Chapter 3: Light

Lucy's POV
There was a blinding light coming from me. Laxus shut his eyes quickly. I feel that my power is returning to me. My hair becomes longer; my clothing is changing in to a beautiful purple and white gown. And my staff materialized in my hand. But there is something missing.

Laxus POV
When I open my eyes, I see Blondie in a beautiful gown and long blond hair. With a staff in her hand. I am shocked; she was telling the truth about being a goddess. She looks stunning. She was already beautiful, but now she gorgeous. Every man or women would be fall head over heels for her. Not that I would allow anybody to touch my Lucy. Wait what my Lucy? I barely know her. I have never really talked to her. But now I think about she is really gorgeous. No, bad Laxus!

"Well how do I look?" ask Lucy. "And I think you should close your mouth. You will catch flies like that."

Quickly I close my mouth. And I say "You look gorgeous." She has a little blush on her face. That is so cute.

Lucy's POV

"You look gorgeous." I hear Laxus say. I can't help but blush. Hope he didn't see that.

"Well did is my Light-form. For some reason only my Light magic is unsealed. I also have an ultimate form, but if a human sees that they will be perish on the spot. So lucky for you, that my other half is still sealed away." I say.

No one's POV

"So what are you going to do now?" Laxus asked.

"I have to defeat my old enemy, but it will be a while before he show himself. So I think I going to travel around Fiore. And what about you Laxus?" Lucy said.

"I was going on my way to Crocus, want to tag along?" Laxus asked.

"I will say yes to offer. The more the merrier right?!. But first we have to go to the Lake of the Moon, it's located in this forest. Is that okay?" Lucy asked.

"Sure lead the way Blondie." Laxus said.

"Don't call me Blondie, you're blond too you know. Well let be on our way now." Lucy said. "Oh yeah, don't get separate from me. If you are lost, you never find your way back. Luck I was born in this Forest."

"Hmmf." Was all that Laxus said.

And so Lucy began to walk to the Lake of the Moon. With Laxus following her.

Sorry that it's short. Lucy has only her light form now.

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