I do not OWN(I wish I had..) FullMetal credit goes to the author of the anime.

Chapter 1.A wish has come true..but with consequences.

It's a beautiful night,I am watching my favorite anime,FullMetal Alchemist.I always wanted to practice alchemy,but I know that it can be very hard...and it's not possible.I finished watching the last episode,I started to think if alchemy really existed?
What if Amaestris existed...?I searched on the internet for transmutation circles,praying for this to work.I finished,I put my hands on the ground and a blue light was like..thunder.I knew it,it actually worked!When I looked closer to the circle...
it was a Human Transmutation circle.I did the taboo.

I wake up in a room...and in front of me I see a gate.A giant gate..looks like it's made out of stone..
It looks identical to THE GATE,from FMA.I look closer...and I spot him ,with his grin on the face.Truth.

T.-Hello,Ayam(My name).You know who I am?
A.-Yes, am I doing here?-Trying to be as serious as I can.
T.-Well..you practiced alchemy,and not an easy one..you did the taboo.
A.-And I have to pay a toll.
T.-EXACTLY!Hah.-His grin appeared.
A.-Well...I want something from you.
T.-What?What do you want?
A.-I want you to send me to the FMA world,and in the place where Winry Rockbell is.
T.-Haha..you know you have to pay a bigger toll for that,right?
A.-Yes.I know...I offer you my leg..and my spleene.
T.-I take it,alchemist.
A.-Alchemist?...What do you m-...
That's where I stopped talking,as black hands caught me.I didn't fight back.I knew this is destiny.

I wake up without a leg..,blood is all over the I look up,It seems like I am in Amaestris.
Next to me is a girl..she has blond hair and sea-like blue is beautiful.I knew who she is... next to her is...Ed...wait.
It's not 's Alphonse..,his is he doing here,with Winry?Together?

Wow...I can't believe I written sucks doe:) Sorry for mistakes,english isn't my native language.

Anyways,I hope you guys like first fanfic..and sorry for that cliffhanger :)