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(BSC 6 C16) C207 Time is getting closer and closer.

Deep into the night, Bella and Gabrielle reappeared in a ball of flames. Bella had a cut across her cheek but a huge smile, that lighted up her whole face. Daphne had rushed to her just like everyone else did at the same time. Harry stepped back and bumped into Nolwenn. "Still not ready to deal with crowds are you".

Harry looked over his shoulder and nodded his head a little. He was glad he didn't do a runner anymore, but he still didn't like to be around so many people who were screaming and were just making too much noise".

Why don't you come with me? I think they will be doing this for a while and they could tell it all in a minute or so" Nolwenn told him as she placed her arm softly around his shoulder. Harry turned to Bella and saw her nodding together with Daphne. In his mind, he heard them telling him they would tell them all in about fifteen minutes.

When he heard Poppy telling Bella to come along with her first he knew it would take that long before she could tell it anyway. So he followed Nolwenn and she asked him why they didn't go to bed when Poppy had told them to do it.

"Well, we were training because we were worried. We came back from the Veelas and were just hanging around waiting for Bella. The longer it took them, the more nervous we got. Every now and then Bella told us she was okay but nothing more. She told us Gabrielle was talking to the other Veelas, but that was all she told us. With every minute that passed, it frustrated us more and more. We were starting to get to each other in a bad way so we had to let off some steam. And that was why we were training. When Poppy came to us and told us in a loving way to get inside". Nolwenn snorted at that. Harry smiled and went on. "We were ordered to get in and after a couple of minutes, she saw we were nervous and asked us why. So she let us stay up but we had to take a calming draft to deal with our feelings".

"Good for her" Nolwenn told him. "Now as you know I have been writing for all of you. I am a bad sleeper when Narcissa is out and doing the things she had to do for you together with Emma". Harry wanted to say something but Nolwenn stopped him. "I know they are not doing anything more than what you asked them to do. I trust her and I trust Emma. Now just like you, I'm worried for them when they are out there".

"Don't be I have a house elf that is always going with them where ever they go. If something would happen or if someone would see them he has the order to take them out of there". Before Harry knew what happened Nolwenn had kissed his cheeks.

"Is Narcissa not enough for you".

Nolwenn jumped away and looked at Daphne who had seen her kissing Harry. Nolwenn went red and started to stumble all over her words. Daphne could hold her face tight for another two minutes before she laughed and said she knew why. Nolwenn huffed and looked at Harry. "You punish her or I will not be your fourth wife".

"WHAT" Harry screamed as Nolwenn walked away. Daphne was startled before she realized that Nolwenn had pulled a fast one on them. She smiled and walked after her leaving Harry standing there still thinking about what had happened a moment ago.

A little later he too walked into the room Nolwenn was with Daphne and saw stacks of papers all over a desk. "Harry look at this. She has really put our words in a book. If she goes on this will be a series of a number of books altogether" Daphne said as she pointed at all the stacks of papers.

Harry got closer and could see that Nolwenn had done exactly what they had asked her to do. He took the first stack and looked at the title. Planning. As he flipped through them he saw a lot of the games they had made to train. He put it back and took another. This had the title of making friends in high places. Harry snorted and read how he had built a bridge between them and the Goblins. "This is a good one. Like Bogrod would let you tell them how I won him over. If you ask him he was the one who raised me".

Both of the ladies laughed as Harry picked up another one. This one had the title saving the species. This one brought up a lot of questions and Nolwenn saw it by the way he looked at her. "That one is easy Harry. You pulled a fast one on the Witangemot by saving the Werewolves. You also did it with the Veelas but that is not yet in there".

"How did we do that," Daphne asked.

"We you brought Gabrielle back and with her, you pulled all the colonies or almost all of them together. You don't know it yet but before the last queen died, the colonies were falling apart. France was starting to get laws to help them while other countries were still treating them as beasts. This resulted in a lot of friction between the colonies because the countries restricted them to speak to each other. You all did something none had ever seen before and it resulted in a new hope for all of them. So you were more important than you will ever know. Now I know that you will all survive this war. I do hope we will all survive it but that will not happen because we will all have our losses. But you all will make it, I'm sure of it".

Daphne and Harry were not so sure about it. They too knew that there would be losses. But they were not so sure if they would all survive it. They would do everything to make sure of it but there was nothing that told them they would all come out of it alive. If they looked at themselves they would have the best chance to survive because they had been training for this for so long already. On the other side, they would all be at the start of it and in front of all their fighters and in the battles. So they also had the biggest chance to get really hurt. "Let's just see what will happen when we get there," Daphne said as she took another stack of papers from the desk. This one had a title that was called. The future is bright if everything is done.

Daphne looked up, "What is this all about, how could you even know what will happen".

Nolwenn took the stack from her and placed them back on the table. She turned a little with her left foot on the floor as she looked down. "Well, it is not really a story yet. The others aren't even stories but just a lot of words that have to be turned into one. But that is just something that is looking at the future. Like I just said I know you all will make it. I do not know how, I just know. So I have written down all the things we talked about. Together with Luna, we have put them in this stack and will turn it into a book of things we hope for. It will be the last one in a series of books. Some big some small like the one of Narcissa who placed her life on the line for all of you".

Harry and Daphne knew that with everything they had done for Narcissa her life had been in danger every time she was near Voldemort. They were glad they had gotten her out before Grindelwald had joined them but she had been putting her life on the line ever since. So they nodded as Nolwenn talked on. "There will also be some about the werewolves just their part of it and what they have done under the guidance from you all. About the grandmas and the family and one big one about everything. But after it, when all of this comes out you will be praised for centuries. People will be working on and with all your ideas. They will be working together and it will all be thanks to your ideas. All of the ideas, from all of you".

The more Nolwenn talked about it the more excited she got. She went on and on as she took stack after stack from the table and talked about all that would be in it. One would be about the war from start to finish. the others would be side stories and they knew they would cell. Hell, the one with Narcissa could be a romance novel about Narcissa and her. Just as Nolwenn was about to go on again they heard from Bella that she was released from the prison guard they called Poppy. It was all in their mind so Poppy could not hear it. So they stopped Nolwenn and started to make their way back to the others.

When they walked back into the room they could see that the whole family had arrived. They were all looking with open mouths at Gabrielle. Sirius, James and Frank were drooling at the sight of her and Harry just laughed as he saw it. All the other men were fighting against her Allure but they were all losing it. Sirius had been the first to lose it and as he looked on he could see that all of the women were in the same way. Even his mother was drooling a little bit. As he looked around himself for another time he could only see that a hand full were not under her spell. He laughed louder and saw Gabrielle just sitting there with a smile of her own.

"This is going to be fun when she dropped her Allure," Bella said as she stepped between the grandmothers. They all nodded as they too stepped between and next to them just to see it all when she dropped it. Gabrielle smiled at them and closed her eyes. The moment she did the Allure dropped completely and Sirius literally fell to the ground. Ha had stood to impress her but dropped when he awake. Amelia who shook her head just laughed at him but didn't really know why she was laughing.

As all of them came back to their senses Daphne stepped closer to Gabrielle. She wasn't affected so she had a clear head. Welcome Gabrielle Delacour, queen of the Veelas" and she curtsied before her. When she did the mouth of all who had not been with them dropped to the ground. Before them stood Gabrielle. A Veela with black hair spotless skin and big emerald green eyes that were looking around. Fire danced around her body.

She gazed up and stepped to Harry as she took him in a hug. She reached out her left hand and Bella stepped into it. The same thing she did with her right hand and Daphne stepped in. Now she held out both of her arms as the other friends stepped into it for one big group hug. When they separated she took Ginny, Astoria and Luna into one as Luna pulled Tracy in with them.

While they were all introducing the new version of Gabrielle to the family Harry apparated away to make things ready at Potter castle. With only a little time to go, this could be the last Family meeting they could have. The Dark once could attack at any moment at any place. They could even attack before the time they had set. It was something they all held in the back of their minds. So it would be the last planning session for the whole family, and after it, there would only be tweaking here and there.


Voldemort had been walking outside. He had almost lost his lunch at the smell Lucius had in his diaper. Sure it was funny to see him lying there drunk as hell. But when he started to shit himself the smell was horrendous. He was glad he was wearing a diaper or he would have barfed all over the place, like all the others. As he walked on he could see he was not the only one who had run from that room. The only one who was still left there was Lucius. No one would go near him or help him until he had sobered up. It also meant he could not sit on his throne for a very long time. because when Lucius was away his smell would still be hanging there for weeks to come.

In his little walk around Malfoy manor, he looked at some of the creatures who had arrived. While he looked around he was joined by Grindelwald just as he came to the big tent his men were in. "How many of your men are here". Voldemort asked him.

"There are sixty of my men here right now. In the coming weeks there will be another forty and that will be all. They are all as ruthless as the next".

Voldemort nodded. He had seen them in action and knew they would be a good fighting team. Better than his own but if he could he would keep his own back so they could kill them when they won. But Grindelwald didn't need to know it. "I have placed the Werewolves at Parkinson's manner. Now that he is dead I thought it was better to keep them there. Grayback likes to keep his pack away from people so they will remain hungry. He told me it keeps them more aggressive".

"That is smart thinking. You never know what those brats are doing with theirs so it is a wise move" Grindelwald told him as he looked at another spot. "I thought you were keeping some of the Goblins over there".

"Yes, I did. But one of them told me he knew about some more so they went to get them. They were the leftovers of the ones I used to take over the bank. Now it did not work but they will tell them Bogrod attacked them so they will be out for blood".

Grindelwald was rubbing his beard. "Wise, and what did you promise them after we won".

"That one was easy. I promised them control of the bank. They wanted it and all the gold from the Goblins, while I could keep the gold from the wizards".

"That is a good deal you did. If you do not cross them they will hold on to it and we will have a lot of money. Enough to take over other countries and later the world". Grindelwald was getting a lot of respect for his own Horcrux. He had been afraid that the soul of that riddle boy would have more of a bad effect on his Horcrux making Voldemort a sissy so to say. But after everything, it looked like his Horcrux has been the better of the two while it had taken the soul over completely. "So tell me what have you done with the vampires, Trolls and the giants. And don't forget your own death Eaters".

Voldemort was hoping he would not remember his own men going away. It was a surprise he wanted to give himself. So he started with the first one and that was the giants. "Well for the giants, I have placed them somewhere in Ireland. Those Irish are nuts and drunk most of the time. So if one of them sees them then they think it was because they were drunk and that it had been a figment of their own imagination".

Voldemort stopped walking and was looking at the manor and were was looking at the window his throne was behind. "The vampires are in the basement. They have locked themselves in there and only come out at night. They are sucking on cattle right now but are rather sucking on muggles. Wizards will turn into vampires too because of their magic. Muggles just stay alive so they can suck them dry to the bone. If they keep them alive they could farm them. It is something I'm looking forward to. I never saw a blood farm for myself".

"You know I never did either," Grindelwald told him.

The trolls are the easiest ones. I placed them in a swamp somewhere in Scotland. They are looking at it as if it is some kind of vacation and are only playing in the mud. They will be the first I send onto the battlefield to see what the others would do to them. Trolls are not the sharpest pixies in the nest but they fight hard. It will show us how far the others will go to bring them down".

"What about your own man," Grindelwald asked.

Voldemort smiled at him. "My men. Well, the one I can send for an assignment. Meaning, not Lucius. They are looking for some beast. They have heard about some dragons that will fight for gold. So they are looking for a way to get them into the fight for us. If they can handle it all then we do not even have to join in".

"That would be the day," Grindelwald said as he smiled at the thought of not doing anything at all. "But I'm afraid it will not be that way. If I know those brats they will be holding on until my man takes them or we have to. I don't think they can handle my man but they will be able to deal with a lot of other things we throw at them".

"You think Potter and the others are that strong".

"Not really," Grindelwald told him. "But they have been lucky so far, and it might not have run out yet. He is magically strong. Not as strong as us but still very strong. It is the last thing Severs told me before I took his mind".

"You know I miss him. He was a pain in the ass with him lying all of the time but he was one hell of a potion maker" Voldemort said as he looked up at the sky.

"That he was, that he was," Grindelwald said as he too looked up. "Are your men looking for any other beasts to help us"?

"Yes, they are, not sure if they will find any but they are looking for them".

It was at this point Grindelwald got serious. "I know we planned on letting Lucius be captured, just to see what they would do to him. This had been something I did not suspect but it shows they are ready for anything if they joke about this what will they do if it is for real".

Voldemort nodded as he thought about the boulder and the splinters that had been sent his way. Also at the time, Harry had kept him in his mind. how that boy had learned something like that he did not know. "In Merlin's name. They have used my trick on me before I knew I had done it".

"What in Morgana's name are you blabbing about man" Grindelwald snapped.

"I have sent Bellatrix back in time to kill Potter. I must have done it before because Potter knew how to keep me locked up in his mind".

"So, a lot of mind masters know how to do it," Grindelwald said still not knowing what Voldemort was talking about.

"Yes, us masters can do that but they can't keep a master locked up. The only one that can do something like that is a natural one" Voldemort explained.

"But Potter is not one of them, That Figg Girl is," Grindelwald told him.

"No Bella Figg does not exist. That is Bellatrix Black. I have sent her back and they used her against me. I do not know how they found out but they did. They have used her before I sent her back. She is the one who is under his spell all of the time". It was for the first time Grindelwald saw Voldemort blasting something to pieces. "We have to get her back. She is even tougher than your men. She has been the one that had taught him to lock me up in his mind. He had to have tricked her somehow so we have to get her out of there".

"Send the vampires in a couple of days. After it, you can keep her at Parkinson's manor for a couple of days before we go look at her. If she is under some kind of spell then it will have worn off by then".

"What do we do in the meantime? or during those days" Voldemort asked him.

"We will go and have a look at Hogwarts and Hogsmeade for ourselves, If we do it from the mountains they will never see us. But first, we will go to the vampires and tell them what they can do in say two or three days.


Before Harry knew it he was again joined by Nolwenn. "Had to escape again did you?" she asked with a knowing smirk. Harry just smiled at her as he gave her a short nod. "Don't worry I had the same feeling. They were a little loud and it also got to me. So what can I do to help here".

"Wel we are going to have our last meeting tonight. It isn't much only what we will be doing in the coming weeks and who will do what. Now to be honest I don't think those two will wait until the date we have set, so we have to prepare ourselves for anything".

"So you want to have me write it all down again," Nolwenn told him as she placed pens and papers at the table where she would be sitting.

"Yes, we have to. I have to keep my promise to Narcissa" Harry said as he saw her look up. "We had to promise her to keep you as far away from trashcans as we can".

"PPFFF, just one slip and I will never live it down" Nolwenn huffed and levitated the table up so Harry could clean under it. It was not long after it they were placing the tables and laughing together as they repaired the room. Normally a house elf could do it but Harry always said he could do some stuff himself. It was something Nolwenn liked about him. It was also the thing the house elves liked about him. They were grumbling about him doing too much and taking away their jobs. But it was also the one thing they appreciated the most about him. As they sat down to rest for a minute Mini popped in.

"Yous is working too hard. Yous is taking away job of us house-elves. Yous is bad master".

Nolwenn looked on as Harry looked down at his house elf. "You want another master then".

"Yous is a bad master, Mini has to teach you manners".

"So you don't love me anymore," Harry asked.

Mini looked up at him and huffed. She walked away and straight to Nolwenn grumbling about Harry doing too much. When she got next to Nolwenn she looked up. "He is too goods for us House-elves. He is making us rest but don't tell him. Or it will all go to his head". Nolwenn looked up and saw Harry smile. He had heard every word she had said. It was also an argument that happened once a week and always with the same outcome.

before Harry or Nolwenn could say something Mini had placed tea and some sandwiches in front of them. As they eat in silence they waited on the family. Nolwenn looked on as everyone started to drop in. The first to arrive were the centaurs. After them, she saw some Vampires. She knew they were here but she had not seen any of them before. As she looked on she realized the friends had built themselves an Army as big as the one they would be facing. It was sure the other side would also have vampires. That wasn't a real surprise because there were always clans that would fight each other and a war, was a wonderful opportunity for them to do it.

She also saw a couple of Veelas walking in. Those were the ones that were the leaders of the clan that was staying here at the Peverell grounds. They were also the ones that were running the spa. When she looked back she could see Harry standing next to the centaurs. She could not really hear what they were talking about but she could hear the words young once save at the grounds. She thought back and knew the friends had planned on bringing everything that was young in the forbidden forest to safety at the Peverel grounds. As she thought about it, they might have already done it. It would be something for them to not wait any longer than they had to.

It was now again she saw Werewolves and House-elves taking a seat at the table. It was also slowly filling up with other people. Some she had seen at the castle and knew that they were the leaders of the groups that were there. When Poppy walked in she waved her wand over Harry. Nolwenn had to smile at it. She always did it just to see if he was still all there. It was now that the rest of the Family walked in with the Goblins in front. Nolwenn stood and went to her own little table to sit behind her writing stuff. When she got there she could hear Harry mumble that it were always the same people they had to wait for, before they could begin. "Stop it, you cheeky bugger,". and Nolwenn sat down next to Luna and her own Narcissa.


Daphne stood and looked around the table. She could see that everyone had arrived. A lot of the people they wanted to have with them when they reformed the ministry after the war, were all here to hear it all. It made the things she had to say now that much harder. "Thank you all for coming" she started. "We are here to have our last meeting before the war. I hope there will be a lot after it but we don't know. So today we will tell you our plans before the big fight".

Daphne sat down as she looked around and Hermione took her place. "I think they talked about this before," Minerva said to Isabella while Amelia dropped her head on the table.

The friends laughed as Hermione started. "Now we have talked about the battle at Hogwarts. We will be standing on guard four days before it. We will not put away the thought those other two would pull a fast one. And we will be prepared for it. Now however we have some good news. Harry has gotten the Veelas who had joined Voldemort and Grindelwald back to our side. So they will not have the Veelas at their side anymore and it is one less obstacle for us to fight. Bella and Gabrielle have taken it upon themselves to get the rest of them to stand with us" Hermione smiled as she thought back to the story of Bella and Gabrielle.


Bella had been released from Poppy and made her way back to the others. In the doorway, they had looked on as Gabrielle had played with everyone. She did see the little frown she had when Harry had no reaction to her Allure. From Bella and Daphne, she expected it. They were in love with Harry but Harry should have had a little drool running down his cheek just like Neville did. It was then that she remembered he was immune and he was really immune to every Veela. As she dropped her Allure she laughed on the inside when the family was told who she was. It was at that point Bella and Gabrielle told about the ambush they placed on the Veelas who had connected themselves with Voldemort and Grindelwald. She also told them about how Harry and she got them back to their own side. It was there they had learned how the Veelas that had connected them to the two were staying far away in one of the Colonies, just to be in a safe place for themselves. So She had to get them in line and Bella went along to help her.

"So tell us how is it that you two came back in the middle of the night, and not sooner".

Arabella asked as she held Bella close to her. She had not been worried because Harry and Daphne had told her they didn't feel any pain after the one cut on her cheek. The did feel a good feeling so she knew her little Bella was alright.

Bella let go of her mother and sat down next to Harry and Daphne. "Ohh, you should have been there. One moment we were standing with you all near the Veelas. The next we were a ball of flames and on the other side of the world. Those Veelas had been hiding near Peru. Gabrielle felt them and she knew where she had to go just by feeling them".

They all looked at Gabrielle and she just smiled. "We appeared right in the middle of the camp. They were not in fancy houses so they were roughing it. I still don't know what it means but it was what the Veelas spoke about. Now the moment we appeared most of them dropped at the sight of Gabrielle. They hung their heads and bend all the way over to worship her. The ones that had joined the bastards did not and they attacked Gabrielle.

So Gabrielle protected the ones who were bowing down to her. I did what I had to do and fought off the one that attacked her. It was sad really. I had them down without throwing a spell. I got nicked on the cheek when I stumbled away from a claw and hit a tree. I wasn't really hurt but Gabrielle thought I was and changed on the spot. She did not change into her phoenix form but into her avian form. This time she was twice as big and literally breathe fire. Not only could she throw them but she could breathe it. She was awesome. Those Veelas didn't do anything they were just looking at her in fear".

"So they are back with us," Daphne asked.

"No, I burned them, they are no longer with us" Gabrielle snapped as she thought about that moment. "They have betrayed the Veela nation by going against the wishes of the queen. The last queen had said we would stay out of the war and they had gone against it. They not only went against her wishes but they tricked other Veelas to fight when they didn't want to. So the normal punishment was to be expelled from the colonies. But they tried to attack me telling me I wasn't the real queen so I had to prove it and burned them from the inside out. Only a Veela queen can give them a burning. Now only I have the magic for a burning day thanks to my magical fathers". and Gabrielle smiled at Harry as Felix appeared on his shoulder. For every other Veela, it is only a burning. It did not hurt them because Veela fire doesn't hurt a Veela but it did burn them up, literally".

end Flashback.

Hermione snapped out of her thought and went on. During the trip of Gabrielle and Bella, they got all the other Veelas back to our side again. So that was one thing we accomplished before the fight. It still isn't everything we wanted to do but it is a start. No, what we want to do next is to go out and deal with things for ourselves. We will go on the hunt for the army of Voldemort and Grindelwald. They will be in hiding just like the Veelas were and we now know where that is. We only have a couple of weeks to go. It will be a battle most of us have only heard about".

Hermione sat down as Susan stood. "What we will be doing could be dangerous but we want to see who will be fighting for him and who we could get to our side. If we can we will make the battle in our favour as much as we can. If we can't we might try to fight them before that one day. Now we know they won't fight fair. They would not so we don't either. If they do, then it will be their own fault".

Some of the Adults stood and wanted to scream something but Neville went over them. "Yes, we would play fair if we could. But why would we with an enemy that doesn't do it either? If you say they might then boo hoo for them. Grindelwald wanted you to play Dueling dummies for Voldemort. Was that fair? He played on all your feelings for good. So that you were all ready to lay down your life for nothing. We did too but no more".

Only half of the adults kept on standing but before they could go off Bella went ahead. We are sorry but there will not be a fair war. They have already killed kids, by just coming to shore. Now that was the one thing that made us think about this. So we will be doing it their way in our own way". The adults that had been standing were now sitting down. The friends all knew what they were thinking about so Bella went on. "Like we have said before we will first look at everything they have. We might do something but we will not be doing it alone. We wanted to ask all of you to come with us. We will be travelling in pairs, one of us with one of you. At first, there will be a stakeout before we do anything".

Bella sat down as Harry took the floor and started to walk around. The first person he stood behind was his own grandmother. "Tomorrow we will all have a task to do. I will go with my grandmother to the werewolves. I will take a werewolf with me so we have someone who can tell us about the happenings. We know that the leader is grayback and we want to see if he is there. Like Bella said we only go for a look. If we have to handle something there we will do it later and together".

Harry stepped on and behind Amelia. "Amelia will go to the ministry. She will have the biggest delegation with her. Sirius, James, Alice and my mother Lily will go with her. While the three of them have a look around the ministry. Lily and Alice will go into the Unspeakable quarters. We know croaker is still down there because none had seen him after the day Voldemort took over. He must be jamming the door in some way. They can't go in as long as he keeps changing the locks on it. So we will get them and everything they need out of there. The biggest part of the basement of Hogwarts is empty and it will be there for them".

Harry walked on and stepped behind David. "David and Dan will go with Bella to the trolls. They are not the smartest but we just have to know where they are. For them, we have a solution, but it will cost us a lot of alcohol. If we can get them drunk long enough they will not be able to fight. But we have to know before we can get them the boose".

Harry walked on again. "Neville will go with his father" Frank smiled but Harry did not see the sadness James showed on his face.

"You have fucked up. he loves you but he does not trust, easily. So give him time. He is giving you a very responsible thing to do" Sirius told him.

"Frank and Neville are going to have a look at the houses of the Death Eaters of the inner circle. They will take muggle stuff from dan so they can look at it from very far away. A camera with a very big lens on it". Harry had to say it this way or Frank would not understand it. Neville on the other hand had taken the cameras as a second nature to him, so he would handle the cameras when they are there.

Harry walked on "Daphne and Hermione will go with Fleur and Gabrielle to the Giants. Isabella will go with them. Like Frank and Neville, they will look at them only. All we are going to do is observe and wait for what we can find out.

If we can stop the battle before it starts we will. We can take Malfoy's manner and have the battle there but only if we have more in numbers than they have".

As Harry walked on he stopped behind Susan. We know Voldemort and Grindelwald have some Goblins left. So she will be going with Bogrod and a couple of warrior Goblins to have a talk with them. They don't have a real leader so they are just ready to lay down their life for a fight. We know this because it is the Goblin way. If you have nothing to live for. Dying in a battle will give you the honour you need to go on. It does not matter if you fight for the good side or the evil side. It is the getting killed in the fight that brings it".

It was after he stood behind Narcissa he got to the last part. "The last that will have a part, are Narcissa and Nolwenn. They will have a job to do here at the castle. I have told Nolwenn about it and Narcissa has to handle it as she sees fit".

Nolwenn wanted to say something but Luna spoke up. "You have to go with Narcissa. You will have a big part in it. It is also the only thing that will be handled tomorrow. The rest will be later and we will all see it in the Pensieve. Tomorrow we will leave at dawn and return two days later. It will give us all a day to handle it all and see it the day after. For now, let us have a drink and a rest".

"Get the lady a big bowl of pudding" the friends shouted as Mini popped up next to Luna with a big bowl of pudding.

This was it again for this week. See you all the next time.

A happy new year and a very good 2023 for everyone.

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