Episode 1: Shell

Three hundred and twenty years have passed since the Coven sank in the dark. A Rose: flower of blood. Red flames lick at the feet of the Damned, condemning them forevermore.

The city of Vale: a thriving modern metropolis. Night had fallen and most of the citizens were already home from work. Only the young and restless, or the incredibly shady stayed on the streets at this hour. A full moon lit up the sky as a bald headed man stopped at a vending machine to buy a drink. Ten meters away from him, hiding in the shadows, was Blake Belladonna. Garbed in her work uniform, she wore all black: black fitted trousers, a black dress shirt, black boots, and a long black trench coat. Around her neck was what appeared to be a glass crucifix with a thick green liquid contained within. In her ear rested the earpiece of a radio; fingering the on switch she whispered, "Mercury, I have a visual. He's proceeding on the predicted route as we expected."

"Roger," Mercury, the young, teen computer expert, said in return. "Don't lose sight of him. According to Factory records, he's a very powerful witch; we may not get a second chance." There was a moment of silence before he continued. "Jaune? Jaune, where are you? I'm not picking you up on the radio."

A rough cracking came over the radio for a split second. "Sorry," said Jaune, the rookie of the team. "I was on the wrong channel. I'm in position."

"Stick to the plan," Blake whispered. "Target is moving again." Slowly, she began to stalk the bald man. Everything was going exactly as planned. This was just another witch hunt. Then again, there was no such thing as just a witch hunt. Witches, by nature, were unpredictable when they were cornered. The plan was to take him down before he had a chance to use his power; catch him by surprise. But Blake had a slight power of her own. Many didn't really see it as a power; more like a strong gut feeling. Those who said as much, of course, were unaware of the fact that she actually had this power: the power to sense a shift of sorts. Usually she could sense emotion from touch, but on really rough days, her power would warn her of danger.

Tonight, her power was triggering on its own; something was wrong. She took a quick glance of her surroundings as she stalked the man; this was not the planned route that he usually took. "Mercury, he's taken a turn. He's changed directions just past the pharmacy; I have a bad feeling about this."

"What? Factory intel clearly states that he has a set routine that he's never once deviated from. Why would he choose tonight to change it up?" A moment of silence passed before Mercury cursed under his breath. "Quick! Do what you can to bring him down! He must have spotted one of you!"

Before Blake could respond, the bald man turned and faced her from ten meters away. She could barely make out a smile before he shifted his gaze to across the street. Turning around, he ducked into an alley and began to sprint. Jaune appeared from the alley directly across the street and gave chase of the target. "Jaune, don't! We don't have surveillance in there! It's too narrow!"

Ignoring Blake's warnings, he drew his pistol from inside of his black trench coat and turned the safety off. Confronting the witch in the alley, he opened fire. The witch paused in his run and shot a terrifying glare at Jaune; concentration filled out the features on his face. The bullets ricocheted off of the air around the witch, fragmenting into a green, sticky mass all over the concrete walls of the surrounding buildings. Using his power, the witch levitated a dumpster and threw it at the blonde rookie. Just as Blake warned, the Alley was too narrow to side step the dumpster. Thinking quick, he ran at the dumpster and slid under it.

Recovering and standing on his feet as quickly as possible, Jaune continued to chase the witch out of the alley and into a nearby street. To his shock, however, the witch was gone. The street was dead quiet and completely empty. "Damn it!" he yelled. "I lost him! I lost the witch!"

Turning to search another alley, Jaune never noticed the witch watching him from the roof of the building he stood next to. Though he looked intimidating enough in front of Jaune, he slowly backed away from the edge and leaned against a door before sliding to the ground where he sat quietly. Panic consumed him. "That man...he shot at me. A cop?"

"Not quite," sad a man's voice. Looking up, the witch saw a black clad man with long black hair jump from above the doorway and land in front of him, his black coat flowing gently from the wind. His gaze was calm and calculating, and his hands rested casually in his coat pockets. His black hair was only tainted by a few short strands of another, lighter color; he couldn't tell what it was in the darkness, but it looked to be a light red, or possibly pink.

The coat, however, was the same as the blonde man's; whoever they were, they were clearly working together, and that's all the witch knew at that moment. "Bastard!" he screamed as he concentrated his powers to rip the man limb from limb.

The man's coat started to billow violently in response, but he was otherwise unharmed. A green filled glass crucifix began to glow from around the man's neck. "Your powers are useless against me," he said.

The witch understood. He had heard about men like him before, but didn't think that they actually existed. Then again, he himself was a witch; a walking myth. So this man's existence shouldn't have been a surprise. "Are you...are you what they call a Hunter?"

The black haired man drew a pistol and aimed it at the witch's chest. "Probably." Without a second word, he opened fire, pouring four bullets into the witch.

The next morning, the early spring weather left the sky void of very many clouds, allowing the sun to shine and the flowers to begin blossoming. Peter Port, the grounds keeper for the Beacon Investigative Witch Hunt Organization, or BI-WHO for short, sat in his little cubicle sized front desk area at the gate to the property. He always thought that the long name for the company that employed him was silly, and while very few people knew what the name really was, or even what the organization did, most who lived in the area simply referred to it as Beacon. Often a topic of mystery, many were convinced that it was simply another government funded office that dealt with investigations; how blissful it must be to not know that witches were real.

Of course, Peter was no Hunter. Not anymore, at least. Once when he was a youth he worked for Beacon as a Hunter, but now that he was old enough to retire he decided to stay on as the groundskeeper. If only he'd known how boring that was. Sure, he was in charge of the janitor staff and the yard workers who kept the grass cut, but his primary job was to sit in the small front desk space at the front gate. Not even technically inside of the building. As one might expect, a witch hunting organization that keeps the truth about witches a secret from the public doesn't get too many visitors. So, he killed time by reading cheap magazines that one of the female janitors brings for him to read. Of all the things to take interest in, he was caught up reading his own horoscope. "Let's see," he said quietly. "Ah, Leo: Prepare for a chance encounter. Your lucky color is black," he read aloud. "Hmm."

Shrugging, he kept reading for another fifteen minutes before he heard a taxi cab come to a halt in front of the building. Glancing up, he saw a beautiful young girl emerge and pay the driver before she turned to face the building. She wore a black dress with a black and red corset, with a long brown coat overtop. Her hair was a dark brown, almost black, and her eyes were a piercing silver. Reaching into her coat pocket, she retrieved a scrap of paper; Port assumed that it must have been a hand written address. Nodding and feeling certain that she was at the right place, the girl carefully and shyly made her way to the door where Port was ready to greet her.

"How many times do I have to tell you!" Chief Torchwick yelled at Jaune. "Why must Headquarters insist on sending us fresh hotshots when we need extra man power? You fired three Aura bullets at the witch, and you missed. Do you know how difficult it was for the Factory to recover them? Or how expensive these bullets are to produce?"

Jaune simply looked at the floor, not willing to look the Chief in the eye. "I...I'm sorry," he said.

"You're sorry? Do you realize how much you harm us financially when you go charging after a witch and disregard orders? If this keeps up, we're going to get another complaint from the Factory! They may even stop sending us Aura bullets!" From the far side of the room, Chief Torchwick saw the door open; Lie Ren in his black coat and uniform, and Mr. Ironwood, the one most simply called Boss, entered the room. "Ah," Torchwick said, putting on a fake smile. "Don't worry, Mr. Ironwood. I'll have Jaune send a formal apology to both the Factory and to Headquarters. Rest assured that he will be punished accordingly."

Iron looked at Jaune with a friendly smile before turning to the Chief, saying, "That will not be necessary, Roman." He patted the Chief on the shoulder briefly before entering the conference room. "Mercury," he said, more sternly. "Come."

Mercury, who was sitting at his computer desk eating a bag of potato chips, stood up with one of his laptops and followed Ironwood into the meeting.

Ren caught Jaune's and Blake's eye. Nodding, the three began to enter the conference room. "I see Yang is late, again."

Jaune sighed. "I don't get it. Why is she allowed to be late everyday and not get in trouble, but I can't accidentally waste a bullet without getting yelled at."

"Well," Blake said with a teasing tone. "Yang doesn't waste two hundred lien equipment every time she fires an Aura gun."

"Like she's ever fired one before," he muttered in return. "Wait, are those bullets really two hundred lien a pop?" Nodding, Blake took her seat at the conference table. Jaune shuddered as he sat down, realizing just how much money he'd wasted the night before during the hunt.

Everyone was seated except for Ironwood. The Chief and his assistant, Neo, remained in the main area; they were not hunters, and thus had no business in the meeting. "Looks like Yang is late again," Mercury commented."

"It's fine," Ironwood said. "We can proceed without her for now. Let's get started."

Mercury nodded. Plugging his laptop into a port on the table itself, a large holographic projection appeared. A photo of a bald man, a driver's license, birth certificate, and a large twenty page document appeared for everyone to read as they pleased. "Indigo C. Lazuli; age twenty-five. He was our target from last night. Granted he caused a little unexpected trouble, you were able to apprehend him without injury."

"That's Ren, for you," Jaune said with a smile. Ren merely blinked at Jaune; to him, this wasn't a competition but rather a duty. He needed to catch witches before they hurt anyone.

Mercury nodded. "Well, Factory intel seems to have overlooked something. I happened to catch it this morning as I was reviewing the case files. Looks like our witch may have had a partner."

"A partner?" Ren asked. Outside, he heard the phone ring and Neo answered it, telling whoever called that there was a meeting in progress.

"Yeah." Typing into his laptop, the hologram shifted to show a different man: this one was younger. He had a silver mohawk and looked every bit the street punk. "Sky Lark; age twenty. He's been named the prime suspect in an unusual murder case by the local police department. They sent me an email this morning asking for Beacon assistance with the case."

"Was the body that odd?" Blake asked.

"It looked like it had been ripped apart. Kind of like how back in the day criminals would be drawn and quartered, except that there were no signs that his arms or legs had been tied to any sort of wench or pulley. It's almost like he was ripped apart by nothing. Sound familiar?"

Ren nodded as he pulled up Indigo's dossier once more. "This is rare: two witches expressing the same power."

Mercury smiled, clearly fascinated by the rare odds of this happening. "According to the Factory, Sky claims that he got his powers from Indigo. Of course, we know that this is impossible; it's simply a one in a billion chance that they developed the same powers. But there's a problem. I've been trying to track Sky all morning. I think he's caught wind of us now that he's lost contact with Indigo; I haven't been able to pinpoint his location."

Ironwood nodded in thought. "That's not good. He could very well try to leave the country."

"Once he leaves Vale territory, it's up to Headquarters to catch witches. And we all know how they hunt," Ren said.

"Right, Ironwood said loudly. "This is our highest priority for hunts right now. Put forth all of your efforts to apprehend Sky Lark. I'll not lose to Haven Headquarters; this witch belongs to Beacon, and we're going to keep it that way. Dismissed." Everyone began to leave and go to their own private work terminals to begin the investigation. "Ren, I need to speak with you in my office," Ironwood said lastly, and the two made for the elevator to go one story higher; the fourth floor.

"I'm sorry," Port said as he put the desk phone down. "Ren and the others are currently in a meeting, so I'm afraid I can't let you in yet. You're more than welcome to wait here, though."

The young girl smiled and bowed politely. "Thank you." Setting down a large trunk, presumably her luggage, she sat down on a nearby bench.

A powerful yawn reached her ears, and she and Port turned to see a blonde woman entering the gate and prepare to enter the employee code for the front door. "G'mornin, Port," she said with a drowsy tone.

Port sighed. "Miss Yang! What do you mean good morning? Do you have any idea what time it is? The Chief is gonna get mad at you again, you know?"

Ignoring Port, the woman, Yang, looked to her left and saw the young brunette sitting on the bench. "Who's that?"

"Her? She's a visitor here to see Ren. Now hurry, before you get into more trouble!"

"Oh," Yang said with a coy smile on her face. "So Ren goes for that kind of girl, does he?"

The girl simply tilted her head to the side, seemingly confused by this Yang woman. "What are you talking about?" Port said. "Hurry and get to work! Maybe if you're lucky the Chief hasn't noticed that your late."

"Right, I'm going. I'm going." Shuffling into the building, she entered the elevator and made her way to the third floor.

"A replacement?" Ren asked Ironwood. "Are you certain?"

"Yes," Ironwood replied as he tipped at his brandy that he had poured a few minutes prior. "It would seem that Haven Headquarters has finally acknowledged that we have a significant gap in our team. She's coming from Signal it would seem."

"A replacement," Ren echoed. "Six months after what happened to Nora?"

"So it would seem. And there's something else; she's a craft user."

Ren's eyes went wide with horror. The memory of Nora being consumed and destroyed by her own craft bubbled to the surface. "Why another craft user?"

"Yang Xiao Long!" Chief Torchwick yelled, startling the blonde. "Do you have any idea what time it is?"

"Uh...time to start the work day?" she asked innocently.

"You? Working? I'd laugh if the concept was any less absurd! Look, I know that you're father is a powerful man at Headquarters, but he insisted that we give you no special treatment. You come and go as you please and you barely do any work at all around here! If you don't start acting right, Xiao Long, you're father will have to find out why his daughter was fired!"

Yang looked at the ground sadly for a moment before smiling up at the Chief. "But I'm not fired yet, am I?"

At a loss for words, the Chief felt relieved when the phone rang. Grabbing it, he answered, "Chief Torchwick speaking. Huh? A young girl?"

"Oh," Yang said. "That's right; it's Ren's new girlfriend!"

Setting the phone aside for a moment, Torchwick stared at Yang in confusion before anger returned to his face. "Ren isn't here! He's already left! I know he's still here, damn it, just tell her that he's gone and get rid of her!" He slammed the phone back on the receiver and returned his gaze to Yang, prepared for round two of his lecture.

"I'm terribly sorry," Port said. "It seems they've already left for an investigation. I don't know how long it will be before they come back."

"I see," the girl said.

"You're more than welcome to leave your luggage here if you want to take a look around town. I get the impression that you're not from here."

She shook her head. "Not really, no. I did see a small cafe on the way here. Perhaps I'll go there."

"Ah, the Malachite Cafe? It's a local favorite. Great food, great coffee, and great deserts as well. Tell Militia that I sent you and she'll give you a deal. Name's Port."

"Thank you. I'll keep that in mind." Bowing politely, she left her luggage and made her way to the cafe. It was just a few buildings away, so it was a relatively short walk. At this point, it was just a little bit before noon when she arrived. However, she was surprised to find that the dining area was strikingly empty of any customers.

Shrugging, she took a seat where the waitress promptly arrived. "Hello," the young waitress said. Handing her a menu, she smiled happily. "What can I get for you today?"

The brunette nodded and briefly looked over the menu. "I'll have your soup special," she said. "And a cup of coffee." Bowing politely, the waitress in red left for the kitchen. While the young girl waited, she glanced around and took in the cafe's presence. Everything was pristine and clean, each table had a white tablecloth, and the architecture was very modern with a wide selection of artistic framed paintings and beautiful light fixtures. The center of each table held a plain white unlit candle. After a few moments, the waitress came back with the soup and the coffee and presented it to the young woman.

"Here you go," she said.

The brunette paced herself eating the thick, delicious soup. Once it was gone, she raised the hot coffee and started at add a creamer and several sugar cubes. The waitress, standing at the nearby bar, was watching the whole while. "Isn't that a bit sweet?" she asked.

"Not really," the young brunette said. "I've gotten used to drinking it like this. I used to work long nights, so I became accustomed to drinking it." Sipping silently at her coffee, she once again noticed how the red waitress was alone. "Does no one else work here?"

"No, it's just me. It's my cafe, after all."

"I'm surprised to find it empty. Your soup was delightful."

"Yes, well we don't get very much business compared to other places. But, we have a small, dedicated following here in Vale. The customers I do have keep the business alive and thriving. My name is Militia; Militia Malachite."

Nodding, the brunette smiled. "Mr. Port told me say that he sent me."

"Ah, you know Peter, I see." Militia stared at the young girl. "I beg your pardon, but your accent is interesting. Where might I ask are you from?"

"Well, I've been told that I was born in Vale, though I don't really remember it. I grew up in Signal. My name is, Ruby, by the way. Ruby Rose."

"So, it's young Ruby, then. Well, Ms. Ruby, how long will you be staying with us in Vale?"

Ruby shook her head. "I'm not the one who decides that. For a while, I think." Finishing her coffee, she placed the amount due on the table and began to leave.

"Well, come back whenever you like."

"Thank you," she said as she approached the door. "I believe I will."

Militia smiled, pleased with having made another happy customer. She turned to clean the table and paused suddenly. The once unlit candles were now lit, each one in the room flickering with a tiny flame. "That girl..."

"I see," Ironwood said on the phone. Ren stood in front of his desk, waiting to hear the news. "You are certain? Right. Thank you." Hanging up, he turned to Ren. "It seems our replacement took a different plane than the one Headquarters booked for her; she's already in Vale."

"Well, it's not that surprising," Ren said passively.

"No, it's not the first time Headquarters has screwed up and given us wrong information."

"Does she even know where we are?"

"I would assume as much, otherwise she wouldn't try to move on her own." Sighing, Ironwood stood up, and the pair moved to the elevator and rode it to the third floor to inform everyone of the situation. Ren, Jaune, and Blake all left soon after to begin the hunt for Sky Lark, with Mercury sitting at his terminal feeding them information.

The Chief became immediately upset. "Why on this earth does Headquarters always do this to us? Why can't they send us some sensible Hunters who can do what they're told? I'm still suffering from their recruitment of Jaune last year, and now we get this girl!"

"Wait, the replacement is a girl?" Yang asked, having barely paid attention.

"She's only fifteen as well! Why is she so young? A girl who's barely potty trained is going to be our new hunter!"

Yang laughed nervously, causing Ironwood to pass her a glance. "What is it, Yang?"

"The replacement...might have been that girl from this morning," she said.

"W-what?" Torchwick said.

Ironwood nodded and called the front desk from the Chief's desk. After asking Port some questions, he hung up. "The girl who came to see Red was in fact our new hunter."

"I am terribly sorry," Torchwick said. "I'll send someone to fetch her for you, if that's okay."

"No need. I have an idea of where to find her. I'll pick her up myself."

"What? No, sir, I could never dream of putting that much trouble on you. Let me send Yang instead. After all, she's just lazing about while the other Hunters are out investigating."

"Hey!" she protested.

"That's true...she can come with me."

"What!?" both Yang and the Chief exclaimed.

Ren and the others were already in their respective cars, following Mercury's leads. "Seems our new hunter is being tracked down by Yang and the Boss." he said to Ren.

"That's an unusual combo," he mocked. "Any luck on Sky?"

"Yeah. There's an old warehouse he used to work at in the industrial area. There have been several reports of a man coming in and out of it during the night when it's supposed to be locked up. It's likely that he's hiding out there. I'm sending you the blueprint to your phone."

Ren switched to speaker phone and looked at his inbox, where he found the file. Looking over the blueprints, he nodded. "Did you send it to Blake and Jaune?"

"And to the Chief, should he need to forward it to the Boss. Want to get the hunt on?"

"Tell Blake and Jaune to meet me there. We're catching this witch."

Hours later, night fell over the city again and the three hunters waited at the doors to the warehouse. Jaune checked the magazine and air pressure of his Aura gun. "All good," he whispered. Picking up the Aura pendant, the green filled class crucifix around his neck, he made sure that it wasn't going to slip off; just in case the witch were to get a jump on him.

"Everyone ready?" Mercury asked. They all said yes over the radio. "Move in quietly. With any luck, the witch won't know that we're here."

Ren nodded as he picked a lock and moved up slowly, checking his corners along the way. "I'm in," he whispered. Ren couldn't see Jaune, but he knew that he was on the other side of the warehouse with Blake not too far away from either of them.

"This is odd," Mercury whispered. "If he's here, the witch is being really quiet. I'm not reading any activity."

"What about this is normal?" Jaune asked over the radio. A moment later, there was a loud thud followed by Jaune's startled, short cry.

"Jaune!" Ren yelled, following the sound until he found him.

"I'm fine," he said. "I just slipped in some sand." Ren looked at the ground and noticed a small pile of sand under Jaune's boot, some of it sticking to the underside of the boot.

"Don't scare me like that, Jaune!" Mercury complained.

Glancing around quickly, he noticed several organized sand structures on the floor, forming a sort of witch alphabet of symbols. "A craft! The witch is here!" Reaching for his pistol, he suddenly felt his feet leave the floor as he hovered horizontally before being thrown into the nearby scaffolding. Looking at his own boots, Ren saw a light brown glow emanate from the sand that was stuck to the bottom. He grabbed his Aura pendant and saw that the green liquid wasn't glowing. "The Aura isn't working properly!" The scaffolding was about to collapse on him, so he quickly rolled away. Standing up, he saw the young man with the mohawk glaring at him; the witch was right in front of him.

Jaune stood and raised his gun to the witch, but the witch levitated a pallet jack and threw it at the blonde, forcing him to try to dodge. He found, however, that the sand on his shoes wouldn't let him budge, and he was soon knocked backwards by the solid steel jack, bruising some of his ribs.

"Damn you all!" Sky yelled as he lifted another pallet jack. Suddenly, to his surprise, his jacket sparked into a small flame. The lapse in concentration forced him to drop the jack to put out the fire. He looked to his right and saw the young brunette, Ruby, standing confidently. "What the hell?" Slowly she approached him. "Get away from me!"

Exerting his power, he willed her body to be torn apart. An explosion of fire appeared before her, seemingly stopping some invisible force that originated from the witch. "You've written your craft in the sand on this land; I have re-written it for mine. This is my field."

Ren look and saw the sand behind her was now an organized circle again containing different symbols than before. "A..craft user. The new replacement?" Sure enough, true to her word, Ren noticed that the sand on his boots had fallen off and was no longer glowing; the witch no longer controlled his craft. Now it's just his regular power we need to worry about.

"Go to hell!" the witch cried, but suddenly he found himself on fire once more. Fire erupted from nothing all around him, setting crates and bags and shelves on fire as well as himself. Burning, he charged the young girl. This shocked her initially, but she was soon shocked again when she heard the sound of compressed air being fired threw a gun barrel.

Glancing, she saw three black clad Hunters standing around the witch, firing green liquid filled bullets at him. Soon, he lost consciousness and collapsed, his jacket still burning. The blonde grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher and put him out while the black haired girl pulled out a device of some kind. "He's well below the red line; he's out. Hey, Mercury, you can send in the Factory guys."

"Right. Another hunt successful."

Ruby stared at them in confusion as several men in white hazmat suits entered and put out the remainder of the fires before tying up the witch and dragging him to a black military van. "What are you people doing?"

Blake met her gaze in smiled. "Hey," she said. "We're the Beacon Investigative Witch Hunt Organization; Beacon for short. Unlike back at headquarters, however, we hunt witches without killing them. In some way, you could say it's more humane."

"You must be our new recruit," Jaune said as he approached. "I'm Jaune. She's Blake. We're just two of Beacon's hunters. I heard you already met Yang."

"A craft user, huh?" Blake thought out loud. "Looks like we've got a special addition to the team, right Ren?"

"Ren?" Ruby asked, turning to face the man behind her. He glared at her as he holstered his gun.

"Could you use you craft more efficiently?" he asked.


He grunted quietly. "It's a pain in the ass to put out fires."

Blake shook her head. "I'm sorry. He gets like that. He's really nice once you get to know him, though."

The next morning, during the staff meeting, Ironwood formally introduced everyone to Ruby. "She's unaccustomed to the way we operate," he explained. "Go easy on her until she gets the hang of things here."

The group left the conference room, ready to start the work day. "If you need any help," Blake added. "Feel free to ask any of us. Especially Mercury. He's a little moody at times and prefers to be left alone, but he can be nice every now and then."

"I heard that, Blake," Mercury chimed from his desk, in spite of the fact that he had headphones on that played loud music.

"Follow me," Blake said, leading Ruby to a nearby locker room. Opening a locker that said "R.R." on the front, she pulled out a long black trench coat that Ruby noticed had the Beacon insignia on the left shoulder. "Welcome to Beacon."

Song: Shell-Bana


Wow, that's a long chapter, eh? So, show of hands; who's watched Witch Hunter Robin? It's an older anime from the early 2000's (is it sad that the early 2000's anime is considered older now?) and its incredibly hard to find. Thankfully, I have the box set from, like, 2005 or some shit. I don't know if I should label this as a crossover or not, since I'm treating it as a RWBY AU where the scenarios are similar to Witch Hunter Robin, but until I really figure it out I'm just gonna leave it as is. Also, I'm not going to tell the Witch Hunter Robin story word for word; this first episode is very similar because I have to start somewhere, but I'm going to try my best to make up more original chapters from here on into the story.

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Yang and Ruby are not sisters in this story.

Nora is dead. Sad, I know, but that'll be explained further into the story.

Aura is not a passive ability, but a green liquid that hinders, or stops, witch powers.

Witch powers and Crafts are similar, but not the same. Powers remain steady, whereas when you inherit a Craft, you can find ways to enhance it (such as the witch circles drawn in the sand that were used to enhance Sky's craft and later Ruby's craft of fire.)

On that note, Ruby uses a fire craft. I know that Yang is supposed to be the fire girl, but I opted for instead of featuring them as sisters, to tie them together somehow; so while Yang is unrelated to Ruby in this story and has no powers, the fire power that Ruby has is meant to be both a nod to Witch Hunter Robin and at the fact that she and Yang are sisters in the actual show.

Ironwood is the boss of Beacon instead of Ozpin. Weird, I know, but trust me: we'll get to him eventualy.

Militia runs a cafe by herself without Melanie. Again, we'll cover that later. They are still twin sisters, don't worry.

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