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Summary: Jasmine and Aladdin's son could be in serious trouble.


"Aladdin," Cassim said, walking into the throne room.

Aladdin looked up from the throne. "Dad? I thought you were-"

"Being here is more important. What's been happening?" Cassim asked.

"A warrior named Jana came to help us. She and Genie are going around searching for the crystals of the seven desserts. The crystals will be able to stop that black freak out there," Aladdin explained.

"You have one interesting life."

"That's *one* way to put it."

"AHHH!" they heard someone scream.

Aladdin ran to the balcony. Oh, no! The shadow snatcher had just stolen the shadow of a young woman. Aladdin whistled for Carpet. They flew out of the palace as Jasmine walked in with Jake in arms.

"What is going on?" Jas asked Cassim.

"Nothing good, I'd say," Cassim replied.

Carpet flew as close as he could to the huge shadow. Aladdin was standing on top of the rug.

"Okay, you wanna absorb something? Suck on me," Al challenged. The shadow roared in his face. "Please. I faced a dancing hippo that was scarier than you."

"Aladdin," Jasmine yelled from the balcony.

The shadow snatcher saw her first. Aladdin turned his head slightly to see what it was looking at it. The shadow was staring at his son! Quickly the snatcher floated upward and headed for the palace.

"No!" Aladdin yelled. He took out his family dagger and stabbed the back of the snatcher. It turned back to Aladdin. Aladdin put his dagger back in the holster. "Don't even think about it." The shadow disappeared into the sand. "What?" Carpet flew them back to the palace balcony. Aladdin put his arm around Jasmine.

"What was that?" Jasmine asked. "Why'd you try to take him on alone?'

"It's not like I have a choice, Jasmine," said Aladdin. "But that shouldn't be our biggest worry. Did you see the way that thing looked at Jake? It's like he just was aiming for him. Not you. Not me. Just Jake."

"I hate to say it but being the son of Aladdin, the hero, isn't exactly the safest thing in the world," said Cassim.

"Wait. Do you think Jake could be in danger?" Jasmine asked.

"Yeah," said Aladdin. He took Jake in his arms. "We can't let anything happen to him. Not now or ever."

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