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Chapter 1 - Journey to Rivendell

It had been decades since the battle of the five armies. Legolas had come and gone throughout the kingdom, flitting between his princely duties and adventures and quests in the outside world. Tauriel returned as Captain of the Guard. But they could not go on as it was before. Tauriel longed for conversation with him, his laugh and smile and his touch. She had never loved the dwarf Kili, she found him inspiring and cared for him as a friend, but when Thranduil had told her to 'not give Legolas any hope' she had used Kili as an excuse. She had whispered to Kili the truth before he died and he had nodded in understanding but she had never told Legolas how she truly felt about him. She felt she had no right, she had broken his heart that day and never imagined he would want her back. Besides, the King was watching her closely and had threatened banishment, exile and death when she returned to Mirkwood if she made any attempt at rekindling what they had. So their lives went on, they barely spoke, however both longed for the olden times.

Legolas was wandering the halls of Mirkwood when one of his fathers messengers came running to find him. "My Lord, your father wishes to see you." he reported. Legolas thanked the elf before turning off to the left to walk to the throne room. He bowed respectfully as he entered the room, seeing this was not a private meeting, five other elves stood in front of Thranduil, out the front of them stood Tauriel, staring straight ahead, not meeting his eyes as he stepped beside her. "Ah Legolas," his father boomed. "I know you just got back but I have an errand for you. You are travel to Rivendell, there is to be a council there headed by Lord Elrond and I trust you to go in my stead." Legolas bowed his head.

"When shall I leave?" he asked.

"Lord Elrond has requested all invited parties are to meet as quickly as they can, therefore you, the Captain and these five other council members will leave this eve." his father replied. Legolas bowed once more, before turning and walking towards the armoury. He heard his father begin to brief the other elves as he walked out the door. Not exactly what he needed, a two weeks journey with Tauriel, for whom his heart yearned for friendship at least, but she had been cold and distant since the Battle of the Five armies. He tried to brush these thoughts aside, as he began collecting his weapons from their place in the armoury.

Tauriel entered the armoury, heading over to where her weapons were kept when she noticed Legolas was already here collecting his own weapons. "My Lord," she said in acknowledgement of his presence. He smiled at her. "It has been a while since we journeyed out together, hasn't it." he said casually. She nodded,

"It will be an honour travelling with you my Prince," she replied.

He frowned, "You never used to see it as an honour, Tauriel. You used to see it as fun, as a challenge." he reminded her. She smiled, remembering their hunting trips into the forest, two young elves competing and counting their kills, sometimes when it was over duelling with each other, the rush of the battle not having fully left their bodies. She laughed, "I remember" she told him. Their eyes met briefly and for a moment for both elves it was almost the same as 60 years ago. Then Tauriel quickly looked down and the moment was lost. Legolas finished preparing his weapons first and with another nod of his head, exited the armoury. Tauriel allowed herself to watch herself for a split second before remembering the danger she would put herself by allowing herself to give in to her feelings.

They set off that evening, taking the quicker, but more wild and dangerous route to minimise the time taken to arrive in Rivendell. All Mirkwood elves had some combat training but Legolas and Tauriel were by far the most skilled amongst the travelling party so Legolas rode in front with Tauriel at the back. They travelled for a week straight before taking rest, elves did not need sleep as men and dwarves did but that did not mean they didn't feel relaxed by it. They made camp in a small clearing and Tauriel took first watch. It was agreed that Legolas would take over from her halfway through the night. Legolas however, couldn't find sleep easily that night. He lay awake, sneaking glances at Tauriel. Sometimes, he still wondered if not for her love of Kili what would become of them? But now, even if they rekindled their friendship, his love for her had never died. He wanted more, but he knew he couldn't have it. He sighed slightly. "Trouble sleeping my lord?" Tauriel asked softly, not moving or turning around from where she sat. He stood, stretching as he did so. He came to sit beside her, "I have not been sleeping well for a long time." he replied. She felt a pang of guilt, knowing that she could very possibly be a part of the reason for that. "I will take over now, seeing as I cannot sleep, rest if you will." he said. She shook her head.

"I too, do not find much comfort in sleep, I will stay up with you, if you would allow it." He turned his head and smiled at her,

"I would be glad for your company." he said. She returned his smile. They sat in comfortable silence for a while, before discussing various topics before the sun rose and they woke they others to continue their journey.

As they came out of the forest, and entered Rivendell territory, they knew the route was fairly safe and Legolas called Tauriel up the front to ride with him. She urged her horse forward, overtaking the council members, hearing the whispers that followed her. She had gotten used to this, there was always somebody talking about her, nowadays. "What do you think this council is about My Lord?" she asked him as their horses trotted side by side.

"I do not know, but a great darkness is coming upon our land, I feel it will having something to do with that." he replied. She nodded.

"I too have felt the darkness, and worry about it. But still I wonder, what new development caused Lord Elrond to call this council." she wondered aloud. He nodded, he had been wondering the same thing. Another days ride and they arrived in the center of Rivendell. They dismounted and immediately some Rivendell elves came to take their horses, bowing to Legolas as they did so. He thanked them before gesturing the council members to follow him as they went to meet Elrond. They were shown to their rooms, and they retired for the day.

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