Chapter 43: Surrounded

The human was walking through the isolated city of Los Angeles with five of the Mare Six behind him. They were at the hills looking at the view of the city. He looks at the building being ruins of human history like Rome in the distance. The mares themselves were aware of human's capabilities to build towers that they would borrow for their own big cities, but seeing it in ruins makes them feel a bit shame of themselves battling with humans. All this time, they thought humans were the bad guys, but they wanted to be in existence under Celestia and Luna's ruling. Everything Morgan has told them when they were at the ditched, and even when they capture him, all of his words were honest from Applejack's ability to see who is telling the truth.

"I see you girls are looking at the city," said Morgan. "All the destruction and ruins are from Celestia and Luna. I know it's hard to believe, but they did this. I know I done my worse when capturing those royal guards and killing them, but I look at these ruins and I realize I want these ruins to not repeat it from other creatures or races that will cross paths with Celestia and Luna."

Twilight was very conflicted of Morgan's honesty. She was Celestia's student, the princess taught her everything she knows, but now she realizes Celestia wanted to continues her control of Celestia through her. All the villains she and her friends have faced were like Celestia, wanting the land for them, but Celestia use her to knock anypony who dares to take action over the princess of the sun. Celestia was the power hungry alicorn that even ban her sister Luna to rule Equestria. Did Nightmare Moon come from corruption of power after they have taken over many lands just like the humans? Are they still power hungry now? Twilight could only think from Morgan's words.

"Wow... I never thought they did these," Fluttershy spoke softly.

"This is just wrong, and they were the ones to tell us about love and friendship," said Rainbow Dash in anger.

"They are hypocrites to say to do good when they have done terrible crimes to humans," Rarity agreed. "Now I feel misery for mistreating you Morgan."

"Hey, no worries," Morgan reply. "I feel guilty to hate all ponies when it's the princesses that are the ones pulling the strings. But you say what I tried to do, but all I can think of is trying using subjects to made mankind come back from extinction."

They continue to walk through the ruins of the isolated city. Morgan was feeling hope greatly. With his wife coming back to him alive, and he finally got ponies to lend their ears to him to speak his experience and his truth, he can finally not feel miserable. Now all he needs is to continue is main goal: bringing the human race back to Earth and he needs Lily and Natalie's help.

As they continued to walk upon the hills, Morgan notices something from the distance. He looks closely before he starts to chuckled.

"My car!" he shouted as he quickly ran forward.

The mares follow him as he begins to run heading to his vehicle. The human was happy to see his sweet ride still on good condition even from battling the changelings. He head to his car and he opens the door to see his case. He opens the case and he was relief to see everything was still there. He looks back to see the mares looking at the vehicle in curiosity.

"Like the car, I know I do," said Morgan as he walks to the trunk of the car and opens it. "I was using it in hopes to relocate. The royal guards saw me and they now might tell Celestia my whereabouts, so I was planning to relocate, but then I ended up caught in a cross fire."

Morgan then begins to reveal some of his guns he stored in the trunks. He shows a pistol, a machine gun, and a shotgun.

"Now I need to bring this sucker back to my base and I need to gather everything I need."

With Morgan gathering his stuff from his car, Twilight hear something a few feet away from them. She looks around the hill seeing nothing but a few bushes and dirty. She slowly turns her focus back on Morgan, but she heard footsteps. She turns around to spot something from the distance of the hill.

"Morgan, we have company!" she shouted.

Morgan stopped what he was doing and notices the figure from the distance. Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy turn around to see the figure and they form they stance to prepare for action. Morgan grabbed the machine gun known as the M16. He aimed the gun at the figure and was ready to shoot the figure. Suddenly, a beam hit him on the shoulder. He winced in pain as the mares surrounded Morgan. The human look around to see two more figures at the distance. His eyes widen as he realize he has met them once again: the mutated cult.

He looks around to see more surrounding them. They all wearing their hoodies and they were ready to battle them as well. The human scientist never thought he will go back to them. It hasn't been a full day and now they are here to block his goal.

"Morgan! Morgan Neville!" shouted Lexington as he approached the group with his followers behind him.

The human wished he can just shoot this idiot in the head, but the cult have surrounds him and the mares. If he does try to kill Lexington, then he would risk everypony and himself. Great, he has another problem he needs to deal with.

"You tried to escape your disrespect of us and of the Alpha! You will be punished!"

Natalie was in the comfort of Lily's arms in the bedroom as she cried for Morgan's wellbeing. The two were on the bed to have a quiet place. Her eyes felt dried from the amount of times crying. Her cheeks had dried trials of tears on them and her mood was low. Lily was petting Natalie as she has the mutated wife of Morgan on her laps.

"I wish Morgan knew I was with the groups, but now Lexington might not want us anymore."

"What did you guys did to make him not want you guys around?" asked Lily.

"W-Well, I had to break Morgan out of the cell to get him free here. Lexington was planning to hurt Morgan because they thought Morgan was mad."

"So Morgan was angry?"

"No Lily," Natalie clarified. "They thought Morgan was lying to them, but Morgan was right, he had made a cure. And that's where you came in this world."


"Yes Lily, because of Morgan's cure he made you."

As they had their conversation, Natalie notices something on the boarded windows. She got up and looks through the metal boards. From there, she notices something off. She sees a shape of a pony flying around the city. She then sees another pony shape figure on the streets shrieking. The figure to her looks like a pony mixed with a black disgusting bug. Natalie back away from the window and turn to Lily to see Lily's eyes turning green.

"Lily, are you okay?" Natalie asked worried for the girl.

Lily did not respond as she slowly walks towards the window.

"I... I feel like I need to go with them," Lily whispers before she grabbed the metal bars.

Natalie watched as Lily begins to breaks the metal bars off the windows. She rushed to Lily and wraps her arms around her in hopes to make her stay. She didn't want to experience to lose lily like what happen to Kim.

"Lily listens to me! You need to stay here!" Natalie shouted. "Please stay!"

Lily blinked with her eyes turning to normal. Lily look at Natalie with the mutated woman's eyes were close shut and her arms wrapped tightly around her. Lily didn't know what happened or what's going on, but then suddenly something crash through the window that knock both of them down to the floor. Lily and Natalie look what broke in and they see a changeling.

"What is that thing?" Lily screamed in fear.

It hisses at the two female individual right before it charges at them. They both moved out of the way and it crashed to the walls. They both got out of the room and they hold the door. The door begins to bang and push forward as the changeling tried to escape.

"Lily, open the door when I count to three," commanded Natalie as she removed her hoodie to expose her horn covered in aura. "One... two... three!"

Lily opened the door with the changeling about to charge forward when Natalie shoots her magic beam at it. It crashes to the wall and was knock out.

"Okay, we got... them."

Natalie was shocked to see more coming through the opened window and Lily quickly closed the door. Natalie then uses her magic to make the door disappear. The two then look through the balcony door to see many changelings surrendering the place. They all hiss at the two in the apartment. Natalie begins to use her magic to put furniture on the balcony doors and the other windows with metal boards on them. This was a problem they are going to have to deal themselves for the time being.