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Swan's Toys, Trees and Reindeer – Epilogue

Five years later

I'm in the office working away on an extension to the toy factory we did this year. The last two Christmas's our toys have been the number one selling toys, not just here in the US but in five other countries.

I look at my watch seeing that it's lunch time. "Honey, lunch break," I say moving to her, she removes her glasses and rubs her eyes.

"How are my girl and boy doing?" I ask placing my hand over Bella's large belly. We married two years ago in a small family and close friend ceremony. Bella didn't really have anyone to invite, and I was happy just to marry her with Coby and Corrine being there. Of course, my parents and Esme, Carlisle, Emmett, Alice and Jasper were there along with many of the workers from Swan's.

"They're good."

I kiss her cheek, grateful that today is her last day working. She'll be off from now and until the twins are a year old. I wasn't overly happy with her working right up to her last month, but Bella compromised by cutting down the workload she does.

We sit on the sofa eating our lunch together.

"So, what do think?" I ask showing her my design ideas.

"These are great. I love them, more so this one," she says pointing to the toy that happens to be my favorite one, too.

After lunch, I make Bella nap, as I do my rounds on the floor making sure everything is running smoothly.

All the staff seems a lot happier. Sadly, I had no choice but to fire both Jessica and Rose, long ago. Rose seemed to believe that, since she knew me for years and was dating my nephew, meant she had some say in the business. She also felt it gave her full rights to order people around. Jessica just seemed to continue bullying and picking on people. Neither of them were happy about being terminated, but thankfully the other workers sided with Bella and me and agreed that they had it coming.

As for the production floor, it's running smoothly under Jasper's guidance. I call James to ask him how the tree and reindeer farm portions are getting on.

Just after our separation from the Blacks, Bella and I had a talk. We agreed that her trying to stay on top of the three different businesses was too much. Now James and Victoria—who I'm pleased to say has stayed cancer free—run the tree and reindeer farm. Once a month Bella and I will meet with them to see how things are going, and what they need for the coming month.

At six sharp, I carry a still sleeping Bella out to our car and drive home, so we can have dinner with Coby and Corrine. Tonight we're having a serious talk with them. Bella and I have been discussing her adopting them legally as her children. They've been calling her mom for three years now, and I know she is very much their mom.

I'm worried about them knowing that I'm not their birth father, but sadly this is something they need to and should know. They're now eleven, and we believe that they are old enough to understand.

"Babe," I say, stroking Bella's arm as her eyes slowly open. She looks around seeming a little surprised that we are in the car outside of our home.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to sleep for so long," Bella says stretching out as she yawns.

We make our way in and Mary, Coby and Corrine greet us.


"Coby, Corrine, Mom and I need to talk to you," I say tapping the couch and they both come in and sit down.

"You know that the twin babies are due in a couple of weeks?"

"Yes," they both say.

"Well, Mom and I've been talking and I think maybe Mom could apply to adopt you both?"

"What does that mean?" Corrine asks frowning. "Does that mean that Mom, won't be our mom anymore?"

"No, your mom will always be your mom, and I never want to take that away from you both. It just means that the government and legal people will see me as a legal parent to you."

Coby and Corrine look a little confused.

"But you are a mom?"

I chuckle and nod. "Yes, she is, but it's just one of those strange legal things. All it means is that if anything should happen to me, your mom," I say tapping Bella, "gets to keep you and have legal rights to you."

"Oh, okay," they both say together.

I look to Bella with my heart breaking a little; she shakes her head as if to say I don't have to tell them. I lean in and kiss her.

"You two are so big, and I want you to know that I love you. I loved you before you were even born."

I take a deep breath to calm myself.

"Tanya was my best friend for years," I say, and my eyes go to Bella, who has even overtaken that place in my life. "I loved her very much, we grew up together and we were friends, but more like siblings than anything else."

I again clear my throat as this is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

"One day she came to tell me she was pregnant with you two," I say placing my hand over theirs.

"She never told me who she was with to make you two, but she was upset that he didn't want anything to do with her, but more so because he didn't want you two."

Both Coby and Corrine start to cry, and I feel my own tears running down my face.

"You're not our real daddy?" Coby says.

"He is," Bella says right away.

"He was there for you and your mommy, all the way. He was there to see you being born, taking your first steps and hearing your first words. He's guided you, held you when you cried, when you were sick and in all the good times, too. These are the things that make a daddy, not anything else.

"But our real daddy didn't want us?"

"No, but he didn't want me either," Bella says and they look at her.

"Your daddy is our real daddy?"

"No, my father is your father, but your daddy is right here. Your daddy is a true dad. He does everything he's meant to do and more."

"So does that make you our sister or our mom?"

"She's both. You were born her half siblings, but now she's your mom. It means—like me—she's loved you from the second she found out about you."

They both look at each other, then to me. "We love you," they say hugging me.

I nod hugging them back, and after we talk a little more, I sit back and watch them run out the room.

"That was so hard," I sob a little and Bella hugs me closer to her.


I'm doing the last few pieces of an order at the factory. Bella is due any day now, and I want to take a few weeks off to spend with her and all the kids. Not only that, but it's also the twenty third of December.

Coby and Corrine are slowly coming to terms with what they were told and are seeing a therapist through the church. Bella and I are bringing them up in both her faith and my own. We sort of came up with something between the two differing religions. I am thankful the application of adoption has been accepted, and we're just waiting on word back.

My cell buzzes and home flashes up on the screen.

"Hi," I say hearing a lot of noise.

"The babies are coming, Dad!"

I get off my stool so fast it falls over. "The babies are coming," I yell and everyone just looks at me, tilting their heads.

"I need to go home," I say looking at them.

"Edward, we've got this. I'll lock up, go," Jasper says calming me.

I nod at him and try to put my jacket on but I seem to have lost a sleeve.

"What the hell have you done to my jacket?" I ask as I fight with it.

"Here," Alice says fixing it and hands me my keys.

The next hours seem to pass in a blur of Bella being in pain. Almost twenty-four hours later on Christmas Eve night, we welcome our son and daughter into the world.

All three get a clean bill of health, and we arrive home at six in the morning, Christmas day. We find Coby and Corrine holding a sign saying 'Welcome home Mom and Dad.' They drop it and then hold up another sign saying, 'Welcome to the Cullen Family, Baby Gabriele, and Gabriel.'

Bella and I walk to them hugging them. They come out and help us carry in a few small things, as I carry a baby carrier in each hand. We sit in the living room as Mary 'oohs' and 'aahs' over the newest additions. I look up at the tree and I swear the Star of David has an extra twinkle to it and I know this is us, the Cullen family.

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