Chapter 2: Broken Seal and Unexpected Meeting

Lucy's home

Lucy's POV
In a hurry I pack all the things i absolute need and are important to me. Like the letters to my mother and the last letter that my father wrote to me. I pack them all in a small backpack. When I was all packed i go to the landlady. I knock on the door and the landlady answers the door.
"Here is the last rent. You may do what you please with the stuff in my room. I am going away to a new beginning", I say. The landlady smiles at me sadly and nods. "I will miss you Lucy, good luck with your new beginning". I give a nod and wave goodbye.

Time skip of 5 hours in the Forest of Starlight
I am finally in the forest, after walking 6 hours in foot I am finally at my birthplace. The Forest of Starlight, it has is name because it is always dark, the only light that there is, is from the stars. Here is where I was created. (No not like that perv's) And it's the perfect place to have the seal broken.
I will camp here tonight, and wait for tomorrow. Finally I will have my true power, but he will come back is my last though as I drift off to dreamland.


I was standing together with the others. Facing our biggest enemy. He was one of our own once, but he has betrayed us. We had to stop him before he would devour the world in to darkness and pain. We, the gods, were responsible for the mess. So we had to clean it up. It was a long battle. And we hold our ground, until our last breath. But it was to long. I saw the others fall beside me. Only I was left standing. I was hit hard in the stomach. Gasping for air, I was gathering my last powers.

Come, Spiritus of Levitate and Tenebris

Hear my plea

Let your power shine

And punish those who have done wrong


This spell sealed him away, but also my powers. That was the price to pay for the spell. And then everything went black.

When I woke up I was in the hands of beautiful lady. Who resemble me a lot. And i noticed i was a change into a little baby. She, Lalya took me in together with her husband Jude. And named me Lucy Heartfillia.

I woke up and notice that the stars are gone. That means it's the next morning. Soon the seal will break. Suddenly I hear something and I look behind me. I am surprised that I see it's a human. I am confused there should be no one here. And it isn't any human, its Laxus.

''What Laxus?! What are you doing here?''

Laxus POV
I see a person, that's weird there should be no one here.

''What Laxus?! What are you doing here?'' I hear her saying. She seems familiar. Then it hit me! It's Lucy!

No one's POV
''What are you doing here Blondie?'' Laxus said.
''Don't call me Blondie, you are blond too you know. And I asked you first.'' Lucy replied.
''Well I am here because I am traveling when I was banned from the guild, and I just one of the many forest I have seen in my travels'' Laxus said.
''Oh I guess I am doing the same. Yesterday I was kicked out of Team Natsu and replaced with Lisanna after they ignored me for six months. So I left the guild. Now I am traveling and waiting until the seal is broken.'' Lucy said.

Laxus POV
I am shocked. Blondie was kicked out of her team and replaced by Lisanna. Wait Lisanna was dead.

''Oh yeah you weren't there when everybody from the guild was transport to a parallel world named Edolas. I will explain. Well Lisanna hadn't dead that day. She was transport to Edolas and lived there with the Edolas Fairy Tail. But when we came there, because we had to save the guild, who were turned into a giant lacrima, of the king of Edolas. But that story is for another time. Well anyway she was also transport back with us to Earthland when we had done or duty there. And that is how Lisanna came back from the 'dead'.'' Lucy explained.

I was stunned, so she was alive all this time. Well I am glad that she is back but why did they kicked Blondie out of the team?
''Blondie why did they kicked you out of the team? And what seal were you talking about? '' I asked.
''Well they said I was weak and I hide behind my spirits. But they don't know the first thing about me. They only my human live, but when the seal is broken I turn back how I really look. And I get all my original powers back. I am really a goddess of Darkness and Light. You will see that in a moment, so please close your eyes for a second.'' Lucy said.

I was shocked again. Blondie is a goddess! What does that mean? And then there was a blinding light.

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Spiritus - Spirits

Levitate - Light

Tenebris - Darkness

Incarcero - Imprison