Sam's POV

A faint knocking was heard on the door of the pack house, then light footsteps running away. I get up because the rest of these lazy asses won't bother to. A small heartbeat can be heard from a couple yards away, and also light breathing. Weird. I think to myself.
Opening the door to reveal a tiny baby in a basket on the front steps and a note attached, it reads:

Dear Alpha of The Wolf Pack,

This child is of your tribe, she is of blood of the wolves and has already phased, you may not believe me but I am a witch and I was given this child to look after by one named Harry Clearwater, him and his wife were unable to care for the child, and now I am being hunted by vampires. You must look after one of your own.
The child is 9 months old, and her name is Isabella Marie Clearwater, she phases every 4 hours which is a little odd but she will next phase at 3 Pm this afternoon.
I must warn you, her eyes you might find quite odd at first but you will soon find the m interesting and fascinating.

Please look after my sweet Isabella.

Thank you and may you live a happy life: Renee Swan

I check my watch and realize that the child will phase in a few seconds. Grabbing the basket I run through to where the rest of the pack and imprints are sitting. They all look at me, then at the basket in my hands, "What ya got there Sammy?" Emily, my imprint, asks me.

"A baby." I reply bluntly. They all look at me with shocked faces, Paul, who is usually the Hot Head of the pack, gets up and walks over with a look of awe on his face, looking down I see that the baby is now awake and looking at Paul with the same awestruck expression on her chubby little face

Finally I figure it out; Paul imprinted. And on a baby.