Hello, and thanks for reading my first fanfict, Hyrule Warriors: War Across the Ages. I'm actually playing the game and typing at the same time, so the conversations are the same as the game. I will add some parts to them but they're about 95% the same as they are in the game. Plus there will be some added conversations and events so the characters can interact more. So far the only OC will be myself. When we get to Chapter Two, I'll explain more. So without further distraction, here's the prologue. See ya in Chapter Two.

Part One: Legends Reborn

The Triforce is the harmonious union of Power, Wisdom, and Courage. It has been the object of countless battles between the forces of light and darkness. Each time the Triforce sail into the clutches of evil, Hyrule was placed into misery. But in every age a hero clad in green would restore peace to the land. During one of these dark times, the legendary hero split the spirit of evil into four fragments, sealing each away to finally break the cycle of destruction. Three of the fragments were scattered across time and space. The final fragment was sealed in a sacred temple built up on holy ground, imprisoned by the blade of evil's bane.

For generations, Hyruleans have told the tale of the War Across the Ages. This is how it begins.

Deep in the forests, far from mortal eyes a great sorceress watched over the balance of the Triforce. Through her magic, she could see across the ages, able to read the fates of all who lived, but never interfering. That is, until a unique soul caught her attention... The soul of the Hero of Legend, eternally reborn when Hyrule's need is greatest. Through her powers, the sorceress should have seen that the hero was bound to another. Instead she saw only a soul that was unlike many she had while she was preoccupied, a fragment of darkness, locked in its prison, saw an opportunity. The whispering darkness wormed its way into her heart. It pushed the light away and warped her curiosity into a desperate desire to possess the legendary hero's soul. Of course, this evil had its own desires... To use the Triforce to resurrect itself and conquer Hyrule once again. Having pushed the light from her heart, the darkness compelled her to open the Gates of Souls, the doorway of time itself. Monsters from across the ages poured through the gate, bringing ruin to the land of Hyrule once more.

The sorceress name is Cia, and she will plunge Hyrule into darkness. But first, she'll need someone, or something, to lead her army.