Entry for "Guess the Name of the Reindeer" at "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Challenges and Assignments)"

Oliver Wood

"Is he still after us?!" James asked, his breath coming out in short puffs from running. Sirius and he pressed their backs against the stone wall behind a tapestry.

"Probably," Sirius grinned, his signature mischievous twinkle in his dark eyes. "I mean, didn't you hear his screams? And did you miss how he set the Christmas tree in the Entry Hall on fire?"

"Sirius, I am really scared of this Remus. I never thought that he could get that angry. I think we should try to make peace with him!"

"Naah, we are just starting, my friend! I have so many ideas in mind... if my everything goes accordingly to my plan, we won't have to do any homework for the rest of the term!"

"All of this only to support your own laziness?!"


"But he will kill us!" James hissed, jumping as he heard the loud, enraged voice of Remus Lupin coming closer. "Sirius, is it really worth it to die?! He will most definitely kill you – you stole his giant chocolate Santa!"