As the next day came to Canterlot, Princess Celestia, ruler of daytime Equestria, sat at her throne while waiting for the Princess of Friendship and her friends. Two of her guards and her steward stood on her right guarding a saddlebag contain a black book that Twilight describes in her letter. No one knew what the book is all about. Twilight only described it as a portal of a realm that belonged to the creature named Hermaeus Mora.

As the doors opened, Twilight, Rainbow, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie, Fluttershy and Spike all came in the room. Twilight had lots of question on her mind for when she would meet the so-called Daedric Prince. Fluttershy still believed it was a bad idea to speak to him. Rainbow Dash is prepared to kick his flank if he harmed anypony. Rarity had her mind on what this prince looked like; would he be a handsome stallion that lived in a library castle that filled with all the knowledge in the world, or a fat, ugly troll that does nothing but spy on ponies. Pinkie was excited to meet him and wanted to be his friend. Applejack grew concerned of what he was offering. And Spike carried the Oghma Infinium in a saddlebag to show Princess Celestia what Twilight had been talking about in her letter.

"Your Highness," Princess Celestia greeted and bowed at the Princess of Friendship, along with her guards and her steward.

The ponies did the same.

All ponies' rose from their bows and both alicorns hugged each other.

"Good to see you again," Princess Celestia said to the lavender princess with a big smile on her face. "How is your new kingdom?"

"Everything is all in order," Twilight replied.

"Good to hear," the Princess smiled, and one of the servants offer both princesses some tea.

"Thank you," Twilight and Princess Celestia said to the servant, the servant bowed and moved the tea cart to Twilight's friends. They all took their cups of tea and took a sip.

"More tea," the servant asks.

"No thank you," the Princess replied, "that will be all."

The servant bowed to the princesses and left the room with the cart.

After they both took their tea, Princess Celestia started the conversation. "In your letter, you mention a Black Book?"

"Yes," Twilight answered. "It is some sort of a portal that can lead to another realm called Oblivion."

The smiled turned to a concerned look, "Oh my. That sounds like Tartarus."

"That is what I thought," Twilight said, "but if we want to discuss more, I must visit his world."

After hearing that sentence, Rarity began to speak.

"Twilight, why is it must be you?"

"We don't know what's in this world and I don't want to risk losing you guys," Twilight explained.

Rainbow Dash objected on Twilight's decision. "If you go, we go with you. We are not losing you to that Prince."

"I am afraid she is right," Princess Celestia defended Twilight. "Like the other world of Sunset Shimmer, this one could be too dangerous for the six of you to handle. That is why Twilight must go alone."

Rainbow Dash grumbled at Princess Celestia's reason. She hated the idea of Twilight going to another world without her friends to back her up.

Princess Celestia now revealed the Black Book and warned Twilight, "Be careful, Twilight. The last pony who dared to open that book never returned."

"I will," Twilight assured her, and then began to open the book. She closed her eyes as she opened it, to shield her eyes from the dangers of the book, but after a brief moment, she noticed pages were filled with incomprehensible text and odd pictures.

"Well," Applejack asked.

"Nothing," Twilight replied.

Suddenly, the text began to come out the book and formed a large tentacle, dragging Twilight towards the book. Spike rushed into action to save her by pulling Twilight's hind legs but to no avail. Then Spike got sucked into the book, but Applejack bite Spike's tail to pull him out, and, like Spike, she was sucked into the book as well. Then Rainbow Dash grabbed onto her hind legs, followed by Fluttershy, and then Pinkie Pie and Rarity last.

Everypony else were in shock that a book could be powerful enough to drag six ponies and a dragon. They hoped that they were safe for the time being.

The six ponies and the dragon waked up from their little ride. Their eyes were regaining focus and standing on their forelegs.

"Is everypony okay?" Applejack asked.

"I am fine," Twilight answered. "Wait," she started to notice, "What are you guys doing here? I am supposed to do this on my own."

"It's my fault," Spike stated. "I thought you were in danger, so I try to save you from the book. But I guess I was wrong."

Twilight smiled at the little dragon, "Oh Spike."

"Excuse me, darlings," Rarity intervened, "But would you care to tell me where we are?"

They took their eyes off each other and began to look at the new world. Everyone stood on top a tower where. A black river surrounding it and the sky above was green. The tower was itself made out of books and pages.

"Why is the sky green," Rarity asked.

As everypony took in this new world, the sky turned into dark voids. But they were too busy wondering about this new place, except for Fluttershy.

"Um, girls," Fluttershy tries to get their attention.

"Would it kill them to add some colour, aside green," Rarity said.

"Ah just don't see how can anypony can live in this world without an orchard of some kind," Applejack stated.

"Girls," Fluttershy yet again tries to get attention.

As the voids grew, long, dark green tentacles come out, leaving Fluttershy to worry even more.

"Maybe it needs some balloons, streamers, and confetti; lots of confetti," Pinkie Pie added.

"Pinkie Pie, darling, please," Rarity demanded. "How about we add some jewels. No, diamonds, diamonds would be perfect."

"EVERYONE, LOOK UP," Fluttershy interrupted the conversation.

One of the voids grew eyes and reveals a monster they had never seen before. The eyes are looking down at the seven visitors and began to speak.

"Well, it's about time that you all have arrived. I must admit, I never thought you would have found one of my Black Books."

Fluttershy hide behind Rainbow Dash, Spike bitted his nails and stammer, Rarity froze, Applejack crouched in terror, and Rainbow Dash had a surprised look on her face.

"Who are you," Twilight asked.

"I am Hermaeus Mora," the void introduced itself, "The Daedric Prince of fate and knowledge. It's a pleasure to meet you at last, Princess Twilight Sparkle and friends."

"Oh my," Rarity stuttered, feeling like she was about to gag. "I never thought you would look like, um, this."

"I must admit, my appearance can be surprising to those that never met me in person," the Prince replied. "Now I bet you all wonder what this place is."

"Well yes, your highness," Twilight responded.

"'Your highness,'" Mora said, "oh how you flatter me."

"You are standing on top of the citadel of knowledge. This is my world of Oblivion, and I call it Apocrypha. An appropriate title, don't you think?" Twilight Sparkle nodded while everypony else were confused.

"Now what I am offering you, Twilight Sparkle, is to be my Champion of Equestria. A fitting title for someone with a thirst of knowledge known for man, or pony, can ever have. All sort of knowledge that you can desire, even forbidden knowledge."

Twilight was tempted to learn from the Daedric Prince, but she always knows that there could be a catch in every deal. And this one is no exception.

"What is it do you want in return," Twilight asked.

"All I ask of you in return," the prince replied, "is to be my champion, forever."

Everypony was surprised to hear that, Twilight as a servant to a void with eye balls and tentacles, forever. That would be eternal slavery.

"NO DEAL," Rainbow Dash objected, and then flies towards the Prince. "No way, no how is Twilight ever going to be your servant! Even if you give her all the knowledge to the world, she would never be a servant to anyone but the Princess, you creep!"

"Rainbow Dash," Applejack called, "what are you doing?"

"Telling this creep that she'd rather rots in Tartarus then to serve him," Rainbow Dash yelled out in mid-air.

"Rainbow, stop," Twilight demanded using magic to stop her before offending the Prince. "Let me handle this," she stepped forward while her friend landed. "Listen, Mr. Mora, I appreciate the offer. However I must past."

The Prince looked at the down with pity and an understandable look. "I see, and you would give up all the secret of the world, just like that. If you are not going to be my champion…" his emotions changed as the tentacles began to grow and grab the six visitors from the waist down, leaving Twilight as she stood, "then I guess I am going to make you choose."

Each tentacle choked the five ponies and the dragon tighter by the second, making the lavender alicorn watches as her friends are being choked to death.

"Hey," Twilight yelled, "put my friends down!"

"I offer you an opportunity of all the knowledge of my realm," Mora explained, "unlimited knowledge that no one can ever have. Now you have to accept it, or they die. You have no choice."

Twilight wanted to say no, but her friends are being choked to death by an oversized monster who wanted Twilight to be his champion. She had no choice. She had to accept it.

No. She will not become that monster's slave, and she will save her friends. Her eyes were full of rage and her horn glowed, shooting a magical laser at the centre eye. As the laser hit the eye, all the tentacles let go of their captives and disappeared from the ground.

Everypony were relieved from captivity. Mora, however, was furious and grabbed his captives, including Twilight, and brought them to him closer to his eyes.

"You disappoint me, Twilight Sparkle," the Prince yelled. "You had such abilities, such skills, and lots of potential and you are throwing it all away for your so-called friends!"

Twilight was speechless, and the tentacles squeeze her tighter.

"I should kill you where you stand and have your souls sent to Molag Bal."

Then, an idea came to his mind. "Actually, I have a better idea," Mora said with an ingenious tone on his voice. "Instead of killing you, I will make you suffer. I will send you to Tamriel, where you will starve, humiliated, and outcast from the mortal who inhabit there. Oh yes, that will be a cruel punishment for you."

A portal began to open in the middle of the air.

"Now you will suffer the cruelest fate will give you, and you will beg for my protection."

He tossed the seven Equestrians towards the portal and said his final words to them, "Welcome to Tamriel!"

Sorry for the delay. It's not easy to write when you got writer's block and work. There will be some more delay on future project, but they won't be long as this one. I'll try my best to work hard to get this done. Thank you and merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy Holidays everypony.