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Mt. Olympus

"C'mon Percy, you're moving too slow! Pick up the pace. You know how my dad gets when waiting for someone." The 12 year old Artemis cried.

Once she reached the doors of the throne room, the auburn haired, silver eyed girl with tan skin turned around to see her best friend —a raven haired, sea green eyed boy with tan skin — jogging towards the girl, not really worried about her father. "While that may be true for others; you're the exception Arty. Your dad always has a soft spot for you and let's you get away with anything. Why do you think that I'm able to be friends with you even though my father is Poisedon." The 13 year old Percy responded.

Artemis knew what Perseus said was true, her father, Zeus, was furious once he found out that she was friends with Perseus. Zeus would have killed Perseus too if not for Artemis asking him not to and Perseus being immortal.

They both entered the throne room to see the 10 Olympians staring at the two. Perseus walked over to the hearth next to Hestia who gave him a smile, while Artemis went over to stand next to Apollo since both would find out their domains today and be made Olympians. Once Apollo and Artemis were in the center of the throne room, the fates had appeared.

Perseus was curious as to what Artemis's domains would be. He could only guess that Artemis and Apollo would receive domains that were somewhat related to each other. Perseus had received his last year. He was the god of heroes, close combat, currents, and loyalty.

Perseus was brought out of his thoughts when the fates started speaking. The fates turned towards Artemis first.

"Artemis, you shall be the goddess of archery, childbirth, the moon, the hunt, wild animals, and maidens." Clotho said.

"Apollo, you shall also be a god of archery as well as the sun, music, poetry, prophecy, and healing." Lachesis said.

"Welcome your two new Olympians." Atropos announced.

~Time Skip~

Five years later

Artemis, along with the help of Perseus who had become like a big brother to the hunters, had recruited about thirty girls for her hunt. Perseus and Artemis were the only two gods that could interfere in mortal affairs. Though Perseus had more leniency in the Ancient Laws since he was the god of heroes.

Artemis and Perseus were in a field practicing on Artemis's close range combat. Artemis was using her hunting knives, while Perseus was using his daggers. Artemis asked Perseus for help in using her hunting knives since Perseus was the god of close combat.

The fight had ended once Perseus had pinned Artemis on the ground with both of his daggers at her neck.

"Looks like I win again, Arty." Perseus gave her a cheeky smile.

Artemis let out a frustrated groan. This was the 1000th time that he had beaten her, and she had barely gotten a scratch on him. She could always beat him in archery that she defintely knew. She tried to teach him once, and he had somehow gotten the arrow to hit his own butt. She had teased him about it for weeks after. But she could barely touch him whenever they did close combat training.

Percy helped her up before asking if she was ready to continue.

Artemis nodded her head before they continued once more. Five minutes later, Artemis was on the ground; but this time her own weapons were at her neck.

"I think that we need a break." Percy said after helping Artemis up. Artemis agreed before heading to the woods with her bow to blow off some steam.


Artemis was heading back to the camp when she came across a man shooting arrows at a target from 50 yards away. He had raven hair and tan skin. Artemis thought he was Perseus at first because they had the same hair, skin color, and build. But she quickly thought otherwise when she saw the man shoot the arrow and hit a bullseye.

She watched the man shoot for a while longer. The man would back up ten yards every five arrows. Artemis was impressed when he kept hitting the bullseye every time.

"That was very impressive." She spoke up, surprising the man.

When the man turned around, Artemis could see that he had eyes almost identical to Percy.

"Thank you. My brother was the one who taught me to shoot before his death." He said graciously, "May I know your name beautiful maiden?"

Artemis felt her cheeks heat up, but she was confused because she wasn't angry at the compliment.

"The goddess Artemis." The man was about to bow but she said stopped him. "There is no need to bow. Now what is your name?"

"Orion. My name is Orion." He gave Artemis a smile that made Artemis wonder why it made her heart race.

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