Thank you for reading, fans! Because I'm a jerk, instead of writing a first chapter, I'm just writing an exposition page and expecting all of you to WAIT for me to write the real first chapter! Mwahaha! This story is based off of the DC Injustice: Gods Among Us storyline, as well as my fanfiction "Hawkeye: The Series". Here's some necessary info:


•Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye

•Barbara "Bobbi" Morse, aka Mockingbird

•Steve Rogers, aka Captain America

•The Vision

•Janet Van Dyne, aka Wasp

•T'Challa, aka Black Panther

•Pietro Maximoff, aka Quicksilver

•Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man

•Remy LeBau, aka Gambit

Other Heroes:

•Bruce Wayne, aka Batman

•Tony Stark, aka Iron Man (retired Avenger)

•Bruce Banner/The Hulk (retired Avenger)

•Carol Danvers, aka Mrs. Marvel (retired Avenger)

•Hank Pym, aka Ant-Man/Giant-Man/Yellowjacket

•Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch

•Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow

•Richard "Dick" Grayson

•Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl


•William Cross, aka Crossfire

•Eric Williams, aka the Grim Reaper

•Wendy Conrad, aka Bombshell

•Eric Magnum, aka Magneto

•The Joker

•Garfield Lynns, aka Firefly

•Basil Carlo, aka Clayface

Characters who haven't appeared in "Hawkeye: The Series" (YET) who might still show up:


•Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow

•Emil Blonskey, aka the Abomination

•Amora the Enchantress

•Skurge the Executioner


•Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man

•Hal Jordan, aka Green Lantern

•Kal-el, aka Superman

•Diana, aka Wonder Woman



•The X-Men in general

•Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man ll

•Nick Fury


I know the basic idea for the plot, but it's not set in stone. Suggestions are welcome.