WARNING: Contains spoilers for the 13th Lord of Chaos saga. Read at your own risk!

"HAHAHAHA!" Drakath practically howled, the laughter resonating across Mount Doomskull.

"What appears to be so funny, Drakath?" The Mysterious Stranger asked curiously.

Drakath smirked. "The hero still has no clue of what they are, or what their destiny is. And with so many hints being dropped around, it's amazing that they still have not even the slightest idea of their real identity."

The Mysterious Stranger nodded in agreement. "Indeed."

Drakath's smirk never faded. "It makes for excellent amusement, however."

Drakath turned back to a transparent purple portal, where a certain scene was playing. "But let us continue to watch the show, hmm? The Hero is currently fighting against the now fully corrupted king. Their king." His smirk was devious. "The Hero has to slay their own king."

Through the Portal...

"Forgive me, my king!" The Hero said, sword raised, staring with horror at the now lifeless form of the King of Swordhaven.

"Drakath will pay, I swear." They say, with determination.

Months Later...

"The only one capable of fighting against chaos now leads it. What an interesting turn of events." Drakath said wickedly, chuckling at the irony.

"I am no longer your pawn, Drakath!" The thirteenth Lord of Chaos, The Hero, yells loudly, as they stood in front of the Champion of Chaos himself.

Drakath smiled. "Indeed, but you should..." He paused, realizing what was just said. "WHAT?"

With that, the thirteenth Lord of Chaos shot a chaos orb spiraling towards Drakath, sending the Champion crashing against some ruins. "IMPOSSIBLE!" He shouted.

The thirteenth Chaos Lord was clearly enjoying this, as they laughed manically. "I am the new Champion of Chaos."

Drakath's eyes widened. "YOU UNLOCKED YOUR FULL POWERS?!"

His surprised tone quickly faded to a laugh. "HAHAHA! You do not even know what you really are!"

"I am the thirteenth Lord of Chaos! And my chaos beast has done what none of the others could."

Drakath was thoroughly amused at how oblivious they were. For such a supposed wise being.

Time for the plot twist, he thinks.

"HAHA! Your chaos beast did not cause all that havoc," He took the necessary pause, "You did."

And now for the revelation. "You are the Eternal Dragon of Time!"

And after the Hero discovered that one simple little fact, everything went to heck in a handbasket.

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