Summary- Once Upon A Time one-shots based off of Maroon 5 songs... Red/Queen (Ruby and Regina), Red/Swan (Ruby and Emma), Red/Beauty (Ruby and Belle), Swan Queen (Emma and Regina), Beauty/Queen (Belle and Regina), even Swan Beauty (Emma and Belle)... You can also make it a three-way relationship... Pick a song, pairing, and PM to tell me what you want...

Disclaimer- I do not own Once Upon A Time or any of the characters. If I did Regina and Ruby would each get a happy ending.

A/N- I suggest you listen to the song Animals by Maroon 5 as you read this. Also in this one they do get sent back to the Enchanted Forest but they don't know about the Wicked Witch so their memories don't get wiped. But they do get cursed back to Storybrooke once again.

Red Queen- Animals

It was around dinner time when Regina entered the diner; Henry was supposed to be meeting her here with the rest of the Charming brood. Looking around she spots Henry and Emma along with Hook, Snow, and Charming seated at a table waiting for her. Smiling she heads towards them not seeing the waitress watching her every move.

"Hello dears, sorry I'm late. Was stuck at the office dealing with idiotic people." Regina says with a smile as she sits down in the chair Hook pulls out for her. "Thank you dear."

"You're welcome love." Hook replies with a smile before he wraps his arm around Emma once more.

They were all finally getting along since they rescued Henry from Neverland; even Rumpelstiltskin often joined them with his wife Belle. Henry was just happy to finally have his entire family getting along instead of fighting all of the time.

"That is alright Regina. We are just glad you could make it."

"What can I get for you guys?" A sensual voice is heard behind Regina.

"Hey Ruby! Can I get a Bacon Cheeseburger, some fries, and a large chocolate shake? Oh, and some hot cocoa with whipped cream and cinnamon?" Emma asks smiling at the waitress.

"I'll have what my mom is having!" Henry says excitedly as Ruby writes down the order.

Everyone else orders and Ruby walks away with a wink at Regina. Clearing her throat Regina looks at the others who are staring at her questioningly.


"You okay mom you're turning red." Henry asks not understanding why Regina was blushing.

Clearing her throat once again Regina glances towards Ruby as the tall brunette leans over the counter to take Belle's order giving half the diner a perfect view of her breasts. She was captivating, Regina couldn't take her eyes off of her and it was causing her arousal to spike. The way Ruby's hair fell over her shoulder in waves, the sparkle in her eyes as she chats with Belle, and the laugh; that oh so sexy laugh was driving Regina insane. Realizing Henry has said something to her she quickly snaps out of her daze.

"I-I'm fine son." She rasps out trying really hard to fight her desire to take Ruby in front of the entire diner.

Emma shares a look with Hook before smirking when she realizes why Regina is so flushed. After a few minutes of silence Ruby walks back over with their food.

"Red tonight is a full moon correct?" Hook asks with his usual sly smile.

"Yes, I actually won't be here much longer since it is approaching time for me to leave." As soon as she says that Granny calls for her from the kitchen. "Looks like it's time for me to leave."

Everyone says their goodbyes to the waitress as she takes off out the door.

Baby, I'm preying on you tonight
Hunt you down eat you alive
Just like animals, animals, like animals-mals

Regina had just turned in for the night after the dinner she had with the Charming Brood, Henry, and Hook. She had just unlocked the door and didn't notice the big black wolf standing behind her until she was suddenly knocked on her back in the door way.

"Shit!" She shouts staring up into the golden eyes of the wolf above her.

The wolf stares down at her growling lowly before Red appears on top of her, her eyes still golden. Gasping Regina stares up at the brunette who smirks and leans down to kiss her roughly. Ruby bites down hard on Regina's lips pulling on her hair and moaning as she pushes her tongue into the hot wetness of Regina's mouth.

"What are you doing!?" Regina growls when she finally pulls away.

Ruby just grins before standing up and shifting back into her wolf before running off. Standing up slowly on shaky legs Regina shuts her front door. Breathing heavily she groans at the wetness she can feel between her legs; this was just great. Sighing she walks up the stairs to her bathroom to take a cold shower. That woman was going to be the death of her. Even if she was okay with Snow they didn't always get along, and to have Snow's best friend on her mind in a sexual way and the kiss that just happened would surely cause another fight.

Maybe you think that you can hide
I can smell your scent from miles
Just like animals, animals, like animals-mals
Baby, I'm

Ruby runs through the woods happily when she smelled the older woman, howling she heads off in the direction of Regina's house. She had been pretty far from the Mayor's house when she smelled her; it was the scent of Apples and Cinnamon that caught her attention. Reaching the bushes near Regina's house the wolf waits patiently.

Finally Regina appears at the door unlocking it before opening it, as soon as the door is open the wolf charges knocking the woman down on her back.

"Shit!" Regina shouts staring up into the golden eyes of the wolf above her.

Staring down at the woman beneath her, the wolf growls lowly before shifting back into the tall brunette waitress. Ruby's eyes remain gold as she smells the scent of fear mixed in with arousal coming from Regina. Leaning down Ruby kisses the Mayor roughly, biting down hard on her lower lip. Reaching a hand down into Regina's hair she pulls hard causing a gasp of pain, moaning as she slips her tongue into the warm wetness of Regina's mouth. Ruby unconsciously rocks her hips down on Regina groaning when the kiss is broken.

"What are you doing!?" Is growled up at her as the kiss is broken.

Grinning Ruby stands before shifting and running back out of the house and into the woods. She had never felt so free and kissing Regina just made her feel amazing. Continuing to run throughout the woods Ruby whines as she thinks about the kiss, wishing it would happen again.

So what you trying to do to me
it's like we can't stop we're enemies
but we get along when I'm inside you

To say Regina was frustrated would be an understatement. She had entered the diner to see Ruby dressed in an all too revealing dress. She looked sexy as hell and Regina was trying to keep her arousal under control knowing that the wolf would be able to smell it.

Ruby turns away from Leroy as soon as she smells the scent of Apples and Cinnamon, grinning as she spots Regina standing by the door. She didn't exactly understand what was going on but her wolf wanted Regina, and Ruby had to admit she did as well. Walking away from Leroy and towards Regina she can't help but grin.

"Can I help you Madame Mayor?" She whispers huskily as she leans closer to Regina.

Shivering Regina pauses to clear her throat before replying. "We need to talk now."

Grinning Ruby takes off her apron and grabs Regina by the wrist pulling her outside and across the street to the bed and breakfast. Smelling the arousal on the older woman was driving her insane, as soon as she entered her room and the B&B she turned toward Regina with a grin.

"Alright, what did you want to talk about?"

"I want to know why you came to my house last night and sexually assaulted me!" Regina growls out.

"Mmmm... Damn you are so hot when you are angry." Ruby whispers saucily as she stalks toward Regina.

Regina backs up until she can no longer move as her back hits the wall. Staring at the taller woman she tries to keep her desire in check wanting to talk about this before anything could happen.

"Now I only kissed you because... Well you seem to enjoy teasing me... Mmmm... Those skirts and all too revealing blouses..." Ruby bites her lower lip as her eyes flash golden causing Regina to gasp.

They were so close now, Ruby's body pushed up against Regina's. The feeling of the younger woman against her made the Mayor close her eyes. Hot breath hitting her in the faces causes her to open her eyes and stare into the now completely gold eyes in front of her.

"Stop... What are you doing!?" Regina growls out trying and failing to glare at the wolf.

Smirking Ruby just leans down even closer and crashes her lips against Regina's in a rough, yet desperate kiss. Moaning Regina grabs ahold of Ruby's long dark hair and pulls causing the younger woman to moan. Pushing their bodies even closer and forcing Regina's back to press harder into the wall, Ruby growls into the kiss grabbing the Mayor's waist and lifting her up. Moaning even louder into the kiss as her back hits the wall Regina arches her back while Ruby trails a line of kiss down her neck to her chest.

Slowly a hand belonging to the taller of the two slides up Regina's leg and under her skirt. The hand continues its trail up a toned leg and over a pair of black lacy panties. Ruby grins at the wetness she can feel through the soaking wet panties that Regina is wearing, biting down hard on Regina's pulse point.

"Mm... Oh fuck!" Regina yells pulling on Ruby's hair harder.

Regina rocks her hips against the hand between her legs, trying to get the friction she so desperately needs. Smirking Ruby removes her hand causing Regina to groan and pull on her hair harder.

"Ah. Ah. Ah. Patience my Queen." Ruby whispers as she steps back putting Regina down.

Grabbing Regina's hand Ruby slowly drags her to the bed and shoves her back. Straddling Regina's legs she leans down attacking the Mayor's lips in a fierce and lip bruising kiss. Pulling back from the kiss Regina waves her hand causing a purple mist to surround them, when the mist clears they are both completely naked except for the big but fake appendage between Ruby's thighs.

"Fuck me." Regina gasps out screaming in pleasure as soon as Ruby enters her roughly.

Starting a fast yet hard pace inside of Regina the younger woman moans as the older woman wraps her legs tightly around her waist. Arching her back off the bed Regina scratches down Ruby's moaning loudly as she rocks her hips in time with Ruby's movements. It's almost like the beast inside of Ruby takes over, because soon she is licking, biting, growling, clawing, and gasping as she takes Regina roughly.

The night continues with moans, screams, and cries of pleasure as both women enjoy what they are doing to each other. Not knowing that what they were doing would not last long, because Pan was casting a curse.

You're like a drug that's killing me
I cut you out entirely
but I get so high when I'm inside you

Ruby looked around sadly; they had ended up in the Enchanted Forest after Regina stopped the cure. Rumplestiltskin, giving up his life to insure they got out. Ever since they landed in the Enchanted Forest she had been being ignored by everyone. Charming and Snow were saddened about losing their daughter and grandson, Belle and Neal upset about losing Rumple and well Neal also lost his son and the woman he loved. Regina however lost Henry the boy she would do anything for.

Looking around herself once again she spots Killian or well Hook, maybe she could leave with him? It's not like she really had anyone here, sure she had Granny but would the woman even miss her? She was too caught up in Geppetto. Shrugging she heads towards the pirate unknowingly catching Regina's attention.

"Aye, love you need sumthin'?" Hook asks staring at the tall brunette.

"I know you miss Emma, and I know that Neal is taking all the attention because he claims he loves her and because he also lost his dad and son. Anyways I was wondering if you would like some company?" Ruby rushes out all in one breath.

"That is sweet of ye' but I shall be a'right. Although if ye' want to sneak away an' have some fun? Well love that would be just grand." Hook whispers leaning in close to her.

Ruby wanted to say yes to him, she wanted to forget her own pain so badly. Looking away for a second to see if anyone was watching she caught sight of dark brown eyes staring at her. Sighing she looked back at Hook, she knew he was hurting just as bad but she couldn't do this to Emma. In the back of her mind she thought to herself, or Regina.

"I can't do that Hook. We will find a way back okay. I will make sure you get Emma back I promise." With that she hugged the pirate before walking off deep into the woods.

She almost laughed at the fact that she could hear Regina following her, could still smell Apples and Cinnamon. Stopping once she thought they were far enough away from the others, so nobody would see or hear them she turns and looks at Regina.

"You weren't going to sleep with that pirate were you?"

Ruby laughs, she actually laughs because Regina sounds like a jealous girlfriend. They had only been sleeping together for about two weeks when the curse happened and Regina broke it sending everyone but Henry and Emma back.

"So what if I was Regina? It's not like we are a couple. Sure we have fucked a few times, but we are not in a relationship." Ruby quotes the words Regina had told her the last time they had been together.

Feeling her heart break a little at those words Regina steps forward grabbing Ruby by the waist. She stares up into eyes that suddenly flash gold. Surging forward she captures Ruby's lips in a rough kiss moaning as she is suddenly pinned against a tree. Using her magic she is quick to get rid of their clothes and give Ruby the extra appendage that is quickly shoved inside of her. Gasping for breath she grasps at Ruby's shoulders her nails digging into the skin.

"F-fuck!" Regina cries out at the feeling of being completely filled.

Ruby bites her lower lip hard drawing blood, moaning as Regina wraps her legs around her waist pulling Ruby in deeper. Pulling back Ruby begins to suck and bites all over Regina's neck and upper chest. Regina screams so loud in pleasure that she is sure someone is bound to hear.

"Mm, god Regina." Ruby moans at the feeling of Regina clawing at her shoulders.

Gasping and tightening her grip on Ruby, Regina continues rocking her hips as the taller woman thrusts harder and deeper inside of her. This was why she kept coming back to Ruby; the wolf could fuck her to the point that she forgot the pain she was feeling. Suddenly she is going over the edge gasping and panting as Ruby pulls out of her.

"Ruby, I'm so sorry. I think we should stop this." Regina whispers kissing her one last time before using magic to clothe them again, she then disappears in a puff of smoke.

Looking down sadly Ruby tries to fight the tears, she didn't understand why she felt like this. They were only having sex; it wasn't supposed to mean anything. Starting on a slow trek back to the group Ruby doesn't notice the eyes following her every move.

Yeah, you can start over; you can run free
You can find other fish in the sea.

You can pretend it's meant to be
But you can't stay away from me

Regina tried to pretend like she didn't feel Ruby's eyes on her. The wolf had been watching her for weeks on end. Looking up Regina fakes a smile as she looks at Robin Hood, the man she is meant to be with according to Tinkerbelle. If this is who she was meant to be with then why did it feel so wrong?

"You okay darling?" Robin whispers kneeling down next to the woman he was falling for.


Robin smiles and kisses her deeply causing Ruby to turn and leave the castle, she felt so stupid falling for the Evil Queen. Regina kissed him back just as deeply even though she felt a small ache in her chest, just knowing she was hurting Ruby. Pulling back Regina smiles at Robin before allowing him to pull her into their room where they continue, her heart aching even more at how wrong he felt inside of her.

Continuing on her walk through the woods Ruby didn't hear or see the woman coming at her. All she felt was a stinging pain before it all went dark. After what seems to have been an hour Ruby wakes up in a cell. A woman standing in front of her, a woman whose skin was completely green.

"Well hello there dear. "

"Who are you? What do you want? Where am I?" Ruby asks standing up quickly.

"You are in a dungeon of course. I need your heart for something." The woman says with an evil grin.

That is when Ruby notices the heart she is holding in her hand. It had to be her heart; this meant she couldn't love anymore. It also meant she wouldn't be able to feel anything, she didn't know why this woman wanted her heart but she knew she had to protect Regina.

"Whatever you want you can have. Just please don't harm anyone. I promise not to tell anyone about this."

"You have a deal. Although I will be using you to get back at my sister." With that a green puff of smoke surrounds Ruby before she is suddenly back in the woods.

Back at the castle everyone else was in they were freaking out, Ruby had been missing for almost an entire day. Snow was putting together a crew to look for her, feeling responsible Regina offered to help find the wolf.

"If we don't find her by sun down we will continue our search tomorrow." Snow shouts to the group she has assembled.

Just then the door to the castle opens and Ruby walks in seemingly unharmed. The entire castle goes silent as the woman they were all worried about appears. She doesn't even spare anyone a glance before heading off to her room.

"What just happened?" Snow whispers to herself.

Regina follows after Ruby unnoticed by anyone, entering the room she quickly gasps as she is shoved up against the door.

It was months later when a new curse was cast that sends them back to Storybrooke, Hook going off in search of Emma and Henry. Regina and Ruby continue to sneak around with each other unknown to Robin or anyone else. Well everyone except for Zelena, the woman that was controlling Ruby.

I can still hear you making that sound
Taking me down, rolling on the ground
You can pretend that it was me
But no

Moaning loudly Regina arches up into Ruby's mouth, the taller woman having her head buried between the former Mayor's legs. They had snuck off a few hours ago, Regina feeling horrible for what she was doing to Robin. She just couldn't stay away from Ruby though, especially with every seductive whisper or touch the taller woman gave her whenever they were around others.

"R-Ruby this has to stop. I love Robin and what we are doing it is so so wrong." Regina moans as she tugs on Ruby's hair.

Growling Ruby detaches herself from Regina and dresses quickly. With one last look she leaves the stunned woman naked and panting on the forest floor. Heading to the one place she knew nobody would look for her.

"Ah, darling I see it didn't go so well with my sister." Zelena taunts as soon as Ruby enters the little farm house she is hiding in.

Without saying anything Ruby pushes Zelena up against the wall and fucks her hard, memories of Regina's sounds flooding her mind as she listens to Zelena's moans. Zelena loved pissing Ruby off knowing that in the end this would hurt her sister far more than anything.

An hour later Ruby lay next to the redhead panting with her arms wrapped around Zelena's waist. Zelena sighed realizing even if this hurt her sister; it would hurt her more because she was beginning to fall for the wolf who only loved Regina. Yet another reason why Zelena wished her sister was never born, Ruby did not deserve any of this pain. She decided then that she would give Ruby her heart back, no matter what the end result would be.

"Ruby." She whispers looking up at the brunette from her position on Ruby's chest.

Ruby looks down at the redhead noting the change in the air, "Yes my Queen?"

Climbing off of the bed Zelena walks to the cabinet she has Ruby's heart locked in. Getting the heart she walks back to the bed and opens the chest.

"I want you to have your heart back." With that said Zelena pushes the heart gently back into Ruby's chest.

Ruby looks at the redhead in shock, part of her wanting to hate this woman and the other wanting to hold her forever.


"Because I know you love Regina more than you could ever love me, and well I've fallen in love with you." Zelena whispers honestly staring into the wolf's eyes.

Sitting up further on the bed Ruby pulls Zelena to her, noting how Zelena's breath hitches in fear and want. Leaning forward she crashes their lips together a final time; the redhead deepens the kiss and starts a whole new round of sex.

"I will stay and help you for as long as you need me to Zelena. Just promise me you will not kill Regina." Ruby whispers later as they lay in the bed.

"I promise."

It was only the next morning that Zelena organized a fight between her and Regina, while Ruby was 'away'.

Baby, I'm preying on you tonight
Hunt you down eat you alive
Just like animals, animals, like animals-mals

Zelena smirks as the five minutes pass and Regina still hasn't shown, causing the inhabitants of Storybrooke to lose faith in the so called Evil Queen.

"Times up. Who do you want to kill first?" She asks walking over to Rumple.

"He's not killing anyone. If you want to fight someone fight me." Emma says as she steps forward bravely,

"Sorry dear I don't dance with amateurs."

"I'm no amateur. I'm the savior." Emma growls out stepping even closer to the Wicked Witch.

"Ha! Seems like someone has an inflated sense of self-worth." Zelena laughs before making Rumple throw Emma back into two onlookers.

Charming and Snow rush over to help her up as Zelena watches on in amusement.

"Anyone else want to give it a go?" Zelena asks in a taunting tone.

"I do." A voice calls causing the crowd to part and reveal Regina. "Didn't anybody tell you black is MY color?"

"Yes, well it looks better on me." The redhead replies with a laugh before she whistles.

Everyone stops and looks at her in confusion before suddenly a huge black wolf appears beside Zelena. Regina's heart stops, it couldn't be, why would Ruby be helping her sister?

"It's alright darling show them who you are." Zelena whispers petting the growling wolf.

Ruby shifts back into human form wrapping her arms around Zelena's waist. Everyone surrounding them gasps staring at the one person they all trusted.

"RED!?" Granny, Snow, Charming, and a few of the dwarves shout staring at the wolf in betrayal.

"What have you done to her!?" Regina growls out glaring at her sister.

"Oh. Nothing darling sister, we just fell in love is all." Zelena taunts before kissing Ruby passionately,

Reciprocating the kiss, Ruby pulls Zelena closer making a show of biting down on the redhead's lip as they pull away.

"Win this fight baby." Ruby winks at Zelena before walking over to join Rumple.

Regina was pissed; her sister had done something to make Ruby side with her. Rushing forward Regina lifts her hand only to begin choking as her sister does the same.

"Everything Rumple has taught you, well he taught me." Smirking Zelena throws Regina into a blue car.

"My Miata." Doc whispers in horror ignoring the fact that Regina was fighting Zelena.

The others were either staring at Regina or staring at Ruby, the latter who was cheering on the Wicked Witch. Regina slides off of the car and goes to use her magic only to go flying through the clock tower. A puff of green smoke incases Ruby and Zelena before they both appear in the tower.

"Ruby, please don't let her do this." Regina whispers staring at the woman she loves.

"My Queen can do whatever she wants. I love her." Ruby replies as Zelena reaches her hand into Regina's chest.

Screaming in agony Regina is only happy she left her heart with Robin Hood.

"Didn't mother ever tell you, don't bring your heart to a witches' fight?" Regina taunts.

Ruby pulls Zelena back and to her before Regina can reach into her chest. A cloud of green smoke appears before Ruby and Zelena are gone. As soon as they are gone Emma, Charming, and Hook appear from the elevator.

"She's gone." Regina whispers brokenly.

Maybe you think that you can hide
I can smell your scent from miles
Just like animals, animals, like animals-mals
Baby, I'm

They searched for Ruby the next day, even though some of them were still broken up about her siding with the Wicked Witch. Ruby stayed with Zelena locked away in the bedroom the entire time, she needed to get her mind off of Regina. It was easier said than done, but it still felt amazing with Zelena.

Regina stared off into the distance when suddenly Robin appeared in front of her.

"Gina I am so sorry! She has your heart, I tried but she threatened Roland." Robin says in anguish.

She couldn't believe it her sister was winning, this could not be happening. Ruby didn't know when it had happened but she was beginning to fall for the Wicked Witch, don't get her wrong she loves Regina but all she had was Zelena. So after Snow went into labor and Zelena took the baby, Ruby waited for her in the barn they had set up. Zelena had everything she needed, but that didn't mean she wasn't unstoppable.

As soon as Regina showed up with Charming, Emma, and Hook Ruby knew. She just knew something bad was going to happen, looking over at Zelena she could see in those piercing blue eyes that the redhead knew as well. Rushing over to her Ruby kissed her passionately; this was enough of a chance for Regina, Charming, and Emma to grab what they needed to stop the spell.

"I'm sorry Zelena. I love you." Ruby whispers as she kisses the redhead one last time pulling the locket off of her neck.

"I'm sorry to my dear Ruby. I love you." Zelena replies staring into the broken hazel eyes of the woman she had fallen for.

Her magic was now gone and she was locked away in a jail cell, Ruby had just visited to see how she was and kissed her through the bars before leaving. Now she was sitting alone and wishing she could take back all of the wrong she had done. Suddenly Rumple walks in and uses his magic to kill her.

So if I run it's not enough
You're still in my head forever stuck

Ruby was devastated, sure she was in love with Regina but that doesn't mean she wasn't falling for Zelena. After hearing the news that Zelena was dead, she took off into the woods shifting into her wolf form and howling a broken cry. The entire town could hear her, and everyone that she was close to felt heartbroken as they celebrated that night in the diner.

Regina sat with Robin Hood as they waited to find out baby Charming's name, her heart still aching for the wolf who had finally entered the diner without a glance or word to anyone. Emma had run off followed by Hook and nobody knew where they were.

"I'll be right back. I'm just going to go and check on Ruby." Regina whispers to Robin before following the wolf out the back of the diner.

Ruby stiffened before turning towards Regina, she couldn't bare to look at the woman. She had to look anyways and seeing the pain shining in those dark brown eyes angered her. Regina had no right to be sad! Rushing forward Ruby growled her eyes flashing yellow before she crashed their lips together in a desperate and rough kiss. Regina allowed the kiss to happen knowing that Ruby needed this, and moaning when hands that were not to gentle gripped her waist.

"I fucking hate you!" Ruby growls after breaking the kiss.

"I love you." Regina whispers before she is pulled into another kiss, before she knows it she is moaning in pleasure as Ruby fucks her hard in the alley between the diner and another shop.

It was a few hours later when Emma and Hook reappeared with a woman Regina had once had killed. Marian, also known as Robin Hood's wife was back and alive all thanks to Emma fucking Swan. The only problem was, Regina wasn't really that upset about this. She truly loved Ruby, who suddenly kissed her in front of everyone not caring what the others said.

Robin wasn't angry like everyone thought he would be, the thief just smiled and congratulated the women. Smiling Regina wrapped her arms around Ruby lovingly, their relationship may be rocky but they loved each other and that was all that mattered. After a few more minutes Charming and Snow finally released the name of their son; Neal Michael Nolan.

"I love you." Regina whispers into Ruby's ear later that night as they lay in the comfort of their bed.

"I love you too." Ruby whispers staring into Regina's eyes.

They would figure this whole thing out, no matter what they loved each other. Even though Ruby also loved Zelena and would do anything to have the redhead alive again, she still wouldn't trade her love for Regina for anything else.