Earth Plates An original fanfiction by Written Promises Chapter 7 - Adonde vas?

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"Is everything alright with you?" Maria asked one morning. She set her tweed suit on the bed and smoothed out the tiny wrinkles. Harry threw the covers over his body. He was missing a shirt. "I'm fine."

"Oh," Maria said, not convinced, but tried to make it as nice as possible. "Because it seems like you're body's with me, but I can't feel you." Harry shrugged. "It's the change," He murmured. Maria laughed out loud.

She crawled into bed, and wrapped her arms around Harry's chest. Harry stroked her gently, not feeling the mutual love. My body here's, but I'm not with her, his mind repeated.


Hermione lay in the bed of her muggle home. That's how she saw things now - My life is two categories: Before the Rape and After the Rape. My whole life has been rearranged without my consent. Shouldn't I get a say in something that has ruined my life?"

"Reality check, Herm," Hermione sighed softly. "If the victims got a say in it, this would not happen." She rolled over on her side to face her dresser and the stack of papers Mr. Murdnell had given her to take home.

Hermione looked at the papers, and felt her eyes burn. She saw everything instantly - The moonlight, the car, the warehouse, and the man's face. She felt the blood rush to her head. Her heart pounded in her ears, her wrists and neck.

She threw the papers on the floor. "NO!" She screamed. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME ANYMORE, HARRISON MURDNELL!"

She fell to the bed, her face crumpled and crying. She knew it was Harrison Murdnell that raped her; she knew she should turn in him, but she couldn't find the courage. She knew she had it somewhere, but for now she just couldn't find it, like it was stuck beneath all the fear and shame that consumed her insides; gnawing at it like an afternoon snack.

Hermione knew why he raped her. They had had a relationship; and Hermione had broken it off. She didn't think she can handle the pressure - He wanted much more from Hermione then she was willing to offer.

Looks like he got what he wanted anyway, Hermione thought bitterly. She felt dirty within the crevices of her skin. But she wasn't going to stand for it. And, she reasoned if there ever was a time she needed her old friends, this was it.


"Whatever," Harry snapped. "I know that exists in your mind, but unfortunately for you, I'm outside, Maria, in the real world," Harry put an emphasis on the "real world." Maria had called him on her lunch break and claimed what has been bothering him - another woman.

Not that she's wrong, Harry thought miserably. "Maria, if you're going to waste your measly lunch hour with some nonsensical bullshit, let that be your business, but I'm not going to deal with your crap just right now." He slammed the phone down.

Maria may sense it from my body language, Harry reasoned within the walls of his mind, but she can't sense anything when I think. She can't stop me from thinking, Harry reassured himself. And that's what I have to be thankful for.


"Push," Ron argued. "Come on, Allison," Ron squeezed the blonde's hand. "Almost there," He said. "Come on, push!" Allison growled. "Don't tell me what to do," She shouted. "You did this to me!"

"Relax," Ron snorted, "you won't be pregnant in about five minutes." Allison rolled her eyes and pushed hard. "What a waste for nine months."

"Eight months and seventeen days," Ron said, "our baby is an impatient one." Allison moaned. "Too many drinks late one night and look how I'm paying for it..."

"That's it!" Ron exclaimed. "It's out," The doctor smiled at the wailing baby. "Congratulations," He said, "the name for your lovely baby boy?"

"Harry," Ron said immediately. "Ron!" Allison exclaimed. "We agreed on Bradley!" Ron shot her a pained look as he held his new baby son in his arms. "Harry it is," She told the doctor.


Allison was getting cleaned up and pampered by all the nurses and doctors. In the years passed, Diagon Alley had created a magical hospital where all the births, deaths, surgeries, everything medical had revolved around.

Ron walked down the linoleum halls. The air felt cool and comforting. Behind him, he heard ghost doctors arguing about the value of one's life. He stifled his laughter.

"Ron?" He heard his name and spun around. Hermione was there. "Herm!" He shouted. His voice echoed around the third floor. He hugged her tightly. "What are you doing here?" He asked.

"I had a feeling you'd be here," She said. "How's your wife...?"

"Allison," Ron offered.


"Just had a baby. Harry Weasley, born December 24th, 2002, at 5:28 pm. Doctors say he was a healthy six pounds, seven ounces." Ron beamed. Hermione stroked his cheek and took his hand. "That means your baby's born on Christmas Eve."

"Merry Christmas to me, then, eh?" He laughed.

"Allison's extremely lucky to have you," Hermione coughed.

"Or maybe it's the other way around." Ron said. He sank his head into his hands. "I don't know Herm, but it's like I was put on this Earth to make her happy and that's all I want to do. Ever since I met her at Flourish and Blotts, I bumped into her, mind you, my life has changed. For the better." He grinned like a little boy at Christmas.

He is still a little boy at Christmas, Hermione reasoned. She was so jealous she thought she would burst. She wasn't jealous of Allison - just the idea that Allison had someone. Hermione had that someone. Once.

"Heard from Harry?" Ron asked. Speak of the devil, Hermione thought. "No," She said. "But I am going to call him. Soon."

"No need," Ron said, pointing down the hall, "seems as if he heard you were calling."

Hermione's head shot up as she saw a familiar brown haired, green-eyed handsome man making his way towards them. Hermione summoned her things. "I..I got to go," She mumbled quickly and apparated.


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