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Chapter 1

Gravity time

Nexus was never a quiet city. Drawing people from the multiverse to populate it. That is how three different women found themselves working together. It all started simply.

"Hey, Dusty? I really need to get a job don't I?" Kat asks as she darts through the skyline. She shifts gravity as she flies towards the ground. She lands on her feet and begins walking. Gravity distorts behind her shifting to revel a cat nevi. The cat mews as it follows Kat.

"What do you mean by that? That was a one time job to help those people! Do you really think that will work?" Kat says. Dusty mews again. Kat turns towards the two people that Dusty was mewing at. The two people are dressed in servant uniforms. Of note is that one of them has a white cloud following it.

"You two? You're servants right? Do you know of any job openings?" Kat asks as she approaches the two.

"We are unemployed as well." One of the women says. "You don't look much of a servant."

"I've worked as a maid before. I just don't dress the part twenty four seven." Kat replies.

"Hmm… Youmu? I have an idea."


"Seeing as all three of us are unemployed why don't we work together?"

"What are you suggesting, Sakuya?"

"We have two maids and a gardener. And none of us are normal humans."

That was how Maid Corporation ended up starting.


Well the start of just pure randomness. I am open to suggestions of other maid's from video games.