

"Sorry Serius I will say high for you" James called after him before he became pale.

"James Charlus Potter, you get your sorry ass over here and you will be explaining yourself right now" The voice of Lily came through the room.

It was immediately followed by "Frank Augustus Longbottom" Alice rushed into the room and looked around.

Frank stepped behind her from out of the hallway and ask. "Yes, dear what is it". Alice jumped a meter into the air and looked from Frank around the room and back to frank. She huffed and walked away with her nose up in the air. Frank turned around and whispered to the friends. Glad I had to go to the bathroom first or I would be sleeping on the".

"You still are after I heard this" Alice said in his ear as she snuck back behind him.

Minerva who had been waiting in the corner looked at it all. The friends were laughing and she just let them for now. Later the reality would be told and then the laughing would be all over. So for now she just let them have their little bit of fun.


Grindelwald had brought Voldemort into the makeshift infirmary at Malfoy manor. At moments like this, he missed Snape because he had the knowledge of potions and healing. The knife that had stuck out of his shoulder had been Goblin made. It was charmed in a way that wounds would not close with just e healing spell. He had felt it himself by the cut on his cheek. The cut was still bleeding, it was somewhat less but it wasn't done yet. As he sat down on his thrown he hoped that Lucius could get a healer from St Mungo. If Voldemort died it would be one less Horcrux from himself. He did not know if he could survive on the Horcruxes of Voldemort alone. He hoped he could but he would not take the chance if he could avoid it.

From the other side of the house, he could hear Voldemort scream in pain. He was sure he was hurting but in this way, he sounded like a wimp to him. As he tried to block out the screams of Voldemort, his mind went to the day. Everything had gone wrong and he had to blame the Death Eaters. The way they outsmarted them at the Leaky Couldren said it all. It was the only way they could get into the alley and they had done just that. They had the alley in hand but somehow the liqueur was more important than the alley.

He had seen a bit of the battle and it didn't impress him at all. Sure Amelia had done great just like the people she had with her. They had taken cover and made sure they were protected. As the fight would go on the protections would fall but it was the same he and his men would do. He had seen that only some were at the level of his man while the others were not. Still, they would have a hard time but would be more prepared than the followers Voldemort had built around him.

The Ally was lost and they had to do it again but only when his man were here. It brought him to Gringotts. He had known about the Goblin war but he never believed that those brats were in that fight. After seeing them standing there next to Bogrod he wasn't really sure anymore. Their stands and the way they hold themselves were telling a lot. They had fought in that war and they had won. They had killed and it made him wonder if he could place the fear in them.

Something sounded to his right and he looked up. Voldemort was standing there with his arm in a sling and the worse stitches he had ever seen. It did the trick but the scar would be hideous to look at. If chicks loved scars this would be the one they would not. As he looked at Voldemort he saw him standing there with a box in his hand. Lucius was standing next to him just like Grabb and Goyal. All of them had the same sort of box in their hands and they all looked white. The one thing he did see was the blood dripping from them and it made him feel uneasy. He had to give it to Voldemort who always looked white but was now starting to look green. As he looked on he wanted to look in the boxes but Voldemort handed him a note.


As the peace of the castle started to come back the friends stood in front of the Aurors and the fighters in the mess hall. They could not name it the second great hall because that would just be too confusing for all of them. They were standing upon a table in the front and looked at all of them. Harry took the box they had gotten and pulled out the head of Rufus. Most of the people were shocked and glad as he placed it back. As he put down the box Susan stepped to the middle.

"You do know she will be the next minister after you step down," Sirius told Amelia as they looked on.

"Yes I know but it will be a long time before she can take that seat". The moment Amelia said it, she could feel the eyes of Susan resting on her. She looked back and pointed to fingers at her eyes and then towards Susan who just smiled at her.

After a smile and a sigh, Susan held up her hand to indicate she wanted to talk. "As you all can see Grindelwald and Voldemort are going back to their old tricks. I know it is horrifying to look at it but we will not back down. Today we have lost three people. One is battling for his life but we have hope he will make it. If the war is over we will not forget him or anyone else. We will help everybody as much as we can. Now we might have lost three, they have lost twelve. One of them was Antonin Dolohov. He has the mark and is one of the inner circle. And you have done it. We were not there in the battle we were waiting for Grindelwald and Voldemort at the bank. So this Battle has been won by you".

The noise of celebration erupted and they let it go on for a minute or two. After it, Susan whistled and it quieted down again. Amelia nodded at her and everyone was listening closely to what she would say next. They all had learned that the friends were one. Harry was not above them and they saw it in the way he stood behind them. Now like always we will send the bodies back so they can bury them themselves. But we are not sure about Dolohov. If it was up to us we would do the same with him as they had done with our Minister Rufus Scrimgeour".

"You want to send them his head" one screamed.

It became deathly quiet as they all saw the friends nod at them. It was then that Neville took the spot of Susan and looked at them all. "We can do like the last war and hide. We can give in to the fear and yes we have it too. But we will fight fire with fire. We will not go out killing just so we can do this. But we will send a message back that we will not back down. In the end, we will have to kill just like all of you will. If you fight to capture they will kill you where you stand. I dare to say a lot of you have seen killing curses like it was raining green". He had not known how the battle had gone because they had to look it up in a Pensieve just to learn. But this was almost a given. It was the one curse all of the Death Eaters would use to win. Slowly a lot started to nod but were still not sure if sending a head back was the solution. One of the men asks why a head.

It was now that Harry knew it was his turn to tell them. "We don't want to but it is a way to let them know we do not care. We do but they don't know that. With this one, we can do the same back. By doing this we hope to fear them enough so they will not do it again. Losing a loved one is hard enough, receiving them in boxes is worse. So if it helps we do not know but we can try it at least. Before you go against it let me tell you this. To get the mark you have to Torture someone with the Crusio curse. You also have to rape someone with the Imperio curs so you will need a person who does not want it. Finally, you have to kill them with the killing curse. So by knowing this you can see why we have chosen Dolohov. But to make it even more clear we did not kill him. He was on a three-way adventure with the widow of Parkinson when Amelia rushed into the Leaky Cauldron. With his pants on his ankles, he was hit by the killing curse from the number three in that party. We did not kill him".

Slowly people started to see what the friends had been talking about. Too long had they been ruled by fear. To long had they stood at the side and were just looking on. Today they had the first battle and they had won. They had lost but their retaliation had been harder. Still to lose three of their own told them they had to train harder. Some of them had not yet been trained by the friends. They all had talked to the family and it had been them that told them they had not been ready. One of them got to his feet and held up his hand. Harry gave him the floor and almost knew where it would be going. " Lord Potter, I'm sorry but I just wonder how good you are. You are still a kid and great in the Witenagemot. But on a battlefield what can you really do?"

Harry was just in time to stop Ginny from flying at the guy and pulling his eyes out. He almost had a laugh at the fearful look the guy gave Ginny. Harry turned back at the fighters and gave them a knowing look. "There will not be any more attacks in the coming days. So why not have us make a duel staged in the Quidditch stadium and have all of you challenge any one of us? Nothing serious just a friendly one-on-one duel. Just simply getting the wand from the other. We will do it tomorrow and get everyone here. Everyone from Gringotts and potter castle. Hell, let us get all the students too. Just so we can show them who will be fighting for them.

While Kingsly and some of the Aurors were shaking their heads. The Adults were smiling at the thought of finally getting the chance of seeing what they were really made of.


Grindelwald took the note after he had some detection spells placed upon them. There was a mild compulsion charm of making him read the note first but other than that there was nothing. So as he took the note in his hand he slowly flipped it open. Before he could read the first word the Note or Letter as it looked like more than just a note rose up in the air. Before Grindelwald could say another thing or place a spell on it the voice of the friends rose up from out the now clearly small letter.

Dear Mr Grindelbold" sounded the voice of Harry.

"Grindelwald Harry" the voice of Daphne sounded. " Voldemort is the one who is bold".

"Really, Voldemort is the Bold one".

"Yes, Harry. Voldemort is the bold and the Noseless one".

"So Grindelwald is the one with long blond hair that looks like a girl".

"No, Harry" Susan told him slowly. "That is Lusy, the Lady Malfoy".

"Who is Grindelwald, then," Harry asked as if he didn't know.

"Well, that is the one who thought he had been Albus," Neville told him.

"AH, dear Mr Grindelwald, That was right right".

"Yes, Harry that was right" the other three voices sounded at the same time.

Voldemort looked at Grindelwald with Hatred in his eyes. Those brats were mocking them and he knew it. That they had placed a knife in him was even worse. How he didn't know but he hated this. As he saw the eyes in Grindelwald he could see the same thing. He was furious at the dare they had to do this. Still, before he could say anything the voice from Harry went on.

"Before I will let you open the boxes I first want to tell you, and ask you something"

Grindelwald pointed his wand to the boxes but they did not open.

"If you wanted to open the boxes by now you will have found out they have been spelt shut, Alohomora will not work either".

Grindelwald grumbled but didn't say a thing because he knew he would not know the spell Harry used to close the boxes. But he was sure the brats had been laughing their heads off by making this note, now letter.

"The boxes will open when I'm finished with the telling of this note".

"Harry why did you tell them that, they could have just waited until they opened on themselves"

The voice of Bella, known as Bellatrix to the death Eaters sounded from the letter. Some of them groaned at hearing it because they all knew how vicious Bellatrix could be if she pointed her wand at you.

"Well, it is very polite to warn your enemy of what is to come," Harry told her.

"Now, before the boxes will open I and my friends will have a proposal for you. We want to invite you to a final battle at Hogwarts. We want to do it at the open spot next to the lake between the castle and the gates of Hogwarts. It will give you about five and a half months to repair and we will be waiting. The battle will start when you are all inside the wards and we both say start".

The voice of Harry stopped and Daphne went on. "I as Lady Ravenclaw will warn you that if you do not come we will not take any surrender attempt afterwards".

It was now that the voice of Neville sounded. "I as Lord Slytherin will wait for the battle. But attempts before it. Those attempts will be dealt with harshly.

"Then the voice of Susan sounded. "I as lady Hufflepuff will wait for the battle but will warn you in advance. We will retaliate and not prevent. We will answer harshly and more vicious than you can give us any day".

As the next voice sounded Lucius whispered the Mudblood. "We will attack you after every attack you do to us. Remember the boulder and remember the splinters".

Grindelwald did not know what Hermione meant by those two examples. But by the death Colour Voldemort was having at that point it wasn't good.

"If you do not believe that, or do not know about those two happenings. Just let me say it was Wittle Harry who had destroyed the forest with one spell after the attack on the WorldCup," Balletrix told them with that little cackle at the end she always had.

This time Grindelwald saw all the others turn white and when he peeked into their minds to see the first thought. He realized Harry might be just as strong as he was or maybe even stronger.

"So let's have our battle and see who will be at the top and at the end of it all," Harry said followed by. "SSHHAALLOOOHHHAMMMORASSSS"

All the boxes opened at the body parts of Dolohov came rolling out. The head was spelt to roll before Grindelwald with the eyes looking right at him.

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