Hulk versus Aliens

Chapter 1: Before Emperor Thanos

A certain Bruce Banner finds himself captive on some sort of a ship in the middle of outer space, as he wakes up, he notices a tall figure in front of him.

"So, this is the mighty Bruce Banner, a.k.a. The Hulk?" asked the figure.

"Who, who are you?" asked Bruce.

"Who am I, who am I?!" roared the figure at his face revealing to be none other than Thanos, "I am Emperor Thanos!"

"This is the subject that our Predator friends have retrieved" said Nebula as she came in, "we have a treaty with them."

"I got an infestation of these pesky bugs on one of my planets, these Predators were asking way too much of a high price for me to handle them" said Thanos.

"I could have squashed them all for you" said Ronan.

"And for what purpose would you want to prove me for that boy?" asked Thanos to Ronan.

"Please, let me go, let me go back to Earth, you don't understand what the Hulk is capable of" said Bruce.

"Oh, I am pretty sure what the Hulk is indeed capable of" laughed Thanos as he snapped his fingers of the Hulk being in action on Earth from fighting Thor and other fellow Avengers to fighting villains on Earth, "you got what it takes to be my exterminator."

"W-W-What do you want the Hulk to do?" asked Bruce.

Suddenly another image popped up of a large Alien creature that even spooked Bruce.

"What is that thing?!" cried Bruce.

"It's what the Hulk will smash" laughed Thanos, "and he likes smashing doesn't he?"

Thanos ends up snapping his finger which signals Ronan to take Bruce from his chains.

"Put him in the teleportation area" said Thanos, "give him a few lessons to make him turn green."

"No, wait, wait, please, please don't send me away!" cried Bruce.

Meanwhile on Earth, Bruce Banner had indeed gone missing and the Avengers couldn't find him anywhere, Wolverine was hired by them to sniff out where he could have gone.

"Nothing here" said Wolverine as he sniffed the air to which he began to move onto the next room.

"Friend Banner couldn't have just gotten up and walked away" said Thor.

"Don't worry, we'll find him" said Wolverine.

Wolverine then began to search the garden area, as he continued to sniff, he headed out and noticed something was odd with some grass.

"Something isn't right" said Wolverine, "it's as if almost a ship came in and abducted someone."

"But who'd want to abduct friend Banner?" asked Thor.

"I don't know who, but maybe I can get Nick Fury to find someone to help us search off this planet to find him" continued Wolverine.

Wolverine eventually heads to the helicarrier where he meets up with Havok whom agrees to help out in the search for the Hulk. Nick Fury ends up greeting the two.

"I have received word from Star-Lord that he can be your guide through the galaxy" said Nick Fury.

"You sure this guy can help us find the Hulk, he could be anywhere in the galaxy and I mean anywhere" said Wolverine.

"Don't worry, Star-Lord will have everything under control" said Nick Fury.

Soon Star-Lord arrives with the rest of his crew.

"About time" said Nick Fury.

"What is this search and rescue mission that we're on?" asked Rocket.

"We're trying to find a friend that we think may have been abducted" said Wolverine.

"And who'd that be?" asked Rocket.

"The Hulk" continued Havok.

"What kind of a name is that, he should have called himself Tiny to make his foes laugh before seeing something that big" laughed Rocket.

"This is what he looks like in Hulk form" said Wolverine as he showed a picture to Rocket and the others.

"Now what on Earth could someone want to use something like him for?" asked Gamora.

The scene ends up switching back to Ronan as he shoves Bruce down to a transporation area on the ship.

"Please, you don't understand, you don't want to wake the Hulk" said Bruce.

"Begging won't help" said Ronan as he smacks Bruce with his elbows.

Ronan ends up doing a few combos on poor Bruce, until he could see Bruce getting angry by the minute which he ends up rushing out of the area before sealing the doors where Bruce Banner suddenly transforms himself into the Hulk.

"Hulk smash weird man who hit Hulk!" roared Hulk as he was banging on the door.

"But you don't want to smash me" said Ronan, "I simply did my part of the deal, however you'll get plenty of things to smash on the planet you're going to be on."

"What is weird man talking about?" asked Hulk.

Soon Thanos instructed those on the ship to input the coordinates, where the Hulk was teleportated to a lone planet-Protheus that Thanos himself controlled. Hulk immediately gives a loud roar as he lands on the planet.

"He's down there now" said Nebula.

"Excellent, let the bug extermination begin" laughed Thanos.

For the Hulk, he ends up moving into the jungle on the planet Proteus not aware of the dangerous Alien Xenomorphs on the planet itself.