A great Fall

Summary: Instead of Bran, it is Catelyn who walks in on the golden twins. They flung her from the window, but unfortunately for the Lannisters, Catelyn lives … and talks.

Based on this prompt: Instead of Bran, it is Catelyn who walks in on the golden twins. They flung her from the window, but unfortunately for the Lannisters, Catelyn lives … and talks.

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1) Bran, get down here! (Catelyn)

"Damn it Bran, where are you?" Lady Stark thought to herself as she frantically looked for her son. She had been looking for her young son for the best part of an hour but he was nowhere to be found. He was not in his chambers nor was he playing with Rickon. She had asked Arya and Sansa but they had not seen him either. She had asked her husband, Robb, Maester Luwin, but nobody had seen him. She could ask the bastard, she knew, but she didn't really feel like it. She would find Bran herself.

"Lady Stark, can I help you?" she heard a soft timid voice behind her.

"Not unless you can fly" she replied coldly to the boy standing behind her. Jon Snow. How she hated that name. Everything about the boy made her itch. He was living proof of her husband's infidelity. She had been shamed beyond repair and her husband had had the gall to ask her to live with that shame. Most bastards were raised by their mothers away from their highborn fathers. Why Ned wanted to raise the boy himself she would never know. The whole Jon Snow affair had caused a rift in their marriage in their early years. Now, most of her animosity towards the boy was gone, replaced by coldness and basic disregard for each other. Jon Snow and Catelyn Stark always tried to avoid each other keeping their conversations to a bare minimum.

"Are you looking for Bran? When the hunting trip was cancelled he told me he was going climbing. I saw him going towards the East Tower. I can help you look for him if you want" Jon continued softly.

"That's alright Jon. I appreciate your offer, but I can find him on my own. Just go about your business. Thank you" she replied with as much politeness as she could muster.

Having the royal party visiting Winterfell had created quite an upheaval. She appreciated the feasts and the parties that came with it since they rarely held such events at Winterfell, but did not fully approve of the cost of such visit. And she definitely did not like the effect it was having on her family: Ned was feeling uncomfortable both reminiscing on his youth with Robert Baratheon but also seeing how his childhood friend had changed; Arya hated the fact that she had to wear dresses and behave like a proper lady; the boys were having a hard time dealing with Prince Joffrey, an arrogant brat; and she herself was feeling a bit out of place trying to both please the Queen and appease her own family. Sansa seemed to be the only one actually enjoying this. She was born to be a Lady and having the royal party around was making her giddy. She loved playing with Princess Myrcella and felt elated every time her eyes found Joffrey. Jon Snow also seemed to be enjoying the royal visit. He knew that being a bastard he had no place at the table with them, but that did not seem to bother him. He was actually enjoying some time off and apparently hanging around with the Queen's brother, the Imp. He had expressed his desire to leave with Uncle Benjen to the Wall, something Lady Stark was not really opposed to. Ned and Benjen both seemed to think it was a good idea as well.

The Royal visit had also created an internal conflict between her and Ned. After the death of Jon Arryn the King had asked Ned to go to King's Landing to serve as Hand of the King and proposed a betrothal between Sansa and Joffrey. She knew it was a great honor, but it came with a hefty price. Ned would be going south taking some of the children with him: Sansa so she could marry Joffrey, Arya in the hopes that being in the court would somehow change her wildling ways, and Bran so he could become a squire and hopefully a knight. Great honor, yes, but the price was too high. They would be separated for a very long period, something both she and her husband dreaded.

All the men were supposed to go hunting today, but with the King being indisposed after last night's feast, the hunting trip had been called off. If the men had gone hunting, Ned would have probably insisted on taking Bran along and now she wouldn't be going mad looking for him.

"Bran!" she yelled again, but to no avail.

There he was; she finally saw him climbing again. He loved climbing the towers and, gods be good, he had never fallen. He had a knack for it. That didn't mean she would not worry about her young son.

"Brandon Stark, get down here right now!" she yelled at her son.

"Mother look! I made it to the top floor!" he replied.

"Climb through the window and get inside. I'm coming for you!"

Obediently, he clambered to the nearest window and stepped in. Catelyn walked into the tower herself and ran up the narrow staircase to the top floor. As she was getting close she heard moaning and panting. Fearing her son had gotten hurt she rushed up the stairs. She could hear two people and soft thuds coming from behind the door of the small cellar at the top of the tower. Was Bran fighting with anyone? There shouldn't be anyone up there as far as she knew. Quickly she pushed the door open and was immediately taken aback by what she saw: Queen Cersei and her brother sharing an intimate moment siblings were not supposed to share. Mouth agape and lost for words she stood paralyzed at the door. The twins looked at her and immediately ceased their activity.

"Stop her, don't let her get away!" Cersei yelled at her brother. Naked as he was, Jamie reached for Catelyn but she managed to run away at the last second. "Get her!" the Queen yelled again. Jamie lunged forward and caught Lady Stark by the hair and pushed her to the floor.

"Lady Stark, you shouldn't have come" Jamie said.

"Jamie, kill her. She'll tell everyone about us" said Cersei.

"I can't just kill her. We're guests at her house. Robert will be furious."

"I don't care about Robert. I just care about us and the children. If she tells, everything we have built will be ruined"

"I won't tell, I promise" said Lady Stark.

"Jamie, throw her through the window" Cersei continued, ignoring the pleas of the woman on the floor.

Jamie grabbed Lady Stark by the hair. She tried to fight back but Cersei punched her in the stomach ending her futile plight. Cersei punched her again as Jamie dragged her to the window.

"Oh, the things I do for love" he said as he gave Catelyn a final push.