Hey Guys, quick oneshot about what may have happened if Tauriel left after healing Kili only to have to try and heal Legolas as well.

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She worked quickly to heal him. Although she cared about the dwarf lying on the table, her mind was with another. A blonde haired elf, whoe she knew at the moment would be fighting orcs without her. As soon as she finished tying the bandage around the wound she turned, collecting her weapons and running for the door. She jumped the railing and landed gracefully before turning to see where he had run. She followed the trail of dead orcs before finding him fighting on a bridge. She quickly joined him, and he adjusted his fighting style as he realised she was there to cover his back. They naturally read off each other's movements, having fought with each other on too many occasions to recall. Their style was elegant and graceful as if a dance. As she spun to plunge her blade into an orc on the left she caught a glimpse of a smile on his handsome face. "Why are you smiling?" she asked over the clagning of metal on metal.

"Because you came, just as I came for you," he responded as he in turn plunged his own blade into an orc on the right. Thranduil's words played over in the back of her head. "Do not give him hope where there is none" and she knew if she followed her heart, she wouldn't surivive Thranduil's wrath.

"I came because you are my prince and I am sworn to protect you." she reminded him as she shot an arrow at the second last orc. "That is all." Legolas stabbed the last orc in the chest with an arrow. He turned to look at her.

"Then I thank you Tauriel for fulfilling your duties." he said graciously. She dipped her head.

"You are welcome my prince." she said, yearning to call him by his first name, the name she had been calling him for a many years, but she knew she had to distance themselves. She looked up and Legolas cocked his head to one side. "Tauriel, why do you call me that?" damn he noticed. She had half expected him to. She hung her head. "Because you are my Prince and no more." She said, heart aching to tell him the truth. "But now my Prince, I..." she needed to get out of here and she knew what excuse she had to give. "I have to return to the dwarf." he frowned.

"You love him?" he questioned.

"I..." she was about to reply but honestly she didn't know what to say. But apparently it didn't matter. Because an orc the two elves didn't notice had been on a roof behind her. Legolas was the only one to notice and drawing his own bow shot an arrow which plunged into the orc's heart while stepping around Tauriel, shielding her with his body. Tauriel reacted instantly, turning around, weapons drawn, in time to see both the orc and Legolas crumple. She gasped, sheathing her daggers and kneeling at his side. The first thing she noticed was the arrow dangerously close to his heart. The second thing she noticed was that the arrow was another one dripping with poison. Tears came to her eyes but she pushed them aside and she shouted for the other dwarves. The town was eerily quite so they heard her and she saw them running out of the man's house.

They arrived quickly, and as Tauriel supported Legolas' head they picked up his legs and torso an quickly carried him back to the house. Tauriel was shouting instructions. She no longer cared or even thought about Thranduil all she cared about was Legolas' life. The arrow was very close to his heart and she knew they had very very limited time to save him. "Why? Why? Why?" was repeating on and on over and over in her head. She asked the eldest girl for a room and they were ushered in to what she assumed was the girl's bedroom. There was one big bed so she assumed they shared it. She opened the window and almost immediatly a bird landed on the window sill. She whipsered her message in Elvish and it flew off back towards Mirkwood. Tauriel knew she couldn't heal his wound by herself.

Tauriel ran back into the kitchen and snatched up the remaining athelas that she didn't use on Kili. She shouted out orders to be left alone with the prince, and returned to the room. She layed her hand on his forehead and he felt dangerously cold. She tore the front of his tunic, not wanting to move him to properly take off his clothes. The arrow was still sticking out of his chest, and she was very nervous about removing it, knowing as soon as she did blood would flow. She eased it out of his body, wincing as Legolas groaned in pain, but relieved slightly, he had been silent so far. She quickly applied Athelas to the wound before applying force to the wound, pressing down on the fabric she had placed on it. SHe looked at his face, which was now paler than his usual fair skin. She gasped, he was fading quickly, and for the first time she actaully considered the fact that he could die. She had to face the prospect of life without him. A tear rolled down her cheek as she realised she couldn't go on if she didn't have him around.

She sat down on the chair next to the bed, on hand apply pressure to the wound, and with the other hand she picked up Legolas' hand, lying limply by his side. "Legolas," she whispered. His breathing was unnaturally shallow. "Please," she whispered, "Please don't die, I need you." she pleaded. "Why did you have to do that, why couldn't you just let me die?" tears started falling from her eyes, rolling down her cheeks and dripping onto the bed.

"Tauriel, I couldn't have gone on if you died. If I die, you could still have a life, with..." he took a breath, "the dwarf." he finished.

Tauriel choked, "I don't love the dwarf." she told him. She heard him draw a shaky breath. She didn't care about Thranduil in this moment, "I never did, I..." she was about to keep going when one of the girls shouted that there were two more elves at the door. Tauriel dropped his hand and flew to the door, shouting for the healers to hurry.

Tauriel could only watch as the healers brought out various plants and mixtures, working with such pace and urgency, that Tauriel knew his life was in serious danger. Even healers usual worked quickly but calmly, however these two elves ran about the room, almost shouting in their struggle to keep the prince living. Tauriel stood in the corner, feeling utterly helpless as well as irredeemably guilty. All she could think was that this was her fault, and now she would never be able to tell Legolas how she really felt. She shouldn't have let Thranduil rule her heart. She shouldn't have let fear overpower love.

Three hours later and the elven healers finished. They left, leaving specific instructions for Tauriel, but saying they had strict orders to return and report to the king as soon as it was reasonable to assume Legolas was alright without their presence. Tauriel repeated all the instructions to make sure she had it right then bade them safe journey back to Mirkwood. Then she returned to her seat beside Legolas' bed, taking up his hand again, as Legolas slept, or was passed out, she couldn't really tell. She stayed awake al through the night, reapplying the plants and changing the bandages every three hours. It wasn't until the next morning Legolas awoke, not remembering where he was for a second, he looked around slightly confused. Tauriel could pinpoint the exact moment when he remembered, he sighed, looking down at the wound on his chest, which now, although it would leave a horrible scar, was stable and all the poison had been drawn out. The nex thing he noticed was that his hand was being gripped tightly by the red haired elf, who was now glaring at him. He raised an eyebrow at her. She stood up, leaning over her. "What in Valar were you thinking?" she demanded. "You are the Prince of Mirkwood, you cannot take an arrow almost to the heart for the lowly captain of the gaurd." she told him. She felt tears pricking her eyes again. "Why, would you do that," she asked, softly now. He looked up at her.

"You know why, Tauriel, even if you don't feel the same, I would gladly die for you." he told her softly.

Tauriel looked down at him, green eyes meeting blue, "But I do feel the same," she whispered. He tilted his head, as if not trusting his ears that he heard that right. "Your father told me not to give you any hope, he specifically told me he would never permit a relationship between relationship between us. But I can't keep it up anymore. I love you Legolas, with all my heart I love you, and seeing you almost dead scared me so much, please Legolas, never ever do that again." she begged. "You said you couldn't have gone on without me, when you were dying, I realised I wouldn't have been able to live without you either." she told him, bending down so their faces were inches away. There was a second when neither of them said anything, before Legolas leaned up and captured her lips with his own. Tauriel bent down further, falling onto the bed besides him, hand resting on his still bare, chest. The kiss was passionate and needy. Legolas needed to feel her, to believe that this was real, that he finally had Tauriel and he finally knew she felt the same, Tauriel needed to believe she had Legolas, that the Prince of Mirkwood could feel the same towards her, the captain of the gaurds and that he wasn't dead or dying. She moved so she was lying on his chest, but supporting herself on her arms, not putting her full weight on his chest. His arms went to her back, pulling her down further onto him. Tauriel broke away from the kiss, moving down his body, kissing his chest, her lips skimming over his newest scar before returning to press small kisses along his jawline. She realised that his strong elf body was capable of supporting her weight so she lay down on top of him, kissing him on the mouth again. When they needed air, they broke away and Tauriel rested her head sideways on his chest. "Never do that to me again," she told him.

"I can't promise you that Tauriel, just as I know you cannot promise me the same thing, much as I would like you to." he replied, wisely. Tauriel sighed. "But I can promise you I will always love you," Legolas whispered in her ear. She smiled. "I can promise you the same thing." she replied.