Yet Another Variation on a Theme.

This is a full story sequel following two one shots where Klaus and Caroline hook up. This is them trying to make a real relationship work.

Disclaimer: I still don't own these characters or anything.






"Is my girlfriend, Caroline, there?" she heard when she picked up the phone.

"Tyler? Is that you?"

"That is not funny." His words were clipped.

She laughed. It was funny. Looking outside, she saw people scurrying as thunder rumbled.

"I'm not your girlfriend, Klaus. Not yet. We're taking things slow."

"Caroline, we've had more sex in 17 days together than most humans have in a year, maybe a few years. That's not slow."

"Their loss. Why are you calling me?"

She'd gotten an apartment for the summer in Baltimore. It was in the Inner Harbor. There wasn't much to it yet, but she'd get there. She only had to get through the next 7 weeks. Her internship was with a theater company. She would be working in the office, answering phones and mail, plus working as an understudy for their next performance the following month. Her first week went well.

Since she left New Orleans, she'd been talking to Klaus. Driving him crazy was fun. Served him right after he invaded her dreams. She hadn't told her friends and family yet, but she was screwing up the courage to do so. She wanted to spend real time with him to see if it was a weird pheromone attraction that would wear off when she had to see that annoying smirking face for more than a week or two. On the other hand, even scarier, it could be something more.

"I'll be there tomorrow," he cooed, all smug.

"Oh." She tried to tamp down her excitement. "So I'll see you tomorrow."

"My plane lands at 11am. Text me the address."

"I need to work tomorrow, but I'll see you when I'm done. I'm sure you'll figure out a way to get in."

Thunder boomed and she flinched at the lightening brightening her room. Why was she scared of a storm when she was hooking up with the most dangerous man on earth?

"See you tomorrow, Caroline."

"Hey, Klaus?" she added quickly before he hung up.


"Be safe."

"Of course. Goodnight, Caroline."

She hung up and wiped the goofy smile off her face as she flopped on her bed. Even the worst thing wouldn't kill him, but she couldn't resist saying it. She had to figure the thing between them out which meant she had to talk to him, not just bang his brains out. Putting on her iPod, she turned up the music and got to cleaning.

Klaus looked at his phone and smiled. Their calls usually consisted of banter, him pushing, and her staying one step ahead. He loved it, the chase, but he wasn't sure she ever wanted to be caught. It was all surface. He could fuck her, but not hold her outside his house. She kept their conversations inane, only occasionally dropping in details about her life. He told her about the situation in New Orleans. Rebekah left his side and Elijah was trying to bridge the distance between the siblings. He didn't delve into Rebekah's betrayal too deeply, but did tell her about Marcel and why he left New Orleans the first time.

His bag was packed. He reserved a hotel room just in case it was what she wanted, but he wanted to stay with her. The fresh chance she offered occupied most of his thoughts.

The following day after his short flight, he hefted his carry on bag over his shoulder. Heading towards the taxi stand through the milling crowds, he stopped in his tracks and smiled. She smiled too, looking beautiful in her pink summer dress, all golden curls and sunshine.

Not daring to speak, she launched herself into his arms. He dropped his bag and caught her. She squeezed him tight, feeling him warm and solid in her arms.

"I missed you," she whispered and his insides melted. How did he get so lucky and how could he keep it up?

"I missed you too, Caroline," he agreed and his hand cupped her head to bring her mouth to his. It was a short kiss and his tongue made a quick sweep of her mouth that had her insides tingling.

She looked at her feet, suddenly bashful when he released her.

"This is my lunch break. I have to hurry back."

He just smiled and picked up his bag. She'd taken a cab, not wanting to park. They found one that would take her back to work first and then drop him off at her place. She kept her distance in the cab, but he crowded her to get in her space, eyes on the pink fabric so close to his denim-covered leg. She pointed out a few landmarks they passed, talking a mile a minute.

When the cab came to a halt, she said a quick, "I'll see you later, Klaus," before she jumped out in a flash.

He got into her place and looked around. The living room opened into the small kitchenette. Her bedroom and living room both had small balconies. It was pathetically bare, but neat as a pin. He poked around all of her things, finding the shirt he gave her and the sexy underwear she had. He pawed through it all. It would drive her crazy, he knew. He tried to put things back as he found them. Seeing her collection of things had his body reacting and he felt no shame in grabbing a pair of underwear to bring home with him and stuffing it in the bottom of his bag.

Finding a bloody snack wasn't hard and he spent the afternoon studying the area and coming up with plans.

Shyly she opened the door a little after 5. He was barking orders to someone on his phone, but hung up when he saw her.

"Problem?" she asked as she shut the door behind her. Seeing Klaus filling up the small living room was odd.

"Nothing I can't handle."

Putting down her bag and keys, she felt uncomfortable. Shifting from side to side, she remembered she told him she'd be open.

"Klaus, I feel really weird."

His laser intensity didn't help.

"Physically?" He walked to her and put his hands on her arms.

She shook her head. "No. How can I look you in the eye after what we've done? It's embarrassing and to pretend it isn't is crazy."

Her words picked up steam as she got it out.

"Hey. There's nothing to be embarrassed about."

She gave him a look and crossed her arms. She wasn't shy about enjoying sex with a partner, but what she'd done with Klaus was different. He really wasn't her partner.

"We had incredibly hot sex and I enjoyed every minute of it. I don't think any less of you for what we did together and what things you told me you liked. There's nothing to be ashamed of."

Shaking free of him, she paced. Easy for him to say. He lived in a world of violence, blood, and decadence. What was kinky sex to him?

"I am though. In public, I'm all controlled goody-goody, but with you I'm some sexed up vampire who can't control herself."

"They're both you, Caroline."

"Usually people build up to the stuff we did after they establish trust or they have a freaky one-night stand and never see the person again. We didn't and now it feels like we can't go backwards."

"Do you want me to leave?" He was crushed, but he would do as she asked until he could find a new way to win her over.

"Yes. No. I don't know, Klaus. I feel like you've seen more of me than anyone and it's scary."

He thought it was scary too, but the stakes were too high and the prize too great to just let go of.

"I want to sleep with you right now," she continued, eyeing and craving him. "Go back to where nothing else existed and I also want to run away from you."

She flopped down on one of her two chairs. He sat on the other and pulled it so their knees were touching. He leaned forward.

"I've been upfront about my feelings for you, Caroline. What we've done hasn't taken anything away. I've seen many sides of you and what we did together in New Orleans was another one. I want to see them all. We're doing this courtship backwards, but we aren't exactly a traditional couple."

She smiled. Understatement of the year.

"I think you're smart, loyal, brave, beautiful, and yes, sexy. I want to know more and if you said no to sex while I'm here, that's what we'll do until you're comfortable."

"Really?" She wasn't sure that was what she wanted at all, sneaking a peek at the necklaces around his neck, but she appreciated the offer. She smiled and he memorized her face. "Let me show you around and see if we even want to spend time together."

"I always want to spend time with you," he promised.

"Easy, Romeo," she snarked and he grinned.

How did someone put the horse back in the barn? How did she turn a not even friends with benefits situation, but an Original Hybrid with benefits fling, into a possible boyfriend? She wasn't sure, but she was going to try to figure something out. She did those things with Klaus because of the distance she maintained. Now they had to navigate how to go from there, plus she had to resist him which was not easy when he was within grabbing distance. She could smell his skin and she knew what his clothes hid. It hadn't been long since she'd seen him, but sex with Klaus was better than she'd had in her entire life times a million.

She started by doing what they agreed to in New Orleans, spending time outside. They went out to dinner. It was an Italian restaurant. He held doors open and pulled her chair out for her. All of his charm and magnetism was focused on her and it was heady. She noticed the women staring at him. She wanted to put her mark on him. She wasn't sure what they were, but he was hers for the time being.

His jeans and white Henley with necklaces peeking through was classic Klaus. He looked very handsome. She felt the red wine warm her insides. He told her what he'd seen that day and stories about the people on his flight. He asked how her first week of work went. Dinner flew by and it was weirdly comfortable to talk to him. They stayed away from topics like Tyler, her friends, and his psycho killer ways like usual.

As they walked back in the warm summer night, she took them the long way, not in a rush. His hand brushed hers before he took it. She looked down at their clasped hands. His thumb brushed along her fingers and she shivered. She'd held hands with Klaus in New Orleans, but that was from lust and a need for physical contact with him, not something more. She knew her signals were incredibly mixed. First she fucks his brains out, cries over him, then she hugs him at the airport and tells him she misses him, then reveals she's embarrassed and isn't sure what she wants. Now holding hands was confusing her, but she held on and squeezed. He was in it with her so far. She had to find the man under the monster.

At her apartment, she turned on the air conditioner after changing in the bathroom into a t-shirt and cotton shorts. He was laying on the bed when she came out. His hands were behind his head, all pale skin showing with only boxer briefs on. He wasn't hard. Of course she looked. For science! She started fussing with her hair and talking about nonsense. He smiled. This was a side of Caroline hadn't seen in a while, but it was familiar.

"Come here, Caroline."

She flicked off the light before turning to him. It was easier to talk to him in the dark. Each rolled onto their sides. She wasn't sure what to say. He began to fill the silence as she watched him, telling her stories of his past, personal stories that revealed a little vulnerability. He did it for her. She felt as if she'd revealed too much compared to him and he'd use her weakness against her. It was one of her biggest fears.

"Maybe we can keep going slowly. First date tonight, first base." She needed to reward herself for her self control, plus she couldn't keep her hands off him.

"First base?"

"Sometimes I forget how old you are."

He huffed. "I don't remember having a hard time keeping up with you, again and again and again…and again a few hundred more times."

She smiled at his sass. His enormous ego was a great source of amusement.

"It means just kissing, all clothes stay on."

Since she gave him the green light, he pulled her close to kiss her. She missed him. Physical intimacy was something they both enjoyed, but it was the emotional intimacy they needed to work on. He thought he could take it on if she was in his arms.

Sliding an arm under her and the other around her back, their mouths met. His stubble scratched her chin as they changed the angle of the kiss. Tongues dueled, pushing and pulling, licking and sucking. She was addicted to his taste and the scratch of his stubble against her skin. His lips were soft and his stubble was scratchy, both together were heavenly. She licked his lips and sucked on his tongue as he did the same to her.

His mouth moved to her neck where he licked and sucked. If she were a human she'd have a hickey from the attention he paid her. One of her legs rose over one of his so his leg was between hers. Her foot twined around his leg to bring him closer. Her fingers combed through his curls. He obliged her by pulling her hips closer so she was riding his thigh. She rubbed up against him, pushing closer and closer, sliding up and down, grinding herself against his strong leg. Her hands gripped his shoulders as she moaned and panted in his ear. Her mouth founds his again and he could feel her wetness against his skin.

With their clothes between them, it wasn't enough for her to get off, but it was enough to get her incredibly aroused and him incredibly hard. It felt so good, but she knew if she didn't stop then they wouldn't leave her place all weekend. Her heart told her to stop and get to know this guy.

Laying flat on the bed after pushing off him, she caught her breath. She felt good for the control she showed, although she'd feel even better if she could get him inside of her. No. Nope. She wasn't going to think about how she ached to be filled the way only he could do it.

"Our chemistry is still fine. Good to know." Stating the obvious was a forte of hers.

He groaned and pressed a hand to his aching cock.

"You're too tempting," she admitted. She was going to try to go to sleep despite being turned on and knowing Klaus was hard and ready right next to her. They'd have to deal with any one of their issues the next day, even the least of them, but they would face it together.

"Goodnight, Klaus."

"Goodnight, Caroline."

At her movement the next morning, he was instantly on alert in the unfamiliar surroundings and watched as she went into the bathroom. He heard her turn on the shower. She didn't close the door and he saw her silhouette against the wall as she lifted her shirt above her head. As he watched her boobs lift and bounce with the movement, he was hard and muffled his groan. He saw her lean over and slide her tiny shorts off and he couldn't resist setting a hand on his cock and squeezing. He wanted to join her desperately, spread her thighs, and sink inside of her.

As the warm water sluiced over her skin, she couldn't get the dreams she'd had the night before out of her head. It wasn't unfamiliar for her to dream about Klaus. It had been going on for months, but she hadn't dreamt about him while he was sleeping right next to her before. Usually she was exhausted from all their fucking to dream, but not the night before.

As she dunked her head under the warm spray, she wondered how she could ask him to basically act differently than he had for the past thousand years? How could she ask herself to open her heart to someone who bit her twice and killed people she knew? She'd have to have try. It's what she said she would do.

Quickly she shampooed her hair and rinsed it before applying some conditioner. Taking hold of her shower puff, she applied body wash and squeezed it to get some lather going. Starting with her neck and working her way down, she slicked the soap up and down her arms and along her torso and breasts, watching the bubbles slide down her skin. Sliding it around to her back and down her long legs, she set each leg on the side of the tub one at a time to wash them. Making sure she soaped up every part of her body and then rinsing off, she focused on the one place that needed more attention.

Having Klaus in her place was too much and at least in the shower she had a little privacy to act on her desire without compromising what she wanted to build with him. She closed her eyes and ran her fingers up and down her torso, paying attention to her breasts. One hand trailed down her stomach. She propped one leg up on the edge of the tub behind her. Leaning against the back wall of the shower with the water playing along her leg, she remembered her dreams the night before and how Klaus ravished her. "Klaus," fell from her lips.

Klaus thought he heard Caroline. The sound of the water drowned out most other noises, but his hearing was incredibly sensitive. It sounded like Caroline said his name.

Slowly making his way to the open doorway, he could see her blurred form through the clear shower curtain, steam impeding his view, and he immediately knew what she was doing. He was hard when he woke up and when he saw her shadow undress, but his cock ached now. Since she was playing, he wanted to play too. Quietly pushing his boxer briefs down to the floor and never blinking from the vision of her, he set his hands on himself and bit back his own groan. She whispered his name again and his knees weakened.

When the curtain was pulled back quickly, her vampire face emerged at the intrusion and she moved her hands to her breasts to cover herself. Once she saw it was Klaus and his erection was in his hand, she calmed and her features returned to normal.

"Do it," he asked her to continue, squeezing the base of himself tightly so he could hold on once he saw the veins around her eyes and her fangs. Caroline as a human was beautiful. Caroline as a vampire was stunning.

Liking where this was going, she returned her leg where it had been so he had a good look.

"That's it, Caroline. Show me." They both loved when the other talked dirty. If they communicated outside of the bedroom as well as they inside it, they'd be fine.

He settled just on the other side of the tub where he began to stroke himself again. Her mouth watered at the sight of that huge erection that could fill her so well. He knew how to use it.

"I miss having you inside of me. I feel empty."

He frowned. He missed being inside of her too.

Circling her clit over and over between quick penetrations by her fingers, she felt her body tightening.

He saw her breasts become flush with the blood rushing to the surface. "Tell me what you were thinking about."

"I was thinking about how insatiable you are. I was thinking about all the ways we've done it. You're Klaus and if you want something, you get it, including this," she said as she sunk her fingers inside of herself again.

His breath came out in a whoosh and he saw her fingers pick up speed, her actions responding to her words.

"I thought about when you let me take control and ride you hard and fast as many times as I can."

"Any time, sweetheart," he promised darkly.

"I'm going to come right now and you're going to watch me, Klaus," she whimpered and the idea was so thrilling, "Klaus," the reality so hot, "Klaus," that she burst, her hand a blur as she rubbed her clit as fast and hard as she could, bending over as her stomach muscles contracted in her bliss.

He just kept himself from erupting by the skin of his teeth. Watching and hearing her come was the most erotic thing he'd ever witnessed in his thousand years. He couldn't see it enough times.

When she looked up and saw him stroking himself still, seeing that thick cock that did such amazing things to her, she wanted to help him.

She moved closer to him so they were only separated by the thickness of the tub. His cock was pointing upwards towards his chest, but he moved it so the tip was just a sliver away from her stomach and she watched intently as he got closer and closer to coming.

Caroline brought the fingers she'd used up to his lips and slid them over his pink lips. She moved both hands to the back of his head, kissing his neck and under his jaw.

"Come on me, Klaus. Come on me," she chanted in his ear, knowing it was one of his kinks. Repeating it as he pulled his cock over and over, she sent him closer to his orgasm as she watched, fascinated.

"Caroline," he yelled he came, painting his white semen all over her chest and stomach.

When he was back to himself after the devastating orgasm, he looked up and she was playing her fingertips through his come, slicking it over her breasts and he groaned. She was too much. She brought one finger up to her mouth and he groaned.

She gave him a siren's smile and turned back to the cooling water to rinse off, quickly soaping up and cleaning him off of her and rinsing the conditioner from her hair. He was still wrecked from his orgasm as he watched her finish her ministrations. She was a different person inside the bedroom than she was outside, like she said, but he appreciated it all.

"Your turn," she said as she stepped out, grabbing a towel to wrap her body and another for her hair, twisting it up in a turban. She kissed him quickly and slapped him on the ass as she went to the sink to brush her teeth. He didn't see her smile at how he was still dazed. Plus she knew the hot water ran out and he'd be freezing while he showered. The thought made her smile.

"Are you feeling better?" he asked when he came out with a towel rubbing his wet curls, boxer briefs low on his hips.

"I am much more relaxed, thank you for asking," she primly said, trying to stay focused and out of the haze of lust they could easy fall into. He noticed she was in a strapless summer dress, her usual uniform and her hair was in lazy waves. He thought they could stay in and play, but he wouldn't mind getting to talk to her for a while first.

"Let's go. I'm hungry." She threw her empty blood bag away.

"I know what I'd like to eat for breakfast," he cooed and he saw her nipples harden behind her dress. "It's my favorite thing to eat. I can never get enough."

She spun away from him and clapped her hands over her ears, starting to sing a pop tune, although she could hear his laughter. She couldn't blame him. She was the one that started them down that rabbit hole. He quickly got dressed so he could keep up.

They went out to breakfast at a local diner.

"Do you ever wear shorts?" she asked with her head cocked as they finished up. She couldn't picture it at all. He was a beautiful man and he'd look good in almost anything, but he was Klaus. Psycho killer Klaus. He danced and was charming in a tuxedo and then vicious and blood-spattered in his usual dark jeans and dark shirt. It was too hot to wear jeans, but he did anyway. She reached for her coffee.

He smirked. "Do you think I need some?"

He wasn't a shorts kind of guy, but he liked knowing what she thought about him, even the mundane details like how he dressed. She was quiet as she thought about it. There was so much to him that she didn't know and so much she did.

He excused himself from the table to get a quick drink from their waiter in the back. By drink, he meant from the vein of course.

Sitting down with a chipper smile when he was done, she was instantly suspicious and became concerned, gripping the top of the table, but she watched as everyone who went into the back also came back out, including the waiter who looked a little paler, but fine. She let out her breath and unclenched her fingers.

The bill was brought out and she put her hand on top of Klaus' as he grabbed for it. "My treat," she exclaimed as she fought him for it.

He tried to pull the bill out from under her, thinking it was the courteous thing to do, but she didn't want that. It was a way to maintain her independence. Her phone rang on the table top and when he saw who was calling, he grabbed it while she was still fighting for the bill.

"Rippah, good morning."

Caroline huffed. Great. Soon everyone would know Klaus was with her in Baltimore. It was something she'd been avoiding. He hadn't even been in town for 24 hours.

Grabbing the bill and bringing it up to the register, she paid and listened in while Stefan was thoroughly confused.

"Here she is," Klaus said amiably, very pleased with himself, as he gave her the phone.

She looked down, took a deep breath as she stood by the table, and took the phone. "Stefan, hey."

Klaus stood up next to her as she led the way out of the diner and started to walk. He took advantage of her trying to explain to Stefan his presence and he put his arm around her shoulders. She tried to shrug free, but he wouldn't budge.

They walked around the busy area while she talked to Stefan and he saw a popular clothing store. He directed her into it. It wasn't where he shopped, too preppy, but it had Caroline written all over it.

He caught the eye of a salesperson who hustled over.

"My girlfriend says I need some new shorts. Can you help me?"

Caroline's mouth dropped open at his gall, especially when he knew Stefan could hear him, and she stomped on his foot, although it didn't do much damage since she was just wearing flat sandals.

After trying to explain what he said to Stefan, she finally got off the phone when Klaus came out of the dressing room with some long navy shorts on. He actually looked good in them although he needed new shoes.

Cursing her natural inclination to take control and wanting him to look nice, she turned him around to see the size on the tag and also checked his shirt to see the size and nodded her head when he caught her eye, still mad. He loved feeling her hands on him and went where she led him.

She would make him pay, literally. She found some other shorts in his size. She wanted to leave the store while he was changing, but at least it was just Stefan and not her mom or Elena who knew the truth, or a version of it. Instead, she brought up three pairs of shorts, plus the ones she took from his hands, and five shirts she found for him to the cashier. Of course, because she couldn't let him get off too easily, she included some pink shorts and a striped shirt. Klaus would never wear them, but they was perfect for her meager revenge. The other clothes were just a different version of his usual style that were acceptable to him. She didn't want to change his style, but she did want to see him in something new. She would never admit how much she liked the necklaces.

She marched him to a shoe store, staying silent and shrugging him off when he tried again to put his arm around her or hold her hand, instead jabbing him in the ribs and slapping his hand away. She picked out some shoes for him and once they were out of the store, she pointed her finger at him.

"Don't push me, Mikaelson. They're my friends and family and I'll deal with them when I'm ready. Don't do it again. Ok?"

"Yes," he nodded. He had to be careful not to turn her against him.

"Now you owe me a great date today and I'm going to chalk this up to you being a typical idiot guy, but I'm still mad. We're going to go back to my place. I'm going to go get a pedicure, you're going to plan something for us to do, and you'll apologize for what you did. We need to communicate if we're going to be together and you going around me isn't going to work. It's not fair. I'm not your enemy to take advantage of. Got it?"

He nodded and bit his cheek. He didn't like being ordered about, but if she would help him make a relationship with her work, he'd accept it for now. He also wanted a chance to woo her and if a second date meant whatever second base meant, he was looking forward to it. They communicated without words in the best way, although he had to admit having Stefan know about them soothed the vulnerable side of him that was worried he had become her dirty little secret.