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Chapter 5- Change


Naruto was barely able to stop himself from falling, and quickly moved his left foot to another pole to help steady himself, Sui-Feng having already backed away from him. He had heard stories about how fast the Captain of the 2nd Division was, but this was his first time seeing it in person, and Naruto realised that they really didn't do her justice. Naruto had always had a fast Shunpo, one that had only improved since he started training with Captain Unohana, but the short Captain in front of him was in a league of her own.

Deciding he would need to find better foot, the blonde jumped to another pole, keeping his eyes fixed on his opponent. But the moment his foot left the pole he had been stood on, Naruto gasped as a small, but powerful foot shot into his stomach. Coughing as he was sent flying back several feet, Naruto was just able to grab a pole with his free hand, his feet on two separate poles and stopping him from hitting the floor.

Unfortunately, before he was able to pull himself back up, Naruto was once again kicked in the stomach, the force of which made him lose his grip and fall to the group with a loud thump. Groaning in slight pain, he used a pole next to him to help pull himself up, Kurama somehow still in his hand.

"First rule of fighting, never give your opponent time to recover, take every advantage you can get. There is no such thing as honour, it is an illusion and lie created by weaker minded people who wanted others to think the same as them, in a fight you do whatever it takes to win. Now get back up here, we go again, and this time don't just let me hit you!"

Naruto fought to keep his raising bloodlust down, both her words and the fight making it stir inside him, his blood pumping slightly faster at the thought of fighting her again. A few years ago, this would have been enough to make him lose control, but not anymore.

Quickly doing as he was told, Naruto jumped back up, making sure he had better footing this time. But again, just like the last time, Sui-Feng appeared right in front of him. This time however, instead of aiming a swing at his chest, she came in low and kicked his legs out from under him.

Flipping in the air, Naruto used his free hand to push off of a pole and throw himself away, slashing at the Captain with his sword as he passed and making her retreat. Instead of landing on two pole, Naruto instead balanced himself on one with a single foot, wobbling slightly as he tried to keep his balance. He watched as Sui-Feng did the same thing he did, only with a lot more grace, before once again disappearing.

Reacting quickly, Naruto turned to his left just in time to see her reappear with her blade poised to strike, and instead of trying to bloke her with his Zanpakuto, used a skill Unohana had taught him. Lifting his hand, the blonde Shinigami struck the side of the blade, letting it run down the metal slightly before pushing it away just before it hit his side.

It worked perfectly, diverting the Zanpakuto and momentarily throwing Sui-Feng of balance, but not enough to make her fall.

Using the moment to his advantage, Naruto pivoted on his pole, spinning around to build up momentum to slam the butt of his sword into the back of her neck. Or he would have, if the short Captain hadn't already Shunpoed away from him, appearing about twenty feet away on a different pole.

"Better, but still not good enough, your reaction time is slow, and your balance is sloppy at best. I was expecting better from Captain Unohana's prise student…"

And with those words, Naruto lost the fight against his bloodlust, his eyes widening and a large grin appearing on his face.

"You want better…I'LL GIVE YOU BETTER!"

The pole under his foot exploded as Naruto jumped off of it, splintering into a thousand pieces as he launched himself at the still frowning Captain. Just as he was about to slam into her, Sui-Feng bent backwards at the waist at an impossible angle, and kicked up as he passed over her head.

Naruto was thrown up, but didn't even grunt at the pain, and as he came back down started to spin in the air. Unable to time where his Zanpakuto was because of the spinning, Sui-Feng was forced to Shunpo out of the way of the falling blonde, just as he landed on the pole she had been standing on.

This time, instead of letting the Captain close the distance Naruto move in, splintering the pole he was stood on yet again. By this point his body was starting to be covered by a red shroud, his Spiritual Pressure reacting to his bloodlust, and was trailing behind him slightly as he charged.

Aiming a strike at Sui-Feng's shoulder, which was easily blocked, Naruto used his free hand to grab her by the wrist before she could Shunpo away again. Grunting, Naruto swung the smaller Captain, and threw her to the side.

Moving quickly while she was still in the air, he then flipped his Zanpakuto so he was holding it like a spear, and threw it at her airborne body. Only for her to flip in the air, avoiding the flying Zanpakuto, before kicking it as it passed under her. Shunpoing forward, Naruto caught the blade before it hit the ground, then Shunpoing back again to avoid the double kick aimed at his back.

Both coming to a stop on opposite sides of the room, Naruto suddenly seeming to have no trouble finding his balance on the poles now, they both raised their Zanpakuto at the same time as Naruto ran his hand along the blade.

"Hunt, Kurama!"

"Sting all enemies to death, Suzumebachi!"


The moment she saw the look in his eyes, Sui-Feng knew it wasn't a spar anymore, having been warned by Unohana that this could happen. But honestly, she had not believed the blonde in front of her could really have a bloodlust to match Kenpachi, at least not completely without seeing it with her own eyes.

And that was exactly what she was seeing right now.

She also noticed the fact that he wasn't having problems balancing on the poles anymore, and his Shunpo speed had increased slightly, though still not to her own level. This was what she had wanted to see, his true potential, the thing that made him such a feared fighter.

It was one thing to read a report, but another to see it with her own eyes, and Sui-Feng always trusted her own eyes over others. Other people missed important details, or simple didn't think them so and forgot about them, but she had spent years perfecting her observation abilities.

When she saw him about release his Shikai, she quickly made to follow his action, knowing that even though she was a Captain she wasn't all powerful. Having spent hours reading reports about the blonde, she knew that it would only take a single drop of blood, and after that nothing mattered. One drop of blood and Naruto could kill anyone, no matter how much stronger or faster they were then him, a skill she would admit to being a little jealous of.

It took her Shikai two strikes to kill, and until he came along that had seemed to her a powerful ability suitable to a member of the 2nd Division. But after hearing about the 'Hunt', she had started to doubt the efficiency of her Shikai, and that only made her angrier. While her Bankai was a one hit kill, it was much too flashy for her to every willingly use if she could avoid it, and even then the thought made her frown.

Watching as the red aura around him disappeared, one that had made her think of a fox based on the shape it had taken for some reason, Sui-Feng's eyes took in the form of the blondes Shikai. From the hundreds of thousands of red needles that made up the armour on his arms, to the scythe like claws on the ends of his fingers and the long tail swishing behind him.

The sight of it made her smirk slightly, and just made her all the more determined to have him in her Division.

It was this ability, the power of his Shikai, which Sui-Feng wanted in her Division. The power of the 'Hunt', as the reports claim he called it, the power to never lose your mark once you got a single drop of blood to touch the metal. After all, along with everything else they did, the 2nd Division was in charge of keeping the others in line, reporting directly to the Central 46. With someone like Naruto working with them, their job would be all the easier.

With a deep, animalistic growl, the blonde Shinigami charged towards her. His Bloodlust had taken a noticeable drop after releasing his Shikai, but had also started acting wilder, his mind seeming to become closer to the animal his Shikai was based on. He was still in control, but Sui-Feng noticed his eyes change slightly, from a berserker to a hunter.

Despite herself, the look in his eyes sent a pleasant tingle down her spin, her stomach flipping slightly as they landed on her. But she was able to brush it off easily, bringing her own Shikai in front of her face, preparing for the fight to continue.

Normally, Sui-Feng would be the first to attack, using her speed to close the distance and control the flow of the fight. But not this time, she knew that with the needles currently covering his body like armour, she would be putting herself at risk of being cut. The only way he would lose that defence was if her cut her though, whether that was because he couldn't without the blood or not, was unknown. But from what she had read in the reports his Shikai, when the needles were released, would touch nothing but their target.

It was this fact that lead Sui-Feng to believe the needles were only able to attack something when they tasted its blood, a key weakness that she was going to use to her advantage, because it was the only one she was able to find. Every Zanpakuto had a weakness, no matter how strong, you just had to find it.

For two minutes the two Shinigami stared each other down without a word, Sui-Feng with a frown on her face, and Naruto with a snarl. Neither had so much as twitched the whole time, the only movement being the rise and fall of their chests as they breathed, not even daring to blink.

But then it happened, the slight tensing of the blondes legs, an action the Small Captain had been waiting for. The moment he disappeared in a Shunpo Sui-Feng flipped backwards, knowing she would not be able to block him with her small Shikai, and kicked out as she did. The moved worked, and the moment Naruto appeared in front of where she had been stood he was met with a kick to his chin, knocking him back.

Landing on her free hand, Sui-Feng used his moment of confusion to close the space between them, tapping her bladed finger against his chest. Only to be forced back herself when his tail came from between his legs and tried to bat her away. A moment later her black butterfly mark appearing, even over his clothes.

She also knew from reports that even brushing against the needles was enough to leave a scratch, and that was all he needed. In a one on one fight, Naruto would always have the advantage, because the only way to get passed his defence was for the Hunt to be activated, and the only way that would happen was if he had your blood. But once he had your blood it was the end, because there was on way to stop it, not even killing him.

Using her small body, along with years of training, Sui-Feng was able to bend and twist out of the way of the tail before jumping away without being touched. The needles rattled loudly, as if angry that she had avoided being hit, before settling back down. But Naruto seemed to have taken her earlier words to heart, and instead of giving her time to regain her bearings, closed the space between them and slipped at her with his clawed hand.

Once again bending away from the strike, Sui-Feng once again put space between them by Shunpoing away, the attack missing her chin by an inch. It was at this point that Naruto finally seemed to notice her Mark on his chest, the frown that crossed his lips making a smirk appear on her own, as the blonde scratched at the butterfly.

Unfortunately the smirk was quickly wiped away when, with a loud rattle, needles started to move across his body from over his shoulder, covering his chest and the mark. She also noticed that his tail seemed to have shortened by a foot, and the rattling had gotten even louder now that they moved with his breathing.

Frowning, having not known he was able to move the needles at will on his body, Sui-Feng lowered her stance a little move in preparation for her next attack. However, before she could move, Naruto Shunpoed out of her line of sight. Quickly turning on the spot, the short Captain could only growl in frustration when she couldn't find him, her eyes darting from place to place quickly.

The only thing that saved her was the rattling that came from under her feet. And without taking the time to look, she Shunpoed away just in time to avoid the tail that shot up from between the poles.

Her eyes widening slightly, Sui-Feng turned her attention down, and saw Naruto swinging between the poles with ease. He was using hands, feet and even his tail to dart in and out of her sight between the poles, moving faster than he had while trying to run on top of them.

Her frown quickly returning, she once again jumped to the side to avoid the tail as it came at her, only to Shunpo mid jump when several needles shout out in every direction. Reappearing, Sui-Feng watched as the needles moved to about ten foot away from the tail, before stopping in mid-air for a second, then shooting back to their previous place.

The sight brought a small smirk to her face.

So without blood ten foot was the limit, and from the way the needles were shot in every direction, he had little to no control of the direction they move. In fact, all the needs had moved in a straight line out from the tail, before moving back in the same way.

With this new bit of information, Sui- Feng quickly thought up a plan, her eyes narrowing as Naruto jumped back up to stand on the poles. Jumping forward instead of using a Shunpo, the short Captain stopped herself nine feet away from the blonde. He tried to close the space between them, but every time he did she would jump back, keep it the same.

This continued for several minutes, Sui-Feng playing cat and mouse with the blonde, though the fact she was normally the cat was making it a little hard. She could see the frustration on his face every time she backed away or avoided the needles he sent at her, and when it got to the point he was actually growling, sent him a confident and mocking smirk.

It had the effect she wanted, and with a grunt, Naruto crossed his arms in front of his body, before throwing them out. This had the effect of making every needle shooting out of his body at the same time in every direction, leaving his body, and most importantly her mark unprotected.

Jumping forward, Sui-Feng twisted her body while in the air through a small gap in the charging needles, landing on her free hand. Quickly pushing off, she then flipped into the air, landing on a pole right in front of the blonde, and thrust her bladed finger towards his chest, only to stop an inch from touching her mark.

"Dead, I win…"


They spared several more times, though Naruto wasn't sure how long they had been in the training ground, each time the small Captain winning.

After cleaning up the poles he had broken, Naruto was lead back to the Captains office, where he was told to sit and keep quite. While finding this odd, the blonde really didn't want to risk the woman's wrath, so decided to just do as he was told.

He watched as Sui-Feng started to fill out a report, though he didn't know what it was about, and work through her paperwork for about thirty minutes without making a sound. Not even when she had someone come in and take the paperwork she had just completed, with the order to take it to the Captain-Commander, before the masked Shinigami Shunpoed out of the room with a nod.

When that was finally done, she leaned back in her chair with her arms crossed, and her usual frown on her lips. She seemed to take a moment to observe him, her eyes boring into his face, before finally speaking.

"You will be here every day at 6am, from now until I say otherwise, for training. Once we have finished working on your base skills, Captain-Commander Yamamoto has instructed me to begin training you to achieve Bankai, which will take even more time. But for now, I have arranged for a room to be prepared for you in this Barracks."

Getting a confused expression on his face at the last part of her sentence, though the whole Bankai training thing was news to him too, Naruto sat up a little straighter in his seat.

"But Captain Unohana told me I would remain a member of the 4th Division, why would I need a room here?"

His answer was another frown, before Sui-Feng gestured for him to look at the clock on the wall, making his eyes widen when he saw it was 2am. They had been training the whole day, and most of the night it seemed, without him even noticing.

"It is three hours passed curfew, I cannot allow you to leave the Barracks, and so you will need to stay the night. Tomorrow we will continue your training, I have already ordered several of my subordinates to change the training room by morning, so it will be a different obstacle."

"But…what about my Vice-Captain responsibilities!"

"Isane-san will be able to pick up the slack while you are training, and we will put aside a day for things other than training, we both will still have to attend meetings after all. The room his five doors down the hall on your right."

Without another word, Sui-Feng turned her attention back to the papers on her desk, silently telling him to leave. Unable to think of anything to say, Naruto got to his feet and left without a word, closing the door behind him.


"I will not sit by as you try and steal my Vice-Captain anymore Captain Sui-Feng, this stops now!"

"I am merely doing as I was ordered to by the Captain-Commander, training him because you couldn't, I have done nothing wrong!"

Standing with her arms crossed under her chest, her usual smile missing from her face, Unohana glared at the smaller Captain. It had been a month since Naruto had started training under Sui-Feng, and so far the short Captain had been keeping him very busy, so busy in fact he had almost no time for his Vice-Captain duties.

It was for this reason that Unohana had come storming over to the 2nd Division Barracks, her Spiritual Pressure bringing anyone that crossed her path to their knees, before braking the door to the office down. She had known exactly what the woman had been trying to do, and wasn't going to just stand by and let it continue, not without a fight. Naruto was her Vice-Captain.

Now here they were, in Sui-Feng's office, the woman of her ire sat behind her desk and returning the glare.

"Don't try and play dumb with me, you've had your eye on Naruto-san since you first learned of him! I was at the meeting when you requested him to be transferred to your Division."

Shooting up from her seat, the smaller Captain slammed both her hands down onto the table between them, Sui-Feng's face started to turn red.

"He shouldn't even be in the 4th Division in the first place! You know that! Everyone Knows that!"

"So you admit it, you are trying to take him from my Division…"

"YES! He is being wasted in your Division training others, when he could be in the field!"

"It was his choice to join the 4th Division, not mine, and it is a choice I choose to respect!"

"This is a Military operation, we do not have the option of 'respecting his choices', when we are at constant war with the Hollow. He is a fighter, not a medic, and not a teacher!"

"That is enough, from both of you!"

Both their eyes widening at the unexpected voice, Unohana turned to see Captain Yamamoto stood in the doorway, leaning on his walking stick as he glared them both down. Quickly bending at the waist, knowing that Sui-Feng would be doing the same, Unohana stepped to the side as the elderly Captain-Commander moved to stand in front of the desk.

"I had a feeling something like this would happen, though I had hope I was wrong, but now it has come to this…"

Shaking his head, Yamamoto looked from Unohana to Sui-Feng, before turning his back on them both.

"I am calling a meeting, come to the Captains Hall and bring your Vice-Captains, Hell Butterfly's will be sent to the other Captains with the same message."


"…excuse me?"

Captain Unohana had come to get both him and Isane, telling them that a meeting had been called, but not what it was about. He had been surprised when they were led to the Captains Hall, because unless they were in a state of lockdown, it was rare for the Vice-Captains to be present for a Captains meeting. When he saw that all the other Captains and Vice-Captains were also already there, and all of them were looking at him, Naruto had a bad feeling.

A feeling whish had only been confirmed when, instead of standing behind his Captain like the others, Naruto was directed to stand in front of the Captain-Commander in the middle of the room, all eyes on him.

He also didn't miss the way a certain insane Captain grinned at him, a small pink haired head peeking out from over his shoulder and waving at him, smiling.

But whatever he had been expecting, the words that came out of Yamamoto's mouth were not it, and he could only stare at the man in both shock and confusion.

"Uzumaki-san, as of this moment, you are being removed from the 4th Division."

"B-but then where am I being place…I like the 4th Division, I don't want to be moved…"

"Unfortunately, the choice is no longer yours to make, and as to your first question…you will not be placed in any Division…"

Seeing the confused expression on not just the blonde's face, but those of everyone in the room, Yamamoto banged his staff on the ground to stop the muttering that his words had brought.

"The fact is Uzumaki-san, that despite you still not being at Captain Level, you are also too powerful to be a Vice-Captain anymore. That along with your potential for the future, has led to infighting within the Gotei 13 over where you should be, and I cannot allow this to continue…"

Gulping loudly at the man's words, Naruto took a step back when he started walking forward, slowly closing the space between them.

"You are not the first Shinigami to appear that has been…more advanced than others, and it is not the first time it has been cause for issue among the Gotei 13, but you will be the last…"


"With the permission of Central 46 I, Captain-Commander Yamamoto Genryusai, herby create a new branch within the Gotei 13 known simple as Demon Division. This group will be where all…advanced Shinigami that cannot be placed in one of the 13 Divisions, Shinigami with the raw power and potential to be Captains. And with the creation of this group, I name Naruto Uzumaki as the leader."

Naruto, along with everyone else in the room, could only stare with their mouths open. The idea of a new group within the Gotei 13…it was unheard of!

Blinking, Naruto slowly got down on one knee and bowed, unable to think of what to say.

"Of course, you will continue your training under Captain Sui-Feng, and until you reach Captain Level you are the leader in nothing but name. But I, along with Central 46, both have confidence that you will be able to achieve it."

Seeing that he was in shock, Yamamoto gave a light chuckle, seeming to find the reactions of all the people in the room highly amusing.

"I understand that this is a lot to take in, and that you will need time to adjust, so I will give it to you. A new Barracks will be constructed soon for you, and anyone else that is placed under your care, but until then you will remain at the 4th Division. Also, after your training with Captain Sui-Feng tomorrow, I need you to report to my office at the 1st Division."

Unable to do nothing but nod, Naruto slowly got to his feet and left the room, seeming to move on autopilot. A new Division…he was being put in charge of a new Division, that didn't even have anyone else in it…

This was insane! He wasn't ready for something like this, he was happy in the 4th Division, and training under Captain Sui-Feng. But he couldn't refused the Captain-Commander, or the Central 46, no matter how much he wanted to.

And what did he mean the Captains had been fighting over him? None of this made any sense at all, why would they put him in a position like this, just because he had 'Potential'? What did Yamamoto mean about this happening before?

There were just too many questions, with no answers, and the only person who could give him the answers as the Captain-Commander.


The Captain-Commanders office was…traditional, that was the only way Naruto could think to describe it. There was a Bonsai Tree on his desk, perfectly cared for, with scrolls handing from the walls and a view of a garden outside the window. The desk itself was low on the ground, and instead of chairs there were pillows to kneel on, and an incense burner on the window sill.

When he walked in, Naruto was instantly guided to one of the pillows and handed a cup of tea, the old Shinigami already sipping from his own. For about five minutes, neither Naruto nor Yamamoto spoke, the blonde too nervous and the older Shinigami just seeming to enjoy his tea.

But just as Naruto was about to speak, Yamamoto let out a sigh and place his cup down.

"I understand that everything that is happening is hard for you to understand, Uzumaki-san, and that you must have a lot of questions. I will attempted to answer all I am able to, but hope you understand that there might be some things I cannot answer."

"Of course Sir, I understand."

Nodding, the old man lifted his hand, gesturing for Naruto to start.

"Why has a whole new Division been created?"

"Well, the fact is Uzumaki-san, you are not the only exceptional Shinigami that we currently have. Though you are the only one known to the entire Gotei 13, the others having been in hiding, most of them in my own Division. This new group will be their safe haven, along with your own…"

"I don't understand, why are they in hiding? The only reason I hid myself was out of fear of my Zanpakuto…"

Lacing his hands under his chin, Yamamoto's eyes lowered slightly, unable to look the blonde in the face.

"They are in hiding because I ordered them to…"

Seeing the confusion on the blondes face, the Captain-Commander released a deep sigh.

"The Gotei 13, Uzumaki-san, is only strong for as long as we remain united. There is a balance that must be kept between the Divisions, a balance that must be carefully controlled, or everything will fall to chaos. However there are people, not unlike yourself, that simple are born better than others. These people are a risk to the balance, because they are too powerful, and there are only ever 13 Captains and 13 Vice-Captains at a time."

Waiting a moment, the old man continued when he saw Naruto nod in understanding, taking another sip of his tea.

"Captain Zaraki is also one of these people, and had he not become a Captain the moment he challenged the previous Captain of the 11th, would have been forced into hiding. You however, slipped through my net, and found yourself in the 4th Division. The moment Captain Unohana came to me about you, I realised that things needed to change, or we risked chaos. It was because of this, the idea of the Demon Division was born, and the reason I had arranged for your intense training. Even your appointment to Vice-Captain, while not planned, was a way to train you so you would understand the process of leadership."

For a moment after being told this, Naruto could only stare at the old Shinigami, unable to think of anything to say. Though it had answered a lot of his questions, and the idea he wasn't the only person that was considered a 'Special' case was nice, it took a bit of the pressure off if nothing else.

But that just opened up a new box of questions.

"Why make me the leader sir…as you said I am not yet Captain Level, and surly there is someone how is? Would it not be better to appoint one of them in my stead?"

"You give yourself too little credit Uzumaki-san, while there are a few that may be stronger then you are at this time, by the time your training his complete this will not be so. Each of the people being placed into your new Division are at least Vice-Captain Level, some even higher than that, but have no experience as leaders. You are also already a public face, one that is both acknowledged as for your strength, and strength of character. You are a natural lead, as shown by your training of the members of the 4th Division, something that makes you a better choice than someone that is more powerful…"

Naruto didn't miss the way the Captains voice seemed to trail off at the end, as if he was thinking about something important and hard to consider, and when the man realised the blonde had noticed he let out another sigh.

"Uzumaki-san, there is something you must understand about the people I will be putting in your care. They several of them have been in hiding for a long time, and it is hard for them to keep their power hidden, when they know they could make a difference. I have been trying to convince the Central 46 for years that if this continued, we may have an uprising on our hands…that they would rebel against the Gotei 13 for being forced into the shadows. Your appearance merely helped me tip the scale a little more, thankfully before it was too late, but I know there will still be bad blood between them and us. The other reason I am placing you in charge of this group…is because I trust you…"

With that last sentence, the full weight of what he was being asked to do came crashing down on Naruto like a ton of bricks. He wasn't just being asked to lead this group, he was being asked to help them, to help them out of their forced hiding places and into the light of the Gotei 13. The fact the Captain Commander himself had just told him that he trusted him with this responsibility, that he trusted him capable enough to lead these people, both terrified him and made his proud at the same time.

Remembering his lessons with Captain Unohana, Naruto shut off all other thoughts in his head, and focused at the task on hand. It had originally been a way to help him control his Bloodlust, but Naruto had found it useful in many situations, both in and out of combat.

Letting his features take on a more serious expression, his eyes hardening slightly, Naruto sat a bit straighter in front of the Captain. When he saw this, Yamamoto could only smile, knowing that the blonde had finally accepted his new role in the Gotei 13.

Nodding, the old Shinigami took five folders from under his desk, pushing them across to the blonde.

"These files hold the names and information on the five Shinigami that will be the first to join the Demon Division, handpicked by myself from those that volunteered, this was a condition of the Central 46. For the time being, only these five will be allowed under your care, and after you reach the rank of Captain others will be allowed to join. You will be required to pick someone from these five to be your Vice-Captain, though it can wait until after you have become more familiar with each of them, so take your time and pick wisely."

As he was listening to the old man's words, Naruto had reached over and taken the files, looking at the names of the people he would be working with and memorising their faces.

Shikamaru Nara

Gaara Sabaku

Temari Sabaku

Mei Terumi

Kakashi Hatake


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