After finishing up his training for the day Naruto decided to head over to his Aunt Konan's house. Seeing as his Uncle Nagato was still the acting Kage over in Ame, she was left all to her lonesome… something he was going to cure.

He stopped at the gate of her house, seeing her walking up her porch steps carrying what he could only guess was groceries in both arms. She stood at five foot eight, with shoulder length blue hair. She was wearing a blue tie-on shirt that barely covered her front, leaving quite a lot of the sides of her amazing D-cup tits in view and a pair of tight sweat pants that showed off her amazing ass.

Running up to help her as she struggled to open the door he called out "Yo Auntie Konan, let me get those bags for ya!" He greeted.

She turned and gave him a smile that sent the blood rushing to his lower regions. "Thank you Naruto-kun, I knew I should have only taken two bags at a time, or simply sealed them in scrolls. I was having a bit of trouble trying to do it myself." She gave the bags to Naruto, unlocked the door before ushering him inside where he went to the living room while she left to store everything in the kitchen.

As Naruto sat on the couch he watched her walk to the kitchen. He couldn't keep his eyes off her ass. The way it shifted from side to side as she walked brought him to full mast in seconds. As he was only wearing a pair of jockey shorts and a tank top it wasn't very hard to see his monster cock inflating. "Damn… she's just begging to get fucked! She might as well have the word's 'Ready To Be Fucked' tattooed on her forehead' He mused lustfully. It was a surprise when instead of walking through the room to another seat Konan slid over the armrest on his chair and right onto his lap. She was slowly grinding right onto his cock; the sultry smile on her face slight widening of the smile when she sat down indicated she knew he had a boner.

"So Naruto… I hear that I'm getting a lot of admirers lately."

He shifted a bit underneath her, making his pelvis match her movements, both of them groaning lightly at the small bits of pleasure the act caused. "A lot is an understatement. Everywhere I go everybody always asks how I got such a hot Aunt. Plus, if I have to listen to Kiba brag about how one of these days he's going to fuck you and cum all over your perfect body I'm going to go crazy." He commented.

Her face turned scarlet, but she quickly pushed it back down. "Oh? And what else have you heard about your friends wanting to do to me?" She said, grinning, probably laughing her ass off on the inside.

"Well, I think I heard someone say they wanted to put your hair in pigtails and use them and hand grips while fucking you from behind. Some were more interested in your beautiful voice, making you scream in pleasure like a wanton slut and such. Oh, and some even wanted to get together and gang-bang you."

"Well, they can wish for whatever they like, but it won't happen." She laughed, getting up and heading back to the kitchen.

Naruto sat there for a moment, contemplating what to do before getting up and following her into the kitchen. "Oh? Are you sure? I mean Uncle Nagato is hardly ever here. You must be getting lonely. With all these young men wanting to bend you over and make you theirs over and over again it must be so tempting. You're saying you haven't even considered it?" He said as he stood directly behind her.

She looked over her shoulder at him with a teasing smirk. "You seem a bit too interested for this to be idle curiosity, but if you must know there have been occasions when I can't help but think 'what would it be like to give in and let all these young men have their way with me? Just let myself go and let them slack their never ending lust on my body." Konan admitted as she looked through the bags.

"Bent over the table while they pull on my hair, pounding into my pussy with those young hard cocks. Maybe I should go visit Kiba, Sasuke, or Neji and see what they would think about having their way with me?" She said jokingly. Naruto grinned widely, walking closer he wrapped his arms around her chest, slipping his hands into her shirt. "No need. I already called them, and Suigetsu, when I was walking over. They should be here soon and you can experience our 'endless lust' first hand." He chuckled.

Before she should respond he stopped caressing her breasts and pulled his hands out of her shirt. Giving a sharp tug to her shoulder Naruto pulled her back into his arms, carrying her bridal style into the living room. She could hear a lot of excited chatter before they even left the kitchen. When they passed the threshold into the living room she could see the boys Naruto listed standing together, erections clearly visible, no doubt obtained from thinking about her.

She opened her mouth to say something but was cut off as Naruto set her down and grabbed her top, ripping it, and her bra, in half. Her large D-cup breasts swinging free. It happened too fast for her to see, but she was pushed forward, away from Naruto into the middle of the four other boys. Each of the four grabbing her arms and legs, forcing her down on the couch.

Sasuke and Neji braided her hair into two pigtails on either side of her head, 'Probably to grab onto me while fucking me.' Konan thought with a shiver as she kept struggling against them. Kiba and Suigetsu grabbed onto her flailing legs and held them down as they pulled her sweat pants off, showing off her Aqua blue silk laced panties. If the sight of her in her tight fitting clothes caused them to become further aroused, this put them into a mad lust as their cocks seems to grow longer and harder at the sight of her thinly covered cunt. The five boys pulled away to admire her semi naked form as she whimpered in slight fear at the large hard dicks lined up in front of her.

She tried to pull away, but it was to no avail as she was forced to her knees. Kiba forced his cock into her mouth a second later.

"Come on bitch, use that tongue for something good!" He barked. Konan groaned and began sucking and licking Kiba's cock until he began pumping in and out of her mouth rapidly. He came seconds later, shooting his cum into her mouth and down her throat. He pulled out early, his last shot landing on her hair. She gagged and coughed up the cum in her mouth, which pooled on the couch below her.

Before she even knew what happened she was pulled away and bent over the coffee table. She felt hands groping her ass cheeks, making her moan. The hands then grabbed and pulled her panties off. Her ass now completely bare to the group. Kiba was in front of her again and rubbed his still rock hard dick against her cheek.

"Open wide." Kiba said before forcing a ring gag into her mouth, the device making her mouth stay wide open. She didn't even have time to blink before she was getting face fucked by Kiba again.

She felt hands grabbing her arms forcing her to reach out and grab a pair of hard dicks which began forcing her to stroke them. As she was jacking off Sasuke and Suigetsu, Neji pulled on her newly braided ponytails and slammed his cock all the way into her pussy, making her scream onto Kiba's dick even more as Neji drilled into her from behind. Her pussy giving off a wet squelching sound, her plump ass jiggling every time he pounded into it.

Suddenly Neji came; she barely had time to moan as the warm liquid filled her pussy before she found herself bouncing on Naruto's lap. He was pounding her pussy so hard she thought she'd lose consciousness, her big tits bouncing around wildly. Kiba continued fucking her face at light speed, making her gag all over his huge cock. The ring gag made it impossible to swallow so all the spit built up, his thrusts making incredibly obscene noises.

Neji was back quickly enough, this time plunging his cock into her ass, thrusting in and out of her fat ass as fast and hard as he could, giving it a smack each time he pounded into her. All the while Suigetsu and Sasuke continued getting jacked off by her hands.

They continued like this for another ten minutes, thoroughly fucking her stupid. When she felt each and every one of them tense she whimpered. A split second later she was filled and covered with load after load. Kiba's cum forcing her try and swallow the massive flow while Naruto and Neji painted her womb and bowels with their creamy white seed. Suigetsu and Sasuke were last, covering her back and arms in a thick layer of cum.

When they finally stopped they dropped her on the floor, covered and filled with cum, her holes leaking generous amounts of it onto the floor. She panted heavily and began to pray they were finally done having their way with her. When she looked to over her shoulder to get a look at them her hope wash violently dashed, all the color draining from her face.

Standing in front of her were not one, not two, but three of each boy. Their dicks all just as massive and hard as the next. She took the only option she had; she screamed at the top of her lungs as they advanced on her.


For seven hours straight the boys and their clones fucked her stupid. Fucking her tits, raping her asshole, ravishing her pussy, in every style and position known to man, and ninja alike.

Every time one would cum another would take its place within seconds, sometimes even two in each hole. She lost consciousness a few times. Just to be woken up as her ass and pussy were hammered even harder by their massive cocks. After seven hours they left her lying on her floor, coated in a white glaze of cum, twitching violently from her overexerted muscles, she watched them as they pulled their clothes on. To her surprise each of them went up in a cloud of smoke. She would have gaped in surprise and a small amount of relief if she could move her jaw as she realized the only male left in the room, and the only one that had actually been there all along, was the original Naruto, who was staring down at her, his trademark foxy grin firmly in place on his lips.

"You didn't really think I would share you did you?" Naruto chuckled. "All part of the fun, thanks for the ride Aunt Konan. I'll be sure to stop by a lot more. We can pick up from where we left off." He said cheerfully as he walked out of the front door, humming a jaunty tune as he went, a spring in his step.