Earth Plates

By Written Promises


It would be hard to think that just a mere five years ago, half a decade ago, could change so much. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was not the sunny place intertwined with a hint of mischievous. It was now cold and dingy, without any life left at all.

The last class to graduate had been in 1997, a bright, warm mid-June day. Instead of traditional hat caps thrown in the hair, wizards hat were flicked about. Some people cheered; others cried; parts reminisced; and others worried about what was to come.

Hermione Granger, a "brunette bookworm" as some put it, had her nerves set in all the above said categories. "I can't believe I graduated with the most honors," She mused.

"Yeah, a real shock, Herm," Ron Weasley, a freckled redhead, said. Harry Potter, a skinny boy with brilliant eyes, grinned and leaned against the stone wall. "We had some great memories," He said, "and others I'd like to think never happened. But I'm not going to miss it."

Ron's long mandible dropped. Hermione stopped short in one of her unforgettable ramblings. "How can you not? I mean, this is all we've known for one tenth of our lives. How can you be eager to back there?" Of course, Ron was referring to the muggle world - the non-magical one.

Hermione shot him a dirty glare, being muggle born, but chose to ignore the sting of discrimination. "Harry, maybe you're just in shock. You have no place to live, you need to get a job, probably need to go to college..." Her voice traveled off in a nervous tangent.

"I'm okay, back off," Harry said coolly, "you sound like a worried Mum." Hermione frowned. "I may be the youngest one in here chronologically, but I think I'm the wisest, common sense wise." She pointed a finger at both of her friends.

"Why is it that I'm the only one who's thinking? You can get a muggle job without going to muggle school first. No one in the muggle world will know what the hell a Hogwarts is!" Her voice rose. "I know I come off as nagging and whining and preachy, but I'm doing this for both of your own goods."

Ron raised an eyebrow. "Herm, relax. I already got a job at the Ministry. Not a big one, but I'm plenty secure. After all, Percy's there. And Dad was a respected man. It's him -" He pointed to Harry, "-that you should be yelling at."

Harry sighed. "Thanks for the monologue, Ron. But Herm, no need to fret. I'm fine. I went to muggle school before you know." Hermione narrowed her soft, olive shaped eyes. "Grade school doesn't count."

"I can add, subtract, multiply and divide. And I know where to stick my commas and periods."

"No need to be funny."

And so the bickering went on, all the way until the trio reached the train station, in which Hermione just threw her hands up in the air and said (loudly and exasperated) "fine, do what you want. I don't care."

Ron and Harry murmured an agreeable "finally," and the rest of the train ride went pretty smoothly.

...And it turned out, Hermione really didn't care. After that fateful summer where everyone entered the so-called "real world" the three friends lost touch and thus, drifted apart, like earth plates.

It was now December 2002, and Ron Weasley had gotten married to a Witch named Allison he had met in Diagon Alley, at the Broom store. He had gotten a promotion to Vice President of his company, which is the Magical Games Department. He lives in Manchester in a lovely house, and Allison is expecting her first baby, a boy to be named Bradley.

Hermione is single and chose to work in the Muggle world. She is a secretary for a very wealthy lawyer named Harrison Murndell. She lives in London, in a three room flat, with her two cats, Deppie and the very old, Crookshanks.

Harry Potter remained in the magical world and is currently on a minor Quidditch team. He's training very hard to be Seeker for the Britain team, and he lives in Kent, England in a spacious house. He lives with his girlfriend, Maria, who is a Muggle schoolteacher.

The friends who were so close and loyal in their school days don't even talk, but they think about each other constantly. Rekindling the friendship would be so awkward, so no one makes the first step.

For what is about to happen in the time span of a year and a half, none of them would ever predicted...

... They have connected and drifted and will reconnect again, just like earth plates.


A/N: Well that's the prologue. This is just the foreshadowing of the story. You will see how this ties in with actual plot. I hope you enjoyed it! Please review. If you do not like it, I would ask you not to flame me. Instead, of saying "YOU SUCK! I HATE YOU! DIE IN HELL!" Please give me constructive criticism to make my story better. Thanks!

~ Written Promises

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. That belongs to JK Rowling, a very rich lady whom I have no contact with. I only own Allison (Ron's fiancée), Maria (Harry's girlfriend) and Harrison Murdnell (Hermione's Boss). The rest is not mine.