Summary: Li's mother is still falling ill and the Li clan has decided to look to an unconventional source for help. They look to Eriol Eli Moon. Now Eriol's on his way to Hong Kong, but while he's there, he begins to look back at memories of his first days in Reedington.

Origins Of A Sorcerer:

Episode 1- Arriving in Hong Kong

A peaceful day was passing by in Reedington. But he wasn't there on this day. He didn't enjoy those bright, peaceful days too much, anyway. He had more of a taste towards the dark and the macabre. He had grown up studying magic and perfecting his sorcery. At age 18, he had gone farther in his development than he ever dreamed of. In fact, he had become so skilled that an entire family was now turning to him for help. Things had changed so much since he was younger. He had matured into an amazing sorcerer.

His name was not Harry Potter.

His name was Eriol Eli Moon.

He never expected to receive any kind of call from the Li family. But apparently, the ailing Yelan Li remained ill and there appeared to be no signs of her recovering. What was even worse was the fact that her illness remained a mystery. Doctors have been baffled and the rest of the family has been helpless. All they could do was keep her resting comfortably, but her condition has been slowly deteriorating. With no one else to turn to, they turned to Eriol.

After receiving their call, Eriol made the arrangements to fly out to Hong Kong. A few days later, the day came for him to fly out to Hong Kong from Reedington. With two one-way tickets, Eriol boarded his flight at the crack of dawn.

Now, he found himself inside a plane, looking outside the window. As he watched the white clouds pass by, he began to wonder what the next few weeks would be like. It was difficult for him to say goodbye to Madison, even though they were both going through their share of tiffs. He didn't know when he would return to Reedington or if he would even get the job done.

The only thing Eriol knew for sure was that he was the Li family's last hope. The Li clan fully believed in him, as one half of Clow Reed's incarnation, that he could fully heal the mother of Li Showron.

The good thing was, he wouldn't be alone. He had his two faithful guardians at his side. One of them, Ruby, was seated right next to him. She had taken the form of an older girl, who had now reached age 24, to blend in with Tori Avalon and Julian Star, the false form of the guardian Yue. Her true form was the butterfly-winged guardian, Ruby Moon.

There was also Spinner, a little feline creature that easily blended in as a stuffed animal. He was an intelligent thing who passed his leisure time by enjoying literature and other books. He was one of the quieter guardians, unless he had gorged through sugary treats. Sugar had the potential to turn Spinner completely wild. His true form was the mighty winged panther, Spinner Sun.

"I never get tired of these plane trips," Spinner noted, as he kept his nose in another book.

"Will you hush?" Ruby whispered. "Somebody could hear you."

"I'm just saying, it's been years since our last plane trip. Haven't you missed the view?"

"I have," Eriol said. "I remember our first plane trip. And I remember what happened when we got off our first plane…"

Flashback: Reedington Airport

P.O.V.: Eriol Eli Moon

This was a whole new world for Eriol. It was the first time he had been away from England. He wasn't familiar with the land of Japan. And the journey wouldn't be an easy one. He hadn't come for a vacation. He came because the time had come.

Eriol didn't think the time would come so soon. He knew his time would come the moment the rightful candidate passed the Final Judgment. The time was here. The candidate was deemed the rightful holder of the Clow Cards and now was the time to truly put her to the test. It was time for him to put his powers as the incarnation of Clow Reed to use.

Of course, while Eriol walked through the crowd, he began to notice that he his party had separated. He looked left and right and found no familiar faces.

"Ruby? Spinner? Where'd you two go?"

Not seeing any signs of either of his two guardians around, Eriol doubled back and went back the way he came. After walking through the large crowd, it didn't take him long to see exactly what the problem was. Ruby Moon, in her false form as a teenage girl, had been halted by airport security. The two guards were searching through all of her luggage and had stopped to inspect…a small stuffed animal.

"I don't want to tell you two how to do your job…" Ruby began.

"Then don't!" one of the guards snapped.

Eriol sighed and walked up to the guards. "Excuse me, gentlemen, she's with me. Is there a problem?"

"Your friend here can't seem to go through the metal detectors without setting them off," one of the guards answered. "It took some effort to get all the metal off her, including her earrings, the ring on her finger, her bracelets, and her watch."

Eriol groaned. "Ruby, I told you not to bring all that stuff with you!"

"Oh…but it makes me look so cute," Ruby whined. "And it makes me look like a natural woman, don't you think so, Master?"

"Master?" one of the guards repeated curiously.

Eriol chuckled nervously. "She always calls me that. It's because I'm…uh…Master Eriol Eli Moon, third degree blackbelt. And this young lady here is my apprentice."

The other guard looked at Eriol closely. "You're a little young to be a third degree blackbelt."

"Would you like to try me?" Eriol growled.

"No, sir. No need for a confrontation here," the first guard cut in. "We're just…having a look at this curious little stuffed animal your apprentice brought with her. We swore we just heard it talk."

Eriol sweatdropped. "Why…OF COURSE it talks! It's…a talking toy, don't you know."

Eriol picked up little Spinner, who had been placed on a small table. He started poking around his stomach, hoping the little one would take a hint and say something. Finally, Eriol got the idea to pull on Spinner's tail.


"See? It talks."

The second guard leaned in. "Hmm…so it does. Does it say anything else?"

"Why don't we find out?" Eriol grinned. He pulled on Spinner's tail and waited for him to say something else.

"Somebody needs their head examined."

"Hey, was that thing talking to me?!" the guard demanded.

The first guard slapped his colleague in the back of his head. "Don't be silly! It's a toy! How could it be talking directly to you?"

"Exactly," Eriol nodded. "Now if there are no more problems with my young apprentice, can we go?"

"Yeah, I guess you're good to go. Just don't bring so much jewelry next time around. That's what your luggage is for."

Eriol waved Ruby over while Spinner peeked over at that second guard and stuck his tongue out at him.

"Hey! That thing stuck its tongue out at me!"

"You need a break, don't you?"

Eriol groaned as he just took Ruby's hand and tried to walk through the crowd, hoping to avoid any more run-ins with airport security.

"That was quick thinking, Master," Ruby noted.

"This isn't exactly my idea of blending in," Eriol said in his deeper voice. "You almost blew our cover. I warned you about bringing that jewelry!"

"But it DOES help me blend in. Remember? I'm supposed to be a girl."

"You're getting a little TOO into your role," Spinner pointed out.

"And YOU are supposed to stay quiet," Eriol snarled through gritted teeth. "You almost blew our cover, too! You're supposed to be a stuffed animal!"

"Sorry, Master."

"So are we headed to our new home?" Ruby asked.

"Not just yet," Eriol answered. "It's time for us to take a look at what we'll be doing during our time here. It's time we pay the chosen one a visit."

Ruby scratched the back of her head again. "What was her name again?"

Eriol chuckled. "Her name is Sakura."

Coincidentally, Eriol finished his retrospection just as the plane landed in Hong Kong. Everyone was clearing out of the plane, including Eriol and his two friends.

"I hope you two have learned something from that first experience," Eriol nagged. "I don't want any repeats this time around."

"Don't worry about a thing, Master," Ruby said confidently. "Nothing like that will happen again."

Just as Ruby said that, it was time to walk through the metal detectors. Eriol walked through his without incident. But sure enough, when Ruby walked through hers, it set off the machine's infernal warbling.

"Step over here, ma'am," a female security guard said.

Ruby stepped over. The guard frisked her and heard loud jingling. She started shaking Ruby furiously and dozens of articles of metal jewelry fell from her pockets.

Eriol could only stand there and slap his forehead. "Not again!"

Night had fallen. After the fiasco at the airport terminal, Eriol felt lucky to have even arrived at the Li family home. It was a virtual fortress, surrounded by solidly constructed walls that reached up to the heavens. With Ruby and Spinner still maintaining their false forms, there seemed to be no way in.

"Is there a front door to this place?" Ruby asked.

"I can scout the place if you want, Master," Spinner suggested.

Eriol shook his head. "The Li family is going through a troubled time. You can't blame them for exercising extra caution. But I should be able to get us in. Here's a little spell I've been working on lately."

Eriol relished these opportunities to try out new spells. So he brought out his large staff and waved it over himself and his guardians.

"Now walk forward."

Eriol and his guardians had no problem simply walking through the wall. The transparency spell worked. They had made it into the Li family home.

Ruby looked around. "This is a pretty big place, Master. Any idea where to go?"

"We've got all night," Eriol answered. "Let's start over there."

An hour later, Eriol and his guardians had come up empty. There were no signs of any members of the Li clan anywhere. As they continued through their search outside, Ruby stopped when she saw a wooden dummy outside.

"Hey, check this out! I've seen one of these before."

Spinner flew over. "Of course you have. It's a Mook Jung. It's what martial artists use to practice their moves while simultaneously learning how to defend themselves."

"Really? I love these things! Watch me, Spinner!"

Ruby started striking the wooden dummy, creating an impressive display of strength, quickness, and agility. The dummy didn't strike her back once. As impressive as it was, Eriol soon grew tired of it.

"Ruby, enough! You're going to attract attention!"

"Oh, Master. But there isn't even anybody…HEY!"

Ruby turned around just in time to see someone, covered by the shadow of night, come running up to Ruby and leap in with a kick to her chest. Ruby got knocked back with only the Mook Jung to break her fall.

"How dare you break into these hallowed grounds!" the female voice shouted. "Get out of here or I'll wipe the floor with all of you!"

Ruby got to her feet. "That dummy really hurts! You'll pay for that!"

Ruby was about to change into her true form, but Eriol held out his hand.

"Ruby, no!" he commanded. He turned to the woman still in the shadows. "We are not intruders. We have been called to help Yelan Li. I am Eriol Eli Moon."

The woman stopped in her tracks. "I THOUGHT you looked familiar!"

The mysterious woman finally stepped out of the shadows and revealed herself.

It was eighteen-year-old Meilin Rae.

Eriol's eyes widened. "I remember you!"

"We didn't see too much of each other in the past," Meilin said. "But I know who you are…the reincarnation of Clow Reed."

"HALF his reincarnation," Eriol corrected.

"Doesn't matter. All that matters is that right now, you're our best hope. Please, come take a look at Yelan."

Eriol allowed Meilin to lead him over by the hand while Ruby tried to pick herself up and put the Mook Jung dummy upright.

"Hey! Wait for me!"

"So you're the sorcerer Li and Sakura told me about," Meilin said. "I never pictured you as half the reincarnation of Clow Reed when I first saw you all those years ago."

"To tell you the truth, it took me a while to cope with all of that, as well," Eriol replied. "Believe me, when we first met, I wasn't half the sorcerer I am now. I may have put Sakura through a lot back then, but I was learning, too."

Meilin stopped and gazed into the sorcerer's eyes. "You know…I haven't had much time to talk to Avalon these days. And I've never heard…well…your side of what happened. I'm sure you've got a lot of stories to tell. You interested in sharing?"

Eriol thought about that. He would be awfully busy trying to help Yelan, but getting his past out in the open during his breaks didn't sound like such a bad idea. The only fly in the ointment was that telling his stories would take a while.

Of course, he didn't know how long he would be in Hong Kong.

"Well…sure. I see no harm in it."

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