Raptor (Velociraptor)- Meat eating (carnivore) dinosaur. Small, quick, agile, smart, high jumpers, beautiful and deadly all describe these magnificent beasts. Intelligent eyes, long bodies and tails, beautiful build, and breathtaking beauty (if viewed in action). A long tapered snout, equipped with a mouthful of thousands of sharp teeth, set in a tapered head, long neck, and light- build body. The seven inch long razor sharp, dagger like claw is on both the hind feet. Seven inches long, retractable, and highly dangerous. It is used to tear open any animal in its hunting path. The Raptor is a good hunter, a social pack animal and a good parent. Many different colors. Green eyes, most. and slender, muscular body builds all. Very deadly, but a gem in the dinosaur world.

Now, let us introduce the stars of our show,
Jesper's Pack!

All of the raptors and their colors. ^_^

Alpha Male- Jesper (cold gray w/ molted brown & black)
Alpha Female- Chasidy (Pale white w/ black stripes along spine)
2nd oldest Male- Qwilleran (Pale white w/no stripes)
2nd oldest Female- Chanhassen (Grey w/ molted black)
3rd oldest Male- Zanerkand (Orange tiger stripe/ no black)
3rd oldest Female- Elsa (Pale white w/ black stripes along spine)
Female Twins- Salmanca/
Sydny (both gray w/ molted black)
Juvenile Males (3)- Jay/ (orange tiger stripe/ no black)
Zomba/ (molted brown and white)
Wrex/ (Green w/ molted brown)
Juvenile Females (2)- Loria/Soria

Hypsi (Hypsilophodontid)- Plant eating (herbivore) dinosaurs with the intelligence of a cow. Characteristics: Long slender neck, topped with a tapered head. Large, flat edged front teeth help them tear the plants that they eat. That gives them their name, which means: "High Ridge Tooth." Eight feet long and seven feet tall is the average for the adults while it is only half the size for youngsters. Mostly standing on their front legs, Hypsi's sometimes forage for food on all fours, balancing their body weight with their front feet. Hypsi's are the "graceful Gazelles" of the Dinosaur kingdom.

T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex)- Large meat eating predator. The name means "Tyrant Giant Lizard." Hunts for large prey once every few weeks. Amazingly a very caring parent. Contrary to popular belief, the T-Rex can see non- moving objects just as well as moving objects. Normally over 27 feet long and about two stories tall, there's no wonder why this beast rules the island. The babies are about the size of a raptor. The T-Rex's max speed is 30 mph. Much faster than a human.

Triceratops- Plant eating (herbivore) dinosaur. The three horns on its head, one on its nose, and two above its eyes give this dinosaur its name, meaning, "Three horn." The triceratops vary in size, but are mostly ten feet long and five or six feet tall. Youngsters, again, are only half the size. Triceratops are extremely territorial and will stand up to any predator that tries to attack it, even if it is a T-Rex. Sometimes, they will kill each other over the territory, or control of the herd, that is run by a female, and not a male.

Brontosaurus (Brachiosaurus)- Plant eating (herbivore) dinosaur. Their long necks are mostly used as a balance for their long tails. Contrary to the belief of non- archeologists, the brontosaurus did not use its long neck to reach the high- up leaves on the tree's very often. Reason being, the tail was so heavy that it would tip the dinosaur back if it had its head up for to long. They normally live in herds, but some of them live on their own.

The Island in General- The island was inhabited many years ago, by the people who had first discovered the dinosaurs, InGen's arch-rival, Biosyn. The people made facilities, housing, and other major necessities of life centered in the middle of the island, only about half a mile away from a clear river and a cliff face. The people were overjoyed when they found out about the dinosaurs. Why? Because they were building a five star resort on the beautiful island. The dinosaurs, REAL live dinosaurs, would bring tourist attraction to the resort. They rounded up all that they could and put them in highly electrified cages. It cost them a bit, (and they had obviously never heard of "*Jurassic Park*") but they got the resort up and running. Before they could get the public to know about it, the dinosaurs escaped. (Duh. The "*Jurassic Park*" effect!) This caused mayhem, and the creators of the resort were all killed. No one ever knew about the private island. No one ever knew it was there. No one knew... Until people came back.... Now, one pack of Raptors is on the brink of extinction, along with the rest of the island.