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8. Epilogue

The Courtyard was swarming with people, horns were sounding and banners were flying: the Royal party was leaving Winterfell. Most of them would be going to King's Landing, except for Jamie who was headed for The Wall and Cersei who would spend the rest of her life at Casterly Rock.

"You can't do this Robert!" she yelled. "Jamie, do something, you can't just let them do this to us."

"Cersei shut up" said Tyrion quietly. "This is embarrassing enough as it is. Don't make it worse."

"Embarrassing! What do you know about embarrassment, dwarf? Do you have any idea how much you embarrass the family, you monster? Freak! Vile creature!" she yelled back at her brother.

"Cersei, shut up, please" Jamie asked her. "We were found out. Stop it please" he pleaded abashedly.

"Craven! That's what you are! I thought you were brave! Am I the only lion here? The only one with the guts to stand up for myself? The only Lannister? And remember this Robert, and you Stark, all you Starks including the lying bastard: a Lannister always pays her debts" Cersei was raging.

"You want to pay your debts, start by paying Ned Stark for all the furniture you broke last night in your chambers with that crazy fit you had" Robert admonished her.

"No need, Your Grace, My Queen" said an apologetic Ned.

"She's not your Queen any more, Ned. She's going to Casterly Rock, whether she wants to or not. One more outburst and you'll be joining the Silent Sisters" Robert warned his wife. "Just get in the damn carriage and shut your mouth or I'll have you gagged"

"At least let me say goodbye to my children" she asked.

Robert motioned for Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen to approach their mother. After a tearful goodbye the Lannister children returned to their spot by the Starks. Myrcella and Tommen would stay in Winterfell as wards and Joffrey would be returning with Robert to King's Landing.

Between three guards they were able to subdue a hysterical Cersei and got her in the carriage. Her screams could still be heard from within the vehicle.

Once Cersei was settled, Robert turned to his friend.

"Ned, I am sorry for the mess we have caused. I really appreciate your hospitality. Please remember you and your family are always welcome in my home."

"Thank you, Your Grace" said Ned bowing courtly.

"Thank you, Your Grace" echoed the Stark children.

"Last chance Ned, do you want to act as my Hand?"

"No, Your Grace, thank you. I respectfully refuse your offer, Your Grace."

"Well, it was worth a shot. Besides I've already written to Stannis. He is to meet me in King's Landing in a month. Take care, Ned. It was good seeing you"

"Likewise, Your Grace" replied Ned as Robert turned and headed towards his own carriage.


Once they had left, Ned walked towards his brother Benjen. He was getting ready to leave for The Wall taking a captive Jamie Lannister with him.

"We're getting a real knight, for a change" Benjen told Ned nodding towards Jamie. "I'm glad Jon is not coming. It's not a life for him. But if he ever wishes to join us, the door is open. We could use more men."

"It was good to see you brother"

"Likewise Ned" he replied and gave his brother a long tight bear hug. "Say goodbye to your wife"

"I will, brother."

Benjen turned to his nephews and hugged both Jon and Robb.

"Lady Sansa" he said and kissed her hand gently.

"Lady Arya" and he made to kiss her hand but instead he tickled her silly.

"Uncle, stop it" she cried in between laughs.

He then approached both Bran and Rickon and lifted each boy in one of his arms.

"We'll miss you uncle" said Robb.

"I'll miss you too. You be good now. Always listen to your father and mother."

He kissed them again and turned towards his horse. He got on his horse and motioned for his men to follow him through the gate. The portcullis came down behind them marking the end of the Royal visit to Winterfell. Yet, it was not just an ordinary visit. Many things had changed. But what had not changed was the way the Starks feel towards each other.

The Starks, a loving family plus a motley crew of bastards and wards.



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