Chapter 1: Another Afternoon in Los Angeles

There was only hollowness and silence at Los Angeles with the sun shining bright at the afternoon sky. The streets were filled with trash, and there were roots of green plants and trees; parked cars were covered in dust and also roots besides streets and parking lots; houses and buildings were destroyed and covered with roots as well; and corpses and skeletons of human beings around the city.

Among the old deserted city, there was a movement patrolling through downtown. In the streets, there's a red convertible driving through the streets.

Within the car, there was a man on his late 20's, with a white suit, blue collar button shirt, black socks, brown shoes, and sun glasses on his face. The man had short brown hair, brown skin, a short beard, and a thin body. The windows opened for the wind to blow in his face and the sun shined on his face and on the car (in which wasn't dusty like the other cars).

The man then grabbed a radio tape and inserted it into the radio in his car. As he did, there was a song of smooth jazz playing while he continued driving calmly. The horn in the song sounded magnificent through his ears as he moved his head enjoying the sound of jazz.

The song echoed throughout the city as the song was loud enough to overcome the silence of the city. Everywhere he goes, the song would echo throughout the areas from the opened windows on the convertible and the song playing loudly, yet smoothly in the car.

The man was driving straight on Beverly Boulevard, in which the street was covered with roots, but it wasn't bumpy for the car to drive on. He looked around the area near the street as he drove through. He then turned his head back to the road to continue driving through Los Angeles.

As he looked at some of the houses and apartments that are still standing, he then automatically stopped the red convertible right in front of the Bradbury Building. The building was still standing even though it's covered in roots just like about everything else in Los Angeles.

He then pulled out a AK-47 in his hands and began shooting the building windows through the car door window.

As he was shooting at the windows, there was a dark shadow passing through the windows of the building the man was shooting at. The man was in fury as he kept shooting the windows until the dark shadow was gone out of sight.

He lowered his weapon and then placed it on the passenger seat.

He then began to drive again as he changed the smooth jazz radio tape to Marvin Gaye's "Greatest Hits" Album beginning to play the song "Got to Give it Up."

Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up Lyrics | MetroLyrics:

I used to go out to parties

And stand around

'cause I was too nervous

To really get down

But my body yearned to be free

I got up on the floor and thought

Somebody could choose me

No more standin' there beside the walls

I done got myself together baby

And now I'm havin' a ball

As long as you're groovin'

There's always a chance

Somebody watches

Might wanna make romance

Move your body, ooo baby, you dance all night

To the groove and feel alright

Everybody's groovin' on like a fool

But if you see me spread out and let me in

Baby just party high and low

Let me step into your erotic zone

Move it up

Turn it 'round

Ooo Shake it down


You can love me when you want to babe

This is such a groovy party baby

We're here face to face

Everybody's swingin'

This is such a groovy place

All the young ladies are so fine!

You're movin your body easy with no doubts

I know what you thinkin' baby

You wanna turn me out

Think I'm gonna let you do it babe

Keep on dancin'

You got to get it

Got to give it up

While listening to the song, he then turned to Main Street to go somewhere he was planning to go. He was looking over the street as he saw some corpses besides the streets and some corpses on rooftops of buildings.

As he continued to drive through the street, he then stopped at Lincoln Park between two dusty cars that are also covered within roots. He got out of the convertible with his machine gun wrapped on his shoulder, and he closed the door while he locked the car. He put the alarm with his key operator on the car and began walking to the park.

As he was walking through the park, there was a lake that was covered in green moss and there were some corpses of human beings scattered around the park. The man continues to stare at the dead bodies of his own kind as he was walking past the lake and heading towards the small hills.

In his surroundings, it looks more like a forest instead of a park, what with all the roots of plants and trees covering up the skate area, the playgrounds, and even the sidewalks throughout the park.

The man continued to walk slowly on the park with his machine gun steady in his arms.

He then walked up the hill sides as he still had his gun steady and began to approach slowly with his gun ready. In that moment, he saw a deer eating berries on a bush.

He crouched down on his knees to aim the AK-47 at the deer. The human was hungry for meat now as his fingers were close to press the trigger.

However, in the blink of an eye, just as he was about to pull the trigger, the deer was suddenly pounced wolves made of wood. Timberwolves.

It seemed that the man was denied his meal, but, instead of walking away, he decided he was not going to allow these wolves to mess up his hunt and steal his food. So, he began to shoot at them.

"Get back! That's my prey! I found it first!" shouted the man.

He stopped shooting at the timberwolves, but was still aiming at them.

The wolves began to growl as they were showing their fangs at the human. They became aware that he was fighting for the food. There were only three wooden timberwolves with sharp teeth and claws, and green glowing eyes; and they were all looking at a human with an AK-47.

The three timberwolves then began to back up as the human walked towards the wounded deer that was still alive and bleeding. As one of the pack was going to get the deer quickly, the human quickly shot the deer in the head for the wolf the avoid.

"I saw you there! Don't try to think you can out smart me. I have an AK-47, and I'm not afraid to use it!" said the angry human as he was showing the timberwolves his gun.

His gun was still aimed at them.

The wooden wolves then retreated after a minute or two as the human wrapped his gun beside him, and began to drag the dead deer to his car. When he was dragging the deer's body, the timberwolves then ran towards the deer and the human. The first of the timberwolves jumped on the human as the other wooden wolves were going for the deer.

The human dropped his gun on the left as the timberwolf was attacking him. The wolf was going for the human's rib-cage with it's fangs, but the human has enough strength to push it off him. When he did, he quickly got his AK-47 and started shooting the wooden wolf on top of him. The timberwolf was now torn up from the bullet holes as it was dripping tree saps everywhere on it's body. Then, it collapsed on the ground.

As he killed one of the timberwolves, he saw the rest of them, dragging the body of the dead deer away when they were retreating. The human was about to shoot them too, but unfortunately, he had to reload his gun. The only thing he could do is stare at where the timberwolves retreated with the dead deer.

"Fine! Take it! Consider it a gift!" he shouted at the wolves.

When they were finally out of his sight, he began to reload his AK-47.

He then looked at his golden watch and looked at the sky. From that, he realized that it's 6:45 p.m.

The sun was going down and the moon was going up. He knew what it means and he begin to run to his car.

'Oh no!' he thought to himself, "It's almost dark now. They'll be awaking up soon."

After much running through the park, he shut the alarm off and unlocked the car door with his key operator. He went in his car as he placed the gun on the passenger seat and himself on the driver seat. He then turned on his Convertible with his keys as the song he wasn't finished hearing continued to play.

He was about to drive away from the park, until he heard something. It sounded like a phone ringing through his ears

He looked around to see where it was coming from. He saw that the ringing was coming from a pay-phone not far from his convertible. Then he heard more phones ringing throughout the city of Los Angeles.

His curiosity peeked, he got out of his car. He kept looking at the pay-phone as he was walking towards it. He then stopped right at the middle of the street, grabbed his head with his eyes close hard, and fell to his knees on the street in frustration.

"There's no phone ringing, damn it!", he shouted in frustration as he opens his eyes and the ringing of phones through the city stops, "There's no phone ringing."

He then got up and walk towards his convertible again. He got in the started car, and he began to drive off to avoid the night rising before him.