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A/N: I know what you readers and reviewers are thinking. Why did I stop writing Kids Gone Wild and What should be done? It is because I decided to roll all of my Aladdin stories into one. Well, not exactly. That will be explained later.

Summary: Jasmine and Aladdin have been married for eleven months. Jasmine finally gives birth to their son Jake.

"She has to be okay," said Aladdin.

"Of course she's okay, Al," Genie assured him.

Aladdin, Genie, Abu, Iago, and the magic carpet were in the throne room. Jasmine was giving birth to her and Aladdin's son in the medical room of the palace.

"I can't take this," Al started again. "Why did her father have to leave to Pakistan? Why is my father always out there somewhere?"

"Who knows? The point is that you're the king tomato now. We can party all night long," said Iago.

"Al, ignore the feathered foe," said Genie. "Jas is fine."

"How do we know that? What if she isn't? What if our kid isn't?" said Aladdin. He'd been pacing the entire time. Abu was watching him with annoyed eyes.

"The guy is gonna go nuts like this," said Iago, landing on Genie's shoulder.

"No kidding," Genie muttered back to him. "Hey, Al, we're here for you. Through thick and thin."

"It's not just the baby," said Aladdin. "I don't like it that my father and Jasmine's father just left. How can they expect us to rule an entire kingdom of people alone?"

Genie put his hand on Aladdin's shoulder. "It's a little thing called having faith in you. Jasmine's father has always believed in you. And your father definitely believes in you."

"You always know what to say," said Aladdin.

"And one more thing," said Genie. He conjured up some cigars. He popped one into Iago's mouth (which was pretty funny), Abu's mouth, Aladdin's, and his own. "You're having a baby!"

Aladdin laughed, taking the cigar out of his mouth. "Yeah. I guess I am."

Just then the much older doctor came in. He bowed to Aladdin. "Sultan, your wife has given birth to your son. They are both doing fine. You can go see them, your highness."

"Way-out!" cheered Genie. He conjured up large handfuls of confetti and tossed it all over. "Good going, Al."

"Thank you," said Aladdin to the doctor. Aladdin headed to where Jasmine had given birth. The beautiful young woman had a very warm bundle in her arms. Aladdin walked over to her. They kissed.

"Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, Aladdin. Well, for the most part I am. Look at our son," said Jasmine. She handed the baby over to Aladdin. He had very short soft black hair. His skin was a shade of light brown. His eyes were closed tightly.

"Jasmine, he's amazing. I don't believe it," said Aladdin. "It's incredible."

"Isn't it? I can't believe it. It feels like we just got married," said Jasmine.

"Jas, I love you," said Aladdin.

"Oh, I love you, too, Aladdin. With all my heart." They joined in a kiss.